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With Mutorin of Dalibor's discovery that a number of plants found in the southern jungles can be used as a remedy to stave off the worst of the still unnamed 'plague' the fatalities seem to have tapered off. Most of Dalibor's ill have recovered, if only in time to mourn their losses. Even still a number of Dalibor's wings and prides have seen fit to transfer away following their recovery, as if the Weyr itself was responsible for such a disastrous event - not realizing the plague was spread to the far reaches of Pern by a handful of persons that broke the quarantine in their delirious state.

All things considered life is moving forward calmly for the denizens of Dalibor Weyr and its beholden Holds. Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. Only time will tell what the new Lord and Lady Holder will bring to their Hold, but all are hoping for none but good fortune.
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 Something Right, [WI:17 Ridesk's First Run]
 Posted: Nov 24 2017, 06:42 PM

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An unpleasant sound erupted from her only to be followed by a pleasant feeling - or what most would consider pleasant if they were not the cyan in question. Riddled with confusion and a tinge of anger Ridesk’s mind whirled as she struggled to understand just why she was feeling this way and why she couldn’t stop it. Despite all the turns she’d put into it she’d never learned how to empathize with anyone outside of Hers and thus feelings oftentimes regarded as trivial things, both her own and Rider’s. As lust coursed through her lithe form the cyan took up pacing back and forth in their wherhole as if doing so would make the feeling lessen or pass. She felt so restless after a full five minutes of pacing, digits flexing to drag her claws across the stone in a display of her frustration. The walls seemed to suddenly be so stifling as if they were closing in on her and with a growl she took off, pushing the thick hide aside as she tore through the corridors until she burst outside into the crisp night air. Walls could not close in on her out here, the weyrbowl was huge compared to her wherhole and she felt her restlessness ebb if only for a moment. In its place came hunger, a purely primal hunger that was not meant to be sated by her mouth but with nothing to compare the feeling to she whipped around towards the pens of herdbeasts and found one to her liking. Downing the beast she tore into it but despite having no experience she knew not to burden herself with a heavy meal. Leaving most of it to be picked over by firelizards, pillies, and tunnelsnakes she snaked out of the pen towards the lake in order to rinse herself clean.

Pale gray-blue hide shimmered ever so slightly in the night as Timor and Belior shone down upon her; if not for her pacing she might appear nothing more than a shadow cast upon the snow rather than a living being to the casual observer. As she took up pacing once more, water dripping from her form, her mind reached out almost hesitantly to Hers, Ridesk no feel good, may need be seeing healer to get better.

If she expected a prompt response from the man the cyan wher would be disappointed - after eight full turns it was understandable that he hadn’t expected this at all. In fact if someone had told him that his wher would decide to run after all this time he would have laughed in their face; Ridesk didn’t run. All of her siblings had run when they were old enough or ready to run but not Ridesk. Turns slipped by without any signs she even cared about such things except from the role of an observer. So when her frustration, anger, hunger, and lust fell upon him from the cyan he was caught completely off guard. Fingers curled under the table top and dug into it as he sucked in a deep breath, face flushed by the unexpected rush of emotions. Being in the dining hall he suddenly felt vulnerable as well as awkward, keenly aware of what he’d rather be doing now than filling his belly with hot soup. A few more breaths saw him calming himself enough to answer his wher as he stalked from the dining hall down one of the corridors leading away from it; he’d rather avoid the snow outside if he could. You’re fine love. Just… do what feels right. He was of no mind to explain the vtols and whersports to his wher, she was intelligent enough she’d eventually piece it all together.

Right, he had told her to do what felt right. A low growl, so unlike the cyan, rumbled in her throat as she snaked this way and that through the snow. That felt good but not right. Anytime she stopped moving she felt that unfamiliar restlessness burning inside of her once more and eventually she gave in, Ridesk needs… something. Her words were not for males alone, nor only for whers. In her frustration she had broadcast her unspecific need to the entirety of the Weyr and beyond its walls as well. Perhaps it was for the best though, as she could feel through their bond that Hers needed something too. Giving in to the need to move she took off in a sprint through the weyrbowl, jumping and gliding over the wider parts of the water that cut it in half with her abnormally large wings. Lithe form twisted back on itself as she turned around going back the way she’d come until the gap in the weyr wall caught her eye. Out there she would not be hindered by the pens and stables, by the water, by the stone walls that jutted into the skies around her. Out there she could really stretch her legs and that felt about as right as any of this did.

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 Posted: Nov 24 2017, 07:09 PM

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Ridesk's announcement stirred the attention of a blue scrabbling about in the undergrowth, looking for food. His powerful jaws clamped down on a small creature that tried to bolt, filling his mouth with the sweet taste of its blood. But his belly turned with the want to hunt a different prey. Alisk lifted his head, inhaling deeply, scenting the female that declared her need so loudly. It was one of the human whers. He Chased and caught one recently. A pretty cyan who appreciated his offer to hunt shiny flying creatures for her. He worked his jaw. Resisting the urge to chew and swallow the morsel.

Instead, he ran towards the delicious scent. The female. He would Chase. Yes! Perhaps she would be impressed by his hunting skills. Lean hips and powerful shoulders rippled as he bolted through the trees, vivid hide bright in the shadows. He was scarred but a survivor. Not especially fierce or bulky, but he made up for it in a sort of cleverness. Or was it common sense? He knew when it was time to back down or give up. And he also knew when to throw caution away and pursue his desires.

Right now, though, all he knew was the feel of the ground beneath his claws and the smell permeating his senses.

'Ridesk needs. Alisk help.

The blue burst through the undergrowth and at last saw the wher that called out. A cyan with a glorious wingspan. Beautiful.



 Posted: Nov 25 2017, 01:54 AM

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Taresk had been through a good few runs even if he was relatively young and his bonded wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about chasing after the opposite gender (or the same gender for that matter) as his Brown. The Brown wher briefly looked back towards his handler as the Brown headed the Cyan’s call, but Tarele wasn’t about to go to a random handler’s Quarters even if said handler was a former classmate. Tarele was more than a little surprised with the fact that Ridesk took this long to feel the urge to mate, but it wasn’t something that he could really question since he was neither a wher nor female.

Taresk wants to help, as long as it isn’t too violent towards other whers, said Taresk closed in on Ridesk’s location as he plowed through the snow. He couldn’t glide all that much, seeing as his wings were average at best for a wher even for his size so for all intents and purposes useless for even gliding let alone powered flight. Instead he followed as best he could along the ground keeping a respectful but competitive position even with a sole male chasing her right now in the form of a wild Blue.


 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 01:33 PM

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With a final *crunch* of vertebrae, the burdenbeast stiffened, then went limp. The smell of blood filled his nostrils as Scarsk took a large bite from the juvenile male he had dragged away from the rest of the herd, ichor dripping from the gore wound he had taken in the shoulder... a minor injury, just another scar to add to the patchwork covering his massive frame. Suddenly, he paused mid-bite, lifting his head... he had just felt something. Faint, but with an undertone of need that penetrated his thick skull and made him pay attention, even in the throes of a fresh meal. It was man-words... another domesticated wher from the two-leg caves was entering his forest to Run. Snorting, the wild bronze placed one massive paw on the shoulder of the burdenbeast, bit into its neck, and heaved, ripping the entire head of the creature off with a sickening tearing sound. It had been a couple seasons since he had last Chased... it was likely high time for him to remind the whers of the area who this forest belonged to.

Loping off in the direction of the call, leaving a trail of blood from the severed burdenbeast head in his jaws, he sent out in reply, "I Chase. I come to win," his confidence completely unaffected by his last loss when he Chased a domestic wher. While he was not the fastest wher, his massive size let him simply run through obstacles smaller whers would have to go around, and soon he caught up to the pack, seeing that only a wild blue and a domestic brown were chasing so far... and his prey was a cyan with strangely large wings. This would be easy.

 Posted: Dec 9 2017, 05:53 PM

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Knows what Ridesk needs.

The mindvoice that slid its way into the Cyan’s brain practically oozed. It wouldn’t be a familiar one—this particular creature had not called Dalibor home for long. For so little time, in fact, that he did not even have a proper territory to call his own. Oh, he knew where the lines were, was keenly aware of the scents that claimed this or that place as belonging to this or that wher. There was hardly any room for an interloper. But that didn’t bother this wher so much. He didn’t need to own the land to make use of it. Not when he could just slide right through and take what no one knew to miss. So she slipped in between the cracks of the island, and waited, and listened, and took what was not his, and slithered away before they had noticed.

But here was something that would not go unnoticed. Ridesk was a beacon to the whole island, she could not have been more noticeable if she had been preceded by a fair of flits singing her praises, nor if the moons should both go full on a cloudless night and shine spotlights down on her. Still. The wild wher waited. He was canny, you did not get to live in the cracks of the world if you were not. He would not breach the walls of the Weyr. Not where the scent of a hundred whers that would wish nothing but death on him called home.

When Ridesk finally burst through the gap in the Weyr walls a shadow detached itself from the undergrowth in pursuit. It oozed along after her, for all the world as though it were not in a hurry. He took his time. He slipped under foliage rather than plowing through it. Squirmed easily around the obstacles that nature saw fit to put in his path.

In the occasional break between trees where moonlight could pierce down to the lowest layers his competitors—even his prize, should she be so bothered as to look—might finally catch a glimpse. He was an odd little black, fashioned along the same low-slung, long lines as Ridesk herself, having something of a tunnelsnake-like countenance. His forelegs were narrow and almost uncomfortably long, bending out sideways at the elbow as he scuttled, so that his front and back half were level. His backlegs were frog-like, bulging with muscle as the wild wher propelled himself through the forest. It was as though all the muscle of his body had gone only to his hindlegs, leaving the rest of his body as little more than a bendable, twisting noodle, terminating in a flat, wide head. And he was deep, matte black, unmarked by scar or pattern. He was either very young or very shrewd to have no battlescars to call his own, and with the way he flitted on the outskirts of the Run, far from the maiming claws of his fellow suitors, he was not like to bear any new ones at this rate.

Oolsk know what Ridesk needs. Let Oolsk show.


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