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Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Serlie, Rider of White Ezaloth, FuryFlyer Weyrling
 Posted: Jan 15 2018, 02:18 PM

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Serlie (Lee)
13 Turns [b. sp 05]
Dalibor Weyr < High Reaches Weyr < Tillek Hold
FuryFlyer Weyrling

After all that she has seen and experienced growing up mostly at Dalibor, Serlie is still a child at heart. She can be naive and tremendously imaginative, telling tall tales about some grand adventure or another. And like a child, she believes that that dreams, if you dream hard enough, should come true. Why abide by the restrictions of social normals if your dreams take you someplace different? This belief carried her through many Turns she she sees little reason to change it now. A wher or a dragon can be a daddy just as well as a mommy can be a daddy. Families aren't always simple things.

Despite her positive outlook, life hasn't dealt her the easiest hand, and she is slowly opening her eyes to the unfortunate truths of the world. Ones that conflict with her childhood ideals. With her mother and those she knew transferring away, the numerous disasters that Dalibor experienced and the tragedies she witnessed—Serlie has experienced sorrow. The kind that quiets you and makes you take a moment to just wonder why it all had to happen. She was never the most outgoing of children (despite what one might think with her many adventures), but the shyness she experienced around strangers made it harder to connect to others as she grew up. Having friends is hard when they keep leaving...Growing up is even harder when alone. She refuses to give into the sadness and grief that nudges at the edges of her mind.

She is nervous about betweening in the future, though she yearns endlessly for the day that Ezaloth can take wing and they can embrace the skies together in flight. He is so wise and understands that she wants to hang onto a little bit of her childishness for a little longer. She is also wary of reds, having had to Stand with the notorious color on the Sands. But after Hers protected her from his clutchsibling and claimed her as His, well...that fear may fade away into understanding. Even reds have good in them.

Serlie is small. Even though she is entering her early teens, she isn't especially tall. The baby fat of youth has slipped away and left her lean, if not a little skinny, with legs that have out paced the rest of her. By the time she is done growing, however, she will likely be fairly average height for a female. Give it another Turn or so. Weyrlinghood and beyond will held her become strong and put on muscle! Eventually. She likely will never be the most imposing person. She isn't built that way.

Her eyes are green and often bright with thought. As if she has some scheme or adventure on her mind. They are her father's eyes, so her mother told her, and they sit on a heart-shaped face that will gain a smattering of freckles during the summer months. Serlie's hair is almost waist length and cut in a practical manner, the naturally straight locks easy to pull into a tie if needed for lessons. (Good luck convincing her to do more than that, she likes wearing it down thank you very much.) Age has darkened her hair a few shades though it remains a medium brown, not too much different from her younger turns. With enough sunshine and time spent in the lake, hints of red undertones make themselves known, though her hair never lightens enough to be called anything but brown.

She is rather fond of hats, though they've become a less frequent accessory. And she cannot wait until she is fitted for her riding leathers. Good luck getting her to wear anything else for a while once she has those. As a little kid she would don makeshift attire that resembled that of a rider. And now that she is one...it isn't make believe anymore.

Mother: Amlie of Blue Eldath - Transferred
Father: S'iole of Green Gozukith
Half-Brother: Kesiole

Name: Eldy
Species: Firelizard
Age: Ten turns [b. sp 08]
Color: Pink [9a073b]

Personality: calm, stable, doting, quiet, loves pets or any physical attention.

Serlie was born to Amlie and S'iole at Tillek Hold, both quite young at the time. Perhaps even too young to be parents. Her father denied that Serlie was even his daughter and cut off all ties with them, thus leaving the girl in the care of her mother alone. But what care does a toddler have about these things? Especially when Mother:Amlie of Blue Eldath - Transferred
Father: S'iole of Green Gozukith
Half-Brother: Kesiole her early memories are dominated by dragons. Her mother was Searched when she was two and Serlie was forever in awe of them since. Being told that her mother may one day Impress a dragon made them even more amazing to her toddler self.

In the Turns that followed, she spent time in both the creche and in her mother's care. Candidacy kept her mum busy with chores and the like, but if allowed, tiny Serlie was eager to help out then. She would get to see dragons and her mum. Perfect!

Her first hatching occurred too early for her to remember well aside from hazy bits. But nothing was going to stop a three turn old Serlie from attending her mother's first dragon hatch. She was determined to see all the babies pop out of their shells, and convinced the crechemother to let her attend. It was a curious event for a child to attend, and hands over her eyes kept any possibly 'scarring' moments from occurring. Hatchings could be violent.

Luckily, she got to see her mum Impress.

Oh how she loved Eldath. She couldn't live in the barracks with her mum and hatchling, but when it was safe and the dragonet wasn't at risk of betweening, she spent as much time as possible with them. It delighted her to grow up with the blue, able to bathe him and watch him conquering milestones. Much to her dismay, he grew up much faster than she and became too big for little her to ever dream of washing by herself, even if she wanted to try.

During a meal time, one day, there was a firelizard hatching. After being told that they were like tiny dragons she of course wanted to stay and watch. She hoped, and hoped that one would fly her way. And to her surprise and joy, one did. A polite little pink that bid her for some food that she named Eldy after her mum's dragon. When a black firelizard chose her mum, Serlie was allowed to name him, and she declared that he was Pink. Because she could see that on the inside, he was certainly a pink.

When she turned four, all of them transferred to Dalibor. It was sad to leave behind what she knew, but there were bound to be adventures ahead!

Well, there were adventures, but not the kind a child understands. The next few Turns were eventful for the adults of Dalibor, with the Northern Waste's Expedition and a great deal of weyr politics involving the leadership. There was controversy, weyrjail and death. Things that a small child is often ushered away into the creche to avoid knowing too much about. She isn't able to attend hatchings as often as she wants, but she makes new friends!

Perhaps one of the more impactful moments was the Storm of All Passes. The blizzard that trapped everyone and when it melted, flooded the lower caverns! Hard to be kept ignorant of a disaster when it first changes how you must live, and then tried to drown you. After that, she is somewhat more aware of the happenings at Dalibor. Especially when it had to do with dragons. It was devastating to hear about when Laanasuth's eggs are attacked by Traditionalists at a touching. Who would do such a thing? And then Thread started to fall more heavily in a terrible storm. Not too long after a 'scope demonstration led to some kind of attack, during which Serlie was hidden with the weyrbrats. It was as if the weyr could not catch its breath.

Sure, there were good things. Like Gold Keth's birth and her choosing a fighter as a mate. Some might have been upset about her choice, but why would she? A fighter could be a good weyrleader! They could do anything a big dragon could if they just tried hard enough.

Through all these events, there was one that pained more than the rest.

Her mother Transferring away.

Serlie was heartbroken, but kept her chin high. She had Eldy. That was enough. Even with her mother gone, and the few friends she gained leaving as well...she'd get by. She would be strong. She would claim her right to Stand and...and...To be honest, she wasn't quite sure where to go from there. Candidatemaster Al'dr became a guardian of sorts, looking out for her. But she wasn't sure what she was chasing beyond a chance to make a precious bond like her mother did before her.

She attended Couineth's touching, the first in Turns after the Traditionalist attack, and the subsequent hatching. None of the dragonets chose her. That was fine. But she witnessed firsthand a girl dying on the Sand. Why did people have to die?

Her next hatching was that of white Rivath. On the Sands before she even arrived was a red and two whites. The idea of facing a red made her hesitate, but she still Stood, projecting happy thoughts as she was taught to do for so long. Except happy thoughts did not keep the red away. She wasn't even looking at the red when the subqueen pounced, ready to slice into her chest as she had done with a number of other candidates already. But her hero—her Ezaloth—came to her rescue. He scolded her away, a champion in that moment, brave against his far larger sister. He would not let her harm his rider.

And in that moment, Serlie was found.

Unfortunately, they did not have too much peace together before Dalibor's disaster prone nature showed itself yet again. A terrible plague brought in from the Jungle Expedition in the south wrecked havoc in the weyr. Many lives were lost, even that of a weyrling from a senior class. Many of her classmates fell ill and she was fortunate to not become sick herself. Luck and time spent locked in the barracks kept her safe. And for now, in the wake of the plague, all seems quiet again.

[center]user posted image
Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
>1 Turn
Dragon Color:
White [#d2ced9]
Dragon Length:
18" (Adult)
Dragon Personality:
Wise as if he's lived many Turns, some might liken him to a grandfather figure. He is quite the savant amongst his kind, given his habit of displaying perfection at something he's been shown once. However, he will never stop being curious. He will always want to know more and that the secrets that this world holds. His capacity to know bizarre information of something does not mean he has nothing to learn, and possess a need to grow. Ezaloth is old and wise, but he needs Serlie to guide him in this ever changing world he has entered. Her imagination intrigues and amazes him, given how hard it is for him to think 'outside the box'. She will be his creative view and he her practical guide. Two complimenting halves of a whole.

But do not think that this old soul of a dragon is without his youthful moments. He can go from being the proper, dignified sort to bouncing around like a child, playing a prank or causing minor chaos. Right after he'll return to his old man ways and claim a need for a nap. Oh, how he loves to sleep! While he won't turn up a chance to introduce himself at a party, he is happy to slip away to sleep on his couch. Ezaloth will always encourage His to make new connections and bonds so that she can mend the aches of the past. And with him at her side, how could they possibly fail?

Whatever Serlie wants in life, he will be her constant guide. The wise mentor and youthful support. He will master threadfighting because could he do any less than perfection? But if His wants a calmer life with a craft, then so be it. They will be the best basketweaving team that Pern ever saw.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
[Written by Ruin]
Ezaloth is old. Not in age, of course, but in mind. An old soul. Some might just start to call him Grandragon if they find themselves witty enough. He would never mind anyway. Even from the moment of hatching it seemed as if this dragon had lived for an age. Everything comes naturally to him, he only needs to be shown how to do something once, and will excel to perfection. Yet he is endlessly curious as if amazed by the wonder of the world and everything that it holds. Though he may show bizarre and unnatural knowledge of something, as if it springs into his mind, he still must learn and grow into this new world.

Serlie can surely show him the way, and teach him how to stay hip and cool with the times. This isn't to say that Ezaloth has no humor, he finds many things funny--Serlie in particular, but he can be much like a child or elder. He can go from chiding his Rider on being proper one moment, to springing and sprinting and pouncing and causing pranks and some small forms of chaos. Then just as quickly he'll claim he needs a nap and fall into slumber in the sun. 

Full of as much love as he is wisdom, Ezaloth was certainly drawn to Serlie for the sake of her boundless imagination. The White will sit for great lengths of time to listen to her stories, and might even take to requesting one every night if she isn't careful and doesn't temper his expectations. In many ways, Ezaloth can be far too wise for his own good, in some ways it is hard for him to 'think outside the box', he'll always rely on Serlie to see the other side of things, and she'll probably want to hear him out on his side as well.

When it comes to social settings, Ezaloth can waver between being the butterfly of the event, or the one sleeping on the couch snoring. He'll never turn down the chance to introduce himself and Serlie to another party, but once that's done he might somehow find his way into a bit of a nap. Just as quickly? He can be right back into the thick of it with a joke he learned from his Rider, or something he picked up from another dragon. You never can tell with this one. He will always be open to new people coming into their lives, whether it is pets, friends, maybe even someday family? He knows Serlie needs to rebuild what she once had, and he's the first piece of that puzzle. With all his love and wisdom, how can they fail?

Sometimes old and wizened, sometimes young and carefree, Ezaloth is always loyal, and he works smart--even if he doesn't always work hard. He will excel at lessons, but will also excel at anything he, or Serlie, chooses to do. Their path is not set in stone. While he will make an excellent Threadfighter and the instinct is there, should Serlie decide instead to pursue a Craft or something closer to home as a way to work for their Weyr, he will go on this grand adventure beside her without hesitation; carrying her if he must because, more than anything else, he believes in her and everything they can accomplish together.

Dragon Appearance:
Ezaloth is a fine, graceful creature. With a well-shaped head and lithe form, he could put a prize Runnerbeast to shame. He is muscular despite his apparent delicacy, fit for agile displays of flight. This a dragon that can master the sky! Though, unfortunately, by nature of his size, he does not have very much stamina. Built for speed and amazing aerobatics, he is very much a 'sprinter'. His hide is off-color for a white, mute, almost grey, but a rainbow of other shades show his true nature when caught in different kinds of light. When he is an adult he will reach the longest possible size for his color—no doubt he might even seem a little larger thanks to lanky limbs and broad wings. All in all, this white looks both aged and youthful. As if he's been faded by Turns of experience and is entering his twilight Turns, yet still possesses the vibrant agility of a youngster. One moment he will move slowly and the next prance about or do tricks in the sky.
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

[Written by Ruin]
Ezaloth, more than most Pernese dragons, seems as graceful and delicate as a prize Ruathan Runnerbeast. His shapely dished head sits neatly on a long sinuous neck, and his large eyes peer out with much interest at the world. The ridges of his neck are wide and sweeping, much like a mane, and the follow from the poll of his head to very near the tines of his forked tail. 

His limbs are lanky, but muscled, and while he will never have great stamina like the largest of his kind, he will be a fleet flier, adept at weaving and moving within the grasp of the sky. His hide is mute for a White, but the ripples of every colour run beneath the dusky hue of his type. Sometimes he will appear blue-like in the shadows, or soft yellow in Rukbat's gaze.

Reaching an adult size of 18' he is at the maximum for his colour, a credit to his long limbs, broad wings, and lanky neck and tail. Though he may all at once appear wizened and slow, when overcome with a great joy or interest he will prance to and fro on those long limbs, or splay them out while dancing through the air.

Dragon History:
Hatching was quite the affair. His sister, his dear Lady of Pain, went on quite the spree of violence. She mauled a number of candidates and attempted to attack his rider! Oh no, that most certainly would not do. Ezaloth intervened and made sure that His was safe. She had gone through much sorrow to meet him. He wouldn't let her down. Thus far, not much else has happened in his life. Lessons are calm and he awaits the say that he can go flying with Serlie. Because he is most certain that like with all things, he will be a masterful flyer. Oh, well, there was that whole plague affair. But he was certain that His would be just fine. He made sure of that! She kept him entertained with stories during their stint stuck indoors and he caught up on some much needed sleep.

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