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Posted by: Catsitta Nov 26 2017, 05:10 PM
"I do not care how warm you say it is right now, it's still too cold to go swimming," Zel motioned at the lake, a rather unfazed copper staring at her from the shore. "It is still winter. At least a fortnight until the spring thaw hits. Even if there is no snow on the ground right now, that water is freezing." She crossed her arms. There. That was that. She made her point, so now they could go back into the lower caverns where it was warmer...

'SmartMine should practice now while warm. No swim all season!'

"For a good reason." The wherlingmaster had them do their big swimming exam in the late fall, before the temperature of the water became a detriment. Even so, the ocean chilled them and as soon as they were out of the water, efforts were made to warm them up through blankets and drinks. Right now, trying to go in that water, was horrible idea! Zel had no qualms arguing that point.

Zelsk huffed.

There was a familiar sneaky gleam in those faceted eyes.

"Do you want me to get sick again?" Zel asked. Her bonded turned her head and the wherling sighed. Sore sport. Not the best idea to go poking at those. "C'mon, we should go back inside."

No. Zelsk straightened, her gaze fixed on something approaching the lake. Zel turned to see a wherhandler pair. Were they on patrol? "You want to talk to them."

'Good to talk. Make strong allies that way.'

And with that, the swimming argument was dropped as the copper meandered towards the handler.



Posted by: Boo Jan 12 2018, 05:55 PM
Madness. Utter madness.
The large fin-like tail flicked back and forth as the cyan observed her shivering handler with a look of mixed disgust and curiosity. Every turn he tried this. Tried to grow accustomed to the freezing cold waters of the lake. Every year he caught a cold or had some other thing happen that caused Riysk to think that perhaps she had bonded to someone who was not all that right in the head. Then again, she also loved the water so the cyan never protested too long. The pillies were already swimming in a circle somewhere out in the water.

"Deep breaths, control that body temperature."
Riysk think you do not have that kind of power. The wher observed bluntly as Riyd took some more purposeful steps towards the lake and dropped the fur cloak he had been wearing. On his body he wore something like a tight suit of sorts. Hide stitched to cloth with gloves and some sort of cloth boots. Then without a second thought, he charged into the water.

The handler gasped loudly as the chill hit his chest immediately feeling the cold seep through the clothing he had been wearing.
Did not work again. How much wasted this time on foolish errand?
He could feel the numbness but was pleased to note that his feet hadn't quite gotten to the point where he couldn't feel anything at all.

Are Zelsk, right?
Riysk turned to the copper wher as she approached, a little bored with her handler's antics at this point.
Yours want try?


Posted by: Catsitta Jan 13 2018, 04:07 PM
Yes. I am Zelsk. You are Riysk?

The copper made it her business to pay attention to every detail. She learned faces and names of strangers because it mattered. If one was to make a proper impression and alliances, it was best to know as much as possible about the other. Fortunately, for the sanity of Hers, so far her quest to 'know' mostly resulted in only names and occasionally the ranks of handler pairs. When they graduated, she was sure to expand that mission to envelope riders and crafters.

She settled on her haunches before the cyan, thorny wings pricked askew from her sides. Rarely did the lay them flat or allow them to rest folded when around other whers. A display to make herself appear larger or more imposing? Zel wasn't quite sure. But now that the copper was no longer the size of a puppy, she could see how flaunting those spines might work for intimidation. The day she hatched Zelsk posed those wings of hers like a crown behind her head and continued to do so ever since. Her sleek head tilted to observe the cyan's handler, looking more delicate than dominant in Hers' eyes.

SmartMine will not go in water. She say it too cold for hu-mans to go swimming. Yours agree or no, because he go in water and stay there. Zelsk huffed. She knew it wasn't too cold for Hers to practice. Now it was just a matter of convincing the girl to realize that Zelsk knew best.

"What is he doing?" Zel asked aloud. As the whers conversed, the wherling watched the handler do the most bizarre thing. Garbed in the oddest outfit, he ran into the lake and was now standing chest deep, obviously freezing.



Posted by: Boo Jan 13 2018, 06:21 PM
If whers could smirk, that was what Riysk would be doing as she looked between her handler and the copper wher. Zelsk was a queen and Riysk would treat her with respect even though she was not the biggest fan of rules. Riyd had told her to look up to the ones with the shiny hides. They were the most likely among them to become a leader. Her fin like tail continued to lightly wave from side to side.
Most likely too cold. Mine not blessed with such intellect as Yours, Riysk think. We will see when Riysk's come out making sneeze noises.
The cyan looked to Zel as she spoke up, asking her question.

For a moment she contemplated speaking to the handler and then turned back to Zelsk to speak so the copper could relay the message to her handler.
Riysk's think there way to make clothes that keep human warm in cold water. Allow Riysk's to swim deeper into water with Eti shipfish. Also try make things for see under water. Been working on it some time. Take longer when have handler duties, you see. Close for see underwater. Not close for warm clothes.

By this point, she could almost feel the cold through their bond and looked back at Riyd. A little while longer and she would go in to rescue him but she hoped maybe this time he might learn that trying out these clothes in winter was not the best idea. Although he had started laughing at this point which meant he had gained at least some satisfaction from his experiment.

Or the cold had gotten to his head and his mind was seeping out of his ears. Either one.


Posted by: Catsitta Jan 13 2018, 07:40 PM
Shipfish. Zelsk had seen shipfish before. During one of their lessons, Ijo and Isk invited Orsk and His to act as an aid. His was apparently a Dolphineer, because a small pod assisted them in a task of ring collecting. She, of course, was not too fond of these creatures. The one that helped them was far too forward with Hers. As useful as one might be to have as an ally some day, Zelsk wasn't keen on the idea of sharing Zel right now. She was Hers. Only Hers. A memory of her hatch day flickered through her mind. Zel was Zelsk, Zelsk was Zel. They were one and the same; two halve of a whole. And nothing would rend them apart. Teeth flashed, a wher-ish parody of a smile paired with menace, but she composed herself, hiding the momentary lapse with a tilt of her snout.

'He swims with a dolphin partner like Osk's,' Zelsk told Hers. 'Thinks funny clothes will help him swim longer in cold. He also make things to see with underwater. Want to try?'

'No, no I do not. I am not a dolphineer and I have no reason to go into the water right now.'

A wicked idea came to Zelsk, 'What if need to save a hu-man? What if Zelsk only one can help? Would we, or let drown?'

'He's obviously not drowning.'


'He has a partner. She can save him.'

The copper eyed the laughing handler in the water, 'And if not Bonded?'

"I am not going into the water to 'rescue' a perfectly healthy man," she motioned at Riysk. "Especially not one who has a perfectly capable bonded. If he is a Dolphineer, his swimming is going to be superior to mine anyway."

Riysk, would mind much if Mine help Yours? Mine not swim like shipfish and needs practice. Help Yours test water clothes or eyes. Both silly hu-mans win.



Posted by: Boo Jan 31 2018, 04:02 AM
Riysk continued to watch her handler for a while longer before she heard Zel speak. Not going into the water to rescue a perfectly healthy man. Well, she was correct in thinking Riyd's swimming was superior. Plus they needed help in testing the clothes. The things that helped him see underwater he had begun calling 'water eyes' although Riysk thought there was probably a better word for them if he took more time to think about it. She then looked to Zelsk as the copper began speaking with her.

Asking to help Riyd? Well, Riysk was a firm believer that everyone should learn how to swim at least to save themselves. What happened if they were in a bath that was too deep? Or they were walking by the lake and slipped in. Not to mention swimming was just a really fun thing to do. Although usually not when it was winter. That was not the best time to be swimming.

Think this is a good idea. Riysk replied wickedly, Zelsk's not fool, though. She know Riysk know how to swim. Riysk can fake injury. Pretend be hurt then Zelsk's only one to help. She might try to make Zelsk swim though? Can ask bugs to pull Riysk's into the water. See if they listen. May not though, they not as smart as small-wings.


Posted by: Catsitta Feb 3 2018, 03:21 PM
I have my ways, Zelsk replied, quite pleased with the wickedness in Riysk's tone. She would help. Now they just needed Hers in the water. Once she was soaked, she'd have nothing better to do than assist in testing out those water eyes! Have Yours spooked. Make ask for help. Use buggies if you can. You act like want to help, but I stop. Then Mine must go help Yours in water like in lessons. We fish Ours out if hu-mans do something stupid. Mine swims to Yours. Buggies go away. New tester for water eyes. Yes?

She thought her plan was fantastic.

Zel would be utterly unamused by it. But the copper had Hers' best interests at heart. If she got distressed or too cold, Zelsk was right here and would pull Hers out of the lake. She'd make sure Hers bathed in the hot spring, changed clothes and ate a warm meal in apology, and all would be forgiven. Creating allies was important. Swimming was important. She wasn't about to risk a chance at improving either.

"He sounds...happy?" the wherling murmured at the copper's side. Clearly at a loss for what to make of the handler's antics in the lake.



Posted by: Boo Feb 3 2018, 06:26 PM
Ok. Riysk wasn't always a fan of authority but she thought she would get along well with Zelsk. Very well indeed. There was a tricksy wickedness to the way Zelsk operated and Riysk liked that very much. The cyan's tail waved back and forth again, the long appendage fanning the cool air. Her eyes flicked to Zelsk's for a moment and then back to her rider.

Will try contact bugs. Riysk affirmed her compliance and reached out to the strange bugs.
After a moment, she thought she was able to communicate to the pink and yellow pillies that were bonded to her handler. Monster and Terror were never far away when they went swimming in the lake and this time was no different.

First she tried Terror. She informed the pink that Riyd was very dirty indeed and needed to go under water in order to wash his face. She tried her best to communicate this. In all honesty, she wasn't sure how successful it was but the pillie hated mess and would no doubt try to do something about it. She also impressed upon the pillie the fact that Riyd would protest for he was convinced of his cleanliness.

Then she turned her attention to Monster. The pink was a little too helpful but even this could be twisted. She tried to tell the pink that Riyd was having trouble going under water because he was a little too scared and that she needed to help the handler even if he said he was fine, for he was lying. With her instructions thus communicated she waited a moment.

It was quite sudden. One minute Riyd was celebrating the minor accomplishment and next minute he had fallen over and was completely submerged. He broke the surface a moment later and began being dragged under a couple more times.
Oh no! What are happen?? Riysk exclaimed both to her handler and Zelsk putting on a show of seeming worried.


Posted by: Catsitta Feb 4 2018, 04:14 PM
Zelsk watched the lake with avid interest. Nothing, nothing, nothing and...Ah! SPLASH. The handler was dragged underwater and seemed to be having trouble staying over the surface. Perfect. 'SmartMine, Riysk's need help! Riysk cannot get Hers out of water.' Zel stared into scheming, swirling eyes. The copper's wings were flared and she stood in front of the fighter, posed to intervene even if the wher tried to lung into the lake. She was bigger. Less trained, but definitely bigger.

"What are you doing?" Zel hissed.


The wherling was at a loss. What had Zelsk done? What had Riysk done? That handler was obviously in distress and they were just going to let him suffer? She glared at the two whers and ran into the lake, gritting her teeth against the chill. 'You're in trouble.' Zel bespoke to Zelsk. The copper's self satisfaction ebbed through their bond. 'Mine will thank me later.' She folded her wings and watched as Zel closed in on the handler and offered her assistance to remain afloat.

Good time to ask buggies to stop.



Posted by: Boo Feb 4 2018, 06:03 PM
The cyan continued to act concerned and worried about her bonded but made it clear she wouldn't be able to go out to rescue him. With him flailing around in the way he was, it probably would have been dangerous for her to swim out to the man. Her paws might catch him oddly and cause injury. So Riysk was able to act very authentically worried. She did not try to get past Zelsk who had moved to stand in front of her now.

Zel had started running into the water at this point, charging in and sending the water splashing everywhere. The cyan prowled back and forth a little, looking out at the lake with a rather satisfied sort of expression on her face. The wher was careful to mostly keep her thoughts from Riyd.
Riyd is good? She checked.
Oh I'm fine. Not a problem, I have this totally under control.

Will do so, she told the copper in response to her suggestion to call off the bugs.
So the cyan reached out to the pillies again and told them to desist even as Zel reached Riyd. As soon as she offered a hand he grabbed on given that he was no longer being pulled under by pillies.

"What are you doing, are you crazy?" He demanded, once he was stable in the water.


Posted by: Catsitta Feb 4 2018, 06:19 PM
Zel flushed scarlet. Half in anger and half in embarassment. Whatever was causing the handler distress was gone now, despite him accepting her help. There was no more flailing or thrashing or near drowning. "No. But our whers just played a dirty trick," she mumbled, looking away, unable to meet his eyes. Confidence was hard won for Zel. Even though she found it easier to look people in the eyes and hold conversations with them, moments like these were hard to process and she switched into old habits. Ones that her bonded highly disapproved of. Self depreciation, meekness and strained quietness. Her shivering voice was glassy, like she was struggling to speak at all. Sometimes she heard people talk. They said things like how she shouldn't have bonded a queen. That Zelsk only chose her to use her, knowing that she would be easy to push around. That she would just walk all over Zel. And right now, she felt like the biggest idiot. Like all those things were true.

But she didn't let it show on her face.

Instead she swallowed her gathering emotions and let go of the handler, "S-sorry." Zel was trembling. This lake was far too cold to be in right now.


'I'm going to the barracks. It's very cold and I'm soaked.'

Zel dared a glance at the handler, "I...I thought I was helping."



Posted by: Boo Feb 4 2018, 07:53 PM
The girl had to be crazy. No one went swimming in this kind of weather except the truly fanatical like himself. Even then, he had a reason to go in the water. What was it that had grabbed him anyway? A noise to his left earned a blank, annoyed expression as he looked at the pink pillie. Shells, what had Riysk been thinking? His mind had been too numb from cold to even realise it was his own pillies attacking him.

Eyes flashed with anger as he turned his gaze from Zel to his wher. Riysk was now trying to look very innocent and unconcerned on the banks of the water.
"A nasty trick, huh?" His voice shook not just from cold.
You could have gotten her killed and then we would have been in deep shit because you were the one who killed a copper wherling. Fool.
He was satisfied when he felt a little bit of guilt from his wher.
Trying to help Zelsk's learn how to swim.
"You could have asked!" He blurted out loud, glaring at the two whers, "If you wanted her to learn how to swim, you could have asked for help."

If she was amenable, he would move to place an arm around her and try to warm her up as he lead her out of the freezing water.
"I mean I would have been fine but shells Zel," of course he knew her name, "I mean it was brave but truly kind of insane. Who goes swimming in this kind of weather?"

Riysk looked slightly abashed at this point and walked over to the clothes to pick up the furs that her handler had brought with him. She reached out tentatively to Zel.
Have warm things for Zel?
If Zel allowed him to lead her from the water, he would snatch the furs from his wher and place them on her shoulders.


Posted by: Catsitta Feb 4 2018, 08:34 PM
"What?" Zel blinked. "I can swim." How else would I have gotten into the middle of the lake? She let out a shaky breath as she tried not to focus on how her limbs were numbing. "I d-don't know w-what Zelsk told her, b-but..." Her teeth chattered. The copper huffed, though she could see her eyes tinged with warmer colors. She just realized her mistake. Her BIG mistake. The wherling didn't struggle as the handler wrapped an arm around her, either attempting to warm her or 'keep her afloat'. This day just needed to end. They eventually were free of the water, the handler her only source of warmth until her draped some furs around her shoulders. She ducked her head. There were not words. She...she didn't have any.

Zelsk shoved her way between Rysk's and hers, coiling about the girl as much as was physically possible. She wasn't a serpentine beast, but she was lithe for a wher. 'Mine?' Zel didn't respond at first, but knew that upsetting the copper was a needless stressor. The copper was young; mistakes were made. She was tired, embarrassed and...numb. 'Why?'

The copper projected her mindvoice so that all three could hear. She had utterly no qualms bespeaking humans, often choosing to be the one addressing them when Hers wouldn't. I wanted to help. You need practice swimming. Riysk's swim. Special water eyes. both at same time. Zel dripped. She hadn't moved or tried to escape the circle Zelsk made around her. Just stood there, shivering like a leaf in a windstorm, water puddling on the dirt at her feet. "We passed the swimming test, Zelsk. I know I could be stronger, but I just wanted to wait until the weather was warmer." The tonelessness in her voice made more flecks of warm color spark in the wher's eyes. "I could get sick. Again. Swimming in cold water."

Her health wasn't something to mess around with given the jungle plague she endured. Its very mention made Zelsk growl and press tighter to Hers, as if doing so would protect her from the ails of the world. "S-sir. S-sorry for scaring you. They led me to believe that you were in danger." And by virtue of her very nature, she couldn't resist helping. Letting someone suffer and possibly die when she could do something was something she refused to do. 'When I am dry and warm, we are going to have a chat.'

The copper tilted her head the the handler, I...apolo-gize. Only try to help.

For all her maturity and regality, it was hard to remember that Zelsk was indeed little more than a child. Not even a Turn old.



Posted by: Boo Feb 9 2018, 07:59 PM
Can swim but maybe not best. Riysk responded meekly.
"Riysk thinks anyone who couldn't swim to the Western Ring Islands needs more training. Even me." He responded shortly.

It was sad that this was only a slight exaggeration. Of course Riysk thought he was a very good swimmer but she was also the type of wher to sit outside by the lake on a summer's day comparing the different swimming capabilities of the lake users. It was her way and Riyd had to begrudgingly admit that she was actually incredibly good at identifying the ways in which someone could improve their stroke. He moved out of the way as the copper wheret pushed her way between them.

Riysk sorry.
I know you are but you really need to think these things through. Not everyone is as comfortable jumping into freezing cold water.
Riysk's not even comfortable.
He rolled his eyes and picked up the 'water eyes'.

"I am sorry for getting annoyed at you," he relented, "But I would say that if something had happened to you my hide would be tanned by that wherlingmaster of yours."
He tapped the water eyes in his hand and smiled in spite of the cold.
"You know... I probably didn't need to be out in the lake for this next part. I just wanted to see if there was anything under there. But I could test them in the wherhandler pool. It's warmer there too," he shrugged, "Perhaps it would be better to practice there in future. You could come along and watch if you wanted. Either it will be successful in which case you will witness a lot of whooping and happiness or it won't... In which case you will witness my basically getting blinded by the hot water."

He would most certainly be testing the water eyes today even in spite of the mishap. Zel would be perfectly welcome to join if she wanted to.
Won't actually be blinded, Riysk told the group, A little much exaggerate, Riysk think.


Posted by: Catsitta Feb 9 2018, 10:10 PM
Zel stared down. Copper and brown. Hide and dirt. She curled her toes and water squelched in sodden boots. Mud bubbled. They needed scrubbing before stains set in. "You were not in the wrong," she said, pulling the fur a touch tighter. "No need to apologize to me." Wherlingmaster Ijo would be disappointed in her if he found out how rashly she acted. About how she let Zelsk trick her like that. She risked her safety and her health. Putting two lives in danger. If something had happened to her then...Copper and brown blurred for a moment as frustrated tears dared to quiver in her eyes. Zel released a slow breath. Calm. She needed to remain grounded and calm. For both their sakes. She was fine. No one was hurt. The only injuries here were to her pride.

But shards and shells, she just wanted to be a little weak right now.

Except she couldn't.

Not with so much on the line. So she rubbed away the urge to cry and laid a hand on Zelsk's shoulder, "I...I should get in some dry clothes." Part of her wanted to turn down the handler's offer to watch. But some company right now might be the distraction she needed to keep her thoughts level. 'You should rest now, SmartMine. No get sick if you rest.' Zel gently stepped free of Zelsk's coil, her next words firm, "I will watch your demonstration afterwards." Despite speaking aloud, it was evident she meant them more for Zelsk than for the handler she said them to. The copper fell silent. No protests this time.

Zel peeled the furs from her shoulders and held them out to the handler. Who had her at a disadvantage by knowing her name--because it seemed almost everyone knew her name because of Zelsk, which was disconcerting in its own way--while she did not know his. "I should hurry. Standing out here in these wet clothes is unpleasant." And with that, she turned on her heel and hurried towards the barracks.



Posted by: Boo Feb 10 2018, 05:45 AM
Riyd honestly felt bad for the girl now. He watched her a moment with a concerned look on his face. She was right, she needed to get into warm clothes. Although the water suit he was wearing was, he realised, actually keeping him a little warmer than he thought it would. So he was on the right track with that one at least. He could feel that some of the water seemed trapped and that the water was actually warm in those parts. Something worth investigating further, he thought and snapped his attention back to Zel.

"Of course. I shall meet you in the wherhandler quarters."
He watched her run off to the barracks and looked down at Riysk. She looked awkward for a moment and then assumed something of a nonchalant posture.
Was it your idea or hers?
It were hers... Riysk answered slowly, Riysk's say listen to authority. Riysk listened and did what was asked.
He frowned at her.
No, that would be once she's graduated.
He gathered his things and straightened as he watched the two pillies come out of the water.

"And don't think you two are totally free from blame." He glared at them as they attached themselves to Riysk's back and then began striding towards the Wherhandler quarters, the parts that still had water in them slooshed around and eventually fell from the suit. The water eyes had taken him a long time to create. They had glass that he had spent about a season's worth of work acquiring and had woven with reeds around them. Then they were somewhat sealed with wax over the top of the reeds. They would hopefully stay on his eyes with the strap made of wher hide tied from one of the lenses to the other with another smaller piece of hide that would go over the bridge of his nose.

Riyd was somewhat confident that his contraption would at least let him see under the water but he wasn't so certain that he would be able to stop the water from getting in after a while. Eti would be pleased once he had figured it all out. He reached the wherhandler quarters and waited by the water taking note of Kisk paddling around in the water with what could only be described at pure joy, trumpeting loudly at his handler and her daughter. Riyd waved to Kire and sat beside the pool, legs dangling in the warm water. The pillies crawled into the pool and Riysk proceeded to step slowly in and began swimming around, her long tail propelling her through the water like a fish's fin.


Posted by: Catsitta Feb 13 2018, 10:09 PM
Wet clothes hit the ground with a slap and bare feet skittered. Zel was hastier in changing clothes than even retreating back to the barracks, the prospect of warm, dry garments an impossible temptation to resist. She felt so much better once she pulled on the dark, heavy tunic. It covered her arms and sat high on the neck, the cloth fashioned in such a way that she could tug the bag of the collar over her head like a makeshift hood. It was also gloriously cozy. Zel took a moment to comb the worst of the water from her hair before braiding it again, and then hung her sodden attire to dry. There was a sad little puddle in the middle of the floor that she also attended before she even looked Zelsk's way. The copper sat quietly by the doorway, eyes dashed with warm colors.

The wherling sighed. They were both upset and stressed and likely frustrating each other in a convection of emotions. "What's done is done," Zel said, pushing open the door and grasping the wher's harness. "We both have a lot to learn." A tiny, fragile smile crept on her lips. Zelsk dipped her head. 'I misjudged the situation.'

"It happens. No one is perfect."

And with that, the pair headed to the handler quarters. From guided patrols, they knew where the pool was, and quickly found where Ryid waited. There we two whers splashing in the warmed water as they approached.

"You can join them if you want, Zelsk," Zel said, motioning to the water before stepping towards the handler she was here to help. "Pardon the delay, it took longer than expected to change." Her eyes flicked to the copper, who was staring contemplatively at the pool.



(Blarg. Head fuzziness. I hope this post makes sense.)

Posted by: Boo Feb 23 2018, 08:44 PM
The water was warm a nice relief after his attempt in the lake. He put the water eyes on his eyes and tied the strap around his head so they would be secure. Well,
as secure as he could manage. He had spoken with the smiths and the clear glass in the water eyes should have been able to allow him to see under the water. He had already tested being able to see with the glass, now he needed to figure out how to hold the glass in place and not allow water in.

Zel returned and he looked at her through the water eyes.
"Are you ready?"
He took a breath and entered the water, floating on the surface with his head above the water and then looked down.

Everything was perfectly clear for about ten seconds before the water began slowly trickling in through the sides but this didn't stop the thrill of excitement that ran through Riyd's body. He had done it! Sort of but he had done it!

Really? Riysk seemed absolutely baffled as Riyd jumped to his feet and looked over at Zel.
"I did it! I could see everything down there for about ten seconds and then the water started seeping in through the sides."
He was utterly elated and splashed at the water with triumph. He took the contraption off his eyes and grinned over at Riysk who had made her way over to him.

"I think just a few more tweaks and we will have it perfect! Do you want to try? You could just look in from the side there."


Posted by: Catsitta Mar 17 2018, 03:34 PM
Zel nodded and watched the enthusiastic handler dive under the warm water. She settled cross legged on the cavern floor and eyed the surface, curious about what the results would be. Water eyes would be nice for Dolphineers and handlers that aided in ocean rescues. She was essentially blind when caught under the surf, unable to keep her eyes open in the stinging murk. Even lake water was hard to keep her eyes open beneath, any debris prickling at sensitive irises. If he succeeded, it would be an astounding and useful discovery.


She smiled faintly at that. Yes. Practical. A favorite word of the wherling long before she met her demanding bondmate. Zelsk still had a thing or two to learn when it came to making sensible choices.

The handler emerged from the water, triumphant. Zel offered a polite clap, pausing when he asked if she would like to test them. A faint, nervous flush colored her cheeks.

Of course Mine will try them! she shot the copper a look. The wher added a little defensively, 'SmartMine wants to.' A sigh. True. She did want to try the eyes. It just surprised her when he asked her. "Why don't you get in the pool, Zelsk. That way I can see what you look like underwater." Sensing that she was mostly forgiven for her earlier flub, the copper slithered into the warm water with the other whers and peered up at Hers. Zel took the water eyes and examined them, noting their similarities to riding goggles, before pulling them over her face.

They slid off to rest loosely across her nose.

"Erm, they're a bit big for me I think..." She blinked at the handler, "Can this strap be tightened?"



Posted by: Boo Apr 21 2018, 04:31 AM
It was not perfect, that he knew, but the fact that he had been able to see perfectly clearly under the water had been an incredible start. At least he wouldn't have to start from scratch like he might have to with the suit. No matter, this one at the very least might just get him the attention he wanted over at the Dolphinhall. It would be exceedingly useful in almost everything they would do. It could even be used recreationally and stop people from getting quite so much gunk in their eyes when swimming.

Zelsk slid into the water and Riysk swam a little closer to the copper, tail propelling her quickly through the water.
Was unexpected. Never really doubt Riyd but never have thought it might work. Seem so impossible. She told her handler privately. There was something of pride in her words though. Her handler had achieved something of the impossible. They had tried the riding goggles beforehand but they had let the water come in the sides, not totally moulded in a way to seal the edges.

He handed the item over to Zel and adjusted the strap for her, showing her how she could tie it in order to secure it on her eyes.
"Water might leak in a little bit but it should work at least for a short while."


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