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Posted by: Captain Nov 25 2017, 01:33 AM
These will get added to/updated as I go. A vague collection of wanteds! Hurray!

Do My Bidding

Wanted for: Inali
Gender: Male

Inali has an ego. She wants rank and power. I'm hoping to get her a little... Army is the wrong word. Collective. Hoard. Pile. Of men willing to, not necessarily do what she says, but vie for her attention, be her minions friends and generally her companions. Whether or not they progress past friendship can be figured out later. I'm mostly after friends that just so happen to be guys she might or might not pit against one another to win her (currently) less than illustrious favor.

Break Down These Walls

Wanted for: Ems
Gender: ???

Friends? Lovers? Mostly, Ems needs someone to get through her walls. Leera is doing a good job thus far, but the more the merrier. I kind of want her to have a girlish crush on someone. Partially because it's so out of character, mostly because it would be so ridiculously fun to play.

Family Ties

Wanted for: Wa'ut
Wa'ut grew up in Fort and his weyrfolk parents had a small pile of kids. Wa'ut was the eldest, and Impressed at a young age. He remained relatively close with his siblings, but had other focuses so wasn't the closest. They could be crafters or riders/handlers. I'm up for plotting!

Anett, sister -27
Alenet, brother -25
Welm, brother -23
Walmu, brother -20

See Through The Obsession

Wanted for: Wa'ut
Gender: Whatever!
Rank: Wingrider?

Wa'ut can be... Difficult to get along with. Mostly because he's utterly focused on the combination of dragon and craft. He is determined to become a master healer and when he isn't working on that, he's got a very rambunctious blue to take care of. I'm interested in changing that. He isn't exactly loving, but he is highly obsessive and if something takes his fancy he will focus on it a ridiculous amount. Or, even better: Qith will. Qith is singleminded in his own way, and will probably be key in seeing his rider espoused or at least involved. He thinks it would do him some good.

Another rider would probably be best for him. A greenrider would be ideal, but I'm not overly picky. Someone compassionate and encouraging. If we wanted a fun bonus, they could meet while your character is ill and Wa'ut is serving as their healer.

We Escaped

Wanted for: Navenax
Nav's family is... Dysfunctional. With the eldest regularly abused, they tend to leave the home as soon as they can for crafts. I'd like for them to each go into a different craft. Except for Evren, crafts can be changed. Just let me know so I can update here accordingly. Nav tried to show his younger siblings as much affection as he could, and does legitimately adore his siblings.

Evren, brother - 23, Healercraft
Nari, sister (Aerona)
Earid, brother 19 - Farmcraft - Skittish, shy, fearful, quiet
Varen, sister - 17 - Smithcraft (Star)
Varin, brother - 15 - Harpercraft - Defiant, hard-headed, self-reliant
Navix, brother - 13 - Beastcraft - People-pleaser, curious, hands on

What is a Hold without Holders?

Wanted for: Baria / Western Hold.
Just a handful of folks I've been NPCing/think would be nice to fill out the holder ranks.

Stablemaster - Male, Late twenties, early thirties. Beastcrafter?
- Kind hearted and absolutely appalled that Baria keeps saddling her own runner. He's a gentle man and one eager to help. He doesn't take no for an answer and absolutely adores his Hold and his runners. He knows all their quirks and habits and will talk about them without hesitation.

Head Cook - Female, Mid-thirties, early forties.
- Motherly, which includes being extremely strict. She's had to run Baria out of the kitchens more than once and has no problem standing up to her Lady. She is not a woman to be messed with and rules her kitchens with an iron ladle.

Put up with me!

Wanted for: Setarii
Preferred Wherhandler (not required.)
Gender: Open
Setarii is a mother and a blackhandler. She's also very loud, proud and in your face. She has no time for playing around. She's either all in or not at all. She'll have her flings, but the second a relationship interests her, she's committed and ready to go. Not that she's been committed and ready to go in... Turns, really. Not since Sethis was born. She's been preoccupied. Think you can change that? Or at least keep up with her. She's a mile a minute.

Ain't Got No Limits

Wanted For: V'ax
Bonus: Weyrling? Candidate? Wherling?
V'ax is the sort to form quick attachments. Everyone is his friend because he can't dislike them. He's never really had a relationship but fancies himself a romantic. Of course, candidacy and then weyrlinghood made acting on those desires impossible. But with graduation rapidly approaching, he's wondering if, maybe, he should consider that a possibility. Someone that pushes him to be his best would be lovely.

Dye My World

Wanted For: N'ax
Gender: Open
N'ax recently Impressed to bronze Shekith, which he was not expecting at all. He doesn't feel he has any of the traits necessary to be a bronzerider... And he's missing half a leg to boot. He's highly conflicted at the moment, depressed at his injury and the fact that it might keep him and Shekith from being their best, utterly thrilled at Shekith's very existence and confused as to why he was chosen by the bronze. (Not that he's complaining, mind.)
He needs someone in his life to encourage him and heap praise upon him. He's had a very rough life and thrives on praise and approval. Gender doesn't matter, but any romance will have to wait! He's only just become a weyrling.

Potentially claimed

Posted by: Boo Nov 25 2017, 07:49 PM
I might be interested in S'idon and Ems getting to know one another! Silvianith at the very least is very good about insinuating herself into people's lives haha even if S'idon isn't exactly all that outgoing. She's also keen to force him to make friends with people

Posted by: Captain Nov 26 2017, 05:24 PM
QUOTE (Boo @ Nov 25 2017, 03:49 PM)
I might be interested in S'idon and Ems getting to know one another! Silvianith at the very least is very good about insinuating herself into people's lives haha even if S'idon isn't exactly all that outgoing. She's also keen to force him to make friends with people

Yessss. Feed Ems friends! Silvianith would be perfect to put them around.

Posted by: Boo Jan 12 2018, 05:45 PM
Sorry I got wrecked by busy time at work and had to work late some nights. I shall try to start something today


Posted by: Star Feb 5 2018, 05:17 PM

Hi there!

I am new, obviously, but was wondering if you wouldn't mind my taking, Varen, the smithcraft sister to Navenax?

If so, did you have any specific kind of personality in mind for her? Something I could work off of?

Posted by: Captain Feb 5 2018, 05:29 PM
@Star - I don't have anything solid for the siblings but thus far we have Nari, whom is bitter, greedy and stand offish. Navenax is loving, generous and affectionate.

Something between those two extremes would be nice. Given her chosen craft I suspect she's a tougher individual than Nav, and probably a bit overprotective of children considering.

Posted by: Star Feb 5 2018, 05:40 PM

Sounds good to me, I can work with that for sure! I will get on it shortly. Thanks! ^.^

Posted by: Captain Mar 1 2018, 02:32 AM
Added a couple of holders for Baria!

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