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 First Impressions, WI:17 {Ruri/Rii}
 Posted: Sep 30 2017, 10:46 PM

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'Was this what we envisioned when we spent all those nights awake, talking about what it might be like to Impress? Would you be proud of me, or would you look at her the same way I see so many others doing? She was so newly hatched, but she did such terrible things. I want to believe that it was only because she was new and that's what some dragonets do, but I don't. I really don't. She delights in pain, and causing it to others. I don't even know if she likes me, let alone loves me. Somehow I feel she needs me...and maybe that's all that keeps me going. That, and I love her. I didn't expect this. It isn't what I pictured at all. Yet when everyone said you love your partner, no matter what...they were right. Does that make me a bad person? To love her despite the fact I know she seeks to cause pain to others? That she can be so cruel and malicious? What does that say about me, Siin? I wish you were here...'

Akashath slept on the flat, warm rock beside the lake. Rukbat was at its highest point in the sky overhead. Many dragons came to enjoy the warmest part of the day, soaking up the sun's rays. So many days ahead would be bitterly cold, yet it was the beginning of winter and today only a light powder dusted the weyrbowl. She had brushed the soft white stuff away easily off of the surface of the rock, clearing it off for the red dragonet to sun in. The only time Kat found any kind of peace was while her dragonet slept. The rest of the time, she was battling for control, and keeping Akashath in check. Keeping her from doing the horrible, nasty things she wanted to do to those she saw. Kat had seen her toying with a trundlebug, ripping off its legs one by one, utterly fascinated and then questioning if it felt any pain. Kat had squished it, feeling guilt for killing it, but worried that it indeed did feel pain, even if it was an insect and she truly didn't know. Aka had been furious with her,
attempting to swipe her and narrowly missing doing so. She had then even snapped at her leg, but Kat again managed to pull it away in time. The red was capable of throwing a horrid temper tantrum--or what Kat perceived as one, but knew it was simply the dragonet lashing out in her displeasure. She didn't like when the pain she caused was ended or interfered with. What had happened on the sands to that poor Healer, Ivy, was evidence enough of that.

She wasn't sure how on Pern she was going to keep Akashath in control. She only knew she had to, or she risked losing her. The dragonet was so unpredictable and volatile, that she would simply fancy harming one person or another based on random things, and then attempt to act upon it. She would, too, if Kat wasn't right on top of her, stopping it happening. None of the other weyrlings had to deal with their dragonets being like Akashath. She had seen the love and ease with which they conferred and interacted with their partners, and she tried hard not to envy them, but she did. What had she ever done to deserve the kind of life that had been laid before her? Siin, of course, was worse off. She was dead, and had never Impressed. Her thoughts were so conflicted, and she'd no allowance to think them when her partner was awake, for fear of hurting the red--who seemed to care for her feelings not at all. What was she supposed to make of it all? What would Siin have suggested she do? Or Krystin, who didn't even know she'd Impressed, because she'd never told her? She hadn't told her parents either, of course. They'd only be more upset with her for it, she was sure. Siin had been their favorite, that much they'd always made painfully clear.

Her firelizards knew someone was approaching and alerted her. Navi by chirruping loudly, Sin quietly, turning his head to look in the direction of her fellow weyrling. She thought of simply not looking, and allowing whomever it was to pass. She got a fairly clear image from Navi and Sin combined. She recognized him--the young man who'd Impressed one of the two whites--and impulsively did turn to see where he and his dragonet would head off to. Aka stirred, and she felt her heart drop a little--both in guilt because she ought to have been happy her dragonet was awake, not dreading what trouble she'd cause--in concern.

 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 06:56 PM
Jr. Weyrwoman

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Sometimes, it didn't feel like the reality had sunk in yet. Impressed. He'd Impressed. He wasn't a candidate anymore. There was another mind bonded to his, and it was... well... more than he'd ever dreamed of. To be honest, he'd worried that in spite of having been Searched, he would never Impress with a mind full of every firelizard beknownst to the Weyr.

I would have found you, even if every single firelizard on the island was there that night. And I would have brought you home.

Where is home?

Here, Ioth answered, softly vocalizing a few chiming notes. With me.

Stopping in his tracks, T'tallon crouched down for a moment, resting his hand on the white's small wedge of a head. "As long as I'm with you, I'm okay." Although the minute during Impression when Ioth had telepathically blanked out everyone and everything around them from his bonded's head had not been repeated thus far, the young man knew it had happened - knew it was real - and thus, knew it was repeatable. It was something they could do again, if the need was really there.

He knew the moment he'd come in range of someone's firelizards, because the double-sent image overlaid his sense of everything he could see around him, making his vision fragment. He paused and blinked, giving a little headshake to chase away the two almost-the-same images of himself from the outside, and looked around to see where it had come from.

Ah. Aha. One of his fellow weyrlings; the one who'd Impressed the red that had clawed him up. Hesitating a moment, he changed his path, going to see her instead. "Hello," he offered shyly, oh, what was her name again? Ioth filled it in silently. "Kataya." Another uncertain pause. "There is trouble in your face. Is something wrong?"


 Posted: Nov 5 2017, 11:09 PM

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When the whiteweyrling looked her way, she fully expected him to simply keep on going once recognition set in. Sure enough, there it was. The hesitation she expected was there. Then came the recollection: he was one of those who'd gotten mauled by her dragon. That doubly raised her expectations that he would continue on his way, if not make a point to give her a wide berth. She blamed him not one bit. If it was her, what would she have done? She wasn't sure, considering that it had not just been a wayward, accidental or blameless mauling. Akashath had quite purposely mauled him, and the others. She knew what she was doing. Would it be enough if she ever had the chance to apologize?

Just when she thought she could no longer be surprised with what life threw at her, he did the unexpected. He did not walk on, or away. He looked like he was purposely changing the direction he'd been headed in, and heading straight for them. Them. Herself, and the red dragon she had Impressed, that so far everyone seemed only to react in fear--or even looks of pity--in regards to. She felt a rising panic, wanting to tell him to not come this way. To go on with his beautiful little white, and that she was grateful he even considered coming over, but that it was not worth the risk to himself or the little white who, so far as she could tell, was the furthest thing from her own dragonet. Only she opened her mouth to let the words out, and then he was there, standing in front of her. Maybe he wanted to have words with her? Maybe he was displeased with the fact Aka had targeted him. She swallowed nervously, mind forming a very sincere apology, but then he spoke.

He was...asking if something was wrong? It was a question in her mind, because it took her so aback, she could hardly believe that he'd actually spoken the words at all. Since her Impression, no one had congratulated her. No one had seemed happy for her Impression, save that it meant the red would hopefully be under her control, and that it couldn't harm anyone else if it was. Pity. Fear. Maybe even anger or dislike. That was all she'd been able to see when she'd looked into the faces of others. Mind, this was likely full of bias. She saw this, because that's what she was expecting to see. The girl who was usually such a good judge of character, and read people very well--always looking for the good coloring it, perhaps, but nonetheless she saw the good when it was there--saw only negative emotions in the faces of people she looked at. She missed anything else entirely.

She was stunned, and his question brought rise to all the conflicted feelings so powerfully, that she shocked herself further by the hot tears that began to flow freely, streaking her cheeks. They were hot only a moment, before the chill in the air turned them cold. Akashath slept on, having only stirred. It was likely for the best, in that moment. She opened her mouth to speak, but all that came out was a choked sob. She hadn't cried in quite some time. Not after those first few sevendays after Siin had died, when she'd cried so much, she'd thought she never would again. Then she'd been numb, and simply trying to take one day at a time. Yet this was all new, and refreshed the old pain, along with adding the new. She managed to only shake her head. Something was wrong. Everything was wrong. Siin was dead. Her parents weren't speaking to her. Her sister wasn't really either. She couldn't even bring herself to tell her own sister or family she'd Impressed. She'd Impressed to a dragonet that she was in equal parts afraid to lose and afraid would hurt someone else. And so, when she did manage to get a word out, trying to not cry because she did not want to trouble the young man and his partner, it was just that sentiment,

"Everything...everything..." She felt so weak in that moment. She had tried being too strong for far too long now. She'd carried all this weight on her own, and it was simply too much, in this moment, to bear.

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