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 Not So Tiny Anymore., AU:17; Copper Class 6-9 Mos Lesson!
 Posted: Aug 28 2017, 04:00 PM
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Ijo had scoured for assistance for his next lessons, not from other Handlers so much as other Riders. They had to be a sizable and formidable pair, one capable of pushing aside any apprehensions they might have and throwing themselves into the abyss for the sake of assisting his Wherlings.

In the end, it had come with an unlikely pairing.

The Weyrleader himself, Jyderin's own only remaining, present son. Ijo had spent several days ultimately considering the wisdom of such a decision, but also had been quietly conferring with Jysk about His' rather destitute demeanor. Given he was going to need the Master Tanner's assistance with teaching the rest of the class in future lessons - namely, the one that would center on them making and upkeep of their wher's harnesses and collars - it behooved the Wherlingmaster to do his best to keep things relatively upbeat.

A moderately heated discussion had taken place in Z'dyn's office in the recourse of the last several evenings; the Ironrider wouldn't come right out and speak of the fear he had of whers, particularly those, you know, nearly bigger than he was like Golds and now Coppers, but Ijo knew it was well-known that the Senior Weyrleader held a deep-seated apprehension of the more-grounded reptilian cousins of dragonkind.

It would have to be carefully handled. Very, very carefully handled, because if things went wrong, Ijo was looking at having to cull one of his own. Not anything any Wherlingmaster wished to do, but he was counting on Jyderin's own well-grounded demeanor and stalwart handling of his Black to take the edge off the encounter.

And so, there they were. Baihujinth lingered on the outskirts of the gathering, Z'dyn taking refuge between his Iron's massive forepaws, as Ijo and Isk milled about getting everything set up. Of course, this lesson was at night, but his young ones had yet to be woken thus far. A handful of weyrfolk lingered nearby at a table, where vittles had been put out for Wherlings and Whers alike. Breakfast for both, and Z'dyn had pilfered a meatroll as a snack while he waited. Dressed down in linen pants and a short-sleeve shirt, it would cut down on the amount of clothing he carried if he needed to go into the lake after one of them. Not that he suspected he would, but either way discretion was the better part of valor.

Ijo, Isk out at Lake. Copper Class come. Wear stuff not worry for getting wet, is night-time, no need goggles. Have breakfast for both, you, Yours, outside here. There is hide-bag at door, bring with. Have towel, swim-goggle, nose-pin, if need. Also have cup for break-fast. Will need.

The Brown paced, bumping Ijo's shoulder with his nose as they waited for the group to come out.

Once everyone was assembled, Ijo laced his fingers behind his back, Isk padding around to check out each pair - specifically, the wherets - to make sure each was in good shape, eating well, oiled, and the like. It was a check he made several times a day, almost obsessively. The Brown was protective of his tiny pack of babies, after all.

"Good morning, class. Now, most of you have noticed by now, given how much better Wher eyesight is in the dark than a dragon's, that we're not alone today in lessons. With us is Senior Weyrleader Z'dyn and Iron Baihujinth, both of which will be assisting us as back-up in today's goings-on.

Tonight, we'll be continuing your physical strength training, both for yourself as well as your wherets, because in the next quarter-turn, you will be learning to glide, and your wherets will be needing the strength in their wings that this - and past - lessons will be building. Being strong of body and bond isn't just important to your partnership, it's important to the Weyr, as well. After all, Handlers are often sent underground in past turns, whether that's from exploration, or recovery missions, or rescues, and those require a wher and handler whose strength is such that they can easily manipulate and haul a one-hundred-fifty-pound person or more. Or move rocks off of a body to recover it for ceremony, in the case of past expeditions, though it's my hope that none of you ever have to undertake such a thing."

He gestured towards Z'dyn, who was remaining somewhat aback, but still within earshot and sight.

"Now, tonight's lessons are filled with a considerable amount of information, all for useful reasons. All things important enough for you to remember, but you will do them so often and so much in the next several months, that it will be second nature before you know it. Tonight, we're going to cover some swimming, before the weather turns too cold to do so. You will be doing two lengths of the Lake, from waterfall to the Bowl's entry, and back. This sounds too much, some of you are thinking - I can see it in your faces - how on Pern are we going to do all that! This is child's play to what you are supposed to be able to complete in the next three months from this growth period. Next quarter, you will not only be expected to learn to glide, but you will have your first test of Wherlinghood. A swim from here, to Crescent Hold. So naturally, all this swimming Isk and I have been having you do, now it makes sense, right?"

Ijo cleared his throat, pacing a little bit in place as he wandered from one end of the small line-up to the other.

"Along with Swimming to improve your strengths, we will be practicing falling and continuing some learning about first aid and healing. After all, most of a Wher's purpose is flaming thread within the ground-burrows after and during a Fall, and a fair share of you at some point may accidentally be burned. You will need to know what to do in that situation, and how to treat both yourself as well as your wher, until aid can be obtained. As far as betweening, we will also cover that in later lessons, you're a bit too young as of yet to handle any of that.

Z'dyn and Baihujinth are here, in the case that either yourself or your wheret tire too quickly, cramp, or any such thing, and need to be rescued from the water. Baihujinth will be ready for wherets, and Z'dyn will be pulling Handlers from the water if you are unable to rescue yourself. Please notify Baihujinth immediately if you need aid, Isk will also be stationed on the outcrop to make sure everything's going smoothly. I can't stress enough not to rush it. It's not about going first or being first, there is no race to win, therefore there is no need to beat another pair. Pace yourself, focus on distance, breathing, and strokes. You will be completing these as a pair, as in you and your wher. I will allow multiple pairs at once, simply for ease in getting this over in a timely manner, but no more than two at a time, please."

The Ironrider was nervous, Jysk could smell it. Every wher there, could probably smell it.

"Once everyone's swam their there-and-back, then we will eat, and begin practicing falls. How to fall, what distance is too high, what to do if you're injured when you impact the ground. We'll have the discussion about this over breakfast, and then begin some fall training once everyone's eaten. I need to discuss tanning and sewing practices for a future lesson with Master Jyderin, so that will be a lesson for later on, most likely when I have you all making your harnesses and collars for your whers."

Ijo knew how motivated by the promise of food most people and creatures were; he himself tended to work much more quickly when he was hungry, and it also countered at the concern for his wherlings not to swim so quickly after eating. Old-wives-tale or not, it went right back to discretion and valor.

"Now. If you choose to pair with another Wherling for your swim, please inform Isk and Baihujinth, so that they know who they're dealing with. I will be at the end of the Bowl, Z'dyn will be here, and Isk will be on the outcrop. You will have eyes on you at all times."

He pulled himself aboard Isk, who relayed His to the end of the Bowl, where the lake drained out into the harbor at the great arch leading into the Weyr proper. The Brown galloped back out to the outcrop somewhat midway between where Baihujinth and Z'dyn lingered, and where His was.

Ijo say begin. Isk here, Isk watch. Be good.

-Please do not tag me unless you require a direct response. I am watching this thread and will see responses otherwise.- Once plenty of people have posted in, will be posting the next part post-breakfast (if more people post, that is).

 Posted: Sep 1 2017, 06:40 PM

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Zel woke to Isk's call. She rose and readied herself for the day, feeling at ease.

This past sevenday was pleasant. Good, even. Why was this sevenday so nice? After push-and-pull between her and Zelsk for the past few months, they were both arriving at an accord. Walking with her back straight and her eyes ahead became second nature. She still faltered when speaking at times, but Zel was all too happy to step in when Hers couldn't find the words. And slowly, very slowly, Zel understood why the copper demanded what she did of her. She didn't just want perfection, in a way, she needed it. She needed Zel to be confident and capable, a leader instead of a follower. She didn't just need to work hard, but harder than everyone else. She wanted to prove herself. To build a following. Her every action was a tactical maneuver to accomplish her goals. And Zel was a part of those goals. She had to learn to be the stern, stable hand and mind beside Zelsk. The one to keep her steadied away from extremes. To be hers always and without question. Zelsk loved Zel. But it took many times butting heads that peace came between them.

Though no doubt there would be more obstacles ahead to push them to becoming better versions of themselves.

Why is SmartMine taking so long?

Zel shook her head with a smile. "Always have to be the first to arrive to class, don't you?"

The copper flicked her tail, watchful as Hers dressed in one of the few outfits that Zel had left from when she arrived. The new clothes Zelsk demanded she have were nice, not 'getting wet' appropriate. Mine is the same.

"True," she said, braiding her hair before picking up the cup she kept water in at night. "Let's go."

Zelsk grumbled. She did not like the 'boring' attire Hers wore, but she understood that those pitiful garments were required. The copper followed Hers out into the Bowl. Given her penchant for demanding excessive oiling, her hide shimmered from the night before. Some whers tired not to bothers Theirs with their needs. Zelsk was not one. It wasn't too long before they stood with the rest of the class, listening to what this lesson entailed. The copper huffed at the mention of gliding, but otherwise remained attentive. So, if they wanted to eat, they needed to swim. Simple. She didn't hesitate to step forward to go first. Come, SmartMine. We swim.

Zel nodded, donning a pair of the provided goggles before going to the Copper's side. The weyrleader and His, as well as their Wherlingmaster and His, were in position to help if something went awry. She wasn't the best swimmer, but she was quickly gaining competence as the classes went on. She had no choice. And she was pretty sure Zelsk would have forced her into the lake every evening if Zel hadn't been making adequate progress.

She drew in a breath and waded into the lake. With Zelsk nearby, they were off.

'Remember, we don't have to finish first. It's about safely finishing. That's it. So we're going to pace ourselves properly.' Zel was firm with her command. The last thing she wanted for for either of them to fail this lesson in some overblown fashion because the copper couldn't stand being less than the best. Also...stay close. You know I'm not the best at this. Zelsk didn't reply. She didn't even make a disapproving noise. She simply swam and rested same as Hers did. The water was cold, but not freezing. Chilling water easily sapped away at strength. While they couldn't go too fast, loitering along wasn't wise either. They were fortunate that winter hadn't set upon reminding them of its return quite yet.

It took them a while, but the pair did finish their lap without needing aid. Zel scrambled on shore, catching her breath and dripping onto the banks. Her limbs were aching, but she kept a steady gait, knees trembling too subtly to be seen unless keenly observed. Wordlessly, she sought out a towel. Being waterlogged through breakfast sounded like an awful idea.

 Posted: Sep 6 2017, 06:12 PM


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Waking Syrene was never easy. The girl liked her sleep. And she liked being undisturbed. Thankfully Syrsk was not adverse to her wrath. The Iron was getting larger, which meant he couldn’t just jump on her bed and wake her that way. Instead he prowled around it, dragging her furs off her sleeping body and headbutting her lightly, resting his sloped muzzle on her side as she started to stir.

“Ugh can’t ya let a girl sleep?”

Syrsk merely snorted and nudged her with his muzzle again, getting her close to the edge of her bed. He would not hesitate to knock Syrene free. He kept quiet though, as he was apt to do. Syrene did most of the talking for the pair, and even she had started to understand silence was often better than words… Not that that stopped her thoughts from raging in her head. Another nudge and Syrene dropped off the edge of her bed onto her earlier pulled off furs, jarring the girl awake before she was ready.

He liked her up bright and early, and it was certainly early. With some reluctance Syrene stood only to collapse against Syrsk’s craggy side. She drummed her fists on him lightly, not even enough to do any real damage, more a tantrum than anything. But Syrsk just snorted.
Stretch. Wake. New night. Was all he rumbled.

Syrene took to doing the morning stretched she and Syrsk had taken to doing. It was good to get the blood pumping, and was usually a prelude to their ‘morning’ run. But today there would be no run. Syrsk paused in his exercise as Isk called for them, and he relayed the message in his slow, ponderous way. Syrene wasted no time in dressing herself before heading out. Syrsk, like always, was by her side though at this point Syrene was starting to wonder if she could ride on his shoulders…

As Ijo started to speak, she sat down on the floor, cross legged next to Syrsk. Her face contorted into a slight frown. More swimming. Syrene wasn’t fond of swimming, really. She hadn’t been enjoying it, but it now made sense. A look was sent towards Syrsk, and she couldn’t imagine the iron swimming all the way to Crescent. The hide bag and supplies sat in her lap and she ran her fingers over the towel as she thought of how this would work.

We go now.

Syrene nodded and stoop. The pair waited until Zel and Zelsk were in the water before they stepped up. Syrene pulled on her goggles and set her bag and supplies side. She needed no noseplug, especially since she had the displeasure of breathing in water once already. Slowly the pair waded into the water, Syrene shivering a bit. It wasn’t cold, but still, she disliked it.

Steady BigheadRed Syrsk reminded her as he always did. Syrene would have strove to be first, even though she was not the best at swimming. But Syrsk knew that was unneeded. Though he looked like a large boulder, Syrsk was not one to sink like a rock. He moved through the water with steady grace, using his membraneless wings at times to push himself forward.

Syrene lacked all that grace. The girl wasn’t a rock, but she also was no dolphineer. Occasionally she would breathe in too early and swallow water leaving her treading water and sputtering a bit. But the pair did eventually make their way there and back. Scrambling, Syrene climbed onto the shore and took a deep breath, reaching up with one hand to pull the goggles off. She hated water, and she doubted that would ever change. Towel was soon soughtout and wrapped around her shoulders.

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 Posted: Oct 2 2017, 01:52 AM


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Lykaios was a very light sleeper. Turns spent with his life depending upon it had ensured that he always would be. Lykask had been such a heavy sleeper when they bonded, that Kaios had to physically shake the wheret to make him wake. It had taken consistent work to alter that some. Still the blue slept heavily, often with his large, thick tongue tip sticking out of his mouth, and usually snoring loudly enough to wake the entire barracks. He was growing, though. At a surprising rate. The awkward looking blue was now not so awkward. He was a bulky, very muscular wher, who, while standing shorter than most of the blues at the wher would, was also far wider in appearance than any of the ones His had noticed. His head was huge and blocky, his chest wide and barrel-shaped. On the whole he was a compact, very muscular beast.

Lykask was not sleeping at the present moment, which was for the best. The blue and His were wide awake, and so thankfully the whole message was gotten, and not a part or the entirety of it missed. Lykask thought it sounded like an interesting lesson was ahead, and Kaios turned green-gold eyes on him while waiting to hear what was being said to the stocky blue.

Isk say do a come to lake. Say wear get wet things. Bag by door do a bring, have things need. Also brekky-fast! Maybe nuggers?

Kaios rubbed the bridge of his nose with his forefinger and thumb. Ever since the blue was young he had made words of words that clearly did not exist. It had started with 'bamboozle', which was acceptable in a sense because that word, at least, did exist. Yet it continued to get less sensible. Schmackos. Nuggers. Smol. Pupper, doggo, birb--this to depict canine pups, adults and whersports--sneks for tunnelsnakes, heckin' for a curse word...it was absolutely unfounded and ridiculous. Yet Lykask insisted on speaking in such a manner, and there was little Kaios had been able to do to dissuade it. 'Nuggers' was cooked meat such as the kind that were sausages, patties, or ground and breaded. Lykask was especially fond of that last kind. It was something he had wanted to try, always inventing new things for His to make for him. Patties had been the first idea, and nuggers the next. His could see no real reason to deny him, and kept the entire affair private.

No there will not be 'nuggers'. You aren't to mention that to anyone, do I make myself clear? Kaios didn't want it spread about that he cooked up recipes as treats for his wher. Even if they were actually quite good, it was rather embarrassing to the bluewherling to admit he complied and did that sort of thing.

Why no say? Other wher, hu-man may do a like.

Don't argue--or reason. You aren't to mention it. End of discussion. Lykask's face seemed to droop, but he said nothing. Kaios knew that this was a sulky agreement. The blue did so like to share. The blue was very, very social. Lykaios was not, in the least. It had been the thing they had struggled with most. They were polar opposites. While the matches made seemed to be working for other candidates, the ever reclusive and anti-social bluehandler was not only having trouble relating to his bond, but also to others. He wasn't the kind of man who would ask for help, either. Lykask would, but he'd been ordered to let well enough alone, and the blue did not know if he should go against those orders and wishes, or speak to Isk because Isk was the right one to speak to, wasn't he? It wasn't easy on either of them, needless to say.

Lykaios had forced Lykask and himself to train even more than was required. They did their training, and then extra training on top of that. Lykask actually seemed to enjoy being challenged. While at first he had been prone to weight gain of fat, now he gained muscle. Still, he was not able to go on endlessly and tired before His did. They were a good team, when it came to who gave the orders and who followed, and training their bodies. The reluctant at first blue was now always happy to go for a jog or swim. They'd been practicing swimming, something Lykask had taken to extremely well, when His had thought his bulk might make him less buoyant. It did not, and Lykask seemed to love not only swimming, but playing in the water. Which was ironic, since he did not seem to like baths, or rain. So as they stood there, listening to the instructions, Kaios didn't worry one bit about the exercise. Crescent was something else. He knew he could make it just fine. Yet Lykask needed more training, he felt. He had swum a lot while lost. Still, he hadn't swam this much, and he had been training more than Lykask had. He was an adult, and conditioned. They had time, though. They could get Lykask where he needed to be, he felt sure of it.

Lykask do a good big swim! The blue agreed, pleased. He opened his wide mouth in that smiling way he had, tongue lolling out the side. He reminded Kaios of a canine when he did that--one of those ones with the silly faces, big jowls and heads giving the same impression of a smile. Yes, you will. It means more swim training until then. We will focus primarily on that. There was no question. Kaios did not ask questions, he ordered and expected his blue to be in agreement, since, clearly, his suggestions were for the betterment of both of them. Most times, Lykask did agree, like now. Yet sometimes, the blue had his feelings hurt by His' brash manner, or things said too coldly and concisely.

When it was their turn, Lykaios didn't bother with the nose pinch, or the goggles. He had put on swim trousers, and slid his shirt off and over his head easily, tossing it on top of the bag he'd brought with the towel and cup for breakfast. He was ready to go, but what...what on Pern was Lykask doing? Crackdust, that dimglow of a wher...he had wandered over to where Z'dyn and Baihujinth stood, in that happy, ambling way he had, with the big silly looking 'smile' on his face.

Lykask, what in Faranth's name are you doing? Get back here!

For once, the blue ignored His. And sat his rump down with a thud in front of Z'dyn and his iron, a respectable few feet away, looking up at Z'dyn.

Z'dyn, why do a frighten? Good wher, see? Lykask do big derg a like, also do Z'dyn a big like. We be fren, yes? Do Lykask a like? This last was hopeful, and his big, thick blue tail actually wagged gently back and forth. He was so canine like in some of his habits, Lykask wondered if he'd actually gotten a wher at all at times. It only added to the frustrated feelings that followed on His' part.

Kaios had never been more embarrassed since his arrival here, if it could be called embarrassment. It was a mixture of absolute frustration and borderline anger at being ignored--especially in front of Ijo and the Weyrleader, and embarrassment, perhaps. He did not fancy losing his temper in front of either of them. His was a cool, biting temper. Not outraged outbursts--not for Lykask, at least. He would often ignore the wher when he was too frustrated or upset to deal with him. Not a positive thing, in the least. It led to more hurt on the blue's part. And now, the man wasn't entirely sure what to do. He was, too, a bit nervous that Bai or Z'dyn might, in a fearful reaction, harm or scare the blue. He didn't believe they would, but he knew what fear could do to people. If Z'dyn were truly frightened in the least by whers...Lykask might be in a bad spot. He strode over, hoping to quickly force the wher to obey him and leave the man and his iron well enough alone and get in the sharding water. Only by then, the blue had already spoken, and coming to stand a little behind and beside him, green-gold eyes hard, Lykaios at least knew he would protect the silly beast if it came to that.
 Posted: Oct 2 2017, 10:41 AM
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This's a horrible idea.
It's a fantastic idea. How else are you going to get used to your sire having a bonded, MineOwn, if you don't subject yourself to them?
Ain't gonna let y'live down shardin' volunteerin' me fer this.
Us. I volunteered us, thank you, and I happen to think they're adorable. What could they possibly do to you, Z'dynMine, they're hardly--
They've kil't people outta the shell, Baihujinth. Don't put nothin' past none of 'em for a second.

And then one of them started coming over.
What was going on? Was this suddenly part of the lessons?

The rising panic in Z'dyn's head instigated his Iron's tail to form a protective barrier between Ironrider and wheret, which while potentially hilarious to see, Baihujinth was well aware of His' apprehensions. Even a White or Gray warranted the same fear. Z'dyn didn't answer; he recoiled, taking several steps backwards and up against his Iron's keel. Baihujinth's tail prevented the Blue or his Handler from advancing any further.

The Iron lowered his massive snout down towards the still-growing Blue, a gentle nudge to greet him; Baihujinth, clearly, didn't share His' fear of a dragon's slightly more mutated kin.

You are a very good wher, Lykask, indeed. But Z'dynMine was almost mauled to death by a wild wher at a very young age. This is a fear that we are working on, so please don't take his distance to mean he doesn't like you. We're working on it, which is why I volunteered us to help, this evening. Small steps, yes? Now, do go back and do your lesson, I'd hate to see your Wherlingmaster or your bonded upset, mmm?

Baihujinth licked Lykask's back gently, before once more nudging the Blue.

For somethin' can kill me...
You overreact, MineOwn. Relax. They are well in-hand here, I hardly think they'll harm you. He was curious, is all. Harmless. Don't be so stiff.

Z'dyn's frame put a bit more pressure on his dragon's keel, and Jyderin regarded the goings-on with a concerned expression. Z'dyn met his father's thousand-yard stare, and held it long enough to get the point across. He was fine. Baihujinth had handled the matter in kind.

Jysk think fake need help, so have to come help.
Any other time, I'd agree with you, my darling. But this time, let's just stick to the plans, shall we? I'm rather hungry and I know you are, too, and we've a busy night ahead of us.
Could be fuuuun?

Jyderin gave his tiny Black a look, and Jysk chortled.

Okay, okay. Jysk get. Lets go.

The Master Tanner had been trying to work his way back up to snuff ever since his heart attack; it had been a process, one started by the time he spent with his son in the months afterwards. Still building up his stamina, the runs with Z'dyn in the morning up until his Impression had helped immensely, but he still felt as if he wasn't anywhere close to where he once had been.

With any luck, Jysk's presence and motivation would push him to improve on those levels. Only time would tell.

Stripping away his shirt and his pants down to the underclothes, he removed his boots and socks, and stretched before pulling off his undershirt. For a man of over fifty, Jy prided himself on his appearance, and he was perhaps in better shape than most crafters of less-physical professions. Nothing to sniff at, for sure, and it wasn't hard to see the genes that his now-eldest son's immense size had been built on.

Wonder what at bottom of lake?
Monsters, Jysk. Lots of monsters.

Jyderin's smile flashed briefly as he waded into the water, and Jysk hopped gleefully after him.

Jysk is monster. Listen to rawr. RAAAAAWR.
It doesn't count if people can't hear you, silly.

Jysk roared, which came out surprisingly loud for such a little wher, and Jyderin dissolved into laughter before one hand lightly tugged his Black's long tail. Jysk, looking quite proud of himself, flicked it back and forth mischievously, momentarily chased a sliverfish, and then followed His out into the depths. He craned his head above the water, paddling faithfully beside his chosen person, as Jyderin used his past experience and swims with his son to push gracefully through the water from one end of the Lake to the other, and then back again. Granted, the Lake hadn't the turbulent currents that the ocean through the straights did, but he hoped that by that point, he'd be stronger. So would Jysk. It was all just a matter of time, and he had faith that things would sort themselves out. Both with his own physical endurance, as well as his strained-to-non-existent relationship with his son.

Sweeping Jysk up from the shallows, Jyderin carried his Black with him over to the place he'd left his things. Towel procured, he dried himself off and put his clothes back on, wrapping the towel around his hair to let the water leech from it into the fabric. Jysk chortled, climbing up on it and perching there like some sort of Sultan's Turban Decoration. Amusement colored Jy's face as well as the exertion, and he quietly settled in at the table to wait for the others to finish, so that everyone could eat.


 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 12:24 PM


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Lykask neither seemed to mind nor notice when Bai's tail was placed in front of Z'dyn. He only noticed something was wrong when he could smell Z'dyn's fear increase, rather than lower, as had been his intent. He wilted a little, looking sadly up at the man and his great iron dragon. Z'dyn did not do him a like. He would have turned to go, dragging his tail, if not for Baihujinth's lowering his head to nudge him lightly, and speak to him.

As the blue listened, he understood. A bad wher had hurt the iron's Mine. Now His was afraid of whers. It made Lykask sad, but he understood that it was not himself who Z'dyn was afraid of--not truly. He was an intelligent creature, for all that he seemed a bit sillier than his clutchmates.

I do Z'dyn a like, Bai-hoo-jin a like. Not be do a frighten. Is sorry bad wher do a frighten when smol. One day, Lykask and Z'dyn be fren! With this announcement to Z'dyn and Baihujinth, the young wher obediently turned around and ambled on back to where Lykaios stood waiting for him. He did not look impressed, but he at least understood the blue was just being himself--good intentions and all.

"Let's go," he told the still-young wher, walking towards the water and getting in without further ado.

The swim was easy for Lykaios. Lykask loved water, and they had been practicing so much that it was easy for the both of them. Kaios knew the swim to Crescent was going to be difficult and that they would need to be spending every available moment in the water before the swim. He'd not risk them not succeeding and doing well at it. It was a test, and the young man liked challenges of physical strength. That was, after all, where his true strengths in this class and in lessons were. He was physically strong. It was other things, such as working with others or understanding others that needed work. As they swam, all Kaios concentrated on was his strokes and breathing. Before he even realized it, swimming alongside Lykask, they were back on the shore once more. He glanced at the wher. They were both not even out of breath. They would be, by the time they had to swim to Crescent, perhaps. Yet for now, he was proud of the blue for his hard work. Possibly for the first time, which made Lykask more than a little happy, as he shook off and they made their way to the breakfast food.
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Kaizre greeted the night with a heavy yawn. He had awoken early thanks to a nightmare that he could no longer remember and hadn't managed to fall back asleep afterwards. No matter; one sleepless day wouldn't kill him. 'Sounds like we're going swimming.' Kaisk huffed, her jaws parting as she stretched. 'No kid-ding.' The wheret continued her stretches until she caught him examining the items in the hide-bag Ijo had left for them. '...Kaizre no wear nose-pin. No look good.' The young man had to hold back a smile at the order. 'Right. Thanks Kaisk.' The orange pair padded out to meet their wherlingmaster without delay, their two empty bellies longing for food. Kai observed the set-up with curiosity, the words 'physical strength training' drawing his attention as it was what he was used to. The orange wherling had already developed an athletic build from his constant exercise as a youth, but wherling training had toned him further and would continue to develop him until he reached graduation. He wondered at the result: would he look manly?

Kaisk, who had seated herself like a lady, seemed to grow a foot as soon as she heard 'wings' mentioned. The orange's head turned sharply towards her copper sister who was gifted with a smug smile. To Kai, she stated the obvious: 'No wher can compete with Kaisk.' She was the best (at least in the wings department). Enough said. Kai's facial expression didn't change, but he pressed a hand to her head. 'No. They can't.' Her pride and warmth seemed to fill all the dark holes within his heart and leave him glowing. When his confidence waned, she carried him forth in ways his body was incapable of doing. He would always love her for that. She still had a mean streak that could not easily be tempered but she was doing her best. For him.

The swim was more relaxing than anything to Kaizre. The burn in his muscles contrasted neatly with the cool waters of the lake and Kaisk's eagerness to be faster than her clutchsiblings ushered him onward. He was breathing heavily by the time they reached the end, yet he felt more alive than anything. Oh, and hungry. Very hungry. 'Let's eat.' They had earned it. All of them.

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