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During what should have been a routine inspection Dalibor wherhandlers became trapped in Crescent's mines thanks to a number of small cave-ins. Some handlers as well as crafters were injured - including Dalibor's Alphahandler and one of their Betahandlers, Oreanda. Organized by Betahandler Der more handlers, miners, and holdfolk were deployed to assist.

More news follows from Crescent and this time the news is good! Lord Holder Callum has chosen his new bride - Shuli of Tillek Hold; the sister of his deceased wife. After the clean up from the cave-ins the entire Hold will be abuzz with preparing for the upcoming wedding. It is expected to be quite the event.
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 Walking the Path, [SU:18 - Slate Class - Vatalian]
 Posted: Feb 22 2018, 07:32 PM


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Delta Pride had offered two handlers as well, it was so nice that he didn’t have to swindle handlers from different prides into re-arranging their patrol schedules. All he had to do was wait for an evening that Zeniayr and Yoris were set to patrol together. When it came he had Swisk call upon the wherling they’d be taking out together.

Vatask and Vatask’s need come, meet Swisk’s. Patrol tonight, see what be doing when all grown. Not that the orange wasn’t already well on her way to being larger than the blue and looking fairly grown. As he’d done with Raela a few nights prior he made sure all of the wherlings had their evening meal and fed their whers. Oiling was done if needed in the candlemark prior to pulling Vatalian away from whatever he’d been doing with his free time. Meeting the man just outside of the barracks he thrust a glowbasket at him and immediately began walking towards the far wall.

”Tonight you’ll be hosted by Pridesecond Zeniayr and priderunner Yoris. Yorisk is a red but I trust her handler well enough to send you out with them. The handlers will keep you safe if anything comes out at you from the darkness - if something happens you and Vatask will return promptly to the safety of the Weyr’s walls.” Short and to the point he fell silent for the remainder of the walk until they drew closer to where the handlers had agreed to meet before setting out on patrol. ”You will behave yourself and ask questions if you have them. Enjoy your taste of life as a handler.”

Turning just as they reached the blackhandler and redhandler Swithin tipped his head respectfully, ”This is Vatalian and Vatask, they will be joining you this evening. I suspect things will go off without a hitch.” There was the briefest flick of his eyes to the looming red wher but he was not foolish enough to let his gaze linger. Waving as the trio headed out of the Weyr he turned and made his way towards the dining hall to see to his own meal.

@Ruriko @Captain @Tobes
[Thanks Ruriko and Tobes for offering up your handlers!]

 Posted: Feb 23 2018, 04:38 PM


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Why? There was about an equal chance of the one hissing at the other, but this time it was the man hissing at his wher. The smug rumble of amusement that shook her belly did little to ease his frustration, so the hissing continued. Why did you sign us up for this? We haven’t even been on patrol a full sevenday yet. We haven’t even been in this Pride for a full sevenday yet. And you’re signing us up to babysit? Yoris gaped her maw and let the chuckle come burbling up through her throat, her pace accelerating as she loped to the appointed meeting place. Yoris had more or less recovered from the fateful Expedition, where he had contrived not only to be half-swallowed by an enormous snake but come down with the jungle fever shortly after. Nonetheless, despite his apparent recovery, he had managed to convince the Red to keep on hauling him from place to place on her back. It was not a particularly comfortable experience, given the lopsided assortment of spines and nubbins that ran along her bulky body, but it did give him a useful vantage point. For some reason people seemed less likely to bother him when he was sitting on a full seven feet of Red wher. A curious thing indeed.

How Yorisk know Weyr run like should if hide all time? How Yoris be best if hide? Pah! Yorisk decide if little wher useless. Yoris groaned and rolled his eyes. He had a strong suspicion that there was nothing their junior charges could do to prove themselves competent in the Red’s eyes. Her lope came to a sudden stop—they were here. Right on time too it seemed, for their Pridesecond was arriving at nearly the same time. He could feel the rumble in Yorisk deepening into something less humorous as she sized up the Black wher they were patrolling with. Moving into a new Pride had been frustrating enough—that she should be expected to acknowledge the greater rank of a newer, smaller wher was insult to injury. But she kept the feelings largely to herself for the moment, simply settling into a low crouch that let Yoris’ feet drag the ground, her thick tail lashing from side to side and her eyes mirroring the color of her hide.

Here come stupid baby wher and useless weak Blue. Yorisk rose to her full height then, fully intending to strike a note of concern in the Orange wherling. Vatask might be bigger than Zenisk, and she might end up larger than even Yorisk someday, but today was not that day. And for sheer bulk it was hard to find a wher in the whole Weyr who stood toe to toe with the Red. If she caught the meaningful flicker of eyes from Swithin she gave no reaction, stock still except for that lashing tail. She wasn’t stupid—outright aggression was not the sign of a good wher, certainly not one that wanted to climb the ranks. She didn’t actually want to hurt the wherlings. She just wanted them to know who was boss. And if they thought someone other than Yorisk was boss, well… that was what education was for, wasn’t it?

Yoris tipped his head at Swithin, a silent agreement. Things would be going off, definitely without hitches, and if there were hitches to be had it definitely wasn’t because of him or his Red.


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 Posted: Feb 23 2018, 08:48 PM


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Things to do! Important things!
"I know, one moment." Vatalian put his project on hold and pulled on the gear they'd been preparing for eventual patrols, pausing to make sure Vatask's straps were in order. It was made difficult by her wiggling and side-stepping to try to see what he was doing. "Hold still," he scolded and she huffed at him. He made up for it by scratching her chin gently.

Vatask had no concept of standing down. She was orange and, in her oh so humble opinion, perfect. When Yorisk puffed up in an effort to establish dominance, she did similarly, although she was smaller and not nearly as impressive, even with her bejeweled collar. She growled and braced herself until Vatalian touched her head and stepped just slightly to put himself between red and orange, quietly disrupting the view and distracting Vatask.

Vatalian was well aware that he didn't look like the sort capable of protecting a Weyr. He was slim and while he was muscled, he looked far more intellectual than physical. He adjusted his tunic, resting a hand on Vatask's shoulders. "Of course," he smiled. "Questions come naturally to me." He chuckled as though this was obvious and everyone already knew it. "I appreciate your volunteering. I look forward to it!"

Vatask grumbled at his side, bumping into his hip to put herself closer to him, still eyeballing the red warily.


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 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 01:40 AM


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@Ivy, @Tobes, @Captain

The promotion was recent and fresh, and Zen was aware that at eighteen turns and two turns bonded, they were sharding lucky to have been given the opportunity. Der and Desk had at least acknowledged their capabilities and seen their potential. One day, the blackpair hoped to be Prideleaders. Perhaps the day would come when they'd be Betahandlers, even. If a grey could be, why not a black? Zenisk was bold enough to dare to think above even that. The black felt there was little reason why they could not be alphahandlers. Zen knew it, but there were larger, more experienced, older and ranked ahead of them pairs that would likely fill that spot long before they could ever hope to. Besides, Zen was perfectly content with the idea of Prideleader. Zenisk tended to aim fort he highest of the high. His confidence never wavered--perhaps over-confidence, even on His' part. They were a very confident, fearless pairing. They lacked the experience, but were eager to gain it. For Zen, at least, there was a chance to learn that fear had a place. It didn't have to be a bad thing. It kept you safer, and more sensible. Zenisk would always be fearless. The black just didn't have it in him to be any other way. He would partake in any and all runs, from green to gold, because he honestly believed he was just as worthy and capable as any bronze or iron.

The fact that Yorisk was a red did not intimidate the black at all. For all that he was a smaller color and size, his muscle mass, for that size, easily rivaled hers. Zen knew he had some proving to do. He was younger than many in the pride. His wher was smaller than the redhandler, and he knew already that reds could be testy, volatile creatures. Still, he also knew that those who bonded them were capable of keeping them well under control. Zenisk didn't seem to care in the least what Yorisk might think of him outranking her in the pride. He knew his own competence and capabilities. He had no feeling of needing to prove anything. He'd have plenty of opportunity to do that simply by being himself. Zen gave a nod of respect to the bluepair, and then of acknowledgment to the Yoris and Yorisk. Yet when the red rose up as though to intimidate the orangewherlings and insert herself as the one in charge, the black hissed between long, curved teeth, and drew himself up to his own full height. True, that height was not that of the red. Yet there was no hint of a smaller, weaker wher in that stance.

"Zenisk," Zen murmured, and yet he slanted his eyes to Yoris, a meaningful look. There was no call for Yorisk's intimidation. Red or not, they were here to educate the orangepair, not to have a pissing contest over who was bigger or who thought they could take charge of the situation. Reds being as they were, Zen could hardly color himself surprised, and so the look was more than enough, in his approximation. Yoris could control his own wher, he would make sure to keep a reign on his. The black resumed a more natural stance, though there was a readiness in his tighly coiled muscles, just in case. It was not visible to the outward eye, but Zen could certainly perceive it through their shared bond. He'd volunteered for this because it was one part of leadership. Teaching and helping with the next generation of handlers, from his perspective, was important as anything else. They were the future, after all.

Zenisk snorted as the orange stood up to the red. He was Pridesecond, to Yorisk's pride. He would not allow her to overstep herself, so far as he was concerned. Only Zen realized that such a thing needed tact, when it came to her color. Zen stepped in between Yorisk to stand in front of Vatalian, trusting Yoris to keep control of the red, and then nodded ascent.

"It's our pleasure. He was polite, and his half-smile friendly enough. Still, they had business to attend to, did they not? And so, he moved around to stand alongside Vatask, and inspected her straps. They were all in order, and he stepped away again, returning to stand alongside his black, who was watching sharply.

"Straps look good," he commented, and then, "you can ask anything you'd like while we make our rounds." He almost asked 'shall we', and offered the position of leading to Yoris and Yorisk, but that would have been a poor idea and he knew it. If he wanted to be respected as Pridesecond, he needed to behave as if he were just that. Giving Yorisk the impression that he was allowing for her and Hers to lead would have gone against that. So, he did not ask that at all, but instead gave Zenisk a single, firm pat on the black's thick neck, and took the lead himself, heading down the well-worn patrol path with the large, dark wher stalking along beside him. The stark white-seeming markings stood out sharply in the light of the stars and moon overhead. The black needed few words, though if he was addressed he would reply, if he wanted. Sometimes he did not want, and yet in their new position, he had been encouraged, by Zen, to make an effort to at least be civil and give a short answer--even if only one worded.

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