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Posted by: Catsitta Nov 26 2017, 05:10 PM
"I do not care how warm you say it is right now, it's still too cold to go swimming," Zel motioned at the lake, a rather unfazed copper staring at her from the shore. "It is still winter. At least a fortnight until the spring thaw hits. Even if there is no snow on the ground right now, that water is freezing." She crossed her arms. There. That was that. She made her point, so now they could go back into the lower caverns where it was warmer...

'SmartMine should practice now while warm. No swim all season!'

"For a good reason." The wherlingmaster had them do their big swimming exam in the late fall, before the temperature of the water became a detriment. Even so, the ocean chilled them and as soon as they were out of the water, efforts were made to warm them up through blankets and drinks. Right now, trying to go in that water, was horrible idea! Zel had no qualms arguing that point.

Zelsk huffed.

There was a familiar sneaky gleam in those faceted eyes.

"Do you want me to get sick again?" Zel asked. Her bonded turned her head and the wherling sighed. Sore sport. Not the best idea to go poking at those. "C'mon, we should go back inside."

No. Zelsk straightened, her gaze fixed on something approaching the lake. Zel turned to see a wherhandler pair. Were they on patrol? "You want to talk to them."

'Good to talk. Make strong allies that way.'

And with that, the swimming argument was dropped as the copper meandered towards the handler.



Posted by: Boo Jan 12 2018, 05:55 PM
Madness. Utter madness.
The large fin-like tail flicked back and forth as the cyan observed her shivering handler with a look of mixed disgust and curiosity. Every turn he tried this. Tried to grow accustomed to the freezing cold waters of the lake. Every year he caught a cold or had some other thing happen that caused Riysk to think that perhaps she had bonded to someone who was not all that right in the head. Then again, she also loved the water so the cyan never protested too long. The pillies were already swimming in a circle somewhere out in the water.

"Deep breaths, control that body temperature."
Riysk think you do not have that kind of power. The wher observed bluntly as Riyd took some more purposeful steps towards the lake and dropped the fur cloak he had been wearing. On his body he wore something like a tight suit of sorts. Hide stitched to cloth with gloves and some sort of cloth boots. Then without a second thought, he charged into the water.

The handler gasped loudly as the chill hit his chest immediately feeling the cold seep through the clothing he had been wearing.
Did not work again. How much wasted this time on foolish errand?
He could feel the numbness but was pleased to note that his feet hadn't quite gotten to the point where he couldn't feel anything at all.

Are Zelsk, right?
Riysk turned to the copper wher as she approached, a little bored with her handler's antics at this point.
Yours want try?


Posted by: Catsitta Jan 13 2018, 04:07 PM
Yes. I am Zelsk. You are Riysk?

The copper made it her business to pay attention to every detail. She learned faces and names of strangers because it mattered. If one was to make a proper impression and alliances, it was best to know as much as possible about the other. Fortunately, for the sanity of Hers, so far her quest to 'know' mostly resulted in only names and occasionally the ranks of handler pairs. When they graduated, she was sure to expand that mission to envelope riders and crafters.

She settled on her haunches before the cyan, thorny wings pricked askew from her sides. Rarely did the lay them flat or allow them to rest folded when around other whers. A display to make herself appear larger or more imposing? Zel wasn't quite sure. But now that the copper was no longer the size of a puppy, she could see how flaunting those spines might work for intimidation. The day she hatched Zelsk posed those wings of hers like a crown behind her head and continued to do so ever since. Her sleek head tilted to observe the cyan's handler, looking more delicate than dominant in Hers' eyes.

SmartMine will not go in water. She say it too cold for hu-mans to go swimming. Yours agree or no, because he go in water and stay there. Zelsk huffed. She knew it wasn't too cold for Hers to practice. Now it was just a matter of convincing the girl to realize that Zelsk knew best.

"What is he doing?" Zel asked aloud. As the whers conversed, the wherling watched the handler do the most bizarre thing. Garbed in the oddest outfit, he ran into the lake and was now standing chest deep, obviously freezing.



Posted by: Boo Jan 13 2018, 06:21 PM
If whers could smirk, that was what Riysk would be doing as she looked between her handler and the copper wher. Zelsk was a queen and Riysk would treat her with respect even though she was not the biggest fan of rules. Riyd had told her to look up to the ones with the shiny hides. They were the most likely among them to become a leader. Her fin like tail continued to lightly wave from side to side.
Most likely too cold. Mine not blessed with such intellect as Yours, Riysk think. We will see when Riysk's come out making sneeze noises.
The cyan looked to Zel as she spoke up, asking her question.

For a moment she contemplated speaking to the handler and then turned back to Zelsk to speak so the copper could relay the message to her handler.
Riysk's think there way to make clothes that keep human warm in cold water. Allow Riysk's to swim deeper into water with Eti shipfish. Also try make things for see under water. Been working on it some time. Take longer when have handler duties, you see. Close for see underwater. Not close for warm clothes.

By this point, she could almost feel the cold through their bond and looked back at Riyd. A little while longer and she would go in to rescue him but she hoped maybe this time he might learn that trying out these clothes in winter was not the best idea. Although he had started laughing at this point which meant he had gained at least some satisfaction from his experiment.

Or the cold had gotten to his head and his mind was seeping out of his ears. Either one.


Posted by: Catsitta Jan 13 2018, 07:40 PM
Shipfish. Zelsk had seen shipfish before. During one of their lessons, Ijo and Isk invited Orsk and His to act as an aid. His was apparently a Dolphineer, because a small pod assisted them in a task of ring collecting. She, of course, was not too fond of these creatures. The one that helped them was far too forward with Hers. As useful as one might be to have as an ally some day, Zelsk wasn't keen on the idea of sharing Zel right now. She was Hers. Only Hers. A memory of her hatch day flickered through her mind. Zel was Zelsk, Zelsk was Zel. They were one and the same; two halve of a whole. And nothing would rend them apart. Teeth flashed, a wher-ish parody of a smile paired with menace, but she composed herself, hiding the momentary lapse with a tilt of her snout.

'He swims with a dolphin partner like Osk's,' Zelsk told Hers. 'Thinks funny clothes will help him swim longer in cold. He also make things to see with underwater. Want to try?'

'No, no I do not. I am not a dolphineer and I have no reason to go into the water right now.'

A wicked idea came to Zelsk, 'What if need to save a hu-man? What if Zelsk only one can help? Would we, or let drown?'

'He's obviously not drowning.'


'He has a partner. She can save him.'

The copper eyed the laughing handler in the water, 'And if not Bonded?'

"I am not going into the water to 'rescue' a perfectly healthy man," she motioned at Riysk. "Especially not one who has a perfectly capable bonded. If he is a Dolphineer, his swimming is going to be superior to mine anyway."

Riysk, would mind much if Mine help Yours? Mine not swim like shipfish and needs practice. Help Yours test water clothes or eyes. Both silly hu-mans win.



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