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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Changes, SP:17 [Epsilon Pride]
 Posted: Apr 9 2017, 12:27 AM


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A heavy sigh forced the rise and fall of her chest as she looked over the many hides spread out across her room. It was a modest living space but worked well enough for what she needed - not that she would be there long. Another pair had taken their place guarding the clutch but Vessk was eager to get back as soon as possible. Riders were not the only ones lost with the founding of a new southern Weyr - handlers had transferred out as well. Be it to help broaden the gene pool for Grove's wher program or simply for a change of scenery; a number of handlers had left which meant the Prides had been rearranged. While she recognized most of the names on her new roster she knew that a face to face would be needed before the next drill.

Not only did they need to meet and learn her expectations but there was the matter of the wild wher eggs brought from Tuana Hold. Rumors spread like wildfire throughout the Weyr - no doubt they had already heard about the eggs but she wanted to be the one to address her Pride about them. Ticking off the list of names she looked to Vessk as she straightened her knots and brushed some hair off her jacket. Apima was shedding more than usual and it showed on her clothing. Nodding she and her green slipped past the heavy hide that acted as a door and headed into one of the many connecting chambers with corridors leading elsewhere in the Weyr. Poe and Solstice lazily followed the pair until they stopped, each of her firelizards taking a post among the various nooks in the rock walls. "Go ahead and call them to us, the sooner we get this off our to-do list the sooner we can return to the hatching sands."

With a snort Vessk bobbed her head as she reached out to the other whers in her Pride, Rousk being the first as her 'second. Rousk, meet Vessk. Other Ep-si-lons come too. Call next. Vessa's fingers trailed along her wher's thick neck as she listened for the sound of footprints echoing off the stone walls. Content when she heard a whisper of movement she nodded to the green. Riysk, Cask, Orisk, and Liask were called at the same time, Ep-si-lons come. Now. No dally. Hurry fast. Be here soon.

All that was left to do now was wait for her Pride to join her.

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 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 05:11 PM
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Cask's head came up, she and Hers enjoying a bit of lunch in the Dining Hall. Caomh had been off in the rotation that evening, and was looking forward to a bit of relaxation testing out some new methods for homebrewing some wines in the recesses of his quarters. Nothing large, just something to squirrel away for when and if he ever felt like drinking it. He was slowly beginning to trust Cask's eyes and senses as far as his profession went, and at his Green's request he'd pushed into trying to get back into things.

It was a process, in every sense of the word.

Mouth filled with meatroll, he looked up as Cask relayed Vessk's words through their bond.

Vessk want meet. Gonna need to hurry, Caomh.
I'm not sharding running anywhere. We're off rotation tonight, she can wait two minutes for us to walk down there. Running isn't the best of ideas in any expanse of the word, the last thing I need is to trip over some weyrbrat and bust my face open, then whose problem is that going to be?
Caomh not be so grumpy-grump. Vessk new Prideleader, we listen to, yeah? Not gonna get yelled at, you being hissy-stick over nothin'. Come on. Gotta go.
I'm coming, I'm coming.

Caomh sighed, tightening the sash across his eyes, before he gathered the remainder of his meatrolls in the hide that held them, and grabbed a quick refill on his Klah. Cask nudged him, and he grumped as he brought a second hide of them and another mug for Vessa. Cask, gleefully, plucked up a bucket of herdbeast scraps in her brutish maw, tail twitching high up in the air as she trotted with a joyous demeanor that was otherwise out of place on such an intimidating looking wher.

They arrived in the caverns, but it looked like they were the first. There didn't seem to be anyone else down there just yet, outside of Rousk. Cask wasn't deterred, slinking her burly body along the Cyan's own, before ducking into Vessa's space. She dropped the bucket of meat in front of Vessk, before looking for Hers - Caomh came in, deposited the fresh hide of meatrolls and second mug of klah on the nearest flat surface that would hold it and was close to her, before he took a bite of one of his own.

"You rang?"


 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 02:50 AM
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Never really one for being prompt when called, Riyd would have been happier to laze about a little longer.
Vessk say no dally. Riysk reminded her handler dryly, looking over her shoulder at the young man. As soon as the cyan had heard the call, she had made immediate steps to meet up with Vessk. She was not so foolish as to upset the green. Her large tail swung back and forth, almost thoughtful as she padded around in a circle to observe Riyd. He had still made no movements to get to his feet. Of course, Riysk knew this was an act. Riyd knew his duty.

Riyd slumped, defeated and then slowly dragged himself off the bench, noticing Caomh also making his way out of the Dining Hall as he did so. The handler sighed again, looking forlornly at his half eaten food and then jogged to catch up with his wher who had already walked from the Hall.

As soon as he caught up with Riysk, she too broke into a run lolling down the corridor. Riyd could practically hear her smirk as he picked up the pace to keep up with her. Each time he came close she would slow again then take off as he was trying to catch his breath. All this culminated in a breathless Riyd bursting through the door shortly after Caomh.

Why run? We not so late. Riysk asked innocently, wrapping her tail around herself as she sat primly before Vessa and Vessk.
Riyd shot her a look but stood just near his wher, turning his attention to Vessa.
"This about the wher eggs? I didn't see it come in myself but others have told me... You know what I will just let you talk. I'll shut up now. I didn't see or hear anything I swear."

 Posted: Apr 24 2017, 11:21 PM


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"Thank you for coming promptly," she addressed her pridemembers while offering a bright smile to Caomh as she saw the klah and meatrolls he brought for her. It was very much appreciated as she'd forgotten to grab a meal for herself. "Thank you, that was thoughtful."

When Riyd spoke up she couldn't help but chuckle some, "Yes, that is one of the things I wanted to address. First of all though there have been changes to all the Prides - some of you may or may not recognize me. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself before we meet for drills together. My name is Vessa and this is Vessk. I like to think I am easy enough to get along with as long as you are doing your part. Tardiness is not appreciated or tolerated. Outside of that I try not to be too demanding of your free time, though rest assured if any of you need me during my free time you're welcome to call upon me." She wasn't the best at introductions and may have rambled some but overall she felt it was going well. At least they had shown up - the few who were running tardy would be talked to later on. "I'll keep this as brief as possible, I'll get to the root of the matter so I can get you all back to your evenings."

Looking to Ruoban she nodded, "This is pridesecond Ruoban, though I'm sure some of you know that. If ever you find you cannot reach me I'm certain he would be more than happy to help in whatever way he can."

Cask Vessk's favorite. the green confided in the other green as she deposited the bucket of herdbeast scraps before her. Without pause she began to eat until Vessa nudged her side with her knee. You're not setting a good example. Get gift! Enjoy gift! No see problem. Vessk argued as she took another bite from the bucket. Rolling her eyes at her wher Vessa smiled to those gathered. "As many of you have likely heard there is a wher clutch on the sands. It is a wild clutch brought to us by Lady Irohvyne from her new hold in the south, Tuana. Though Tuana is beholden to Cove Weyr she brought the clutch to Dalibor - and yes, the rumors of a golden egg are true. Vessk and I have been tasked with keeping the sands safe by the Beta who is brooding over the clutch. They seem close to hatching but we aren't sure exactly when they will choose to hatch."

Rocking forward on her toes she clasped her hands behind her back, "May as well go around for introductions right quick. And questions if you have any."

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 Posted: May 3 2017, 03:49 PM

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Ruosk had been writing in her journal when Vessk called. It was rare for a wher to read out of pleasure, let alone write, but the cyan had always been something of an oddity among her kind. While other whers may focus on their physical form, Ruosk had always been most concerned with her mind. She believed it made her a better foil for her active handler who needed no attention on that front, especially since he had become Pridesecond for Epsilon and was constantly on the go. Speaking of, Ruosk gave Vessk a short reply in confirmation, 'Will come quick.' Ruoban gave his wher a questioning look from his spot on the floor where he had busied himself grooming Roulette, his dog. 'Vessk and Vessk's call Epsilons. We meet now.'

"Great, let's go." The cyan handler gave Roulette a last pat on the head, promising to come back and finish grooming the fluffy canine later. "You be a good boy now, Roulette." The canine whined softly, but otherwise let them leave, his ears rotating to follow their footsteps.

It was not a far walk, and as soon as his Prideleader was within sight, Rouban started smiling and waving at her and Vessk. "Prideleader," he greeted warmly. "Ruoban and Ruosk, reporting for duty." The cyan pair waited patiently for the others to arrive off to the green pair's right side. Ruoban was tempted to start up a conversation while waiting, but he could read the mood and knew it was best to simply stand in silence. Sure enough, Vessa went straight to business as soon as the other pridemembers had gathered; thankfully, they were - for the most part - a prompt bunch. He nodded to the others when Vessa recognized him as pridesecond, a bright smile on his face. "Don't be a stranger."

When it came time for introductions, he was only too happy to start. "As you already know, I'm Ruoban, Pridesecond for Epsilon, and this here is Cyan Ruosk." Ruosk dipped into a small ladylike bow as her name was announced to those gathered. 'A pleasure. Need advice, ask Ruosk.'

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