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 Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Wherling Lesson 13-15 Months
 Posted: Feb 17 2016, 12:13 PM

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Jafari had been rather tired. Not that he'd actually given birth, no, but he tried madly to help Saowyn with their newborn daughter. Thankfully the wherlings had been accommodating (it had meant a sevenday or two where their lessons were less strenuous than usual, but Jafari wasn't going to nitpick about motivations). Now they were getting closer and closer to graduating and he needed to really shore up their lessons. He borrowed his wife - ever-lovely for agreeing to this - and his newborn for it.

They were sitting on a strategically-placed boulder in the middle of the ground of the Bowl. Around them were various objects scattered haphazardly. Branches, twigs, loose stones, a few larger boulders, even some pots and pans, all of them set up to make a glorious clamor should any of them be touched. His flits - one brown, one orange - were asleep at two points. Aphrodite was with the pots, and Captain with the twigs and branches (he was more easily hidden away there). Saosk was disguised as one of the boulders. The wher had been good to let himself be volunteered for this lesson.

Li was asleep in her mother's arms. Proven a light sleeper, this seemed like an ideal lesson for the wherlings. He stood at the edge of it all, Jafask by his side with a large grin on his lips. He huffed a bit, feeling the bite of the autumn night. It was a shadowed night - the moons were both down - which would make this a bit harder for everyone.

Jafask passed on his orders to the whers and wherlings, seeing to it that the baby wasn't disturbed by any vocal commands Jafari might pass on.

Important for whers for not be seed. Must often have jump on others. Key be surprise. Goal for night being get to baby, no waking. If there waking, fail, must practice more. Questions? No? Begin.

The pair stepped back and gave no direction for the wherlings to find their way. That would be up to them. They'd have to find their own ways to the center.
 Posted: Feb 17 2016, 01:48 PM

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The new parents found out very quickly that Li was a very light sleeper. It was apparent on both parent's faces this night, that she often woke. She was happy to help Jafari with any of his wherling lessons, and Saosk was often curious as to how the wherets were handled. Though at this point they were rather large, namely two of them. The blackhandler's legs were semi crossed as she sat atop the boulder. Her daughter was held gently, and she kept her movements to a bare minimum and her breathing even, calm: all of this to keep her influence as a non factor if the babe were to wake.

Raistlin was doing their best to keep Raisk's temper even... much like theirs. She needed to be calm and decisive to make their way across this... messy bowl to the babe in the middle.

Prize to eat? asked the red with a mental cackle, to which Raistlin only smirked. They seem to like the babe, my light. Shame.

The red seemed eager to begin, which may surprise some... but not the redhandler. This was a test of skill, much like the wall climbing they had to do nearly a turn ago. Unlike a show of strength, this would take thought, careful thought. While Raisk didn't care whether or not the babe awoke... she cared if she failed.

If any of the other wherlings got too close, she'd snap her teeth at them, save for the Gold who she'd merely click her teeth at. Still needed to be in her good graces. Once they were given the go ahead, Raistlin stepped up beside their red beauty.

You will need to pick the appropriate path, I can only see so much. But avoid twigs and loose stones, unless you can safely move them aside.
Weak human sight.

Raisk, although bulky, was still a predator. She could stalk if need be and Hers was lean, limber so they could sneak effectively too. The red lowered her head and began to stalk forward and her Handler followed suit, following behind their red often switching between her sight and theirs. Raisk picked her way away carefully and slowly, like a bulky stalking jungle cat and she was even stepping forward onto the tops of her toes as best she could, without upsetting her balance.

Even her competitive spirit couldn't quell her natural impatience. Her breaths came in a little quicker as her eyes darted to the "goal". Ambush, get to babe fast. Why must Raisk play silly game?

Raistlin's eyes locked to their wher, This is the way it is. Imagine sneaking up on a large group of armed wildlings and their own whers? You cannot ambush and hope for the best. Do not play this off as trivial, if your life and my life were on the line my darling dear... you would remain calm and focused. The red considered for a moment, for she wasn't an unintelligent creature. If those stakes, why not just say so. Human hatchling of no importance to Raisk. It helps to imagine a real threat. Gets the blood pumping, does it not my dear Raisk? The red wher's maw cracked in a toothy grin and her eyes flashed the brightest of crimson.

Her eyes tore away from the babe and returned to focusing on on where she was placing her feet, stepping over a small pile of kitchen pans.
 Posted: May 19 2016, 01:09 AM

The Dreamer

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(OOC: More late Leo posts~)

Family. Ruoban had to stop and catch his breath at the sight of them, together, whers and humans alike, suddenly recognizable as a wonderfully harmonious unit - well, mostly together, as there was a lesson to be taught and all, with each piece assigned their own individual role to play in the game - even so, he couldn't help but think that they were perfect like this.

Indeed, as cheesy as it sounded, family was the center of - if not all life - at least of his life. He knew that now. It had only taken him twenty turns to figure out his meaning of life, so not too bad, all things considered; most people didn't even discover what their meanings were on their deathbeds.

When Ruoban had first gone chasing after his missing little brother, it was mostly guilt, not love, that had driven him. But love, hate, trust, doubt, companionship, discord, they were all part of what it meant to be a member of a family. Of course, family didn't necessarily have to be related by blood, and they most certainly didn't even have to like one another all of the time, but family was family nonetheless. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Somehow, he wouldn't have it any other way.

'Family be the link to past, bridge to future.' The wherling could feel his face crinkle as he leaned down to scratch underneath the chin of his dainty cyan. 'Ever the romantic you are, my dear.' She winked in reply, a strangely human quirk that she had picked up from him, before motioning her head in Jafask's direction. 'Weird uncle.' He tried to hold it back, he really did, but ended up letting out a little laugh, sort of quietly. Jafask would make the perfect weird uncle. 'Thanks, now that's going to be the image stuck in my head while we do this.' Not that he minded much.

Ruosk sat on the edge of the obstacle course for several minutes after her sisters had already begun. She sat, and she watched, and she considered as Hers offered suggestions here and there to settle amidst her own thoughts. Finally, she took her first few steps, graceful as a professional dancer. Slow and steady went her pace, slow and steady because this wasn't a race, at least, not in her mind. Ruosk was most worried about making the poor little human-et cry.

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