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 Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk., SP:18; Copper Class 12-15 Months Lesson
 Posted: Dec 5 2017, 06:09 PM
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[There is a Gather that will be going up at Western as soon as Captain can get it posted. Wherlings will be learning to between, and their last betweening will be to Western, at which point they will be permitted to enjoy the festivities overnight; they will be physically carried back to the Weyr (both Wherling and Wher) via NPC Dragonriders before dawn, so as to keep them from betweening while tired and potentially injuring themselves or others. Ijo will have informed them of this, so they can get into their finery if they have any! Those who aren't interested in attending, can very well between back to the Weyr and will have the remainder of the evening off!]

He was still so tired, but they were all growing so ridiculously fast. All of them, faster than he could manage to understand sometimes, but it was the way of beasts that they were bonded to. Dragons and Whers alike, mature to fly and patrol in 2 turns, just under, and Ijo would never get used to the fact that the more he tried, the the harder it was to let go of them.

Even the problematic ones.

Today, well....today was the first taste of what it was like, to leave the Weyr they'd been practically relegated to for so many seasons now.

"Good Morning, class," he began, dressed in oddly - for him - finer attire. Ijo's knots sat well-made on his shoulder, identifying him as a Wherlingmaster and a Priderunner, along with the color of Isk's hide. "Most of you may have heard that we now have a new pair of Holders in control of Western Hold. Last class, I worked with the former Lady Irohvyne as well as Lord Callum and Lady Paasha of Crescent, to implement a 'landing platform' of sorts for betweening Whers."

He watched their faces critically.

"Today, you will be learning perhaps the most stressful and potentially dangerous part of being a Handler. Between training. I can't stress enough how absolutely, completely, and entirely important it is to make sure you are not distracted at any point for tonight's lesson. This is a life-and-death lesson, one that if you fail, you will potentially die. It's not unheard of for whers and their people to between into the ground, or far enough up into the air to fall from a great height. Or even to misjudge the timing and end up inside of someone else who happens to be in the way. It's quite graphic, and quite dangerous, but it's something I am required to instruct you upon. The only whers who are prevented this training are those who are over-aggressive, mentally incapable of the direction, or otherwise could prove to be problematic personality wise if they go wild. The last thing we want, is a platoon of murderous whers betweening into a Hold and potentially hurting or killing a vast number of people." He laced his hands behind him. "This is generally why Reds are not permitted to between-train, and I had that situation last class with two of my wherlings."

Ijo paced quietly, his hands remaining laced behind his back, a small metal ball gripped between his fingers and palm. It appeared to serve no purpose, honestly, outside of a solidifying focus for his stress.

"Your whers could feasibly between without the assistance of a dragon, however the danger posed by doing so increases the likelihood that they will die - and in turn, you with them - by over half. Therefore, you will need a dragon each and every time in order to do so, because the dragons are able to relay a very clear image of your destination, which is important. The process itself is simple; you will hold your wher's harness, with the backs of your fingers in direct contact with your wher's hide, and the dragon will send your wher the image of two locations, though not at the same time. The first will be the landing pad at Crescent Hold. Once the dragon has cleared the platform with the dragon who is waiting there at Crescent to receive you, you will be given the all clear, and your wher will then be instructed to between. Close your eyes, your wher will pull you between, and then count to three. No more than three, between is cold, and thus we don't want to risk frostbite or any of you being lost there. You will come from between at Crescent Hold, where the Watchdragon there will relay you back here via the same method. You will be shown the landing pad here that we are near to, you will be sent an image from Amisceth, and you will between back to us. You will then be sent an image from the Watchdragon positioned at Western, and will between there, at which point you will be free to enjoy the rest of the evening at the Gather going on there."

He squared himself up, looking over his shoulder to D'lee, Blue Amisceth's rider, who was helping them with the current lesson.

"Those of you who are not interested in attending the Gather, are welcome to between - with help from Amisceth, of course - back here to the Weyr, where you will have the remainder of the evening off. Gold Nevisk and Betahandler Nevitheran have volunteered to keep an eye on those of you who do not, as well as Slate Class, in order to give me the evening off so that I may keep an eye on those of you who are attending. Please keep in mind the rules. No sex, no alcohol, and PLEASE - I can't stress enough! - BE ON. YOUR. BEST. BEHAVIOUR. This is very important, all of you will be working at some point during and after Falls with both Holds, helping to clear burrows post-Fall. Being able to have a diplomatic relationship with our tithed Holds is extremely important, and your homework for the evening is to consider what I've just told you, and tell me why it's important for a Handler to have a good working relationship with a Hold, and why it's potentially bad for you to have a poor one."

Isk was doing his rounds, in his full harness but without his goggles as he inspected the whers as closely as Ijo was their bondeds.

"Now. If there are no questions, we'll begin. One at a time, the next does not go until the first has either cleared Western Hold's platform, or has returned here. Understood? We will go one at a time, as to make sure Amisceth is not distracted keeping track of all of you at once."

 Posted: Dec 8 2017, 02:56 PM

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Zel fussed with the sleeve of her attire as she listened to Ijo. She obtained the finery from an exchange made with a talented apprentice weaver after Zelsk decided to shred her old clothes. And it was...loud. The crafter created it with the wher's input and the Copper liked bright colors. As in, anything that resembled her own, shining hide. Nipped at the waist with a belt, the layers of warm red and gold were a stark contrast to Zel's dark hair and pale complexion. She felt ridiculously overdressed for the moment and her station. But Zelsk's approval was like a river crashing through a jungle basin. She liked the way Hers looked. The way they matched in splendor. It was only proper. She deserved the best, and in turn, that meant Hers did too.

'Could you stop preening?'

'Why should I, SmartMine?'

The weyrling dropped her hands to her front, folding them in an attempt to mask her nervousness. Betweening was a serious lesson. They could die! Yet for some reason, these clothes made her more uncomfortable than the prospect of getting lost Between. Zelsk' flicked her tail against Zel's leg, earning a reprimanding stare. 'No need worry. We will do perfectly.' Zel sighed and leaned against the wher standing tall at her side. Just enough so that her hip rested against the copper's side.

Perfection. Zelsk always demanded it. It was lessons like these that tested whether she was capable of giving it. Anything less was unacceptable. She remained quiet as Ijo and Isk made their rounds. Checking harnesses and such to make sure they were ready to attempt the jump. As they neared her, she straightened and swallowed the urge to drop her eyes to the ground. They were going to the Gather, which meant they would indeed pass this test. So when the wherlingmasters were done with their inspections, she took a step forward, volunteering to take the first leap.

'We must set an example.'

'Why?' Zel already knew the answer. Zelsk craved the respect and admiration of her peers. She wanted their trust and alliance. And so she demanded the best. Even of herself.

"We're ready, Wherlingmaster."

She approached the spot where they would leave from and waited. The seconds crept by, drawn long inside her head. In truth, it was hardly more than that a few breaths before Amisceth relayed the information Zelsk needed. Zel gripped the Copper's harness, skin brushing her hide, eyes fluttering shut. A step and then...cold. One. Two. Three...Her eyes flew opened and she drew in a breath as the cold fled. She looked around and marveled.

"We're at Crescent," she murmured. That meant...that meant that they succeeded. They successfully betweened! Her heart skipped with elation. But their test was not done yet. They has a few more jumps left. With the help of the watchdragon and Amisceth, the pair returned to Dalibor. She offered her classmates a shaky smile. It was not long before she stood at Western's landing pad, shivering, but alive. She began to laugh. It was a nervous sound. But the girl flung her arms around Zelsk and held tight to the wher for a moment, "We did it."

As she pulled away, Zelsk led them off the landing pad, utterly nonchalant. Hers followed. Tonight would be a good night.

 Posted: Feb 6 2018, 02:59 AM

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Kaizre's hazel eyes - more blue than any other color that day - skimmed across his classmates, taking in their respective finery (for those who were planning to attend the Gather in any case). Zel in particular was paid close attention to; he had never seen her in such warm colors before. Not that that was a bad thing - on the contrary, the warm colors complemented her dark hair nicely and drew attention up to her face and eyes. She looked nice...not that he would ever say that aloud. Just the thought was enough to warm his cheeks. He didn't understand how his brother - or anyone really - was able to throw compliments around like they were nothing. It was so, well, embarrassing.

Scratching his chin, Kai tried for a nonchalant expression over his usual more stone-faced look. 'How's this?' Kaisk's jaws parted enough to flash white teeth. 'Much better. Kaisk approves.' Okay, so maybe he hadn't worked his way up to a natural smile yet, but at least no one would think he was contemplating their murder with this expression on his face. 'Are you ready to go?' The orange's tail flicked up into the air, a dismissive gesture if he ever saw one. 'Is Kaisk's?' It was a fair question: he had never been much of a fan of going between. However, unlike flying, he wasn't scared of what lay beyond. It was just very unpleasant out there. 'Ready.'

This time, the wheret's tail met his skin rather than the air. 'What was that for?' 'Not what Kaisk meant...Kai-zre ready for fun?' Oh. The gather, of course. The boy's lips parted slightly. Making conversation with complete strangers was not exactly his idea of 'fun.' Nevertheless, he knew it was important to make connections and 'build a good relationship with the holds' as Ijo had said. He would go, for Kaisk's sake if not his own.

Kaisk sprung up to the designated spot as soon as Zelsk had cleared Western Hold's platform. She hadn't managed to go first, but going second was better anyway as she had more time to prepare. Once the orange had confirmed the dragon's image and received the all-clear, she took them between. Bitter cold and absolute nothingness awaited them - until suddenly - light. Crescent Hold. Kai exhaled. 'Amazing.' But they weren't done yet. Back to the Weyr and then off to Western, but oh, how exhilarating it was to travel of their own accord in the span of a few breaths! The blond still had little love for between, but he could get used to this.
 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 12:51 AM


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The truth of the matter was simple: he'd been in the same class as five other wherlings, and yet he was no closer to any of them than when he'd started out. There wasn't a real need to be. He had no issues with the physical aspects of wherlinghood whatsoever. That was where he excelled. Lykask was the social half that Kaios lacked. Yet while the wher was growing in every way, Kaios was simply becoming a well trained, more impenetrable, fortress. Only the blue was really let in. He trusted himself more than he trusted anyone. His bond with Lykask was a slow burn process. It was growing more solid with each passing sevenday and season, and yet it was not so strong as many of the other's. Still, he had a wall up that only his firelizards permeated. They alone had been with him for the duration of his time spent alone in the wilds. It hurt the blue, but he hid it well. He was slowly but surely working his way into the man's trust, and heart. The burgundy and black were hardly the same as he was. They were simpler, in their way.

Regardless, there was enough trust of the kind they had. Enough that Kaios had deemed the blue capable and was certain that the blue had his back. It was enough for the activity they would be partaking in, and as they stood listening to Ijo's instruction, the blue was feeling excitement and the man felt no fear at the prospect. He was confident that they would succeed in this, too. Lykask had a very imaginative and capable mind. The blue was very driven, when set to a task. He could be distracted at times. This would not be one of those times. When it came to what counted, the blue was single-minded in his focus. Kaios knew it, and trusted in it.

Zel and Zelsk were the first to go. Kaios could sense some concern, and yet faith, from the blue. He liked all of his clutchsiblings and theirs. For some reason, he admired Zelsk and Hers, even if Kaios had no love lost for the copperpair. Yet the words exchanged on that day that was beginning to feel forever ago had bothered him. He'd been a little more open to Lykask since that day, and the wher knew it, and was grateful to Zelsk for it. When they were safely returned, the blue seemed to let out a huff of warm air, happy to see them successfully betweened and back. Then off they went again, but by then, the blue was certain of them. He took a few steps forward, eager to try next. Only Kaizre and Kaisk stepped up to the plate next. Patiently, he waited, His taking a few steps to stand beside him, arms folded over his chest. Relief from the blue again, as the pair returned. Kaios arched an eyebrow, snorting. The blue was over concerned, in his opinion. They'd make it or they wouldn't. Worrying about that wouldn't change the outcome. Finally, the landing pad was cleared, and the bluepair stepped up for their turn.

A hand on the harness, solidly touching the hide of the muscular beast, and images were relayed. When the clearance was given, Lykask and he vanished from sight, into the searing coldness of between. One. Two. Three. They were at Crescent, the sun permeating their skin and hide. Lykask blinked, and then his chest swelled with pride. It was already considerably large, and when he puffed it out, it would have been comical if he wasn't now sheer muscle mass.

We do a great success! Tongue lolling out of his mouth as a broad wherish smile split his large face, the blue's tail wagged back and forth with unbidden enthusiasm.

We've got three more 'great successes' to go, Kaios replied, though he hadn't cared for the first time in the least. It was practical to get from place to place efficiently. Yet the reliance on dragons to do so didn't sit well with him. He hadn't known about that part of it. Was it really a freedom, if one had to rely on a dragon if one wanted to do so? Hardly. Well, it was no great loss, he supposed. You couldn't lose what you never had. They'd never been able to between before. Now they could, if they absolutely had to, and had lost nothing. Again they waited for clearance and a definitive image before betweening, and once more again.

Kaios had no desire to be at a Gather. He still didn't enjoy areas populated with large numbers of people. He wasn't dressed fancifully--he really never did, normally. Black leather pants, a wher-hide black jacket, boots, and a light gray shirt underneath and a black leather, steel studded belt. If he'd cared to know it, the outfit looked sharding good. Yet it wasn't gather finery like so many others wore--it was his usual attire. He didn't want to be at a Gather. Lykask, on the other hand, did. If it was up to His, they'd never attend anything like this, unless it was with the purpose of buying something specific. Venom and Carnage popped out of between to alight on his shoulders, one on each side. They were interested in the fact theirs had come here the way he had, with the wher. It was new, and unexpected. They didn't care to be away from the man in the least, and this was 'too far' in their approximation. Sharp green-gold eyes assessed their location, and then stalked off with Lykask in tow, keeping along the outskirts a little. He really, really didn't care for Gathers. Lykask, meanwhile, was delighted.


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