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During what should have been a routine inspection Dalibor wherhandlers became trapped in Crescent's mines thanks to a number of small cave-ins. Some handlers as well as crafters were injured - including Dalibor's Alphahandler and one of their Betahandlers, Oreanda. Organized by Betahandler Der more handlers, miners, and holdfolk were deployed to assist.

More news follows from Crescent and this time the news is good! Lord Holder Callum has chosen his new bride - Shuli of Tillek Hold; the sister of his deceased wife. After the clean up from the cave-ins the entire Hold will be abuzz with preparing for the upcoming wedding. It is expected to be quite the event.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Arlya of Burgundy Xerocleth - Rowana

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ivy

Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ivy

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Ra'h of Green Musath - Blot
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Into the Deep, [SP:18]
 Posted: Mar 5 2018, 12:15 AM


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It was all a show of bravado really, deep down for the first time since he hatched the bronze was not entirely certain he was doing the right thing. Norla was trapped behind rock and rubble, beneath rocks she may or may not be able to move on her own - he couldn’t tell because he was not there with her. Instead of tearing apart the rock wall that separated him from his bonded he was here helping others in their endeavors to free Vessa, Vessk, and the trapped woman. Instead of exploring the tunnels on his own to try and find another way in to His he was here, moving rocks one by one as he waited to see what other help would come because it is what Norla had told him to do. They are more important, I’m but one of many and it is our job to keep them safe. Sensing his irritability and uncertainty she reached out from where she lay beneath fallen rocks in a secluded cavern. I will be fine. Even as she said it she coughed and felt a wetness fill her mouth, not a good sign.

Slowly but surely Taresk and Norsk moved rocks out of the way, the great bronze pausing at the arrival of Burl, Busk, Ruoban, and Ruosk. Burl had been a miner at one point so when he spoke to the miner with Norsk the wher listened intently. Timbers, they needed timbers to put bracers into place in order to keep the tunnel from re-collapsing once they moved the rocks. Without another word needing to be said Norsk took off through the tunnels, watching for the glows a few of the miners had put into place to show which paths were known to be open and safe to pick through the maze of tunnels. Reaching the entrance he gave a low growl of urgency, Say need timbers. Give all timbers can. Thick braided rope was quickly lashed across his form and secured to his harness. With a grunt the wher was on his way back into the tunnels, each step an effort but fueled by the knowledge he was needed he did not pause until he had once more reached the cave-in site he’d been at. By now more miners had joined the handlers and their whers at the rock wall and worked quickly to unburden him and hoist the timbers into place. With a shoulder check Norsk helped to force them in so they would hold before he backed off to give the smaller whers and men more room.

Ruosk and Ruosk’s good friends. Vessk offered back to the cyan when Ruosk reached out to them. A smile flitted across the greenhandler’s lips despite the throbbing pain from her wrist and she stood back as far as she could while keeping an eye on the pinned woman. She was obscured by quite a bit of rocks and rubble but Vessk had been able to clear enough off of her face to let her breathe and show she was indeed still living. Need healers soon. Care-ful.

With so many hands and claws working on it and with timbers in place within half a candlemark the cave-in site in the northeastern part of the mines where Maximillian, Osk, Yamaruni, Yamask, Tariv, and Tarisk were working was cleared and stable. Oreanda, the miners, and the students in that area of the mine would be free to leave the mines and receive medical attention as needed. All the students that had been studying in the classroom were quickly ushered out to safety while the more experienced men and women stayed behind. Wandering further south along the tunnel they found another cave-in site and began to work at clearing it - unsure if there was anyone on the other side or not.

Edelan and Edesk were joined by miners who had been travelling in the tunnels south of them - they were not injured but were now faced with a wall to the north that would need to be cleared. There were other ways out, of course, as one of the smaller cave-in sites had been cleared by the miners it had trapped and their whers. Bracers would be needed to make it stable but for now it could be carefully passed through.

A quarter candlemark passed after news of the first cave-in being cleared spread through the tunnels by way of wher and miners travelling in and out when more progress was finally made - the cave-in trapping Epsilon’s prideleader and the woman accompanying her was cleared and secured. Seeing her pridesecond on the other side when the dust settled Vessa hurried to the man and threw her good arm around his neck, her injured wrist still cradled to her chest. ”Should have gone for Norla, would have looked better when it comes time to give you your own Pride.” Even as she said it she hugged him all the tighter, grateful he’d come to help. Vessk stood still as two of the miners helped gingerly lift the injured woman onto her back so the green could courier her out of the tunnels. Vessa wanted to stay and help but with her injury she would be useless and so she fell in behind her wher on the slow trek through the tunnels towards the entrance.

Norsk worked tirelessly along with the other whers to drag sleds full of rubble clear of the tunnels and returning with more timbers so the tunnels at risk of crumbling could be re-enforced. It was taxing on his form, muscular as it was, but he was of one mind at this point - to rescue those in the mines so they would be free to rescue Norla. No wander alone. If alone call out so can be found. Need move rocks and timbers for bracing. Re-group, Desk’s have map. Can see where go. Miners in tunnels deeper in. Whers move rocks and timbers. Help where need.

Swithin understood the look on the faces of his wherlings, it was downright maddening to know you could help but having to hold back. The risk was just too great to take them into the tunnels, even the ones closest to them. Instead of rushing in to help the others like he wanted to he had to set an example. Grabbing the smaller rocks from the mounting piles that were being pulled from deep inside the mines he carried them outside into the quarry where they would not be in the way. Swisk helped as well, showing the younger whers how to pick the rocks up with their mouths or swat them with their tails until they were outside - whichever was easiest and safest for them. ”Don’t worry if you can’t move the largest boulders. That’s what the older whers are for.”

See which wher gets most rocks outside. No get hurt, just move fast. See who wins. At least the blue could make it a bit more fun and challenging for them if he turned it into a competition, maybe then they’d be content to stay where it was safe.

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 Posted: Mar 8 2018, 04:55 PM


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@RhiaBlack, @Ivy


A muscle worked in his jaw, tension practically palpable. Help the Slate class. That was the instructions given to him--to all of the Copper class. Meanwhile, his blood felt like it was boiling. Everything that was his essential self detested that he was being told to ferry injured people rather than to go and do what he was feeling he needed to with every fiber of his being: go and find Norla. Lykask may have understood the importance of doing what they were asked. They were not yet graduated, and each and every wher and handler, and each and every person, had jobs of importance.

They had excelled only because they were so opposite. Lykask was the social one. Teamwork was something the blue excelled at. He could lead but was just as content to follow--to feel he was helping was important. Kaios was the physical. His instincts were sharp as the sharpest knife. He'd helped his wher become the beast he was. Solid, hard and bulky muscle, with sharp enough instincts of his own. Still, teamwork had never been Kaios' forte. He was independent, and didn't enjoy the activities that forced him to work with the others in his class. Lykask was what got him through all of them with success. He preferred to lead, or to do things independently. He trusted his own capabilities. It had taken this long to begin to really trust the capabilities of his wher.

Lykask knew what His wanted. He wanted to go find Norla. Something was under the man's skin so badly, that he could feel his blood coursing, thrumming, in his veins. For once, he was grateful when Lykask spoke on His behalf. Normally, it annoyed him. He didn't enjoy being forced to be social in any manner. Yet Lykask felt he at least had to try and say something to Ijo. His wanted to help in the tunnels, not here.

Ijo, Isk. Mine would like to do a big halp to Norsk's. Go in mines. Find Norsk's. Much want. Can go? Lykask not do a frighten. Be safe. The blue's tone was imploring, hopeful. It was uncommon for the muscular, barrel-chested wher to ask for anything. Ijo and Isk would know that better than most. Still, Kaios hardly expected to be given breathing room. His eyes were stormy and hard, fixated on the entrance to the mines. No, he certainly didn't want to be doing anything other than looking for Norla. He knew he was capable, and yet would that change anything? He wasn't sure. Thus far, though it chafed, he had obeyed Ijo's orders to a fault. Even when his countenance was often grim and he didn't necessarily read like one who wanted to be doing some of those things they were ordered to do. Would that matter any, now? Lykask had asked, at least.

@Ruin, @Ivy

Dhiren & Zeniayr

Norla was trapped. Possibly hurt. And here he was, as a bloody candidate, not able to venture on his own like the grown-ass man he was and come to her aid. Still, he wasn't insensible. Far more practical than some, and with a lot more self control. So, he chose to go along with a blackhandler, younger than him, whose black was misleading in size. The wher was so muscular, that minus being smaller in size than the larger whers, he was easily as muscled. Zen had introduced them as Zen and Zenisk. The wher had a strang way of speaking in third person, and yet it had been a good choice for the candidate--they were driven, and seemed sensible and yet with just the right amount of fearlessness despite being a few turns younger than himself. He was recently promoted to Pridesecond of Delta, to boot. He was apt to be trying to prove himself while remaining responsible about it. A good choice.

They made their way into the tunnels carefully, the blue-black of the wher's hide catching the light of the glows along the tunnels. There were places where rocks had blocked off passageways. The black's large head swung this way and that, inhaling sharply, scenting for gas, for 'bad' air. There was the sound of crumbling up ahead, of more rocks falling in and blocking yet another tunnel up ahead.

"We'll have to divert again," Zen said, turning to face Dhiren, running a hand through thick blond hair, sighing heavily. Dhiren gave a curt nod, yet there was a look in his eyes that belied the agitation he felt at having to re-route yet again. The more often they had to do this, the longer it was going to take to get to wherever Norla was.

"Then we divert," he agreed, impatient to get moving again. Still, he wasn't about to show that to the blackhandler. He merely followed along behind as they once again turned around, and made their way back up the passage and down another one. They were being cautious, and yet both young men, for their different reasons, felt a sense of urgency. There was a chance they'd run into other handlers or miners--the more the better, really. As it was, there was purpose in their movement, and they were wary yet unafraid.

 Posted: Mar 10 2018, 01:47 AM


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Despite the appearance of Busk, Ruosk, and their respective handlers Taresk didn’t do much in terms of showing that he acknowledged them, which was a little surprising considering what he liked to do when a female was present. He had more experience with Vessk than Ruosk and she was currently trapped behind a rockfall with an injured woman the Brown was understandably more focused on the task at hand (or claw it wasn’t the time for deciding that either) than anything else.

Taresk nor Tarele didn’t immediately notice Norsk running off for timber seeing as they were focused on what they were doing to clear the rocks though there weren’t many possibilities as to what he was doing. Soon as enough the Bronze was back, dragging timbers with him, the Miners that had come into the tunnel after the two other Prideseconds, with them shoring up the unstable walls with the timber. Taresk, being the second biggest wher of the four did his part in helping to get the timbers in place before moving backwards trying to give the smaller two whers some room. Taresk and others are doing as good fast job as can, said Taresk as reassuring as possible.

They did finally get through to the Prideleader of Epsilon after another quarter candlemark of digging before turning his attention more to bringing timbers in to reinforce the walls that were excavated before going to Der’s map. “Hmm… Probably should at least check the cave-in with the most direct route from Alphahandler Norla’s position to the entrance before going any further in if only to make easier access if things go well,” mused Tarele.

@Tigersilk @Leo

 Posted: Yesterday at 09:24 pm
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Ijo wasn't overly sure why it seemed every class had one.
One Wherlingpair who, either the bonded or the handler, who believed they were somehow above the rules or needed to be exempt from his orders 'because'.

He was getting a little aggravated with it, truth be told, especially when he'd given explicit orders. Almost as if they thought because they somehow had more experience, it made their wherets somehow not the same age as the others, and they were supposed to be given permission over everyone else.

Like the moment - even if he entertained that absolutely ridiculous idea - he let one of them do something, the others weren't about to speak up and either claim preferential treatment, or want to do the same thing, too.

It was something he questioned every evening, if somehow the lack of logic in growing wheret brains afflicted or infiltrated those of their bondeds, and made them buck the rules or ask him questions he'd already put forth a specific answer to.

"Were you not listening, when I told you specifically that Copper Class is instructed to stay out here and assist Slate in clearing debris brought up from the tunnels, and ferrying the injured? Or are you somehow under the assumptions that because someone you know is down there, that makes you exempt from the order?"

Ijo's eyes scanned both Wher and Wherling. Isk rubbed his dirty body against His' leg, a measure that seemed to soothe the irritation in the Wheringmaster's whole frame. He hated having to repeat himself, but sometimes it happened. He was a little more short-fused than normal, given the whole handling-two-classes and then having one of them thankfully taken over by Swithin and Swisk. Isk, however, was a bit less testy.

Ijo give direction for reason. Let you go, mean others want go, too. Just because YOU think am ready, not mean others maybe ready, then they go too, go down there, not am be careful, am get hurt, become part of problem. Ijo, Isk get big yell from two-legger boss-people, Wherlings get hurt. Then is Ijo problem, Wherlings want disobey what say, do what want anyway. This why you Wherling, not Handler yet. Have learn to listen, before am big enough in pant to go by self. Listen first, then do. When not Ijo, Isk re-spawn-suh-bee-lee-tee anymore, then you do what want. Until then, belong to Ijo, Isk, have listen to Ijo, Isk.

"Any Wherlingpairs in Copper Class who disobey my direct order - if I find you in the tunnels further than Isk, not only will you have double chores for the next sevenday, but you will be held back until the next class. I am not joking. Those tunnels are dangerous, and for as-yet-untested Whers, you are a liability, not an assistance. Up here, you are the opposite. It may not appear to be important work, but handling what we are handling allows the more experienced Whers and their Handlers to deal with what is going on down there, without having to be concerned. I know that some of you may have people you know down in those tunnels - stay here, and be ready to receive them.

You are my responsibility, and that responsibility is to teach you, keep you safe, and ensure you survive until graduation - not only that, but that you reach that point fully prepared to embark on your respective travels as a Handler, or as a Priderunner. Until you have your new knots and I stand at the front of the dining hall to call your name under an assigned Pride, you are still Wherlings, and you are still my charges. I have yet to lose a pair during my tenure. I will not break that record now because some of you believe you are ready."

Isk think Ijo need make fun for not-babies-anymore. Give something do, take stress off.
What could possibly take stress off, Isk, it's a life and death situation, I'm not prepared to make games of it.

Isk sighed at His, bodily moving Ijo towards the healer's area.

You go help. I stay, help babies. Still remember healer-stuff, go help mend people. Isk watch. Report if break rules.

He broadcast to Copper Class.

Ijo go to Healer area, am help hurt ones. If want learn how help hurt peoples, go with Ijo. If stay with Isk, we find sleds, help clear from just inside tunnel. Teams two at time, ALWAYS stay with Isk. Whers AND Wherlings - not only one. If can't agree, then stay outside, clear from outside to piles. We not going in-in, only in mouth of, help with heavier stuffs. Build muscle, make strong. Show how to haul, how to carry. How to move, not hurt person or wher. Listen to Isk, or Isk send home.

[Note: They are NOT going into the actual tunnel system; Isk is taking them just inside the mouth, to help haul what is being dredged up from the cave ins further inside. They are not permitted at any point to go into any of the branching tunnels; they stay at the mouth (basically where it forks out, that first portion) or they are subject to punishment. At no point are your Wherlings permitted to go further than Isk, and he will be positioned at the place where it forks in order to make sure none of them go further. They will be sent in teams of two (if you're taking part) to ferry stone and hurt people from Isk's position to the mouth, and out to the other groups who are not going inside.]

@Ivy (for the new dot on the map - Isk is at the first fork of the tunnel system, down from the entrance; Copper Class is not permitted past him into either of the forks.)


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