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Copper Laanasuth
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With two clutches hardening on the Hatching Sands the big question seemed to be: which will hatch first?

The answer came in short order with Copper Zelsk's clutch breaking shell moments before Copper Laanasuth's. With so many eggs surely the dual hatching offers hope to the numerous Candidates who fill Dalibor's ranks. Only time will show who will come away with a lifemate of their very own...

... and who will forfeit their life in hopes of Impression.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Ro'ka of Pink Uluth, WIP
 Posted: Mar 27 2018, 11:02 PM


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Name: Ro'ka (formerly: Rolakan)
Age: 23 Turns (b. 195)
Dalibor Weyr
Wing Rider

Personality: Confident, Friendly, Helpful
Ro'ka is and always has been a very helpful person. It's almost a fault, in fact. Whatever he's asked, he will do and gladly at that. Some people may see this as a good trait, though really for Ro'ka it's not. He'll give you the shirt off his back, even if you don't really need it. You wanted it? Boom. It's yours. Unfortunately for Ro'ka this has lead up to a lot of people using him and his kindness. He really sees the good in everyone though and has rarely, if ever, felt negatively for helping someone.

With his friendly demeanor is also a confident one. Now, there are definitely some good points about being confident. However, sometimes Ro'ka may come off as a bit of a bragger, claiming he could do some great thing or other. Sometimes he can do said great thing, though other times he cannot. It's at those times when Ro'ka is potentially at his worst, shoving his hands in his pockets and walking away gruffly.

As a whole, he's just kind of a nice guy doing nice things. He shows respect where it is due, and has a soft spot in his heart for little kids. Their child like innocents is very endearing to him, and sometimes he can be found helping out in the creche at the Weyr despite the fact that to his knowledge he doesn't have kids himself.

user posted image
Playby: Toby Froud
Ro'ka is built like a wall. He's not overly tall, but he's broad. The Pinkrider is also rather big boned, adding to his overall bulk. His face is the kind, homely sort of look with a nose that is perhaps too big compared to everything else. Unfortunately for him, Ro'ka has the kind of skin that is pale and burns rather easily. He loves being outside, especially with Uluth, but his trips are short when he goes out.

As far as clothing goes, Ro'ka has a weakness to look... dapper. He likes hats as they hide his scraggly hair. And by scraggly I mean unruly. The short locks do their own thing despite the fact that Ro'ka has tried to tame them. It's practically a mass of dark brown vines on top of his head that match his equally dark brown eyes. The young rider likes softer fabrics. Not silks, though, as they tend to make him sweat more than he already does. As far as color choices he likes darker tones as a whole, but has been known to wear shades of red at feasts as tribute to his dragon.
user posted image

Ro'vnen, Father, Blue Rider
Kallian, Mother, Drudge
Rovana, Step Sibling, Drudge
Kalos, Step Sibling, Drudge
Illian, Step Sibling, Candidate
Nena, Step Sibling, Candidate
Rolakan is the product of a green flight, where the bluerider in question was not the winner. Ro'vnen left the weyr and latched onto a Flight Moth, which was of course, Kallian. Kallian worked in the lower caverns and often enjoyed the company that Flights gave her. Her pregnancy was nothing to worry about, and Rolakan was right on time with no complications to his birth. He was deemed a small child for quite some time and it was kind of a sore spot for him when he was younger. All the other kids towered over his short chubby body. He'd have been a very easy target to pick on if he weren't so gosh darn nice to everyone.

As he grew it became apparent that being small was only a phase of his life. Within a turn his body decided that growing was all it would do. It left the seamstress pulling her hair when she had to keep taking out his trousers. Finally she just started giving him lightly worn clothes instead of trying to get his old ones to fit. He was an odd size, so sometimes the clothes he was give was slightly big on him but it was better than being too small.

He became a friend to all as he matured, doing his best to be careful around those smaller than him. He always felt his girth might harm someone if he wasn't careful and was therefore overly careful at times. He never felt overly attractive, so for the most part he would look at people he was interested from afar but he was just to shy to try and get their attention. He was honestly never sure which he had a preference for, guys or girls, so he simply kept an open mind about either.

Eventually the big Storm hit, piling on what seemed to be a dragonslength of snow atop the Weyr. He didn't mind snow much, thought it was pretty. But the sheer amount was enough to send most people crazy. For the most part he stuck to the lower caverns. Perhaps that wasn't the best of things, however as the once the snow melted the flooding began. During this, Rolakan found himself trapped with the waters rising. He had no clue how he got in the situation he was in, but he flat out couldn't open the door to leave the room he was in. Panic had started to set in as the waters got deeper and deeper. He honestly thought that this was the end of the line for him, though luckily for him the door gave way and he was spewed out of the room before it was to late. To this day Rolakan is a bit shy around water, but more so deeper waters. He avoids the deep end of the Weyr lake at all costs.

After the Weyr recovered from the Storm of All Passes, things slowly got back to normal. Everything was going pretty smoothly and it seemed that there would be a Hatching soon enough! It was a Hatching that he was late too, however. He thought he heard the humming began, and as he started to head out of the kitchens a kind old auntie caught him and asked him to move a piece of furniture for her. Well, he couldn't say no, now could he? He agreed to help as long as it was quick, saying that the Hatching might be starting. She didn't hear him as she slowly walked out and he followed, trying to politely rush her along. He began to get antsy as the humming increased, and it took far to long for him to get the dresser lined up "just right" for his tastes. He fled as soon as he could to the Sands. Yes, late indeed and he all but fell into the Hatching Grounds. The Candidate Master gave him a look and rushed him to the Stands. Before he got too far, a bright pink dragonet practically bowled into him, confused as to where he was and why wasn't he here sooner for his Uluth, and that big red brother of her's had scared her! Rokalan, now Ro'ka, was completely speechless at her tirade. When he finally regained his composure from Impression, he threw his arms around her and vowed to protect her from her angry red brother and anyone else that would dare hurt her.

After that Weyrling training kept him and Uluth mighty busy. Their first flight left him puzzled as he just seemed so big and her wings seemed so fragile, but they did fine with that and every other lesson. In due time he and the other Weyrlings were promoted to Riders and that is where he currently stands. As of now, Uluth has not risen yet.

user posted image

Dragon Name: Uluth
Dragon Age: 2 Turns (b. 216)
Dragon Color: Pink (ffd7eb, ff0081
Dragon Length: 22 Feet
Dragon Personality: Loving, Obsessive, Skittish
Uluth is a dragon that will cuddle right into other dragons. She'll always ask the first time, but once a dragon has let her snuggle in close all bets are off and you can be sure she'll do it again without warning. She likes physical touch, and when she was still a Weyrling loved nothing more than to be close to her rider. Even as they've grown up, Ro'ka has found himself waking up against her pale pink hide. She's very affectionate but with that comes a dragon that now and then tends to go overboard. She obsesses over the smallest of things and can be very territorial with things that are hers. She is also, rather skittish at times. Loud noises cause her to jump and seek the refuge of her rider. Thunder and lightning will cause her to quiver with fear and immediately Ro'ka is there to help calm her down.
Dragon Appearance:
Uluth's hide is a pale pink color and she will forever stand out because of it. A much darker shade of pink can be seen in the form of a mask around her eyes. This same color tips her head knows and covers a majority of her tail till it fades back into the pale of her body. She has the same dark pink, streaking across her back. As far as her size goes, Uluth is completely average for a pink dragon.
Dragon History:
Not all that much has happened in Uluth's short lifespan. She hatched and grew into Weyrlinghood as was expected. Her skittish nature has caused a few little bumps and bruises that she otherwise would not have gotten if she were more calm but other than that very little of consequence has happened to her or her Rider. They graduated into Rider's without much preamble and Uluth waits for the day that she feels both she and her Rider are ready for her to launch into the skies for a Flight.

Adoption Preference: Again, preference for him to remain open if I left so I could RP him again.

 Posted: Mar 28 2018, 11:38 PM


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Updated to completion and ready for review http://files.jcink.net/uploads/daliborweyr/smiley/Smile.png

 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 10:46 PM

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Hi, Daisy!

A few things got mixed up with Uluth's NPC Ado write-up that need to be rectified. If any of this makes him a less interesting ADO you can totally look for a different one, I'm sorry in advance!

The only NPC Impressions we have available are the Weyrlings we've listed, prior to that all Hatchings and Impressions were PC, so Ro'ka could not have Impressed here. He can have Impressed anywhere else, such as Grove, and then transferred after graduating. You'll have to figure out how you want to alter his history for this.

Secondly; no one could have stayed in the lower caverns during the Storm of all Passes, the tunnels were filled with snow and the entrances all blocked, the caverns were evacuated by wher (you can't hide from them) and the tunnels were blocked to prevent anyone from getting lost down there. Staying buried under so much snow would have ultimately led to suffocation, not to mention that when the actual melt did happen, it wasn't a sudden flood but just a slow trickling deluge that had to slowly absorb and dry up.

Because of the history needing extensive revisions, up to and including his transfer out of Dalibor, or possibly living somewhere other than Dalibor, I'll re-revise once you've changed things!

*click for plot page*
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