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Spring, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. A grand Gather is being hosted by Western Hold to welcome their new Lord and Lady.

While the new Lords settle into Western there has been talk and speculation about the western continent's other Hold. It has been two turns since his wife's passing in the south, when will Lord Callum decide to take up a new wife?

Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Posted: Apr 19 2017, 11:12 AM

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A noticeable path had been worn into Norla's stone floor in her room, from pacing back and forth for candlemarks. It had been a tough decision to make but she knew that she must - should someone too young Impress the queen it would be some time before she would be ready to Run. Whers, like dragons, were intelligent enough to set aside the biological call to mate if their bonded needed more time; be it due to mental blocks or biological ones - or both. Running on little sleep it was evident how ragged the handler was running herself, dark circles had formed under her eyes. Already seeing her in the dining hall was drawing attention her way; a good thing since soon she would need to address them all. Before she had taken her seat in the dining hall to pick at her meal and down a few mugs of klah she had posted hides outside of the entries to the hall. Both held the same message, a message she would soon be giving aloud to the people entering the hall for their midday meal.

Next to her, Norsk sat watch though his eyes were hidden behind his protective goggles. She had insisted he should rest during the day while she saw to her duties while he insisted that his duty was to her, and the Weyr. He should be with her through all of it even if it meant missing out on some sleep. Together they watched as riders and weyrfolk alike trickled in and sat down with their food. Chatter a constant background noise as friends sat together, somewhere in the hall a child was throwing a temper tantrum and Norla smirked some. That was another reason for her decision though it played a far lesser part in why she had to make it.

With a heavy sigh she knew it was time. The handlers would no doubt hear the news through the grapevine; not that she recalled many of them having young ones that this would effect. Standing up with a mug of klah in her right hand she cleared her throat loudly. When the mid-day crowd did not quiet to a level that she could project over, her bronze garnered their attention, Quiet, please.

A few heads turned towards the Alphahandler at this, the various conversations hushed as curiosity got the best of them. "With the wher clutch so close to hatching a tough decision has fallen upon my shoulders. After long consideration I have decided that any children not yet ten turns or older will not be permitted within the stands to watch the hatching. Furthermore if you are visiting from a Crafthall or Hold with no intentions of making Dalibor your permanent home you will be barred from entering the stands as well. Only those who will set roots here in the Weyr should they Impress will be permitted to join the weyrfolk in watching the hatching. If you have questions you are welcome to present them to me privately, but my decision is final."

Blue eyes scanned the crowd to get a feeling for how many people she would find in her office over the next few candlemarks. While a few seemed surprised by her announcement the general feeling she gathered wasn't one of dismay. Hopefully that meant she wouldn't be arguing with people all night and could catch up on some much needed sleep before the eggs hatched. Slowly sitting down she took a bite of her food, washing it down with a swig of her klah; despite having no real fondness for the drink it was the only thing keeping her on her feet lately. There would be time for rest once her duties to this clutch were fulfilled. Norsk pressed his shoulder against her side as if to add his strength to hers, together they would see that only the best were present for this clutch and in so doing add only the best of handlers to the wher program.


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