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 In Hot Water, SU:17 [Dabyrie/Yamaruni]
 Posted: Jun 12 2017, 11:03 PM

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A halo of chestnut hued locks floated atop the steamy water while the hair’s owner lingered just beneath the surface. She did not resurface for as long as she could hold her breath and when she did water droplets sprayed as she exhaled. Once she caught her breath she sighed out with her head leaning back against stone. Eyes remained hidden from sight as she relaxed, letting the warm waters ease her tense muscles. It a candlemark or two before most handlers would be up and about - which was good since she was in the bathing room designated for the male handlers. She didn’t see why it mattered all that much, it wasn’t like most of them hadn’t already seen the others nude during Runs. Of course she hadn’t as Dabysk had yet to give chase to any of the females in the Weyr. It struck her as odd but not so much that she had brought it up with the blue; perhaps he just didn’t fancy any of the females, who was she to chastise him for that when she herself had not so much as looked at any of the men in the Weyr since coming here. Turns had passed without her seeking so much as a warm body for her bed. At times she missed the closeness she had shared with her daughter’s father but she was looking for so much more than just a bed partner for a night or two.

Another sigh escaped her lips and she was content to soak for another half candlemark before she reached out for her towel… only to come up empty. Groping around her brows furrowed in confusion which led to her opening her eyes and turning her head. More confusion seized the handler and she bolted into an upright position as she looked around, hair clinging to her shoulders and neck. She had definitely not walked all the way from the green court where her quarters were to the bathing room in the nude. A towel, a robe, and a long shirt with underclothes had been brought with her - the latter outfit was what she had worn along with sandals. Those had been left a few feet away from the water but the rest was missing. Dabysk was still in their room asleep, she could feel him in her mind so she knew he wasn’t the culprit. Randis was no where to be found, though she doubted the black firelizard was the one to take off with her clothes. Perhaps Salandria was to blame? The pillie was sometimes a troublemaker, but she hadn’t heard the clicking of her feet on the stone or the long swwwwiiiiiiiiissssshhhh she was known for. A tunnelsnake perhaps? A feline? She knew at least one of the handlers had one but would it really have taken off with all of her clothing?

A noise towards the entryway drew her eyes in that direction as she crossed her arms over her bosom, embarrassment coloring her cheeks a light pink. ”Did you see my clothes walking about out there on their own? They just picked up and left while I was soaking.”

Well this was one way to meet new people.

 Posted: Jul 10 2017, 09:15 PM

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Bare feet padded into the bathing room, quiet to accommodate for the lighter sleepers – in the case of this individual, his wher, who was always fast to awaken at even the thought of being abandoned. As it were, Yamaruni had awoken early, earlier than normal, and felt the desire to relax for a bit before facing the night. Having donned a robe of his own, he was fully prepared to be spending a candlemark alone, so brought no extra clothes. It was a habit that had yet to be broken from his days at Benden; he’d tended to awaken significantly earlier than his compatriots. Not that that was a problem when they were there too, of course. It was just… a little unnecessary, to deal with people the one time he wanted to be alone.

So color him surprised when he found towel, robe, and what appeared to be women’s clothes in the men’s washroom. A blonde brow quirked upwards as he plucked the articles off the floor, inspecting them for quality. They seemed in decent enough condition, but why were they here? Blithely unaware of the individual who owned such attires currently in the pool, he turned to fold the various articles of clothing and place them somewhere less on the floor, so as to keep them from picking up anything unpleasant. He had had his back to the woman when she emerged from the water, and only turned, robes halfway down his shoulders, when her voice made him yelp in startle. His eyes swept behind him, wide and alert, before they fell on the woman in front of him. Confusion painted his face for a moment, but before long a lazy smile stretched across his face. ”Oh, you mean these?” he asked slowly, pulling the long shirt to himself, covering his slightly exposed chest as if pretending to try it on. ”They did indeed walk on their own – straight to my heart! The color is so lovely, and I was just sure that it would befit someone of my stature.” At the end of his thought, Yama struck a pose, doing his best to accentuate the form of the shirt.

Hazel eyes scanned a quick once-over of the woman, and laughed at her rather bewildered state. ”Although,” he continued, straightening up and fetching her towel, ”I am rather perplexed why such a, ahm…. Well, decidedly not-man such as yourself –“ and he took a long step forward, placing a hand over his mouth as if he were to tell a secret- ” – do correct me if I’m wrong –“ -before offering her recently-pilfered towel, ”is washing up in the decidedly man washroom?”

 Posted: Jul 31 2017, 04:38 PM

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Arms pressed tighter to her bosom as she was addressed by the other handler. While she expected it to be a man entering - given as she was in the men’s bathing room - she did not expect to turn and see him modelling her clothes. Some of the tension at being caught off guard dissipated as she regarded him. A soft chuckle escaped her lips and she found herself grateful he seemed the playful sort, ”That shade compliments your eyes for sure.” Then she looked at him thoughtfully while adding, ”I’m afraid it may fall a bit short on your torso.”

Though she wasn’t able to properly judge his height from the pool she was settled in she knew that many of the Weyr’s inhabitants, especially the men, seemed to be quite a bit taller than her. There was just no way it would fit him properly, even if it was a good color for him. ”Though if you don’t mind that you’re welcome to borrow it sometime, when I’m not needing to wear it.” Adjusting her arms to provide some amount of modesty she stretched her now free left arm out towards him with a brow arched. Instead of her shirt he offered a towel which she took, cheeks colored a light shade of pink as he inquired as to why she was there. Chuckling some more she turned her back to him while pulling herself from the pool to sit on the edge, securing the towel around her as she sat on the slippery stone with her feet in the heated waters. The maneuver was far from perfect, no doubt he would be privy to a brief flash of her skin before she was proper - but she didn’t seem particularly bothered by it. ”Last I checked I wasn’t a man,” she paused briefly to glance down at her towel clad form before smiling back up at him. ”The women tend to chatter a lot when they bathe and I prefer the opposite. Usually no one is up at this hour to notice which bath I’m using.”

While she spoke plainly to the other handler there was still a hint of amusement in her tone and the smile tugging her lips into a pleasant curve; obviously she didn’t mind his company even if it came as a surprise. ”Do you often look for new clothing in what is left behind in the bathing rooms? Or was my top just that fetching?” The smile turned into a smirk as she watching him curiously.



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