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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Ems of Blue Kapth
 Posted: Sep 21 2017, 02:15 PM


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Name: Ems (Emsiella)

Gender: Female
Age: 22 (born SU:189)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Dalibor
Rank: Wingrider

Initially, Ems comes across as distant, introverted and bossy. She can be snippy, short tempered and dislikes being told how to do things if its something she knows how to do. She’s a quick learner, good with her hands and very fond of being right. She’s quick to tell others when they are wrong, not hesitating to back herself up if she needs to. Though, alongside this, she’s also quick to jump in and defend others if she feels they are right.

Making friends is hard for her, despite the fact that she does enjoy company. Likely its because of her fairly sourpuss personality, but once you’ve cracked that (and proven you aren’t a dimglow AND can put up with her…) you have a friend for life. She’s very attached to her friends, even if she doesn’t express it very well.

She holds her values tightly and has very strong opinions on how others manage themselves. Once upon a time, she felt that if you couldn’t support yourself you were worthless. That has since changed, but she still feels that if you wallow in misery or don’t work your hardest you don’t deserve her respect.

While she was once a sneak and fond of putting herself in potentially dangerous situations, after Impressing she’s become almost overly cautious unless on dragonback. She still tries to test her own limits, but wouldn’t dream of putting Kapth into any situation that might bring him harm. Plus, though she’d never admit it, she doesn’t trust her own abilities as much as she once did. Something she is constantly working on changing.

She is fiercely independent and absolutely hates it when someone does something for her she feels she can do herself. She is, however, trying very hard to be better at socializing, though she's still extremely defensive and, honestly, very bad at relating to others, much less trying to be friends with them. But she tries. Awkwardly. Usually this involves her listening to conversations until she can shove her way in. She's still abrasive and overly defensive, but she's making a concentrated effort to be more part of something. She wants respect and wants to be viewed as a proper rider, not just a blind woman that happens to have a dragon. Nor does she want anyone thinking poorly of Kapth for choosing her.

Ems is tall and fairly androgynous. Nearly six feet tall, she possesses large hands and feet and a nasty set of scars across her face and chest. Her eyes are gone, replaced by scar tissue. Sometimes she’ll cover this with cloth or tinted riding goggles, but mostly she doesn’t seem to care much. If others are made uncomfortable, that’s on them.

She keeps her hair hacked short, which doesn’t help her appear any more feminine. This combined with the muscles of a rider give her a fairly masculine appearance, which is only softened by a slightly effeminate face, though with the scars it’s likely not helping her appearance any.

She isn’t an attractive woman, with a crooked nose and unremarkable mouth. If she put some effort into her appearance she might be considered somewhat attractive, but she doesn’t. She has better things to worry about.

Grandmother: Emsiella, Drudge (Crom Hold), f, 98
Father: Clemsel, Master Miner (Crescent Hold), m, 61
Mother: Caden of Pink Nitrath (Telgar Weyr), f, ??

No known siblings.

Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Age: 9 Turns (b. AU 002)
Pet Color: Black (#311919)

Pet Description:
Siren was named for his voice, even though he only uses it rarely. The flit is loud and very vocal when he feels he needs to be, both mentally and audibly. Luckily, he has relatively good judgement about when, exactly, he needs to scream your ear off, and otherwise is quite a silent little shadow, always hovering somewhere near Ems although he can be quite hard to spot. Smallish for his color, Siren is otherwise unremarkable in build or hide, which is primarily a dark, smoky color. His wingsails have just the slightest hint of a red undertone, and if he flares them in front of a light source the effect is amplified, but otherwise he's a pretty average little guy. Even Ems doesn't feel like she knows Siren particularly well - he keeps to himself, mostly - but overall is a very sweet and well-behaved pet. Unless there's danger around, or he needs something, of course. Then he'll find a way to get your attention.

Pet Species: Firelizard
Pet Age: WI:17
Pet Color: Cyan
user posted image

??? is very sympathetic in regards to all that Hers has been through. Overprotective, ??? is likely to nip anyone who comes too close to Ems without fair warning. Acting as a guide flit, the cyan feels as if she has the most important job in the world. Given her inflated ego, she is of the mind that Ems cannot get by without her. She has appointed herself spokes-flit for both herself, and Hers. The cyan's attitude is unmistakable, for she often snaps at the stupidity of others. Unforgiving, and at times relentless, the cyan enjoys exacting punishment on the unsuspecting folk of the Weyr. A nip here, a smack there. Yes, she will fly right on by and smack you upside the head (so watch out!) Fond of her siblings, it is likely that ??? will keep an eye out for them. She does a fair job of acting as a guardian over those she cares most about. The cyan always has a lot to say, so Ems will, undoubtedly, never be bored. Without a doubt, Ems is the one ??? cares the most about. The cyan flit is hard-won, and takes time to warm up; however, she's worth the wait.

Pet Species: Canine (Female)
Pet Age: 1 Turn (b. SP 010)
Pet Color: Black (#140A00) and White (#FAFAFA)

Pet Appearance:
Tall and lean, she has the appearance of a skinny canine, but it's mostly caused by her long, almost stilt-like legs, making her taller than most canines, though not that heavy. She has short, thick black fur with white around her muzzle, belly and chest, and her legs, as well as the tip of her tail. She has brown eyes and long, slightly rounded ears.

Pet Personality:
She is a very high-energy dog who likes to run and play a lot, and she can be quite lively and excitable. Once she has gotten some of that exercise out of her, though, she is a focused and attentive canine who learns quickly and works hard. Ems has worked very hard with her (with help from others) to make Nayra assist her in daily life.

Emsiella started life as a fairly unwanted thing. She was a surprise to both her parents, her mother a pinkrider and her father a miner. A series of events kept her mother from Betweening her away and she was promptly thrust into her father’s arms, leaving her to a life with a wetnurse and a father that was figuring things out as he went.

She went with her father back to Crom, where he would walk the tables and become a master. IT was also there that she met and proved to be a massive disappointment to her grandmother and namesake. The woman was intent on turning Ems into a little lady and Ems was intent on that never happening.

She spent her days among the miners, enjoying their rough antics and language and quickly becoming a sort of mascot, a bright and shining girl among their dark and dreary tunnels. They turned her into a little terror and when she was 10 she announced she wanted to be a miner. Her father refused, insisting it wasn’t women’s work, and no amount of harassment would make him change his mind.

Given the options of choose a craft or be wed, Ems reluctantly chose a craft. She’d spent parts of her childhood helping patch up miners’ scrapes and bruises and so gave healing a go, attaching herself to the hall’s healer and eventually going off to healer hall proper with a flit her father had given to her. Her father, meanwhile, made his way to Crescent and Ems spent a few sevendays every turn visiting.

Healing turned out to be not the best option for her. She wasn’t bad at it, exactly, but lacked bedside manner and made absolutely no effort to schmooze with the higher ups or otherwise play the politics that went along with the crafts. She was held back numerous times, due to her relationships with her peers, something that infuriated her because she felt her skills were up to par and that was what should matter.

Not that it mattered all that much when a searchrider found her.

Life at the Weyr proved mostly uninteresting - It was more of the same that it had been at the Hall. She failed to Impress a wher immediately upon arriving and life went on until a rare double hatching that showed Ems how many friends she had somehow gathered despite her personality.

She was mauled. Twice. Her chest and face were a mess, and she holds the incident against the dragons though she knows it makes no sense. Blinded, she found herself with her Kapth at the same time, bloody and broken on the sands but wrapped around her perfect blue.

Life since has been a series of adjustments. She learned to be a dragonrider as best she could - With Kapth’s help, of course - and the surprising amount of friends she was still trying to figure out how she’d accumulated. The entire experience has softened her up a little bit. She isn’t nearly so quick to mouth off and is far more appreciative of others, though she will still tell someone off if they do something for her she feels she can do herself.

Their abilities were limited, something that infuriated her. She was determined that she and Kapth could do anything any other pair could. It started in weyrlinghood. She refused to miss any lessons, refused to have anyone tell her that there was something she couldn't do. Kapth backed her and, together, they tried to find every way to accommodate her inability to see.

It began with Kapth helping her figure out wind patterns and directions. She became good at finding thermals and Kapth became good at showing her what he saw. She couldn't always translate it, seeing glimpses trough dragon's eyes. It let her figure out paths and memorize the way it felt. Sure, they had escorts the first several times. But eventually they graduated and were allowed to take people to and from Weyr and Holds. It gave her purpose even if it wasn't as glamorous as fighting Thread.

Thread proved... Interesting. They were grounded, of course, initially. They couldn't Between without someone accompanying them. She hated that, hated relying on someone else. Even now, Ems will avoid going Between at all costs, unless she has no choice.

While politics and the like happened, people dying and transferring and the occasional moment of chaos. Most of these, if they did not directly involve her, were overlooked. They weren't important. All that was important was Kapth and proving themselves. It wasn't until the Storm of All Passes that she was personally affected. She wound up with a roommate she wasn't fond of (not that she was fond of anyone, really.) She spent a lot of time in the lower caverns or on Kapth's ledge. That backfired when she found herself trapped in the floodwaters. Even to her own surprise, she kept her cool and, clearly, managed to escape without drowning. Mostly because she lucked out and wasn't far in. the water swept her into others, whom helped her get out.

She spent the next several sevendays smothered by Kapth, whom refused to allow her to leave her weyr. Eventually she escaped her dragon-enforced isolation. It gave her a new respect for socializing and made her strive to actually try to befriend people... But given that she's spent so many turns avoiding them, she's terrible at it.

In more recent times, she's found herself acting as courier when needed, usually just ferrying people back and forth. A boring job if you normally flew Thread, but given that she and Kapth didn't and bot were determined to prove their usefulness, jumped at the chance any time it was offered until it became a commonplace thing and the norm for them to be among those that hopped back and forth from Weyr to Hold and back again.

Dragon Name: Kapth
Dragon Age: 2 Turn (b. AU 09)
Dragon Color: Blue (#0da68f)
Dragon Length: 32 ft

The blue is a sly dragon, the sort of person who’d gladly trick someone in to take a long walk off a short pier and then laugh about it later. He’s got an incredibly sharp mind that he’s more than willing to put to work in one cunning plan or another, smiling and being absolutely charming all the while. He has no qualms about deceiving anyone in favor of his jokes and tricks – after all, it’s all in good fun? Why should he feel bad if they’re silly enough to fall for them? For the most part, Kapth doesn’t really seem to comprehend that people can actually be hurt, emotionally or physically, by his ‘pranks’. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really have any personal limit on what’s okay or not okay to do, and it’ll take him a long time to actually figure out where to draw the line. Thankfully, his devious lies and tricks can be given direction by anyone who chooses to push him one way or another. For good, for evil, for neutrality – he doesn’t much care! He just likes pulling pranks!

To some degree, however, Kapth doesn’t really understand morals and right and wrong and all of the shades of grey in the world. He’s childish and unable to really comprehend that everything doesn’t revolve around him and his rider. As far as he’s concerned, if anything happens, it was because they did something! Ems’ disregard as other people not being worth much has lead him to believing the same, and he’s too immature to pause and consider something as useless as cause and effect. He’s got his mind focused on much more important things like playing and, uh…playing. Honestly, Kapth has a hard time focusing on things that are considered important and that he needs to do now, much preferring his games to actual work. For the most part, he relies on Ems to actually motivate him rather than himself. If left to his own devices, the blue will avoid real work like the plague, preferring to rig up some elaborate trap than do the simplest of chores.

Still, Kapth isn’t lazy. In fact, he’s a bundle of energy, ready to go do anything at any time – provided it’s fun. There are so many bad things in the world, so why would he want to waste his time on any of those? Gross. So instead he basks in his little tricks, watching from afar as people stumble in to them and scream and be angry. However, when someone takes real offense to his little games, he doesn’t shy away. Oh, he doesn’t try to fight outright, but beneath his childish exterior, Kapth is flat out smart. He can rig up his traps to do much more than dump buckets of mud and feathers. When he is forced to fight face to face, Kapth tries to use guerilla type tactics – in, out, and then in again. There’s nothing more exhilarating than watching something so much stronger and bigger than him thrashing about trying to kill him!

He is extremely aware of Em’s presence at all times, and she is his priority first and foremost. She is one of the few things that can and will distract him from a task at hand and make him be serious for a moment, if he thinks she needs him. He’s quick to defend her, and even quicker to start trouble in her honor. If he feels someone has slighted his rider, hell and high water won’t keep him from attempting to ruin their lives… Or at least trap them in a hole for a few candlemarks.

Dragon Appearance:
Kapth’s hide would be more suited to a wher than a dragon, covered in bumps and dips and overall unpleasant to touch. It scratches against skin and clothing alike, and, even with gallons of oil, the texture will never really improve. His hide is a stark contrast to the cool, sedated colors it bears, cool blue dripping down to a nearly green tone that would almost look at home on one of his green sisters. Apart from his coloration and odd texture, Kapth seems to be an entirely average blue. He’s got an entirely normal build with an entirely average length tail and wings and extremities. The only other nontypical part of his physique is his headknobs, which curve inward towards the top in the slightest.

Dragon History:
Dam: Orange Tuonetath
Sire: Purple Shobhaith

Kapth hasn’t proven effectively good at winning flights, though he does try. He’s lost every one of them, leaving his rider still unkissed. He hasn’t gotten anyone hurt with his jokes or games, something Ems is pretty thankful for.

Dragon Inspiration:
Kapth was inspired by the kappa, a Japanese water demon. I will admit that I may be a bit lacking when it comes to his name. Unfortunately kappa neither translated neatly nor could it rearrange decently. However, I do hope his personality serves to make up for the name. Although I toned down the malevolence of the kappa a bit I did keep the aspects of not fully knowing right from wrong and sometimes dragging others down in the name of fun. Because that's what life is to him, one big game. Hopefully Ems will be able to make sure he doesn't turn it into one big foul!

Adoption Preference: Back up for adoption or transfer, whichever suits the site best.

 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 11:56 AM

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