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Summer, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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During what should have been a routine inspection Dalibor wherhandlers became trapped in Crescent's mines thanks to a number of small cave-ins. Some handlers as well as crafters were injured - including Dalibor's Alphahandler and one of their Betahandlers, Oreanda. Organized by Betahandler Der more handlers, miners, and holdfolk were deployed to assist.

More news follows from Crescent and this time the news is good! Lord Holder Callum has chosen his new bride - Shuli of Tillek Hold; the sister of his deceased wife. After the clean up from the cave-ins the entire Hold will be abuzz with preparing for the upcoming wedding. It is expected to be quite the event.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Arlya of Burgundy Xerocleth - Rowana

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ivy

Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ivy

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Ra'h of Green Musath - Blot
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Through the Fire and Flames, SU:18 {Cereza's 1st Flight}
 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 04:46 PM


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Rukbat was just only beginning to lower in the skies as the apprentice Harper rode her great black runner alongside the lake. Two large canine pups, one distinctly larger than the other, tagged along behind the muscular black animal. The one in the forefront was a male blue-grey icehowler with white markings and bright blue eyes, while the other, a superbly fluffy white female puppy was a little further behind. Perched on the front of the saddle was a young ferret, inquisitively looking about--potentially for something to eat!--as they rode along at a canter. Her iron and red firelizards were too large to sit on her shoulders any longer with ease. Alucard was content to ride on the saddle blanket behind her, on the thick extra padding that had originally been added just for him. Cereza didn't care much for riding on the runner, but the regal iron sat his seat behind her with a relaxed, confident ease. Her red, no less regal in her own right, had been irritable the last few days. Alucard's gaze had been ever lingering upon the red's form. Patient, contemplative, and something underlying that Azaril wasn't paying much attention to, and so did not contemplate it. If she hadn't been so busy with her lessons and taking care of an icehowler, canine, ferret and two firelizards, she might have noticed the way her iron watched her red more. What she had noticed was that the red seemed to be a bit brighter, moodier, and a touch more clingy--which was odd, for her. Ceres was very protective, but a lot more independent than her iron.

She had a feeling like warm chills. A slow, lazy heat in her stomach, and then a flood of strong emotions that were clearly not her own. At first she was so startled, she flinched and jerked the reigns a little too hard, causing Thanatos to stop and paw the ground beneath his hoof in agitation. Suddenly, Cereza shot past her, bugling defiance and a call to the males of the Weyr. Chase her, if they dared! Azaril paled a little, and then flushed prettily, her pale complexion suddenly reddened by the rise of blood to her face. She was no stranger to the fact that dragons and their kin rose or ran. She should have been expecting this to happen at sometime in the near future, and yet it had been the furthest thing from her mind. The emotions she was flooded with were strong, but nothing like what she'd heard they were for a dragonrider or wherhandler. For that, she was grateful. Still, it was disconcerting. She didn't want to shut the red out, especially when it was clear to her that the red wanted to share it all with her. So, she swallowed a little nervously, and dismounted, leading Thanatos over underneath the shade of a large tree, and let the red share.

She was in the skies, then, feeling strong, fearless, limitless, and there was a carnal, primal lust so strong it nearly took her breath away. Still, it was not a dragon, and so she felt Ceres' lust, but it did not overtake her the way it would have done for one of her kin. There was sensuality, too...a chilling sensuality, mixed with a fierceness that was equal measures terrible and wonderful to feel. She was unstoppable, desirable, worth the risk to any who dared pursue her. The ground rushed past at a dizzying speed, the red young and in her prime, agile and quick. She would not go easily. Her suitors would have to impress her and have the strength and stamina to catch her, both. Who would the winner be? Azaril, though in a flit induced haze, was curious to find out!
 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 11:15 PM


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Baccarat's bonded had yet to awaken, but the purple firelizard was very much awake. Something like energy was crackling in the air and he needed to know why. Was it something fun? Was it something funny? He checked all the usual places - the kitchen (though the chefs knew him too well and quickly shooed him away), the kennels, and the dining hall - but saw little of interest. At last, the purple darted through the bowl and saw the answer to his questions: a rising female. Baccarat knew a lady when he saw one and Cereza was magnificence in motion. His eyes gleamed red-hot to match the subqueen's hide and he answered her call with one of his own; I'm coming! he seemed to say. He didn't bother to inform his bonded, Ruoban, who had only just awoken, of this new development. The flit's usual tricks would have to wait- Cereza demanded his attentions now. Or maybe this was one of his tricks?

Ruoban sighed. He didn't think he would ever understand what went through his firelizard's mind. At least he understood lust even if he currently had no romantic prospects of his own. Good luck, he wished the purple well. Baccarat twirled. Who needed luck when they had skill?
 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 12:01 AM


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Morrier wasn’t big on Reds, their violent tendencies which Morrier tended to not care for violence unless he found he simply could not stand the other. It certainly didn’t keep him from at least seeing what he could do in terms of this flight, though he was pickier than some other males even of his own colour he did go after other females other than Queens when it struck his fancy.

M’rat didn’t feel the emotions associated with a flight as strongly with Morrier as he did with Higarath and could more discretely deal with the problems caused by it without any major disruption to his schedule. It wasn’t that he could ignore the flight outright but it weighed less on his mind than it would if Morrier was a Bronze Dragon chasing a Red Dragon. He cared more about Morrier coming back to him without serious injury rather than the lust of a flight considering the reputation of Reds in Dragonkin.

It took Morrier longer than it usually to find the female that he was chasing, though he wasn’t as fast as the Red caught up to the Red without too much of a struggle falling in behind her keeping a hopefully safe yet competitive position. The only male that had joined in Cereza’s flight was a Purple that Morrier had only seen from afar in recent memory.

 Posted: Mar 12 2018, 12:23 AM


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Poe lifted his head when he heard the cry from the red, but he offered no reply. The blue was a silent admirer only making noise when absolutely needed of him - it did not mean he was any less interested than the other more vocal males. In gentlemanly fashion he did not immediately take to the skies after the red but instead began poking around the weyr His now called ‘home’. It was larger than the wherhole they’d occupied most of their turns together at Dalibor but offered a better vantage point when looking out over the weyrbowl - Poe liked that part the most. Careful not to disturb the dragonrider’s belongings, he was intelligent enough to know better than that, he rustled through the odds and ends he brought back to the nooks and crannies of the weyr until he found the perfect gift. A small wherry bone was plucked in his talons and then he was off. Head whipped this way and that, stopping when he finally spotted Cereza in all her glory. Beginning his pursuit he kept the gift clutched in his talons, he would present it when the time was right.

The two burgundies squabled when the red’s cry was heard but in the end Phaerix knew better than to give chase - something that amused Tyr greatly. The other burgundy had won a red’s flight already and been the sire to a magnificent clutch; his loyalties were tied to his mate until her next flight at least. After that if she dismissed him then he would be more than happy to fill the skies with his magnificence - until then he was weyrbound. Tyr, thankfully, had no such issues when it came to being bound or holding back. He was a free agent to do as he wished and right now he wanted nothing more than to chase Cereza from the skies - to fall with her as her mate. Would the red choose him? As he zipped from the confines of the weyr in order to join her and the other suitors in the sky he wasn’t certain. All he could be certain of was his own desire to prove himself worthy.

Adagio was beginning to hate flights. Not because of the females he was giving chase to - no not that at all! It was just so hard to get out of the weyr he shared with two reds and an orange intact when other females rose. Oh he adored the females in his life to no end, but they weren’t the ones flying now were they? Today he was luckily outside of the weyr, milling about near the weyrlake looking for fish when the sub-queen called out for suitors to give chase. A furious squawk followed after him as Lilas popped from between right on his heels but her snap at his tail missed. He was intact, for now. Now was all that mattered! Well now and later, when Cereza made her choice in a mate! Fast paced wingbeats saw him coming up behind the other burgundy, the blue, the bronze, and the purple that had responded more quickly to her call than he had. Perhaps she would favor him simply because he risked suffering the wrath of his fairmates to give chase? Only time would tell.

From the lower caverns where the handlers lived a number of firelizards darted in order to take to the skies after the red. Solstice was among them, though His no longer called those tunnels her home. He had been searching for something in the dimly lit caverns, though what only he knew. Now his goal was clear - somehow win the red’s flight despite being outmatched in stamina and strength by the larger males. Randis did not seem to be put off by the fact he was smaller than most of the other suitors, in fact he seemed to take it as a challenge in of itself. Puffing up his chest the black zipped out on Solstice’s heels into the sky, doing a barrel roll as he came out and chirruping sweet songs to Cereza. Likewise Gaius came out of the tunnels looking to impress, calling out to the brilliant red in a way that almost sounded like he was attempting to woo her with poetry - or something. He overtook the two blacks with ease in order to put himself in the middle of the pack of suitors, content with his place for now but already coming up with plans on how he could stand out in the crowd.

Ascent, for all the time it took him to rouse and take wing, did not have to worry about standing out. As the best king in pursuit he was in a class of his own - at least if you asked him he’d likely nod in sage agreement. The slight shimmer to his hide caught the light as he banked left and right, lazily making up the distance between where he emerged from the lower caverns and where Cereza was currently flying. Wide wings beat down hard and saw him past the blacks, the blues, the burgundies, until he was directly next to the only suitors he saw as any real challenge, Morrier and Baccarat. That is until, Roux rutound as he was, joined in the flight. The brown might look a tad soft in the middle but he was nevertheless one of the males most capable of keeping up with the red as she flitted this way and that through the air. Surely she would turn this into a game of longevity and Ascent had seen Roux fly before. Hissing at the brown as he weaved around the fighters behind them the bronze flicked his tail in annoyance. Well, now at least it would be a fair race for the red wouldn’t it? Without another real competitor it would have been too easy for him to woo Cereza - after all everyone knew a real queen needed a king; as far as he was concerned right now she was as regal as any gold or copper he’d seen before and he desperately wanted her to be his.

 Posted: Mar 14 2018, 09:09 PM


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This was a glorious day for him! Another red female flew and he would catch her. The last one chose a burgundy over him. HIM! A handsome and most stunning bronze of exceptional quality. Well, hopefully this one had more sense and higher standards. A queen deserved a king at her side, a proper male to slake her beautiful fury. He adored Chasing reds. Their fire burned. It made his ichor run as hot as it would for a gilded female. And this time, he would make sure those lesser males back off HIS prize.

Broad wings pumped as he joined the many males already in pursuit. The sight of so many lessers made him bare his teeth and growl. No. No. NO. They didn't deserve to look upon her! Kings and subkings were spared his ire, but any fighter that drew close enough, he took a swipe at, or attempted to bite. He snarled warnings at them, scolding them for daring to pursue this mighty flame.


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