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Spring, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. A grand Gather is being hosted by Western Hold to welcome their new Lord and Lady.

While the new Lords settle into Western there has been talk and speculation about the western continent's other Hold. It has been two turns since his wife's passing in the south, when will Lord Callum decide to take up a new wife?

Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Malika, Wher Candidate
 Posted: Mar 6 2017, 07:56 PM

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18 turns, summer.
Dalibor Weyr
Wher Candidate

Mali is first and foremost a very proud, strong young woman. She has a lot of pride, and a temper that is quick to flare if she feels insulted or like her pride has been injured. This is something she is having to learn to control, as well as her tongue. She works very hard, and wants very much to be seen as equal to men and people in general. She is not necessarily violent, and does not really approve of using violence unless it is to protect oneself or someone one loves. Yet she is very volatile, and will lash out with her words. She is quite bad for it, and as a young woman with strong opinions needs to learn to get a handle on it. She has often shamed herself for speaking too soon, too harshly, and then beat herself up for it after. She hates to admit she's wrong, and hates when she has to apologize. She is very poor at apologies, and often it is her actions that say she is apologetic.

She can seem rough around the edges, and even cold at times. She can seem like she cares little for anything other than success in her chosen craft. Yet beneath the tough exterior she has a warm heart. She is just very quick to take insult, holds grudges, and can be very foolish in doing so. She has a hard time accepting that people are for her--unlike her grandparents, whom she loves with her whole being--and not against her. People have made fun of her and told her she needed to be working a woman's craft many times. She lets words get to he. Beneath her skin. Her pride is something she needs to temper, while her temper is something she needs to control.

Malika is not the sort to sit back and let others take charge if she does not have to. She hates to be ordered about, and finds herself most comfortable when she can take charge of her own person. She often falls short of the mark when she believes herself to be correct and others wrong. She is very stubborn, and this is both a good and bad thing. She doesn't always listen, or see that someone else is in fact right. Yet she never gives up and puts her whole heart into what she dedicates herself to. She might have a temper, and pride, yet she has gained a lot of wisdom from her grandparents, whom she respects and never fails to listen to. Only they have been truly able to chastise her without her ever raising a single protest or word in response.

Mali is very much about respect. She believes it is something to be earned, not simply given. Yet everyone is given a modicum of respect that can and does grow until they give her a reason not to. The same goes for her trust. They are hard earned, but once had, very hard to break unless something dire is done. She will defend those she loves to her dying breath. She may seem tough, but she wants someone to share in her life's journey. Someone to cherish. She doesn't quite realize this, but she wants close friends and even close relationships. She wants someone to care for, and about. Yet she isn't ready for this. She is very focused on her goals. She is very focused, as of late, on the idea of whers. She tries to shake any thoughts of it, as she fears it will interfere with her goal of becoming a Mastersmith like her grandfather. Yet for some reason, when the girl gets an idea in her mind, it sticks.

When it comes to romantic pursuits, Mali tends to avoid them. She is too proud to admit to liking someone, and tends to brush off the idea that someone might be interested in her. As for men, she scoffs at any advances and even grows irate. She 'needs none of what a man has', she has said time and again. If they persist she can become quite adamant and unpleasant in her words to them. She hates men with egos, or superiority complexes. Or ones who think they are a gift to women. She does not hate men, though. She loves her grandfather, but has trouble respecting many men. The fact that her fellow male apprentices would tease her didn't help. Overall, she is often a lone wolf. She enjoys the solitary time in the smithy, and she feels she needs no one to look after or out for her. She is a very competent, independent young woman who doesn't realize she actually needs friends or companionship of others. She brushes her lonesome feelings aside and dismisses them as weakness. Hopefully the Weyr will provide her with what she actually needs!

Mali is not a woman of short stature, at 5'8". She carries herself tall and proud, and will never be caught slouching. Having been an apprentice blacksmith, she is possessed of a fairly decent amount of muscle. Her eyes are so dark a brown that unless there is bright sunlight to bring forth the faint hint of the fact they are brown, they appear black. Long eyelashes frame them, with eyebrows black as her hair over them. Her hair is kept very short, both for practicality and for ease of care. She has full, well formed lips where the top and bottom are equal in fullness. When she smiles, extremely white teeth flash and transform her face into one some may find quite beautiful. Her skin is the color of warm klah, and her complexion is one solid color, appearing smooth and soft. She takes great pride in her self care. Nails are kept short and neat, as is her hair. Makeup is minimal. Mali loves earrings, but finds other jewelry less practical as it can get caught on things and hinder her in her work.

Her clothing is most often practical, but neatly kept. She does not like dresses, or fancy shoes, but favors nice shirts, especially ones made of lace or that are sleeveless. Lace, however, is impractical, so only worn on gather-days or important events. Mostly it is sleeveless shirts, as she tends to run hot, and even when others are cold she is not. Trousers that allow for movement are best, with good wher-hide or soft leather boots. She likes shirts that lace up at the front or back as well, and sometimes vests.

Malik (Mastersmith, Grandfather, 59)
Mablevi (Grandmother, 57}
Shaquevi (Mother, deceased)
T'dai (Father, unknown)


Malika's mother, Shaquevi was a sickly girl. Her health was poorly since she was a child. Yet though the healer's warned her that she would have trouble if she conceived, she ended up pregnant during a greenflight that happened during a gather at High Reaches Hold. She barely knew the father, a brownrider named T'dai. He was not aware she had gotten pregnant and she was too proud to tell him and ask for any aid. Instead it was her parents, Malik and Mablevi, whom aided her during her pregnancy with Malika.

The pregnancy was hard, and Mali's mother did not survive it. She only managed to ask that a strong name be given to the baby. Her grandmother named her for her grandfather, Malik, as he was the strongest person she knew. Thankfully, Malika seemed to take after him, and was not sickly as her mother had been. Raised by her grandparents, the girl grew fast and grew strong. She was always very stubborn and headstrong. She felt she could do everything and anything. She never held her tongue. She had the pride of her mother, and a fierce desire to prove herself equal in all things. Possessed of a temper, she often had a hard time making friends who could deal with her pride and this. Still, she was loyal and fierce, and the friends who did accept her, flaws and all, found in her the best kind of friend one could want for.

Mali struggled with lessons due to poor attentiveness and boredom. She did not mean to let her thoughts wander, or to not remember the things she was taught. If a subject was of interest--especially the ballads of the strong women of Pern!--then she could recite them word for word and found out everything she possibly could. Yet the majority of time she could not concentrate and fidgeted. She would get upset if the harper called on her and she didn't know the answer, and often argued that the things she was learning were unnecessary and silly--even if she knew that she ought to know their history and the things being taught.

Her love was in using her hands, and that included learning things her grandmother thought she should not. Such as knife fighting and fist fighting with the boys. Often she came home with a bloody nose or black eye from fighting with boys. It was not that she was violent. It was that the boys would tease Mali and say girls were not as strong. She had a burning desire to prove them wrong. It was her grandfather who taught her to use her speed and use her weight. To use her brain and not just fling herself into it with anger, but to keep a cool head. Her grandfather was a Mastersmith. Malika wanted to be just like him. So, though her grandmother thought that perhaps her mother would roll in her grave if she knew, Malika took up Blacksmithing as her apprenticeship, though she was not sure it was what she wanted to do forever. Her grandfather was the best teacher she could have hoped for. She loved the forge, and working the metal. She never complained and worked hard to prove herself the equal of the other male apprentices.

Mali always resented that the males had an easier time of things, in her eyes. They were not especially kind to her--in part due to her attitude of wanting to be as good as them, in part to her temper, and in part because the reaction they got when they teased her was exactly what they hoped for. She was fun to tease, as no one usually let it get to them as much as she did. They begrudgingly admitted as a Smith, she was their equal. She tried twice as hard and could be found at all hours working hard, sweat running down her face and body. She also quickly discovered that she was not at all attracted to men. Their roughness, their features, the idea of sleeping with one--none of that appealed to her in the least. Instead, she loved to admire the women and girls of the Hold. They were beautiful, softer in appearance, and made her blood run even hotter. Her grandparents were not hide-bound in the least. She could talk to them about anything, and did. They didn't care about who she chose to couple with, so long as her heart was good and she made them proud. However, she had no time for a serious relationship to form, as she was always working in the smithy and at her chosen craft.

She was discussing with her grandfather the possibility of going to the Hall to apprentice so she might walk the tables. Yet she still had doubts, and even more so when she was searched by a visiting dragonrider from Dalibor Weyr. She was pleased to be Searched, as it was an honor. Her grandparents advised her to go, since she was uncertain what she truly wanted, and to Impress was an honor. However, though she loved her work, and the idea of being a dragonrider was tempting, she had a deep fascination with the whers once she arrived there. She believed a person's feet belonged on the good, solid, land. To her the idea of flying in the sky was terrifying, though she very much respected the dragonmen. Yet a wher...for some reason that fascination with them persisted. They were fierce and wilder than the dragons. She found herself wishing, though she felt foolish for it, to have one. The desire only grew, as if this felt like it might truly be her calling. So she asked to be a wher candidate instead, and was accepted. Her grandparents, of course, gave her their full support.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer again, please.

Wher Name Preferred:

SubQueen Impressible: Yes, but only if Dhiren got queen, and Keir Impressed something else.

Impression Preference:


Desired Colors:

Bronze > Iron (would love to be considered for bronze, though) > Brown > Viridian (Basiliare's most preferred, so not if she hasn't Impressed) > Red (only if Dhiren gets queen, and Keir Impressed) > Gold/Copper (if Dhiren got s-queen red) > Orange (s-queen red preferred, and only if only if Dhiren gets queen, and Keir Impressed something else) > Gray/White (this could be interesting depending on personality or quirkiness of the sport. Yet this option is one preferred for someone else, and I only ask that this be considered if she cannot get a k or s-king for some reason, or the hatchmom really, really loves a match for her that is a sport and has an interesting idea for how it might play out!)


Banned Colors:

Blue > Black > Green > Cyan > no fighters please!

Preferred Personalities:

- something that matches her well.

Undesirable Personalities:

- No disabled whers, please.
- unintelligent
- lazy
- cowardly
- weak

In-Character Considerations:

Mali is a strong, proud woman. I very much see her with a male wher, and a bronze would be amazing as I've got an iron dragon. I can't see her with a fighter, though if for some reason a very intelligent, fearless and strong--for its size--sport is given, that can be a different kind of strength I suppose, and if the hatchmom loves the match a lot and it's interesting, and she cannot get a king or s-king, then this is being left open just in case. It is not preferred, but I wouldn't turn one down, either. I really do see her on a bronze or s-king most, however. Sturdy, strong, and huge. She is patient, willing to wait, and I'm okay to wait a while on her, too. I also picture her with a male over a female, or in the very least, a less feminine queen or s-queen with Dhiren preferred for getting queen or s-queen if he can't get queen, and Keir preferred for red if he doesn't Impress something else.

Mauling Preferences:
Only very minor, nothing lasting mauling allowed. Nothing above the neck, nothing beyond minor scarring.

Preferences will be subject to change as I Impress with others. Things will likely alter and open up, as necessary, but I do want to give a chance to get different dragons and not all the same or fighters.
 Posted: Mar 26 2017, 12:54 PM

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