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 Up, up & Away! {1st Manned flight}, SU18: FF Weyrlings: 6-9mth lesson
 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 10:28 AM


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The promotion had been unexpected. Who would have asked a foolish bluerider like him to take charge of a bunch of weyrlings? The authority apparently. Oh K'ton knew Ironth had it in him to be something of a leader, even if the blue was shy as they come, but him? He'd laughed until he snorted when they'd asked him. His laughter had died out with a slight panic that day but K'ton had accepted the assignment. Maybe Ironth was right. Maybe he had what it took to teach a bunch of newly minted dragonriders to be dragonriders. You'll do fine, Ironth told him as they settled themselves down next to the lake. He grunted noncommittally as he slid himself off the blue to look the gathered group over.

Striding to stand in front of the weyrlings, K'ton clapped his hand sharply to stop the chatter that was always inevitable during these lessons. "Right!" he said loudly, "Today, my little dumplings, you're going to fly." His face split with a grin as Ironth grumbled quietly at his word usage. He may be a little bit in charge but he couldn't change the most basic part of himself! "For the last few months your pretties should have been flying alone, getting stronger and bigger, better at take off and landing, and getting better at longer flights so today you're going fly with them. One at a time each one of you will fly from this side of the lake to the other and back again." The width of the lake he'd chosen wasn't terrible wide and K'ton had no doubts the weyrlings could handle this.

He glanced at the two subqueens in his group, knowing full well that the red was not the most docile of the bunch and K'ton hoped the little beast didn't give him too much trouble. He didn't have the exact same thoughts of the tan but one never could tell. "I'll be coming 'round to check your straps, which you should have and in good condition. I know you've been taught to make them and keep them in good repair so this should not be an issue. If I find one piece of leather with even the smallest of cracks you will not be flying today." If there was one thing K'ton took seriously it was the condition of the straps a rider used. Cracked straps were weak and could snap and rip, dumping a rider and panicking a dragon, he refused to allow something like that to happen during his first lesson as weyrlingmaster.

"Once I've checked over your straps you will mount and be on your way. Your dragons should be strong enough for lift off, if not we'll practice and try again. Ironth here will follow along with you from this side to the other, if you even think for a minute that you can't make it, call out to him and he will assist you. Now dumplings, lets begin!" he called as he moved forward to begin checking straps. He was serious in his words, one tiny crack in any of the leather and that unfortunate weyrling would not fly today.

[OOC= It's not absolutely necessary to create a dialog here unless you would like to or feel the need, I don't mind a bit of powerplay of K'ton and Ironth checking straps and flying along. If you feel you want K'ton to find cracked leather, for Ironth to assist crossing the lake or to practice take off please do tag me and I will reply!]

Arcaina & Tan Toppth @Catsitta
Kataya & Red Akashath @Ruriko
C'see & Purple Kronth @Sakoru
Serlie & White Ezaloth @Adamant
T'tallon & White Ioth @Rii
Ju'en & Blue Meepoth @Blot
Kali & Burgundy Bossath (Ruriko)
Z'ant & Green Lyraleth @Captain
Eccokorazia & Black Kayth @Zane

 Posted: Mar 9 2018, 11:36 AM

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It was a promising surprise when Toppth took to flying like any other dragon. Childish and forgetful, Arcaina worried that the tan might outright lose focus in the midst of take off and go crashing into the lake during their previous lessons. But she was a natural, even if her flight patterns were somewhat odd once she found her rhythm. Toppth wasn't a show off, per se, but she tended to sway and twist and drop in the air, going in a straight line 'boring'.

'Twinkle, twinkle little rider. You've gotten so small! Did MyAlice eat a strange mushroom and shrink herself?'

Arcaina chuckled softly as she looked up at the growing dragonet, "No love, you've just gotten big. So big, in fact, that our new weyrlingmaster says its time we learn to fly together."

'I like flying. Jabberwocks cannot catch me in the air!'

The weyrling glanced back at their new teacher, K'ton. Fourth time's the charm, maybe? She stroked Toppth's leg, confident in the straps she made for this lesson. It didn't hurt that she knew a rider or two who were willing to help clarify any questions and soothe any fears. With that knowledge in mind, she felt like nothing could stop them from taking to the sky this day. Sure, Toppth was odd. She was a tan. But she flew all by herself and never forget how. So they could do this. Today Arcaina would at last stand in the shoes of that long ago fantasy, perched on dragonback, freedom granted by those broad wings.

She bounced in place. Rocking from heel-to-toe and swaying from side-to-side. Anxious, excitable energy thrummed through every muscle. Growing more and more frantic as K'ton approached and checked their straps. Tense seconds passed, her heart a flickering candle in a gale...and then, approval. She was given the go. "Yes!" Arcaina didn't bother containing her excitement--her joy. With a buoyancy and innocent delight that matched her partner's, the weyrling clambered up Toppth's side. She was a tiny thing and Toppth quite large. With the help of loops and straps, she expertly scaled to her perch, a practiced climber. As one of her classmates, T'tallon, knew, Arcaina had a habit of climbing things. Hopefully the trend of falling off of said things wouldn't continue alongside it.

"You ready, Love?"

'To do what?'

"To fly." Arcaina let out a bubbling laugh and cried out, "Quick, Toppth, we must flee across the lake to escape the Jabberwock!"

'Oh no. I will keep you safe.'

Arcaina gripped the riding straps, uncaring of any strange looks her teach or classmates might give her after that declaration. It sounded a little bizarre to her own ears, but after nearly three seasons of being bonded to the tan, she had little care of what anyone else thought. Hers lived in a world of imagination, why not slip a little into her mad world? It hurt no one. A smile blazed across her face as Toppth launched, only a few stuttering steps between them and a proper take off. Her first wingbeats were clumsy, but certain, the tips of the tan's claws brushing the surface of the lake. Soon they sailed higher, water no longer disturbed by Toppth's pumping wings. They did it. They were flying together.

She was happy.

So incredibly happy.

As they touched down on the opposite side of the lake, Arcaina urged Toppth back over, "We're safe now. We can go back." The tan didn't question Hers' logic. She didn't question why Hers was sitting on her back. There was devotion and trust. Tears pricked at the corner's of the weyrling's eyes. Toppth's wobbly, weird swaying path was the epitome of what made her bonded, her. It would be terrible to be normal and boring, eh?

They landed with a stagger and a stumble, Toppth settling in a loose heap near her classmates. It looked uncomfortable, but the tan's giggles and wiggles said otherwise. Arcaina dismounted and hugged Toppth's neck, "You did it. So proud of you."

 Posted: Mar 11 2018, 11:14 PM


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Lyraleth was just as graceful in the air as she was on the ground. Z'ant couldn't have been more proud of the green, and it showed every time he watched her in the sky. But now it was time. They'd fly together. His heart was racing and he'd double and triple checked her straps and his own gear. Just in case.

Their gear got the okay, and Z'ant climbed aboard, leaning forward to flash a grin at Lyraleth. "We got this, my love. Let's show them how it's done!" Ever graceful, the green took two long leaps and then was in the air. And Z'ant's heart soared. This. This was all he had ever wanted in his life and he had it. Perhaps he should have felt a bit lost with the acquisition of his dream, but he felt fulfilled and as though the entire world were suddenly available to him.

Just the lake for now, handsome.

He laughed at her words, agreeing and leaning as they banked and headed back. They landed, Z'ant letting out a whoop of victory and sliding off his dragon's back. Lyraleth promptly settled down beside Toppth, eager to chat with her friend about the lesson.

@Catsitta - If you want! References to Toppth

Oh, oh! V'ax, this will be so much FUN!

The cyan was wiggling and making it difficult to get the straps situated. Until V'ax caught her nose with a laugh and politely asked her to calm. She did so, though only because K'ton started telling them what their goal was. That was listened to with rapt attention.

Across the lake and back. We can do that! Let's go! Hurry, V'ax! I don't want to be last! That would be a truly terrible fate and once they got the okay, Purlalith hurled herself upwards in a clumsy fashion, floundering only a moment before she got going and hurled across the lake. It was, she had decided, time to be the fastest there and back! That was a good goal.

"Careful, dear heart. Don't want to wear yourself out. Do I weigh too much?"
No, no! I am fine! Look, we're almost back again!

Of course, once she landed, stumbling and nearly winding up face first in a pile of weyrlings, she righted herself and gave a hearty shake, beaming with pride as V'ax slid off and showered her in affection.

 Posted: Mar 22 2018, 09:07 PM


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Flight was something that didn’t elude the pair. Meepoth had done it. Despite Ju’en’s teasing that if he ate so much he wouldn’t. The blue was rounded in every way, built of curves rather than angles. But he had flown. And beautifully too, even if it had taken him several tries to get the takeoff right. Still Meepoth seemed to prefer the ground, enjoying digging his claws into the dirt beneath him when he was on the ground. Now it was time for them to fly together, and Ju’en would be lying if he said he wasn’t nervous.

He was meticulous with his straps and was pacing back and forth mumbling under his breath past lessons and things of that nature.
“We just need proper force. With his wingspan he should be able to carry me… but what if…” Both Wort and Meepoth watched him, tilting their heads at their curious Ju’en.
Hey uh, Ju’en, you ok over there? His eyes whirled with concern, but Meepoth’s words seemed to snap Ju’en out of his mumbling.
“Oh. Yes. Of course.” He almost looked a little ashamed, walking towards the stout blue and laying a hand on his powdery hide.

He gave his straps a once over before K’ton arrived. Standing stock still next to his dragon, Ju’en swallowed thickly as his straps were checked. Had he missed a crack? Was there something wrong? He was almost so tense he was sweating, but miraculously, he got the ok from the elder blue rider.
“Oh!” His breath, the one he didn’t even know he was holding, came out in that little exclamation, and Meepoth moved to bump against his side.
See Boss?

Ju’en didn’t even respond to the light teasing of his dragon. Instead he climbed up his side and settled himself comfortably on the blue’s hide.
Do I got wings? Of course I’m ready! Ju’en could say something about how he wasn’t comfortable with how smug Meepoth was, but he didn’t. He’d let the blue have this. Once he was strapped in, he gave Meepoth the go ahead. Crouching slightly, Meepoth hopped. And then he hopped again. Third time was the charm. Wings sweeping down, jump taking him airborne the pair ascended. His flight at first was a little wibbly, a little wobbly, and a lot unsteady. But they soon straightened out.

Clinging to his straps, Ju’en let himself take in the sight of the Weyr from dragonback. A tremor of excitement filled him and he pumped his fist in the air.
Neat huh?
Very neat.

Meepoth and Ju’en made their way across the lake, and then back again, Meepoth landing with… Well not grace. His landing could be termed more as a ‘Fump’ as he almost collapsed in a pile of limbs. But the flight was done. They could practice landing later.

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 Posted: Apr 9 2018, 03:46 AM


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Serlie was veritably bursting with excitement. She bounced on her toes, jiggling up and down while she waited for their weyrlingmaster to get through all his explanations and instructions. When K’ton told them he was going to come around and check their straps, the impatient Serlie nearly groaned. Was that really necessary for such a short flight? She held her breath as K’ton slowly – ever so slowly – made his way along the line. Finally he approached to check her own straps. She took a subconscious step backward, suddenly shy while he inspected her handiwork. What if she had missed something in her excitement? But then he gave her the all clear, and she grinned with relief, mumbling a hurried thanks.

The small girl clambered up onto Ezaloth’s back, resting one hand on his soft white hide to calm her nerves. She had complete confidence that her dragon would carry her safely, of course. She had watched him over the past weeks, eagerly gazing up into the sky at the majestic creature she would one day ride. And today was that day. The first of many, hopefully.

Are you ready? At her agreement, Ezaloth bounded forward then took off into the air with a mighty leap. Serlie shrieked at the strangeness of the lurching motion, which soon turned into a laugh of glee at the realisation that they were really flying. She had been waiting for this moment her whole life – the first flight of dragon and rider. Her smile stretched right across her face as Ezaloth carefully carried them over the lake, staying well clear of the dark waters. The white’s pride was nearly tangible too. He was only a small dragon, but was still strong enough to bring Serlie her dream.

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