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 You like kids, right? {Songspinners}, AU:13 {Weyrlings/Weyrbrats} goldentines
 Posted: Feb 17 2016, 05:00 PM

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Aiechu was not dozing, thanks.

Sure, his eyes were closed, and his posture relaxed, half slumped over his harp, and he yawned hugely just before the weyrling arrived at his location, but he was totally awake. His eyes, in fact, flew open at the sound of approaching footsteps. He resisted the urge to yawn again—ugh, effort—and blinked at them with dreamy eyes over the hard, elegant planes of his cheeks. A practiced hand lifted to brush the hair from his eyes, smile gentle and the picture of patient crèche harper.

Ah, yes,” He offered sweetly upon spying the dragon, not yet full grown and so still able to fit through the tunnels, “Weyrlingmaster…” What was his name? “Klah-drinker mentioned you would be coming.” Aiechu stood, unfolding his legs with the smooth fluidity of someone who never, ever, moved more than precisely one inch over what was absolutely necessary to get from A to B. Aiechu then pushed his harp into the hands of whichever weyrling was closest, and ushered them towards the open entrance of the crèche. “Fourteen weyrbrats await your instruction. You’ll be helping them make Goldentines. Please try not to traumatize them.

He was going to go take a nap. He called over his shoulder, as he left the crèche, in a singsongy voice, soft and cheerful, “Break my harp and I’ll send you betweeee~eeeen.” Then he was gone.

A weyrbrat, about five, maybe only four (and three quarters) reached up to shove with all of their five (maybe only four and three quarters) might a the weyrling’s knee, shoving the crinkly gold material at the dragon, who had talons and could therefore obviously cut things. “Make me an egg!” They whined.
 Posted: Feb 17 2016, 10:12 PM

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Lemasyth waddled his way along with his, having already grown considerably since he'd first hatched the round blue carried his weight a bit better, but he was still a round dragon. He didn't know what kind of exciting lessons F'dren had planned for them today, but he was curious to learn. He always liked to learn, and F'dren and Mifth were so nice to be around, even if they weren't going to be around them for this part of the lesson.

W'o, for his part was silent as he made his way forward. He could sense that his blue was mostly excited, though when concern started to slip it's way into the young dragon's thoughts, he monitored the matter closely, intervening when it was needed. When he saw the man, his sharp gaze was quick to his knots. He didn't need to look at the harp, he'd spotted that long before he got near enough to make out the colors the man wore. He was dealing with a journeymen, as well as a harper. The man's words, while he was passed the harp caused the tall weyrling to blink. Teach? Wonderful, it would be one of the few aspects of the craft he wasn't so sure about. Well, teaching apprentices wouldn't be so bad, they were a bit older then crechlings.

Lemasyth blinked slowly at the man, curiously stretching his nose out to take in his scent, and to see the harp. That was something familiar, and the little blue gurgled a purr. As the man spoke, he could hear, he didn't remember F'dren's name? Oh, that was most distressing. Maybe he should help, he knew his name! He was a bluerider like his W'o and their Weyrlingmaster, plus Mifth was wonderful. His eyes yellowed a bit though as he considered that maybe this man wouldn't his time to be wasted. Maybe he would think it was silly that Lemasyth thought it was important. A gentle brush of assurance from his, brought the blue back to his eyes, and another gurgled purr was heard from the now contented blue.

"What does a harp have to do with goldentines?" He asked seriously, not in a panic, but whether answers were forth coming or not, he'd feel very much on his own. At the very least, the way he took the harp, and carried it likely offered the other any assurances he might have wanted. W'o was harpertrained, a few years shy of journeyman status, but still, he knew quite well how to handle a harp. They were one of the instruments he most enjoyed.

Then he was alone, or rather outnumbered, since Lemasyth was at his side, along with whatever wyerlings had accompanied him with their partner. There it was, pushing it's way right up, a child that was not his kin. Well, this would be just perfect. Raising a brow at the approach, he kept a cool, mostly neutral expression. He didn't care for whining, it was a grating behavior, but he knew it wouldn't due to be angry at the child.

"Now now, is that any way to ask for something we want?", he asks calmly, allowing a little warmth into his tone, but not all that much, certainly not as much as some might use. "Lemasyth is still young, he needs to see smart young men and women practicing their manners, so he can learn them", he correction, without rebuke, though it was unnerving. This was not one of his little brothers or sisters for him to know the likely response, or to feel as right in letting them try to melt into a puddle of tantrum if they had a mind.

The blue, meanwhile, had pulled back a bit, not afraid, but the quickness of the child had surprised him, he needed to catch up with the motion that was so fast and so close. Could he even make an egg? Did only mothers make eggs?

~He doesn't mean a real egg, he means a shape made out of the material. ~

~Oh ~ The blue tipped his head, angling it to better look at the thing that the child had brought. He still wasn't sure he could make an egg out of it. W'o, for his part, waited for a more appropriate behavior from the child in question, while also taking stock of what he had to work with. If there were other weyrlings to assist, it would be best if someone helped the kid with cutting the thing, rather than a young dragon who was likely unable to make the appropriate shape. If he was alone, he'd have to figure out how to do it, while being sure the harp was not left within reach of the children. W'o didn't know if it was true that the children in Weyrs were less disciplined than those of the Weyr. At his home, he'd expect any by the age of five to understand what a serious instrument a harp was, at least long enough it'd take part of a candlemark for them to work up the courage, or forget their own caution enough to reach for one. Here though, it was just as possible there was a long, on going plot to get hold of this very instrument, and this one was sent forth to distract him into setting it down for another to snatch it up.

~I'm sure they wouldn't plan such a thing... Tanner would not hurt your harp ~ Sweet Lemasyth, Wood decided to keep it to himself how different this situation was, than the one the young blue was imagining.
 Posted: May 16 2016, 09:54 PM

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(OOC: Late posts from the Leo.)

"He's always like that," a voice offered from somewhere behind the blue weyrling as if that was explanation enough for his friend's odd behavior. "I still would be careful with that harp though...my speciality is crafting songs, not instruments." Meaning that he wasn't going to be fixing it if something happened to it - even if he did know how. There was also the clear implication that W'rone was a Journeyman Harper himself in his tone and his words despite the lack of harper knots on his tunic (where did he put those silly things anyway?).

The yellow weyrling stood very obviously by himself at the entrance to the creche, what with his fast growing yellow dragon being kind of hard to miss in all but the darkest occasions, a small smile slowly fading from his lips. The rapid tap of his thumb against the palm of his hand was the only conscious sign of his nerves due to the lack of Sanarth's physical presence, but he knew all his worries were for naught. He was certain she would be along soon enough and there was plenty enough music to keep him occupied in the meantime.

"The harp, I imagine, would be to help keep them entertained." His deep brown eyes were unusually focused as he surveyed the situation, or rather, all fourteen little situations in a single sweep. One of his eyebrows raised without his permission as he began to work his way through the numerous clamoring voices calling for him to make them eggs and make them purty. He didn't notice, not the eyebrow nor the voices, too busy shuffling through all of the music in his head for an appropriate piece to be played. "Perhaps...no, ah. I suppose you know The Hatching Song?" It had just the right amount of pluck for the weyrbrats and fit right in with making goldentines. He started to make another suggestion just in case the apprentice didn't know that song after all only to fall silent as a familiar presence made herself known.

'Well helloooo there, little ones!' Sanarth's voice blasted through the caverns like a ray of sunshine siren as she finally caught up to Hers. The yellow dragonet had stepped in some muck along the way to the lower caverns and had insisted she clean herself up first before following through with their lesson. W'rone, knowing full-well what his 'lady' was like, had simply shrugged and let her go. 'Ooo, these goldentines are so shiny and pretty, just like me, aren't they Mine?' "Mhmm." 'Oh, and hello Lemasyth! And Lemasyth's. I do hope you'll forgive me for running late, but a lady must always look her best.' She tossed her head and struck an elegant pose in order to show them exactly what she meant which was rather difficult considering the lack of space with all of them in there. One of the weyrbrats clapped her hands together excitedly and W'rone fought back a sigh. Please don't encourage my dragon. If she starts dancing...
 Posted: May 17 2016, 09:03 PM

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It was almost a relief to hear that other voice, though his brow raised a bit at the information that this sort of vague instruction was typical of the man in charge of the children's education. Well, far be it for him to question the tenancies of a journeyman, especially one that was good enough to be given such an important task. Teaching wasn't one of his fortes, W'o was sure of that much. Something else the man said caught his attention though. W'o wasn't just a harper because he had talent with playing and singing, he was sharp. Eyes narrowing briefly, he dissembled the other's words, and identified his rank. Apprentices didn't usually talk about specialties, at least not at such a specific, level. Apprentices were also, typically expected to study a variety of aspects of the craft, and this man was far to young to be a Master. Even if he had the skill, the Hall would likely make him wait just as a matter of principle. So, knots or no knots, he identified the others rank easily.

"I could fix it, but as it's his Harp, he'd likely notice." He offered in his typical, serious tones. W'o was confident in his skills of crafting and fixing instruments, but it seemed to him that a man should know every notch and scrape on what was his personally. "You compose?" His tone softened just a bit, his guard dropping, albeit marginally. There was also a certain respect that entered in his voice, that of one that valued that sort of talent deeply; his own skill set didn't include a knack for composing.

W'o knew that technically, being Werylings, neither one of them was of a higher rank than the other. For plenty of young men his age, this would have given him reason to vie for a position between them of equality at the least, dominance preferably. W'o, however, was far more practical, this may have been something they were asked to do as Weyrlings, but dealing with and organizing a group of children was more inline with Harper duties than that of dragonriders. W'rone ranked higher than he did as a Harper, it only made sense for him to defer to the other's greater experience and wisdom. Thank Faranth, the man had something in mind for him other than dealing with the kids directly.

"Of course", he offered with neither arrogance, nor defense, moving himself out of the way, but staying close at hand, in case he was needed to quickly deal with some of the unruly mob. Given the crowd, W'o decided to strike rather than pluck the strings, producing the crisper brighter sounds appropriate for the tune. He assumed the man only wanted it played, not sung.

~You look lovely Sanarth. We don't mind the wait~ Offered Lemasyth softly, a bit happier about the situation, now that his W'o felt better about it. He even carefully nosed at some of the material before trying his luck at trying to make a shape out of it. With the tips of his talons he poked holes, trying to make an outline. Some of the little ones nearest to him, were no doubt offering advice as they watched. Suddenly a fit of little girl giggles kicked up, when Lemmy's claw had gone a bit to deep, and the material pulled up with his talon. What had been especially funny to them was when the little blue pulled up his foot to give the goldentine a quizzical look. What was he supposed to do now? Briefly his eyes flecked yellow, but assurances from his told him that the little girls weren't being hurtful, and Lemmy was soon cooing in delight as one tried to help remove it for him.

~Sanarth's~, squeaked up the soft voice of the blue, once his claw was goldentine free. ~What should I do?~

"Hello Lady Sanarth", W'o offered easily, as he played, certain the dragon's keen hearing would pick it up. "I'm sure with time you'll perfect your preparation rituals in time." He was more understanding than he would have been with a grown human. Punctuality was something W'o inherently valued, but when it came to young dragons, there was only so much that could be done during the learning curve.

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