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 Lerian, Dragon Candidate
 Posted: Feb 19 2015, 09:34 PM

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Lerian (LER-i-ahn)
8 turns (born Wi:06)
She's a little young for that, yet. Eventually she'll likely become bi, like her mother.
Dalibor Weyr
Age-Out Date:
Sp: 29

Personality-wise, Lerian takes after her father. She is very much the extrovert, always getting into everything and anything she can find, and finding all the trouble when she gets there. (According to G'len's mother, it's his punishment for how he was at that age - the age-old curse "may you have children like yourself one day" strikes again.) When she's caught by either her parents or the crecheworkers during an escapade, she'll turn on the charm to get out of the worst part of the punishments. Or thinks she can use them to get out of severe punishments, anyway. It works just often enough for her to continue doing it, sometimes without thinking about it. Though if her parents, and the crecheworkers who look after her when her parents can't, don't nip it in the bud, Lerian will turn into a spoiled little brat quite easily. She is quite proud of her own bit of talents, and the way she can use them to get out of severe punishments.

She hero-worships both her parents, and tries to follow in their footsteps whenever she can. She is starting to learn that her parents can do some cool things other adults can't do at all. Like, Mommy can sing, and is veeeeery good at charades, and like, she can become totally different people just by using wigs and clothes and things! And Daddy can make things appear and disappear into thin air! How cool is that? Maybe she can get them to show her how to do that someday soon, too!

Lerian can be quite stubborn and willful, if there's something she wants to do (or doesn't want to do), and she has to/can't do it. It can take a bit of trickery to get her to obey such directives willingly, though as she grows older and understands the 'whys' a bit better, she'll be less stubborn on those old points, and just move on to new points to be stubborn on. A hellion in the making, almost, if someone didn't give her a bit of discipline to keep her (mostly) in line.

She seems to have inherited certain mental traits from her father, such as his good powers of observation, intuitive mental abilities, a photographic memory, and total recall. To what degree she has these gifts is unclear, or if she's subconsciously picking them up from him via close observation and imitation. Once G'len realizes she able to do those things, he'll test out to what degree she has them in, and help her to cope with it better than he did at her age. Plus, teach her some basic magic tricks, since she has an interest in such things and has inherited his fast fingers (a necessity for most magic tricks). At least, as much as he can between his Wingleading and Weyrleader duties, anyway. With her mother's help, she will develop some skill as an actress and singer, though it'll more likely be a Harper that helps her develop those gifts, since Durian is busy being Wingleader and all that, ya know.

Lerian has the darkish coloring of her mother, with a mop of curly light brown hair that turns to a dark blonde when she's been out in the sun for a while. Said mop is usually contained in a runnertail, when she allows it to grow out that long. She has bright green eyes that miss very little, unless it's work or some other chore she doesn't want to do. Then she'll be sure to miss it, if she can get away with it.

She is on the average size for a child her age, neither too tall nor too small. Lerian is on the skinny side, with some muscle gained from actively running around outside, when the weather permits it.

Father: G'len, 34 turns, rider of Bronze Zeuth
Mother: Durian, 34 turns at time of death (in early WI 11), rider of Brown Mesreath

Paternal relatives:
Grandfather: Gelfyn, Tanner for his caravan.
Grandmother: Liga, Drudge at Telgar Hold
Aunt: Galya, 36 Turns: JourneymanWeaver, handler of Cyan Gask
*Cousin: Lyorion, 10 turns, weyrbrat
Aunt: Lelyn, 31 Turns: Harper
Aunt: Gaige, 29 Turns, Rider of Green Faibeth, transfer to Fort Weyr.

Maternal relatives:
Grandfather: Darin, Deceased
Grandmother: Shua, Deceased
Uncle: R'ish, 48, rider of Pink Gyth (Southern Weyr)
Aunt: Jipper, Deceased

Cyan firelizard, (#0082B5), 5 turns, Hatched Au:09
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Sneaky little thief, spy, chameleon whenever she feels like it.

Cyan firelizard, (#00A38D), 4 turns, Hatched Sp:10
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Gold Snyt, (#0082B5), 4+ turns, true age unknown; acquired Wi:10
user posted image

Green firelizard, (0FF71E), 3 turns, Hatched Sp:11
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
A tank, who enjoys a good scrap as much as the next flitter. Thinks she's invulnerable to injury, and acts like it when scrapping. Thanks to the short memories of flitters, she rarely remembers any hurts she endures, and goes back into the fray like a flying tank, as always.

Blue firelizard, (1442CC), 3 turns, Hatched Sp:11
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Pink firelizard, (#F793C7), 3 turns, Hatched Su:11
user posted image
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
From a clutch of Green Janvia by Black Valen

Personality: This Pink is a bit of a hopeless romantic, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if she tries to pair off various Dragonkin, pillies, and humans around her with others, the success of which varies from case to case. But don’t underestimate this Pink though, she is a quite the leader and diplomat when she wants to be though she is usually underestimated by others especially strangers. She isn’t without her faults, though, as she can be a little naïve and can get a bit of a dare devil when she decides that her everyday life is too boring. She is pretty good with the young, not just Hatchling firelizards but also other young creatures including children, and given half the chance would be a good clutch sitter. Though she is pretty approachable she is also pretty calm and wise beyond her fairly young age. She also has a strong sense of loyalty to the ones that she cares about as well as right and wrong though this isn’t brought to the forefront as much as some of her other traits.

(From Impression post):She might have commented further if not for the pink egg suddenly cracking in half revealing a Pink a few shades lighter than her egg itself. She had two bars on the inside her wingsail one a much paler and one darker shade of pink than the rest of her body and the darker bar had a slightly darker spot in the shape of a heart. For the moment content with just breaking out of her egg, the Pink swung her head back and forth surveying the world in front of her before looking behind her at the only remaining intact egg behind her.

The egg hadn’t moved much from the spot that Carissa had placed it in since moving the clutch into the basket, the Pink got up and leaned forward gingerly touching the egg only for it to shatter revealing a slightly annoyed Purple flit. And wouldn’t you be a little annoyed if your sister (if accidently) broke open your egg without being asked especially since the Purple was so close to making a perfect grid pattern, at least in his eyes. Uncurling himself from his position on his side and turning around to face the Pink, the Purple was revealed to have a pale underside compared to his back with an eight-pointed star on each wingsail with two thin bands of different shades lining the edges of the wingsail.

The Pink, though not entirely sure what the big deal was with how he had Hatched after all the most important thing was he was out now, but she wasn’t without sympathy for her younger brother. There was much more to do than making sure that you Hatched the way you wanted to, the Pink could think of a whole lot of things and all of them would probably have to be done before the day was done and it was already pretty late in the day so the pair of them would have get going soon.

Stuff to do, that certainly got the Purple thinking of other things though he didn’t seem to be terribly interested in moving for the time being, focusing on making lists of things that he could possibly need to do before the day was out. Pausing for a moment to see if the Purple was going to join her anytime soon, the Pink cleaned herself off before launching herself off of the basket into the air. She chose fairly quickly, landing on Lerian’s small shoulders, will she give the Pink some meat it didn’t look like her brother will be taking his time to choose his.

Blue firelizard, (#0082B5), 3 turns, Hatched Wi:11
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
From a clutch from Pink Reggae by Black Kimble

Strong Guy
Brown firelizard, (#703c16), 2 turns, Hatched Au:12
(Based off of Goron from Legend of Zelda; template by InkedDragonCreations)
user posted image

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

He is a brown of action, almost always on the move and looking for something to be amused by. He can be laid back, when he's deciding to take it easy, but he's far more into pitting himself against others in friendly competition. He especially likes contests of strength, which he excels at. How sad is it that many flitters don't like to try to physically wrestle each other? It's terrible, unimaginable, at least to him. Though he is a good sport, his pride means he takes these games seriously, proving himself to be one of those work hard, and play hard kind of guys. His bonded will find him to be obedient and loyal, and if it's buried treasure she's looking for, she's got the right flit! He loves playing in the dirt, and exploring the deep places of the earth. Why, if not for the fact he flies, one might think she found herself a tiny wher.

(From Impression post): ...Two eggs far larger than her own had been shaking until the shells shattered, a brown forcing his way from the egg as if it were an opponent to be shown just how impressive he was, and another, calmer soul. Dignity and calm registered from the bronze as he rose from the hole in his shell to look over those in attendance.


All was going as it should, what dangers existed were running their course, and life would continue on. The young bronze watched, absorbing the calm, and exuding serenity, only to here a chitter near by. Glancing down the reason why was soon spotted. The brown had his wings flared out and was weaving his neck and upper body back and forth. Did the bronze want to have a go? It was disappointing to see that he did not. Of course, the brown didn't mean a real fight, just a little contest of strength, that was all. Still, it seemed his bronze clutchmate wasn't interested in a tussle. Pfft, what was that about?


The little brown flipped his wings in indifference, before he looked this way and that. Surely someone would accept his challenge. How about from his fellow subking? Flaring his wings out he issued his challenge to the Purple. Oh please. The Purple glanced back over his wing with a sniff. He wasn't the sort to just go rolling around on the ground for no good reason. Besides, couldn't the brown see he was in the middle of a fascinating 'discussion', with the knowledgeable Grey fellow? The brown folded his wings with a sniff. What was it with all these dull boring flits? Just as he was considering jumping back into the basket to see if maybe he could dig out a better companion a small two legged came right on up to the basket. Above their guardians eyed the approaching fair warily, but look that two legged just kept on coming. The fact that the pair above decided she was no threat was beside the point. She was brave, and he could feel the promise of adventure rolling off of her. With her he would never be bored, even if her fair didn't look like it had any good opponents for him.

F4 Western Feline (#xxx), 0 turns, Born Wi:13
user posted image
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
From the first litter of F3 Western Felines Apima (mother) and Magnus (father)

Adult stats:

Weight: 9-12 lbs

Length: 24" nose to rump 12" tail 3 feet length overall.

Lifespan: 20-25 turns

Sexual Maturity: 1 turn (four OOC months)

Strong, slim, and athletic felines, the F4 Western Felines are considered the breed standard. Their legs are longer than typical domesticated felines with their back legs being slightly longer than their front ones.

Lerian was a Flight baby, born from an encounter between Wingleader Durian and one of her Wingseconds, G'len. At least, that's what her parents will tell you. Not that they're lying about the Flight part or anything; they're not. Just that the circumstances surrounding the conception were a bit more complicated then they've let on to others. Saying it was a Flight encounter simplified matters immensely, cutting down on the possible questions they might've received otherwise.

Essentially, Durian and G'len were discussing Wing and Weyr business (and doing a bit of their usual flirting with each other) when they realized both their dragons were wanting to Chase the same dragoness. Discovering that said dragoness was not Rising immediately, they decided to conclude their official business and ride out the Flight with each other. Hey, it was quicker than making the usual trek to the weyr of the dragoness' Rider, then finding some hurried random place close by (that maybe afforded a hair of privacy, if they were lucky) with some random Weyrperson they might not like afterwards to relieve themselves if/when either of them lost the Flight. Looked at that way, win/win for them both.

To pass the time before the Chase actually began, the two Riders decided to play a few hands of dragon poker, mostly to see how good the other was at playing the game (pretty well, as it turned out), and to see how well the other could cheat without being accidentally caught at it (let's just say they could do it well enough to practically incorporate said cheating into their private game rules, if they so desired). The game soon turned into a strip poker match when they decided to try and minimize the cheating going on between them; emphasis on 'try' ("You can't hide an ace in a sleeve you don't have!" "Wanna bet?"). Add in their flirting, which turned into a mutual seduction attempt at some point, and, well.... Let's just say saying it was just a Flight encounter simplified matters immensely, cutting down on the possible questions they might've received otherwise. Especially since they continued on with the physical aspects of their friendship since then, though they don't advertise that they're doing so. Something about how it can appear to others when a Superior is having a relationship with a Subordinate, and the messes that can create in a Wing, even if the two involved are BBF's and all.

Lerian was born during the days-long Turn's End celebration, a healthy baby girl if her cries were anything to go by. Though both Riders loved their new girl, Wing duties dictated that the creche do most of the childrearing instead of them doing it themselves. Durian and G'len spent what time they could with her, though their respective workloads dictated that the lower-ranked father spent more time with the infant than the higher-ranked mother could. Lerian, not knowing anything different in her short life to that point, accepted this arrangement happily enough, though she did want far more of her parents' attention than they could give her, as any toddler naturally would in similar circumstances.

A few months before she turn 3, she got the first of her two firelizards from a random Weyr hatching. She named the little Cyan Mz Teek, taking a good several months to shape the name into the word she wanted, Mystique, a word she heard someplace and liked, though she had no idea what said word actually meant or anything. The second of her Cyans she got a few months after her third birthday, from a similar random hatching. This one she named Bin, eventually managing to shape that word into what she wanted it to be, which was Bing.

The rules of her life began to change for Lerian not long before she turned 3, when her father became a Wingleader in his own right. Now, all of a sudden, he doesn't have as much time for her as he did before. Bummer! That's not fair! Then, the following spring, he goes and becomes the Weyrleader. Even less time for her now, even if he did get to move to a bigger weyr than he had before, with lots more room to play in and all, Daddy had less time for her than ever. She wants her parents to give her all their time, not share them with a bunch of people she didn't know! (The dragons being the exception to that rule; they're all right in her book. They give her attention during many of the times Mommy and Daddy can't.)

Eventually she'll mature enough to realize that her parents have important jobs that have to be done, and that she'll have to take second place to those jobs on many occasions. She'll accept it, given time. Just don't expect her to like it.

Cross-Impressionable Yes.

Dragon Preference:
Any, though one that could conceivably become a leader someday would be nice.

Adoption Preference: If Rappu is still here if/when I leave, she gets to decide if she wants her or not. Otherwise, transfer.

SP:14 (xx)
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Lerian gains her kitten, Catseye, from Greenhandler Vessa and Vesk.


Season:year (xx)
Spoiler (Show/Hide)

pet name
Color species, xx turns old, Hatched Season:year, (body #Fxxx, markings #xxx)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

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