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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

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 Ly'on of Viridian Gruyeth, Weyrrider
 Posted: Sep 11 2015, 12:59 PM

Time Lady

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Name: Ly'on (formally Lyorion)
Gender: Male
Age: 13 (Born WI 04)
Sexuality: Undecided
Location: Dalibor Weyr
Rank: Weyrrider, Dragonhealer Apprentice

Personality: Lyorion is still a shy, quiet boy, but has started to come out of his shell more. He takes more after his estranged father than his extrovert mother. He takes things slowly and carefully, especially if they are new people or places. While he isn't know to talk much, he will open up more to good friends over time and enjoys spending time with kids his own age. Once he's gotten past his shyness, he can be just as playful and excitable as most youngsters.

He loves dragons, despite be initially a bit scared of them. After experiencing the horror of a particularily bad threadfall, Lyo has become more interested in helping dragons as much as he can. While he only knows a few personally, he feels more comfortable around dragons and fire lizards than people.

He is very kind at heart, but he can find himself getting in over his head in the name of helping. He doesn't always listen to adults as closely as he should and while he is mature for his age, he is not beyond making many mistakes. He can also be very sensitive and have his feelings hurt quite easily.

Appearance: Lyorion inherited his mother's sharp green eyes and generous freckles. His skin is paler, but he's starting to develop some tan from Southern living. His short cut hair is a bright sandy blonde color inherited from his father. He is still growing, but is a bit smaller than average for his age at the moment. His clothes are usually colorful, in good repair, and feature designs made by his mother.

Galya: Mother: Journeyman Tanner, 34
Rionden: Father
Gelfyn: Grandfather: Tanner for his caravan.
Liga: Grandmother: Drudge
G'len: Uncle: 31 Turns: Rider of Bronze Zeuth, Dalibor Weyrleader
Lelyn: Aunt: 28 Turns: Harper
Gaige: Aunt: 26 Turns: Rider of Green Faibeth, transfer to Fort Weyr.
Lerian: Cousin, age 5

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Species: Fire Lizard
Color: Iron #91A3B0
Personality: Stormy is very protective of his young charge. He follows the boy everywhere and does his best to make sure he is safe and happy. Anyone who makes Lyo sad or scared can expect a sharp response from this fellow. He is also very patient, especially as Lyo is prone to hugging him like a stuff toy when he's nervous. The two are nearly inseparable.
Appearance: Stormy is a smaller Iron, but still within the average range. His body is pretty average as well, though he is a little rounder from constant treats that Lyo feeds him. He is nevertheless a strong and endurant flyer. His hide is a dark blue grey with a pattern that makes it look like bubbly storm clouds.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Burgundy, (E72C0E)
Lean and slim, the bulk of his body is pure muscle, with little fat on his frame. He is a strong flit, tough and durable, but he's not that fast compared to his brethren. His body fades smoothly from a dark burgundy at his tail, to bright red to lighter coloring near his head.
Fierce and brave, he is a daring flit, protective of His. This burgundy has a fiery temper. He is a bit prideful and likes to boss around other fire lizards when he can, though he's smart enough to not go up against a queen or king.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
user posted image

Main #7827e7, mask #1ca6d1 (Template by Heart of Pern)
(Based loosely off of Princess Amethyst)
Brave, heroic, calm enough to look over a situation before acting. He's a hero when His needs one, willing to give his confidence in new situations as needed.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Species: Fire Lizard
Color: White (female)
Personality: Star is a shy little creature. She prefers to hide in laps and pockets, only coming out when she feels safe. She adores her bonded and will try to be with him at all times. Despite her size, she also has a large appetite and is rather fond of a variety of snacks and treats.
Appearance: Tiny and frail, Star was born sickly. She lacks the endurance to fly for very long and will often rely on larger fire lizards for rides and protection. Her color is a pale, glassy white and her body slim and delicate. She almost looks like she could break if you touched her, but through care and feeding, she has grown stronger than she looks.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
user posted image
(OOC:A thank you to Ruin for providing all of the Hatching art including this one.)
Based off of: Fluttershy, Colour: Pink {#fcaef2}

This Pink is introverted and at times painfully shy having a hard time communicating with other Dragonkin and people without a similar frame of reference. She is surprisingly good with all kinds of other pets, even the fiercest among them, having a surprising amount of confidence in handling them rather than in social situations and can be intimidating when she wants to be around them. She is also kind, motherly, soft-spoken, empathetic, and has a great deal of patience though she also tends to have low self-confidence and put the opinions of others above her own opinions and at times safety. This Pink has a great fear of whers, even the sweetest of whers tends to cause her some fear which ranges from increased anxiety to trembling in fear with forgetting that she can fly being a common occurrence. Her biggest fear, however, seems to be disappointing others, especially those whose opinion she holds in the highest regard (mostly her friends) and seems to hate scaring people. Don’t push this Pink too far or hurt those that she cares about, though she is slow to anger when she does this Pink will put up a fight whether physically or verbally as fierce as a much bigger flit.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Species: Fire Lizard
Color: Cyan #80DAEB
Personality: The daughter of Hero and Star, Sky is an outgoing, friendly flit who adores being the center of attention as much as possible. She loves people and being admired which can make her more than a little vain at times. Even so, she gives as well as she takes and rewards attention with showers of her own affection. She is also a great love of games and aerial acrobatics and is more than a little fond of showing off.
Appearance: Sky is a graceful, delicate flit and a bit on the small size. Her hide is a bright, pale blue with little wisps of even paller shade rather like clouds.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Species: Fire Lizard
Color: Copper #975C50
Personality: Stormy may be the oldest, but Heart is the leader. She rules her fair with love and authority. She believes one must lead not only by command, but also by showing her followers how much she loves and appreciates each one of them. She is fiercely protective of her family and not above jumping in to defend them at the slightest insult. That goes double for Ly'on.
Appearance: Heart is average size for her color and well built with particularily large wings that are great for gliding. Her hide is a soft rose, copper color over most of her body that is a bit more muted than flashy. Her only marking is just below her right wing and is a heart shape in pale, bright copper.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
user posted image
Blue #bbc4f6
Frost is a bad influence. He will almost always encourage inappropriate behavior, and so poor Ly'on will have to keep close watch of him. The delinquent blue gets off on pranking others, and literally tromping over them. If Ly'on isn't careful, Frost will take advantage of the hours he's asleep... Yes, even poor Ly'on will occasionally fall victim to his flits misdemeanors. The blue isn't all bad. While he's a troublemaker, he'd do anything to protect his boy. Yes, there is a measure of selflessness to be seen when the blue is about His. In truth, Frost just wants to have fun. The fact that Ly'on is but a boy is what drew the blue to him. Ly'on needs him, they're partners. No doubt Frost will show Ly'on what being a kid is all about!

Inspiration: Gabumon - Digimon

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Species: Fire Lizard
Color: Brown (Albino mutation) #F1E9D2

Personality: Harmony is a very chill and relaxed flit. He loves to nap in the shade and curl up with his friends. Though not the most extroverted, he is generally of the opinion that everyone is his friend if they give it a chance. Because of his mutation, he can be a little shy and self conscious, especially around other flits and doublely around females. A peacemaker at heart, he dislikes fighting and will strive to resolve it peacefully when he can. He is also very fond of music, especially flutes and singing.

Appearance: As an albino, Harmony is a solid off white over his entire body. His skin is even slightly translution, giving it a green tinge due to the ichor in his veins. He is actually on the larger range for a brown, and built rather stocky and muscular. Due to his mutation, he is very sensitive to the sun and it can actually damage his skin, so he tends to favor shade wherever possible. His eyesight is also rather poor, especially on sunny days, so he tends to stick close to people he knows and will rarely between.

(WI 04) Lyorion was born to Galya, a Journeyman Weaver, and Rionden, a farmer at Southern Hold. He was the result of a year long relationship between the two that unfortunately ended soon after his birth. His parents couldn't resolve between his father's desire to settle down and raise a family and his mother's desire for independence and tendency to flirt with most men. His father moved to another hold, but sent him letters from time to time to check on him. He even became more friendly with his mother over time.

Lyorion grew up a hesitant child. Though his mother encouraged him greatly to try new things and even get into trouble, he rarely left her side much of the time. He did make some friends among the hold children though and often left to play with them while his mother was busy with projects, which was often. Some of his favorite things were hearing stories of his Aunt Gaige and Uncle G'len who were dragonriders. They sounded amazing, though Galya probably exagerated and embalished things more than what was true.

(09) When he was five turns old, Lyorion got the best present ever. His Uncle G'len sent two large fire lizard eggs. One held a vain red that his mother named, Velvet. The other came to him. A big, handsome iron that he called Stormy, after the cloudy sky he looked like. Lyo and Stormy were instantly a pair and rarely could one be found without the other. Lyo was more confident and sure of himself with Stormy around and his love of all things dragon grew all the more.

(12) Now seven turns, Lyorion has come with his mother to Dalibor. He is nervous and unsure of his new home, so very different from the hold he grew up in. Yet he is secretly very excited to get to see dragons and meet his Uncle G'len and his cousin, Lerian. Though dragons are a lot bigger and scarier than he imagined they would be.

(13) For his first few months at Dalibor, Lyo spent most of his time with his mother, his uncle, or his cousin and the other weyrbrats. His nerves have graudually given way to amazement and a desire to learn as much as he can about his new home. Still shy around newcomers, he has grown to love dragons more and more and asks many questions about what life as a rider is like. Then came the terrible Threadfall that killed or injured nearly half Dalibor. Alerted by his fire lizards, a frightened Lyo nevertheless wanted to do all he could to help his new home. Against his mother's orders, he ventured out into the bowl to help Oosh and the healer's as best he could.

Soon after, Lyo found a damaged egg which hatched into a sickly little fire lizard. With help from the dragon healer's he nursed the tiny creature to health. Amazed with what healing could do, Lyo started hanging around the infirmary out of curiosity. He's happy to run errands and do odd jobs when asked.

(14) To his surprise and excitement, Lyo's mother, Galya, Impressed a cyan wher Nevisk's first hatching. It was wonderful to see his mother so happy, but it also made him feel lonely. He couldn't see his mother nearly as much as he wanted to anymore and his uncle G'len was very busy as well. He spent much of his time with his cousin, Lerian, and the other weyrbrats.

His tenth birthday came at last, but since he hadn't been born at the weyr, he was told he couldn't be a candidate right away. Instead, Lyo went to K'ite, the dragonhealer who had helped him with his fire lizard, and asked to be an apprentice. He couldn't have more surprised or happy when the man said yes.

Much to his shock, he didn't remain just an Apprentice for long. While attending Gold Keth's first hatching with his journeyman master, he was approached by a viridian hatchling who introduced himself as Gruyeth. Ly'on had never been so excited and happy in his life, even if Gruyeth had quite the wicked sense of humor. He nows throws nearly all his time into taking care of and learning about his new partner.

(SP 17) After graduating from Weyrlinghood, Ly'on and Gruyeth were assigned as Weyrriders. Most of their duties involving running errands, carrying firestone, and assisting the Weyrlingmasters with lessons. Given he won't be assigned to a full wing until he is sixteen, Ly'on took the opportunity to learn dragon healing again and spends a good amount of time with the journeymen and masters learning the craft.

user posted image
Impressed to Ly’on

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

In a word, Gruyeth is crooked.
If viridian dragons are known for their near-total lack of a sense of humor, then Gruyeth is the exception that proves the rule. He has a sense of humor, undeniably. Unfortunately for everyone around him, it’s a terrible one. Gruyeth is in possession of the blackest, most wry, dry, witty tendency towards schadenfreude that would perhaps be most at home in an old Earth surgeon. His humor is cunning, sly, and he keeps it under a draconic smile smooth as sweetberry pudding.

If he shares a recognizable trait with his more dour viridian brethren it is his selfish streak. Though he is an impressively friendly creature, quick to figure out how best to flatter and get in another’s good graces, he will be the last dragon to lift a talon in another’s aid, particularly if it might risk his own hide. The likelihood of him doing another dragon a favor is…slim, to say the least, and if he does it, chances are it’s really he who will reap the greatest benefit, and even His will have a hard time getting him to do anything he doesn’t want to (and he must always be on guard against bargains, which are never really bargains, but ways for Gruyeth to get his rider to do as he wishes). He's incredibly wily and well-spoken, both practical enough and political enough to quickly change sides if it’s to his benefit, something he makes no secret of. He is not lazy—far from it, he is actually an extremely hard worker—and he is not cowardly (if it suited him, he’d go against Thread alone), he’s just self-centered. Brave, canny, creatively ingenious, clever in his manipulation of people and opportunistic—his personality can be is as attractive as it can be alarming.

Indeed, Gruyeth is simply an incredibly wicked dragon, overall, but there is something endearingly charismatic about his unabashed wickedness, which he owns without batting an inner eyelid. He has an assured self-awareness regarding his horribleness that makes him, perhaps perversely, quite likable despite one’s self. He will absolutely laugh his tail off at you for falling in that pile of mud, but he won’t lie to you about it. All of his slippery, crooked, horribleness is horribly honest in its way, and though he will certainly deceive you, and is far more inclined to treachery than fair play, he is honest about himself, and so very few people—or dragons—truly are.

His gentlemanly affection for His is genuine, as is his propensity for hard work, but his moral center, while certainly not absent, is…a bit skewed, perhaps. I’m sure Ly’on will manage.

Gruyeth is a dragon that needs someone to bring out the best in him, to temper his selfishness or at least direct it in a useful way, someone he can take care of and believes he can mold—and maybe he will, or maybe Ly’on may prove less malleable than he hopes.

Body - #133E33 Markings - #7FFF00
42 feet when full grown.
Broad, bulky, full of swagger, verve, and slink, Gruyeth slips through movements like a well-choreographed dance, despite the expansive width and girth that would seem to inherently prohibit this. This is all the more impressive given that, despite the efforts of well-qualified Dragonhealers, one of his hindlegs will remain notably shorter than the other. He favors it, but as it has always been so, moves easily enough and smoothly compensates. His hide is a deep, dark viridian, like the heart of the sea in a storm, with wild smatterings of the paler, sickly green his color is known for spreading across his back, belly and wings like scattered constellations, an untranslatable map to some unknown destination. His wings are rather large, adding to his overall presence.

Adoption Preference: Transfer
 Posted: Sep 11 2015, 08:03 PM

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