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Copper Zelsk shook things up at the Copper Class graduation feast by beginning her run shortly after the knots were delivered to her handler. Bronze Osk won Zelsk's maiden run and now a sizable clutch lays on the sands hardening. Not to be outdone by the ground-bound copper, Copper Laanasuth took to the skies the very next day - though her flight was not as cut and dry as the wher's run had been. Offended by the force catch attempt of a presumptuous burgundy Laanasuth betweened to High Reaches Weyr where one of their dragons won her flight. Though she has returned to Dalibor and laid a large clutch for Dalibor's candidates the Weyr awaits the transfer of the dragon sire and his rider, Dalibor's newest Junior Weyrleader.
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 Eating Humble Pie, AU:18 {Post-Laanasuth Flight}
 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 06:20 PM
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Jali sat at the table at the evening meal, toying with her glass with a pensive frown. Two days ago, Laanasuth had risen to mate. That had been unsurprising, given how long it had been since her last Flight. But what had happened after she’d risen…

The copperrider sighed, troubled. She had never, in all her life, had Laanasuth react as she did. But then, none had ever dared try to do what Vikareth had tried to do. Not to her. Not when the first thing she warned her suitors of was to respect her right to choose, or face the consequences. Vikareth had paid - but Jali knew her copper was still angry, although she had returned in the evening of the day of her Flight.

Oh, Susu. You haven’t had much luck in your flights and hatchings here, have you? She felt sympathy for her dragon, she really did, even if she didn’t condone her actions.

Something that she had to tell these people. Pressing her hands to the table, Jali got up, somewhat awkward from the growing child in her own belly. Looking out at those gathered - some ending their days, others only starting theirs - she cleared her throat, then raised her voice so it would carry through the dining hall.

“Excuse me,” she called to them. Taking a deep breath, she looked to Rayna first. It was hard, harder than she’d ever want to admit, to hold her head up in spite of the embarrassment she felt. “You all know what happened, the day before yesterday. Laanasuth rose, and she chose a dragon not of Dalibor Weyr. She was offered a grave insult, but this does not excuse her own actions. Not entirely. For her sake, I request that you deal with her kindly. She bears you no ill will. Neither do I. If you must lay blame, I will accept it for both of us. Laanasuth is a queen. She is proud, and there is only so much she can bear. I accept the responsibility for this.”

She looked to Z’dyn, inclining her head slightly, although not lowering her eyes. “I offer all of you my sincerest apologies, on behalf of both Laanasuth and myself. When I came here, Turns ago, you offered me your trust.” This was not precisely true; she, too, had been mistrusted. She’d had to work to earn it, and still did so. But it wasn’t exactly political to say so. “I know that what was done, seems like a gross breach of that trust. I ask you to believe me when I say, it was never our intent to do so.”

“We have been in close contact with High Reaches Weyr in the past two days, and, with the Weyrwoman’s consent,” she nodded to Rayna, “Laanasuth’s choice will be transferring and becoming a Dalibor rider and dragon before her eggs hatch.”

Jali exhaled, leaning against the table for a moment. “I also will reassure you that in spite of her actions, and in spite of what happened to Laanasuth’s last clutch, she will be clutching here, at Dalibor. We are of Dalibor, now. Her children are Dalibor’s, and they will Impress to Dalibor’s candidates.”

Looking slowly about the room, at those faces turned towards her, she shook her head softly, her face filled with regret. “There is nothing that I can say or do that will ever reverse what happened. Know only that I am sorry for the trouble that this has brought on our Weyr, and that I will work as best I am able to mend it. Thank you.”

Bowing her head, she eased herself back down into her seat, dropping her hands to her stomach. She could feel the little flutters within. I’m trying, little one. I’m trying to bring you into the best world possible.

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 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 07:43 PM
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Z'dyn smoothed the front of his vest, thick fingers still unable to wrangle the small clasps; Kee, perched on his shoulder, had been made the warden of Hers' tinier-portion-things involving his clothing. She cheeped quietly, and the Ironrider rose, respecting Jali's words in the fact he let her finish.

When it had been made apparent she had, any respective words had or called out by others were silenced only by the broad-bodied former Drudge's presence. It was obvious he wasn't fooling around, and anyone who'd been around long enough, understood that he very rarely spoke in a public setting, outside of Threadfall. Outside of times it was necessary.

"Blame," he began, "Don't b'long on yer shoulders, 'r hers. Belongs on ours."

Voices began to murmur, began to lift, and Z'dyn turned to face those around him on all sides, as he was in the relative midst of them.

"Ain't done. Give ever' one o' you respect, yer talkin'. Expect the same."

He waited as long as he needed to, until they quieted down.

"I been part'a this Weyr for over twenty turns, now. Most'a you, if y'don't know me, y'know OF me. Never, whole time I been here, have I ever seen a Queen leave an' choose another Weyr's drakes for sirin' a clutch. Always been Dalibor's, whether it's Weyr-bound, 'r Hold-bound. Laanasuth," he leveled eyes on several dragonriders, though it was clear it was purely for point and purpose than accusations, "Judged all 'er suitors, an' found 'em wantin'. Weren't a single one, from what I gather, suited 'er. The hows an' why's, well, I dunno, Baihujinth didn't Chase. But Baelyrth did, an' from what I was reported, it weren't no sort of good Flight's far as the males'a this Weyr were concerned. We've not had a force-catch attempt fer a while yet, an' for one t'try, right after she said she weren't gonna tolerate it, well, that shows me we've got some work t'do. I don't blame 'er for goin' to High Reaches, an' in that, I ain't blamin' her or Jali. It's Dalibor's responsibility to teach 'er dragons that respect is earned, not handed over. It's Dalibor's responsibility t'make 'er drakes understand, when a Queen says respect, she requires respect, an' ain't no gettin' by it."

His back straightened a bit more, a squaring of his shoulders as arms went across his chest purely out of having nothing else to do with them.

"Jali came here t'help us recover, an' far's I can tell, it weren't until Laanasuth's clutch was attacked, that there was any acceptin'. Even still, this new situation's made all sort'a conversations crop up, where people think m'ears're as slow's m'tongue. I'm here t'say it weren't her fault, it weren't Jali's fault. Fault's on us. All of us, 'cause fer turns now, ever since the Traditionalists an' Palefolk an' such, we've had a problem acceptin' new people into the ranks, 's it were." He rubbed a hand down from his nose to his chin. "Needs t'change. This new Junior Weyrleader's transferrin' to our Weyr. We need'a bring 'em in, accept 'em. Don't make it hard's it was for Jali an' Laanasuth t'get accepted. Way things are now, we've got enough t'worry about, without fightin' amongst ourselves, too. Infightin', it ain't gonna do what we've been put here t'do. It ain't gonna stop Thread, it's gonna make my job, an' the job'a everyone else - from Rayna's to the Weyrfolk - harder. It ain't gotta be."

He drew a slow breath.

"Time t'stop drivin' people off, an' comin' up short, an' start remindin' people why this Weyr's the Weyr it is. Time t'give Queens a reason t'stick 'round, not hold 'em to blame fer goin' elsewheres. If we'd been who we seem t'believe - til recent - that we were, she never would've had t'leave. I'll be standin' with this Weyr, an' with it's leaders. People don't like't, I'll be approvin' transfers elsewheres the rest'a the sevenday."

Once Rayna either stood or didn't, he settled back down into his place, and went back to eating in silence.


 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 09:24 PM


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How long had it been, now, since he had eaten last? Less than the two days since Vikareth pulled his stupid stunt, but long enough that the healers had started getting snippy with M'arek. They weren't going to feed him, so he had been forced to face the public and go to the dining hall.

He hadn't expected to be forced to face the music.

The Burgundyrider had tucked himself away into a corner, stuffing his face in an attempt to get himself back to his Dragon as soon as possible. It took him a moment to realize that the silence Jali commanded had fell, and he turned his attention to her, paling. It wasn't right. Her apologies should never have needed to exist. They did not need to belong to her.

M'arek waited through the Weyrleader's speech, unwilling and unable to interrupt. Respect, acceptance... things he had been shown when he arrived. Of course, he hadn't come with any expectations but to join the Wings and fight Thread among other Burgundies. Now, it would be months before he could fly again, perhaps a full turn before they were fully Thread-ready.

Z'dyn's last sentence clung to the edges of his mind as M'arek stood, making his way to the head table. There, he bowed deeply, swallowing hard. A bitter pill.

"If anyone should be apologizing, it should be me. I'm the one that allowed this travesty to happen in the first place. If anyone should be blamed, it is Vikareth and I." He turned sunken eyes away from the Weyrleadership and towards those in the dining hall, those muttering both about the previous speeches as well as M'arek's admittance of guilt.

"Weyrwoman Jali - I should have been more in control." He looked to the Copperrider. "If I had been paying attention, I could have stopped Vikareth. I did not, and he was foolish enough to try forcing Laanasuth. The fault is not yours, it's mine." If M'arek had been paying attention, he would have noticed when boasting had become more. When annoyance had become ire.

M'arek forced himself to stand straight, squaring his shoulders. "I accept any and all responsibility and punishment for my actions. Weyrleader," he looked to Z'dyn, a knot in his stomach at what he was about to announce publicly, "should my transfer be requested, I'll tender the papers and take my leave when Vikareth is well enough."

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 Posted: Apr 14 2018, 05:37 PM


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L'ru howled with laughter.

It was loud and boisterous in the somber scene and he lifted his cup high, rising from his seat. He was a big, burly man and hard to miss. Couple that with an impressive gut that didn't go away no matter how hard he worked and a beard that hung to his chest and he was an imposing figure... That rode a very small green.

"The dragon flies and the rider complies!" He recited with another laugh. He lifted his mug in what could be taken as a toast and drained it. He had no ill will towards Laanasuth or Jali. That would have just been silly. But he was a greenrider, he understood flights. And how cantankerous some proddy dragons could be.

He sat back down with a thump, his piece said. "Anyone that disagrees can try to catch Syrath next time she rises!" He added loudly. "Waking up beside me might change their minds on that!" He grinned.


X'vir kept his head down. He watched the entire situation, hair pulled back in a loose braid. He remained seated, though his eyes were sharp and looking for any sign of dissension in the ranks. Nearby, his sons Unavir and Pavir were doing much the same, word passed on through their father. X'vir's loyalty to Z'dyn wasn't something that should have come under question, given his relentless pursuit of the man, but he didn't doubt some might cast his loyalty to the Weyr itself in doubt, especially after Oth gave chase. Weyrs were gossip central and some people went above and beyond to find reason to spread lies or what they felt was the best story.

X'vir knew this and had no problem with rumors spreading about him, but he wouldn't allow his son's loyalty called into question. But then, perhaps, he was getting paranoid in his old age. He didn't dwell on it, and returned to his patient observation.


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 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 09:37 AM


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(OOC: I post this guy only because his dragon was involved in the Flight. He IS an NPC but I felt you guys deserved to know his thoughts as opposed to just letting them ramble inside my head)

She shouldn't be apologizing...

No. They are not the ones to blame. HE is.

What are you thinking, Fay? I can feel your mind racing, but you've been refusing to speak for the last two days. I know you're not upset with what she did. You've at least said that much.

I say again. HE is to blame. She is not. She made her choice. We will respect it, respect him when he arrives. He earned her affection, at least this time. Earned his right to lead us alongside her.

B'ird nodded to himself, having expected no less of his Bronze. He was proud, and disappointed, but he was also not a fool. 30 Turns of life had molded him from the overly arrogant beast he'd once been into a fine drake, and B'ird was proud of him.

He looked up at the head table, waiting until the Greenrider had finished, one brow rising for his 'offer'. He then rose himself, inclining his head to Jali and the others before glancing at the other rider. "As tempting as that offer is, L'ru, I think Fayranath and I will pass," he said dryly, then turned blue eyes to the head table again. "If I may?" he said questioningly, waiting until they allowed it before continuing. "I will not lie to you and say Fayranath is not disappointed he was not your Lady's choice. However, he and I will respect it. She chose this male for a reason, and we all know Queens do not choose lightly. There is a weight we can't understand on their shoulders, and this male showed himself worthy to not only sire her Clutch, but take up the mantle of leadership. We will stand behind him." Having said what he was going to, B'ird bowed to Jali and the others and re-seated himself, watchful and waiting to see what others had to say. He had not lied. He and Fay would back their new Jr. even if it meant going against others who were not so... Willing to accept him.

In the back of the room, Silvyre was seated, silent and watchful themselves. Dark eyes followed what was going on, ears listened, and mind stored away the information. They'd heard the whispers, of course. Copper Laanasuth had left Dalibor to seek a mate elsewhere, because of the arrogance of a Burgundy Fighter and disrespect from the males who'd Risen to her. And this now confirmed that male and his rider would be coming to their Weyr to take over the Leadership from Arlya and her Burgundy.

There'd been whispers there, too. It was said that Xerocleth was furious with what the Copper had done, though beyond that no one said anything, so they had no further information. As for the foolish one, he was supposedly cooped up in the Healers' Cavern being tended for the injuries inflicted on him by Laanasuth herself, as well as another male. His rider was here tonight, they realized, as the man approached and apologized for his dragon's unacceptable actions. They snorted softly to themselves, and sensed rather than heard the snort of agreement from the small form curled up on the table across from them. Her back was to Silvyre, eyes watching the room, but they got the distinct impression that she would not have let the male who disrespected her like that live, much less show what she considered to be cowardice.

Cowardice? they questioned mildly, and got the sense back of agreement. Fenix felt that Laanasuth had shown cowardice in leaving Dalibor to look elsewhere then. Interesting, given she admired the Copper dragon otherwise, from what they'd seen. They'd felt her briefly flitting away to go and stare at the pretty, powerful dragon Queen more than a few times, though she displayed the same behavior with Couineth as well. And the Copper Wher, Zelsk, now they thought about it.

A series of images flitted through their mind's eye, not so fast they couldn't follow-she was still learning how quickly she could throw mental images at Silvyre before they got lost-and they realized they were being shown the males who had Chased. There were several good-looking candidates there, they thought, and sensed Fenix agreeing. Putting that with what else she'd 'said' so far, they connected what she was getting at. Even with the Burgundy's foolishness, and the disrespect shown by some of the males, Fenix still felt she'd had plenty of GOOD options, and no reason to leave. Better to swat them in the face by choosing one of their own and have him rub their muzzles in it.

Don't you dare try and tell her that. She'll eat you for your impudence, they said dryly, and the fire-lizard huffed and fluttered her wings, giving off the feeling of 'I'm not stupid.' They chuckled softly, then looked over at the head table again, once more quietly following along...

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 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 12:02 PM


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Adaya had heard about the Burgundy that had tried to force-catch Laanasuth. She had purposely avoided anywhere with a line of sight to the bowl that day, though, so she hadn't actually seen it herself. It was her turn to eat, as the kitchen staff took meals in shifts so there was always someone back there, and the little apprentice glanced around the dining hall before spotting an open seat.

"Silvyre... Can I... sit here?" she asked slowly. She sat a little away from them, with her Red dozing across her shoulders as usual. It wouldn't be long before she was too big to settle in her favorite spot. She actually was already a little heavy for Adaya, but the girl didn't complain. Scuttle, having given up clinging to her chosen girl, scuttled up from under the table to take a position right in the middle, though Adaya managed to stop her before she ended up actually ON her tray. Fruity was content to stay on the floor. It wasn't really worth getting up on the table if she didn't have food, after all.

Shay had voiced her agreement with Laanasuth's actions time and again. If none of them were good enough, then it was only right to go somewhere else. Show them that nobody here was good enough, and that someone from somewhere else was better. Rub it in their faces. Of course, Shay had also told Adaya that she wouldn't have left that Burgundy off so easily. Slash his wings so he couldn't fly again. That would be the proper punishment.

It was only after these images flickered through her mind once again that she realized Silvyre had a new flit. A really pretty Orange one, too. She offered a small smile and pointed to her. "Pretty..." she said softly. Shay, on the other hand, gave a stolid glare to the other sub-queen, a silent warning to stay away from her girl.

She refocused on the riders when she heard one of them begin to speak, apologizing for his Burgundy's actions. "Burgundy... dangerous..." she muttered, just loud enough for Silvyre to hear. She averted her gaze from the Rider in question and focused on her food, giving bits of meatroll to Shay every once in a while. Burgundies were very dangerous, she knew from personal experience. But she forced those thoughts from her head and focused on eating. She only had so long to eat before she was expected back in the kitchen, after all.


 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 01:45 PM


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Silvyre glanced up at the voice, attention drawn from the goings on by it. They eyed Shay, but nodded, not about to deny the girl a seat when it was obvious there wasn't one currently available elsewhere. Fenix came alert as Her's uneasiness came to her, turning and giving the Red a glare worthy of a Gold. "Easy you," Silvyre said firmly, and the Orange settled back to her haunches, continuing to eye the other Sub-Queen intently. "Pretty, yes. Very much a stubborn pain in my ass though," they stated. Fenix gave them a clearly hurt look, but their response was simply to raise one pale brow at her, unimpressed. She snorted, then gave her attention back over to watching Shay and the rest of the room, and they shook their head.

"Wasn't given much choice in keeping the little brat. Knows damn well I'm not a fan but she hangs around anyways." They munched idly on a meatroll themselves, taking note when Fenix's head turned ever so slightly at the crunching noise. "You had your's, you little pig. This is mine." They knew she wasn't hungry, she was just reacting to the noise. She was still young, after all, and had to eat frequently, so much so it sometimes irritated Silvyre. But for now, her belly was full, so she couldn't complain.

They took note of what Adaya said, and glanced at the girl curiously, but chose not to ask. Wasn't their place. "Not gonna disagree with you," they said instead.

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 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 07:25 AM
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Rayna was bloody spewing. Not actually sick but she was furious. Oh she certainly could not fault Laanasuth for taking offence to the force catch attempt but that didn't stop her fury at the copper, the burgundy and the whole situation. Couineth had chastised all the males in the flight but since that moment, anger had been stewing inside. Well, perhaps it was that she felt it was a dishonour on her Weyr that Laanasuth had returned to High Reaches. Rayna was loyal to Dalibor and as far as she was concerned there was nothing wrong with the male dragons here.

Even Couineth agreed. Of course she had. Couineth had chosen one of them in the past and took something of an offence to know that Laanasuth had deemed him not suitable. The gold thought similarly to Rayna. Had there been an attempt like that in her flight they would never hear the end of it. There were worse punishments than physical injuries after all. So she didn't blame Laanasuth for throwing off the offender but she had then left and chosen none of them.

Perhaps they were being unfair in their thoughts, but now a complete outsider would be coming to their Weyr and insinuating themselves into Dalibor's business. Then again, given Jali's arrival perhaps it would be the perfect fit, she thought. Whomever came would not necessarily find the warmest friendship in Rayna. There was duty to be done and that was the extent to which the intended to deal with this person until they either proved themselves or lost the next Flight. Either one worked just fine for her.

Oh but she had been hiding her emotions well. In fact her expression had been suitably blank for the past day. She had only spoken to Jali to confirm that the winner would be transferred to Dalibor. Personally, she would have just as sooner had Arlya continue with them but unfortunately there were some sticklers for tradition.

As Jali spoke, Rayna maintained an expression of polite interest and nodded her head when the other Weyrwoman turned to her to confirm the transfer. When Z'dyn spoke, she gave no indication that she felt anything but agreement with him, nodding in his direction. It would not do to infer that she disagreed with what had happened. No, better to present a united front until the whole thing had blown over. In four to five turns when Laanasuth chose again.

When M'arek stood, it was the first time that Rayna was unable to hide her annoyance. Anger flushed her face and she almost hissed at him to sit back down again. Her gaze flickered around the hall as she heard various comments including the green rider who earned something of a flicker of a smile.

"Thank you Jali," She spoke finally, "We look forward to greeting Laanasuth's chosen suitor."
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 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 05:34 PM


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Arlya's face showed cold, centered control, but inside she was still fuming. It was not that she was being replaced. This had already been discussed at length long ago and it had been agreed she would step down in favor of the winner of Laanasuth's Flight. Much as she was loath to give up her position, the truth was she had held it for longer than most and they had been gracious enough to let her remain even after Keth had left. Given she thought Laanasuth choosing Xerocleth was unlikely, she had been prepared to give up being Junior Weyrleader.

She was NOT prepared to give it up to some outsider who profitted from this disaster of a flight. Xerocleth was still not speaking, not even to her, and had simply devoted himself back to training harder than ever. That anyone would claim he was unworthy after all he did to support and defend this Weyr was just unacceptable. There was nothing wrong with any of the males as far as she was concerned, except maybe Vikareth. He needed a lesson taught hard, if he hadn't already learned it by now. Not that she supported his transfer. Better that he stayed and work to regain what little respect he had than run away like a coward.

Still, she waited in her seat, her face a perfect mask. Much as her temper flared at many of the words spoken, this was not the time nor the place for more angry words. Truthfully, she pity this new leader. They would struggle far more with the position than she ever did. Only after Rayna had spoken did Arlya feel it would be appropriate to speak.

"I will be stepping down in favor of Laanasuth's chosen," she announced. Though her voice was calm, she had clenched her fist to help maintain the cool. It was expected and tradition and she wanted no one to question what would happen when they arrived. "I trust we can all put our feelings behind us and continue to work together to keep Dalibor, its holds, and its people, safe." That said, she nodded firmly and went silent. She was never very good at speeches. Her duty was done, even if her heart wasn't completely in it.

Outside on his ledge, Xerocleth was flexing his wings, keeping them limber as always for flight. He paused, reaching out to assure his rider that he would be fine. This was a shame he could endure. Digging his claws into the rock, he hesitated, before reaching out private to Couineth as well. It has been an honor to serve you, my queen, he told her stoically. And let it be know that I will remain always loyal to Dalibor. Should you ever have need, you have only to ask.

 Posted: Apr 20 2018, 11:08 PM


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When Jali demanded everyone's attention, G'len gave it. As was his habit, he watched the Weyrwoman's body language and listened to her tone of voice tone, taking it all in from where he sat to sift her words for truth. She was, it seemed, honestly embarrassed by what her dragon did during her Flight. Or at the very least, understood the scandal that action unleashed against them, though he was more inclined to believe the former.

The apology was acceptable, though that might not be the right word for what he was feeling for himself right then. He'd accept it more after he had time to weigh her words, sift through them to see if he missed any hidden meanings in them now. and sifting through the reactions of the rest of the Weyr. So far what he was hearing around him was too mixed to get a good instant read on, though they seemed to be mostly accepting what Jali said. And if said apology was followed by the hard work needed to fix the damage done, so much the better, in his opinion.

Then Z'dyn spoke, and of course he threw everyone under the wagon to absolve Laanasuth of responsibility for her folly. Never mind that just under half the suitors did give the Copper the respect she asked for, or that many of the rudest ones were recent transfers from other Weyrs, including the stupid Burgundy, and thus not representative of what Dalibor Weyrlingmasters taught their charges. So long as all blame can be shoved off from his friend onto someone else, he was going to do it.

All of those thoughts and opinions, though, G'len wasn't going to say out loud. Not when the voice in his head - the same on that'd been there for almost two decades now - was still upset by Laanasuth's actions, and far too apt to let his emotions bleed into his rider's. Not when what he'd likely say would bring hurt to people he cared deeply for. Nothing good would come from it, especially given the touchy mood of the Weyr right now. Better for him to keep his peace and show the world his poker face than start rifts with the people he needed to help do his job in the skies. Follow Rayna's lead and keep the mask on, no matter how much they'd like to do otherwise.

Speaking of...he could tell that Rayna was still very mad about the whole mess, even if he didn't know her quite well already. The nods of agreement with Jali and Z'dyn didn't hide the little body moves that said what her mood was otherwise. Not that it would take someone sensitive to reading body language like himself to guess that; just knowing about the newest political scandal would be enough to figure that much out. Perhaps he should offer to take the Goldpair out hunting in the next few days, to give them a chance to clear their heads for a bit. Or maybe stop by her weyr and offer himself up as a distraction for an evening or two, which would most likely be a few rounds of cards, or just a long gripe session with some wine. Whatever she wanted, he'd do for his friend.

So does he consider Xeroceth and Oth culpable for Laanasuth's choice? Or are they to be excluded from blame as well? Zeuth growled into G'len's mind, bringing him back to the here and now. While the Bronze could accept some ofLaanasuth's reasoning for rejecting her suitors, he wouldn't accept all of it. SOME of her suitors (including himself) did give her the respect she demanded, almost half of those present did by his count. In his mind, she should have just run off the ones who dissed her after shredding the fool, then make her choice from those who remained. Instead of running off in a moment of impulsiveness and destroying the work she and Hers put into this Weyr.

Hard telling, came back the sardonic reply. Possibly his one named source for information didn't supply specifics of who did what up there, so he did his usual and assumed the worst of all instead of asking others about what they saw up there. At least G'len thought it likely the Weyrleader hadn't asked any of the other suitors what happened. All he knew was that he'd not been officially asked anything about the Flight as of yet, and at this point didn't exactly expect to be.

Then M'rek, the young man bonded to the fool Burgundy spoke up. The young man looked like he hadn't slept right for the last couple of days. Which, given Vikareth's injuries, would be typical of any rider in his position. At least the human half of the pair had the courage to publicly apologize for their role in the scandal. Though it was yet unclear if the offer to transfer was the right one right now; time would tell. IF the fool Burgundy actually learned his lesson about force-catching female dragons, then there might be hope for him yet. Or the fool could follow in the footsteps of Halventh, who refused to learn the follies of force-catching females, even after loosing a leg to a Red he tried that on.

L’ru’s comment was met with a raised eyebrow and a brief amazed look, but nothing more to the outside world. While technically correct about the whims of proddy female dragons, he also missed the point by several dozen dragonlengths. Laanasuth wasnt a fighter who theoretically could’ve pulled a stunt like that without damaging the Weyr’s reputation, at least in the long term. She was one of the Weyr’s leaders, responsible for the welfare of almost a thousand people living here, plus the protection of the Holds that tithed to them, not the rest of Pern.

Her mate had to be a dragon living here, had to be someone the locals knew the measure of, to trust what kind of leadership to expect for the next few turns. To bring a total outsider into power here, created far too many conspiracies to count at the moment. Not only did the Copper call into serious question her and Jali’s sincerity in helping Dalibor solve their problems, she also left the door open to everyone thinking they were now a satellite of High Reaches instead of their own Weyr. An idea he didn’t exactly trust the High Reaches leadership to not try and make a reality sometime in the future.

Then Arlya spoke, and while it was a given she’d have to step down if Xeroceth lost, he still felt a bit sad for her. One thing to loose to a dragon she might at least know by reputation, but to loose to someone no-one here had met yet? Not good. Rightfully angry about the situation, but able to survive and get over it.

As Zeuth would, eventually, get over it in time. For right now, G’len kept the poker face on, and his tounge behind his teeth. He wouldn’t do anything to cause his Weyr more trouble, nor upset Rayna more than she already was. Right now he’d do a wait and see with this new Junior coming in, and make a judgement then if they were likely to well here or not.

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