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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Closure, [SP:18 - Closed - T'vis/Norla]
 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 02:51 PM


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Tossing and turning in bed was doing nothing to aide in the rider’s quest for sleep. Timor and Belior were high in the sky by now, he should have been resting peacefully but instead his mind refused to simply stop so he could rest. Despite their deep bond Reith had faced no troubles in drifting off, the gray curled in a small ball on his stone couch. Grunting to himself T’vis looked around the room, his eyes unable to pick out most things in the darkness despite knowing exactly where everything in his weyr resided. Turning on his back he stared up at the darkness as if doing so would invite it to fill his mind and allow him to sleep - instead he felt even more restless than before. Another grunt sounded out as he pushed himself up, turning so his legs slid off the side of the bed and his feet rested on cool stone. He was getting nowhere fast by simply laying there wishing for sleep that would not come so he decided a walk may be what his restless mind and soul needed.

Groping around the floor in the dark he found the slacks he’d worn the day before - there had been no drills or any real activity outside of lounging and eating so he pulled them on without much fanfare. Feet shuffled along the floor until he found his sandals, shoving first his right foot then his left foot into them as he continued his journey towards the chest at the end of his bed. A few shirts had been tossed there the day before once he’d finished his laundry, too lazy to put them away. Fingers felt over the material of each item before he picked the one he wanted - a white cotton button up shirt. The sleeves were long but he rolled them up to his elbows with a few quick folding motions of the fabric. Buttoning a few of the buttons so the shirt didn’t whip behind him like he cape he shuffled forth in the dark some more until he found the leather flap hanging from waist height down to the floor off the far wall. Pushing it aside he ducked down in order to awkwardly walk in a crouch through the tunnel into his proper weyr.

It had been turns since he’d moved some of his furniture to the small cave next to his weyr in order to sleep there. A lot of hard work had gone into finishing the blackrider’s endeavors of connecting the weyr he’d left behind to the small cave next to it. Honestly it had taken T’vis turns after V’es’ death to complete the tunnel but he’d managed it. No one had questioned him when he asked to move from his weyr to the one left behind by the blackrider, it seemed most people had known there was something there even if the pair of them hadn’t been fully ready to admit it aloud. Had he known there wouldn’t be more time… had he known that the other man would be lost to thread…

Shuffling past his other furniture he managed his way to the door leading into the interior corridors of the weyr. There was no other exit from the cave he slept in, unless he wished to throw himself off the rocky ledge, so the uncomfortable movement from there to the proper weyr next to his sleeping place had been necessary. Once in the corridor he paused, dim as the glowlight was it was still bright enough to hurt and he squinted for awhile as his eyes adjusted. Acclimated he moved on following the familiar twists and turns until he’d made his way from the upper part of the weyr wall to the bowl below. Glowlight gave way to moonlight as the twin moons bathed the world below them in a pale silver band during their journey across the night sky. Kicking rocks as he walked he gave no real thought to his destination, letting his feet take him where they would.

Following the small river that divided the bowl he eventually found himself blocked by the stables. Listening to the soft snorting of the beasts inside for a moment he crossed the footbridge and followed along the southern stone wall of the feeding pens, glancing in at the herdbeasts. Most of them were sleeping - some laying down while others stood to sleep - with only a few blinking back at him curiously. Tearing his eyes away from them he turned when the wall turned, continuing to follow it through another turn until he was back at the river. Kicking a rock into the waters he followed them north through the bowl until he came to the lake. Here was his destination, if the fact his feet stopped moving was any indication.

Staring blankly at the lightly rippling waters he watched a fish jump from the depths to catch a faintly glowing vtol mid flight. The backs of pillies broke the water’s surface all across the span of water as they swam about - hunting or simply enjoying themselves he couldn’t say. A blue pillie scurried out of the water nearby only to pause and wiggle its feelers at him briefly before continuing on its way. ”I don’t know why I’m here.” The declaration came out as a soft breath as he stared over the water feeling weary but not tired in the least.

”Probably not to fish, since you don’t have your pole with you.” Norla’s observation was offered in hushed tones as she looked the grayrider over. How he’d missed her was anyone’s guess - she was standing on the bridge leaning against the railing out in the open for all to see. The fact that he jumped when she spoke was a very clear indication that he’d not been paying very close attention to his surroundings and she tilted her head some, ”I wondered when we’d meet.”

Whipping around his eyes narrowed on the woman who had interrupted his thoughts and eavesdropped on dialogue meant only for himself and the water. Rather than snapping at her as he’d intended he sat in shocked silence for a moment, looking very much as if he had just seen a ghost. There were plenty of similarities between the blackrider and the woman he was looking at now to conclude they were related. Blonde hair, blue eyes, small frame with wiry musculature, if not for her obvious curves and some other minute differences he might have sworn he was seeing a ghost. Standing upright Norla raised a brow before crossing her arms over her chest as she regarded the silent rider. ”Figuring it out?”

Having the upperhand by already knowing who the grayrider was she wondered if perhaps her brother had failed to ever mention her. She wouldn’t put it past him since they’d hardly been that close - they were just getting acquainted once more and pushing beyond the pain of their past when he fell to thread. T’vis stood in stunned silence a moment longer before he finally spoke up, ”You’re his sister. One of them I mean.” V’es had not been forthcoming about much but he’d told him about his family; the basics at least without much detail. T’vis knew that one of the blackrider’s sisters had shown up at the Weyr unexpectedly but beyond that he didn’t know much. Clearly the other man had never thought to mention how much he and his sibling looked alike.

”Mm, that I am. Norla.” Offering her hand out to the grayrider she let it drop when he didn’t take it - she could hardly blame him for not being warm and welcoming. Obviously he had not expected to run into her of all the people in the Weyr. ”I see why he liked you,” she continued as she looked the man up and down. Norsk crossed the bridge the rest of the way and settled on his haunches to watch his handler and the man curiously.

As if spurred on by the bronze’s presence T’vis shook his head, ”Norla. You’re the… Alphahandler.” At least now he knew something about her though he could hardly stop staring at her, still caught up by how much she looked like the late blackrider. ”Strange you came from the isles and ended up bonded to a wher. He didn’t like them much.”

”I know, I didn’t either for awhile. Then Norsk found me and well, that was that.” Shrugging she looked out over the water. She’d been but a candidate when her brother had passed away, Impressing shortly after he was lost. As much as she would have liked to seek out the grayrider to get to know more about the man her brother had become she’d been busy with a new wherlet - and she couldn’t risk Norsk by rushing into her past when he’d insisted from day one on focusing on their future. Three turns had passed since she graduated and while she’d had plenty of time to find the grayrider he too had been given just as much time to look for her. ”What did he tell you about me?”

”He wasn’t sure you were still alive. Said he’d run into his brother a handful of times but he never mentioned he’d run into you here.” Ah, so that was why he’d never tried to find her. Still there was little point in being irritated at the dead, no changing it now. T’vis finally tore his gaze away from the handler in order to watch pillies bobbing up and down in the lake. ”When did you get here?”

”Arles was only here because he was trying to bully me out of the Weyr. He’s gone too, much as I can tell. Haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since that fall.” Shrugging she glanced at the rider, ”I’ve found two of our sisters and brought them back to Dalibor as well. They don’t look as much like him as I do, so if you meet them at least you won’t be staring at them like they’ve grown another head.” Light teasing despite hardly knowing the man and having no real way to know how he’d take it.

Frowning he shook his head, ”I didn’t mean to stare. You just…” Without thinking he reached out to lightly touch her blonde locks, and to Norla’s credit she didn’t shirk away despite tensing some. Loss was a powerful thing and it was clear that even after all this time he was still holding onto feelings for her brother. ”Look so much like him.” Letting his hand drop he shook his head again realizing what he’d just done, ”I’m sorry, I didn’t mean…”

”It’s alright. Did you ever tell him you loved him?” Turning to face him she stood with her arms over her chest, blue eyes narrowed when she saw confusion cloud his features. ”I saw it in my parents even if our life wasn’t great on the isles, saw the way my mother drifted through life for the turn she lived after my father died. Same look you’ve got on your face, rider. He’s gone. He’s been gone for turns and you can’t hold onto a ghost forever.” Running his hand over his mouth T’vis slowly inhaled and closed his eyes.


Reaching out she touched his arm lightly. ”I think he knew. I know he loved you. Probably never said it either, he was a right git when it came to those things. Don’t think he knew he was allowed to love you even though he did.” Moving away from the rider she curled a finger with a soft smile, ”Come here, I have something to show you.”

Without giving it a second thought T’vis followed the handler as she made her way past her wher over the bridge. Now that the shock of seeing her had passed he could discern distinct differences between the woman and the late blackrider. She was taller, if only by a few inches, and her hair had more of a honey hue to it than platinum like V’es’ had been. Still the resemblance was uncanny, he wondered how he’d managed to miss her in the Weyr all these turns. No doubt her status as a handler - not just any handler but the Alphahandler - had been the reason.

Following the curve of the lake she lead him towards the smaller pool at the bottom of the waterfall until they were close enough for the spray to cover them. Reaching the weyr wall to the right of the falls she pointed at a small nook, ”Gaius found it.” T’vis had to move closer, almost pressed right next to her, in order to see that a lone egg filled the nook. As if his presence was some sort of catalyst the egg cracked, shaking as the crack widened. Soon a head popped out of the shell to reveal a bulky iron hatchling and Norla’s smile widened, ”It’s all yours, here.” Pulling some wherry jerky from her pocket she offered it to the rider who fumbled to take it before giving it to the hatchling.

”I don’t even need another one…” It was a weak protest, his mind still spinning from the night’s events. He’d never admit it but having her tell him that the blackrider loved him lifted a giant weight from his shoulders. So many turns he had wondered about what was and what might have been, he’d lived under a shadow of regret. With her speaking on her late brother’s behalf he felt… closure. The iron ate all the jerky and then gave a little nibble to the man’s fingertips before crawling out of the nook onto his palm. Clinging to it he looked up at T’vis with slowly swirling rainbow eyes. ”I can’t think of a name.”

”I think you can if you try hard enough.” After all V’es had had an iron when he was alive, she knew T’vis had met the beast considering even she’d met it. It was almost poetic in the way the found egg had hatched out an iron for the grayrider on the night that they finally met. ”He wouldn’t mind.”

Taking in a deep breath T’vis nodded while lifting the hatchling up to look at it, ”Kaiser.”

”I have patrols to get to, I expect we’ll meet again?” Lifting her gaze to look at the rider she offered a soft and friendly smile before reaching out to grab his hand. ”I’m glad we finally met.” Giving his hand a squeeze she let go only to find herself surprised when he grabbed her tightly, squeezing her in a hug. His nose was buried in her hair as he held her against him for some time. When he finally released her with a stiff nod his cheeks were wet and his heart lighter than it had been in turns.

”So am I.” With that he watched her slip off into the night with the great bronze at her side. He had plenty of questions still but for the first time in turns he also had answers. As his new pet began to crawl up his arm he sighed, rubbing his face with his hand as he lingered near the stone wall and water a few minutes longer. When he finally turned to leave his destination was clear.

It was time to get some sleep.


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