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During what should have been a routine inspection Dalibor wherhandlers became trapped in Crescent's mines thanks to a number of small cave-ins. Some handlers as well as crafters were injured - including Dalibor's Alphahandler and one of their Betahandlers, Oreanda. Organized by Betahandler Der more handlers, miners, and holdfolk were deployed to assist.

More news follows from Crescent and this time the news is good! Lord Holder Callum has chosen his new bride - Shuli of Tillek Hold; the sister of his deceased wife. After the clean up from the cave-ins the entire Hold will be abuzz with preparing for the upcoming wedding. It is expected to be quite the event.
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 Wher Candidate Lesson: Camping in the Dark, SU:18 {Wher Candidates, Ranked Handlers}
 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 11:44 AM

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[OOC: Any Priderunner+ Handlers are welcome to join in and help out with the lesson, but no Crafthandlers who aren't part of the military system

-Dual Candidates may decide whether they want to go or not. They may attend both lessons posted this season.

-As a note, even if no Priderunners participate, all Candidates must assume they are there in their posts, at least five watchful sets of eyes will be on all Candidates during this trip.]

The cave-in had been an unexpected lesson in the life of a Wherhandler, but an unrealistic one for a Weyr's Handler, unless they decided to open a mine on Dalibor's island and participate in her pillaging. So she'd thought of something slightly less dangerous than being crushed by falling rock: Getting eaten by wild whers. Okay, not really. They wanted all of their Candidates to be safe and happy, but a Wher Candidate had to be made of tougher stuff than a Dragon Candidate, and anyone worth their salt knew that. They would be on the ground for the rest of their lives facing head-on what dragons would face in the sky. Whether it was Thread burrows or wilds, it was a dangerous hard life as a Handler, and that didn't even include if their bonded partner was more killer than sense either.

She'd left a notice for them on the bulletinboard a sevenday ago that all Wher Candidates would be going outside the Weyrwall for a five-day camping trip, a nice swatch of days between Threadfalls. Now, she was back to collect. It was nearly mid-night, and Osk stood outside the barracks with a row of leather back satchels lined up behind him, pacing back and forth in echo to the gentle swaying of his tail. Call them, Anda urged him when she was certain everything was ready, and the Bronze obliged; Come you candies to the night, Osk here, others here, keep safe...if you listen. Come dressed, and with the five items you have chosen to bring,
when outside put the five items in front of feet so can look and see if smart or not.
Be fast and silent, pretend you true Handlers and be shadows.

Osk was careful to touch only the minds of his Wher Candidates, though if they in turn woke up their Dragon counterparts that was no fault of his own; Oreanda waited until each Candidate was lined up with their five chosen items and she would go to each one personally and see what they had decided to bring. Once things were sorted into their personal packs (or discarded for being absolutely worthless in the forest) and they were essentially ready to head out, she gave them the run-down as Osk stood behind her in the dark, his eyes sending dancing lights across his metallic hide.

"We are heading out beyond the Wall for the duration of this break in Threadfall. We will be as 'on our own' as we can be, but make no mistake, the vegetation will be thick. No dragons will come, regardless of how frantically I call that one of you has gone and gotten yourselves eaten. This is not the average Candidate lesson, and this is not your typical patrol. Normally something like this would be undertaken to hunt wild whers, but Dalibor has long since made an agreement with most of hers, so that is no longer necessary unless an errant Queen or Subqueen washes up on the beaches. This is dangerous, but only because you must learn, not because your lives will be threatened."

The Betahandler offered them a smile, though as always her eyes remained close; by this point most of them should understand that she was completely blind--if they weren't familiar with her prior to her promotion. "That bag you were given is all of the supplies you will have for the entire trip, with the exception of food. Food? We are going to hunt, and you aren't going to rely on the whers to do it for you. There are fishing locations, hunting locations, and there are even caches of food hidden throughout Dalibor's island by Wherhandlers. There are caves kept relatively free of land predators, and places where you might spend overday should your Patrol run long and trap you out at dawn. The vast majority of these caves are on the Southern part of Dalibor's Island, the more dangerous part, but there are some in the North--where we are camping--and you will be shown the signs that lead you to them."

As she was speaking, her fellow Wherhandlers were helping the Candidates to shrug on the packs, showing them how to tighten the wherhide straps so that their hips would carry the burden while leaving their backs unencumbered and supple for future climbing. "It's a five-candlemark hike to our camping location, one of the aforementioned caverns. Once there, your first lesson will begin: How to set up a camp. Handlers don't often use tents like Dragonriders might, we're made to be tougher folk, so I expect you to be tougher folk. There will be more on that when we arrive at the cavern. First? The walk. Each of you is now being given a set of glows in a small basket, this is to simulate the glow of your whers eyes: Remember, glowlight is one of the few lights that will not hurt your wher. As you grow into the life of a Handler your eyes will adjust, when you bond, your eyes will adjust further in response, or so they say, there will be no firelight until we reach camp, and then it will only be lit to cook our meals. You will be taught other ways to stay warm."

Osk gave the gathered group a once-over before he signaled the other whers with the order to move out. One Wherhandler took point position, leading them along the Weyrwall and unexpectedly back into the Wherhandler tunnels, a funny ploy, perhaps? Other Wherhandlers took up positions between every other Candidate or so, evenly spacing themselves out, while Oreanda and Osk protected the rear of their little moving feast. Once within the Wherhandler tunnels, they followed a winding corridor that narrowed enough to force the whers single-file in some places, though the Candidates could hear the occasional scrape of claw that indicated a wher was widening the tunnel through his or her own power, even if only slightly. The tunnel twisted and turned sharply as it continued through dark, rough rock. "Look at the stone," Anda encouraged from behind, her voice bouncing up the walls and carrying along the train.

"See how rough it is? Hands have not worn it down over the turns, feet have not smoothed the bumps beneath you. These passages are only for the Handlers, and are always guarded," as if she had planned it, a pair of spinning red eyes seemed to dance in the darkness just out of reach of glowlight in a widened cavern. Tunnelsnake or wher? Was there much of a difference? "Smell the air," she encouraged some moments later, "it started fresh, became stale, and now--just the slightest hint of freshness again, freshness and foliage." The smell of plants would grow overwhelming soon enough. Most Pernese lived in a world devoid of vegetation due to fears of Thread. Hold, Hall, and even Weyr burned down and culled a swathe of forest around their perimeters and left nothing but weeds to grow in most areas. This smell was overwhelming, and sure enough the tunnel spilled them out into deep jungle where branches and vines reached and grasped.

"Stay in a line at all times, watch each others backs and sides, call if you need help, and watch where you are walking." Some of the Wherhandlers might even take this moment to mount their whers and ride them as they would a runnerbeast, and Anda was sorely tempted, but it was important to show the Candidates that learning how to go over rough ground in the dark and at speed was one of the most important facets of being a Handler. "You will never see as well as your wher, and you might not always be with them, see how the ground tries to snare you here," she stepped over a root as she spoke the words, guided by Osk's eyes and her own bouncing voice as well as the movement indicated by those ahead of her. "How the fronds reach out to slap and snare. You have five full candlemarks to become accustomed to this. Eventually we will require that you are nearly silent, the perfect unseen guards of the Weyr, but for now we simply ask that you don't break anything and end your lesson prematurely."

Anda laid a hand alongside Osk's powerful neck, and the train wound its way deeper into the forest.


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 Posted: Feb 27 2018, 05:13 PM


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A five-day survival lesson? Oh, this was perfect. This was Caliska's element. She had spent a good bit of time since the notice had been posted tending to her bow, making sure it was in peak condition. They were given permission to bring five items with them, and she already knew hers. Her bow and hunting knife made two. The flint rock she'd managed to hold on to was her third item, and she had a waterskin that would fit on her knife belt. In her quiver, she had about twenty stone-tipped arrows fletched with two black feathers and one red one, and she could carve more arrows if she needed them. She hadn't bothered bringing anything that resembled a bedroll because she didn't feel like she needed it. She wasn't opposed to sleeping on the ground, if she had to. It wasn't comfortable, but she hadn't worried about comfort in the caravan. Being a trader, a Handler, was about surviving in the wilderness. And that's what this lesson was for.

When the call went out, instead of a pack, Caliska slipped her quiver up and over her head, allowing the strap to rest on her right shoulder and cross her torso. Her bow was unstrung and inside it, and she belted on her hunting knife and waterskin. She wore a long-sleeved tunic and trousers, with her sturdy shoes and a pair of simple, plain leather gloves she'd cut the fingers off of.

She wasn't at all afraid of this lesson. She embraced it. And once the Candidates were deemed ready, she fell into line with the others as the Handlers led them through the tunnels. Her right hand kept contact with the tunnel's wall, noticing that it wasn't smooth like the rest of the weyr was, while her left hand held the basket of glows she'd been handed. She wasn't worried about the declaration that they had to hunt on their own. She could do that, easily. In fact, having an unfamiliar wher might have ended up a hindrance instead of helpful. When they were encouraged to smell the air, she did so, realizing that it was a very familiar scent.

"It smells alive," she muttered, awed and wistful at the same time. She hadn't smelled this since her arrival at the Weyr, two turns prior. The halls and tunnels in the weyr proper smelled like cold stone, sweat, and sometimes like food. A different sort of life smell, but this was the smell of damp dirt and roots, combined with the musk of wild animals and the sour-sweet scent of decay. It was the smell of the forest. And it smelled like home.

When they emerged into the jungle that made up the northern part of the island, Caliska felt her heart soar. This. She hadn't realized how much she'd missed being able to leave the walls, being able to see the nature that went untended between the Holds. She was tempted to string her bow, but another part of her knew that they wouldn't be expected to hunt yet. They hadn't even been told to set up camp yet. She would wait until they were told. Besides, she couldn't fire her bow one-handed, with the basket of glows still carried in her left. Her knife, however, she could wield with one hand if she had to.

 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 11:25 PM


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Oh, wasn't this exciting? This was the deciding factor, Felrin decided, as to whether or not he had made a good decision or if he'd had been better off sticking to his craft. But, what was life without a little adventure?

Selecting his five items was easier said than done. In the end, he'd opted for: A knife, a palm-sized piece of reflective glass, a square of cloth currently wrapped around his head to keep his hair back, a skin of water and a fishing line with a hook at the end. He was rubbish with most weapons, but he could fish decently and the glass, well, he was good with glass and had learned very quickly that reflective surfaces could both hinder or help. Might as well hold on to it. It was small enough to slip into a pocket if nothing else.

Fel listened intently, already clearly excited and trying to keep that fact at bay.


Pavir had no class at the moment, so he opted to chip in with the candidates he could hope to be working with. Pavisk was, by no means, a pretty wher, and it did them good to get used to the creature some would consider deformed, with his sideways front paws and oversized lower jaw. The dim glow of his eyes was a welcome comfort and he ran his hand over the blue's head, aware of his tongue lolling from his mouth and sucked up with a noisy slurp.

Keep babies safe. He grunted, snuffling at the nearest candidate and, no doubt, spraying them with snot from his fairly squashed snout. Pavir smiled at his companion, giving him a short nod. "That we will. Or at least assess what quality stock they have here."

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 Posted: Mar 6 2018, 06:25 PM


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Zanii was among the first to arrive having packed her things well ahead of time though admittedly she wasn't bringing much just the necessities. Still, it was more than her candidates were allowed to bring, including the pouch at her hip filled with basic first aid supplies. She was determined to see all of her little ones back to Dalibor in as close to perfect health as they could be and Faranth knows at least one of them was going to fall and scrape their knee and need medical attention. Or worse- an actual healer. Reminders of Oreanda's last expedition out with her babies still flitted through the candidatemaster's mind, though Zanii didn't blame the Betahandler for the incident. How could she have known? Still, the little voice of worry remained.

Of course, Zanii wasn't about to let her stray thoughts rain thread on her threadless day and instead offered the handlers and candidates around her the warmest smile she possessed. If any of the wher candidates looked surprised to see her there, the short woman would appear bemused, as if to say, of course I'm coming- I'm the wher candidatemaster aren't I? Out loud, she greeted Oreanda and Osk with a cheerful "Good evening loves," before returning her attention to the candidates. Zansk would be their shadow as much as hers, a familiar form with eyes that matched their glows. Most of the candidates had also met Clara by now, Zanii's tan flit, who was almost fully grown and the size of a small canine. The tan liked to divide her time between candidates, though those who played with her the most had earned the firelizard's special attention. For the start of the journey, Clara chose to quietly monitor Caliska's progress, unless the girl seemed opposed to the company.

Zanii and Zansk took point position when indicated, knowing their candidates would feel much safer with them at front. "Follow me," the blackhandler called with a hint of a chuckle as she led them back into the tunnels. Oh, they had so much to learn...if only they could keep them safe over the course of the next five days.
 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 02:40 PM


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Xavinyra had been excited for this camping trip. It was something so out of the norm, a chance to do something new and full of energy. Her five items had been somewhat difficult to choose; less because she didn't know what to do and more because she didn't have much. Not that the Weyr left her wanting, but unlike the searched and the crafters especially, she didn't have an need for outdoor items. She wasn't afraid, but a life behind stone and under Dragons had a certain disadvantage on this part.

Still, she had chosen well, as far as she was concerned. If they didn't consider Belior an item, her leash was. The handlers may have Whers, but the candidates would have to rely on other means. Her beltknife may not be as specialized as the knives of others, but it was honed well with the whetstone also brought along. She brought along a square of leather saved from making one of Belior's chew toys, and lastly her winter jacket. It might be summer, but nights could get cold, especially in the mountains or in caves.

With pack tied securely to her back, Xavinyra followed the line, Belior obediently at her heel. She kept her glow basket at waist height, hoping to both light the uneven floor and the jagged walls and not quite succeeding at either. The handful of curses that left her were muttered under her breath, so hopefully no one important would hear or, if they did, care too much. The rocks she certainly noticed. The scent of greenery... that was a little more sudden and surprising. She could hear Belior's snuffling and, as soon as they got out into the open, Xavinyra let the Icehowler take the lead, scenting for anything they may need to be concerned about. But mostly, her thick fur helped keep the worst of the branches from clawing at the candidate.

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