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 Keep Calm and Carry On, WI:13 Aquamarine 0-3 Months
 Posted: Mar 4 2016, 11:42 AM

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OOC: This means, this is happening the night after they Impress

Jafari had given care of Xiaoli back to her mother for now. He was a touch overloaded, given that he now had to get to know - and observe - the new wherlings as well as guide the Umber Class ones to their graduation. It would be interesting to see how this would work out. For now, he supervised morning baths and oilings, had morning lessons with the new wherlings, had the older wherlings supervise afternoon baths and oilings, did afternoon lessons with the older wherlings, and then looked after the evening bath and oils. It made for a full day, less time with Sao and Lirmox than he'd like, but for the most part he would be able to handle it.

He breathed deeply and looked down at the slate with thoughts and questions he had for the wherlings. He needed to get to know them and do it quickly. He could recognize a certain social aversion in Bozidar, Sutekh had been a Stands Candidate, and Norla hadn't been a Candidate for very long. All three would need a bit of extra integration and care to work well within their class and - from there - in their Prides. All of them he'd need to work with to see they became good Handlers.

And, of course, he needed to make records of the new Viridians. Physically, for growth, and what their general personality seemed like. Zernye and Zesk would be asked about it since Bozidar didn't feel comfortable sharing; Jafari had a feeling that Bosk was outspoken enough to give a general idea regardless, so it didn't matter much.

Jafari leaned back, tilting his chair on the two back legs. The wherlings were waiting for him, weren't- "Augh!" He went toppling back, feeling the legs get knocked out from under him. Jafask chuckled while His landed in the soft pile of Li's things behind him.

Stop be worry. No point. We dealing. Now. Call in. Jafari looked at the ceiling before reaching out and patting Jafask's haunch. The iron peered at the door. Jafari righted himself, then had Jafask call in the first wherling.

The script helped. Every wherling was greeted with a kind smile, a soft welcome. A mug of klah and cream if wanted. His hands remained folded calmly in front of him, each answer given calm consideration and response. What is your greatest challenge as a new wherling? What is your wheret's? What do you wish me to know of you? Simple questions. Asking about Bond nuances would come later, when they'd had a chance to explore each other and their personalities better. Then he could begin exploiting those strengths to make for better pairs.
 Posted: Mar 4 2016, 11:20 PM
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Bozidar wasn't so sure he liked the whole premise of being a wherling. The wounds of being ripped away from safety and security, and having his broken mind thrust into the jaws of not only a new wheret, but a new color of wheret, had left him reclusive, nearly silent, and beyond timid. Bosk was trying to push him into the limelight, and Bo - as usual - wanted no part of it. Anger and worry were at the forefront of his mind, but he operated with a near-mechanical method. Lay awake until he was too tired not to sleep, sleep an hour or two, wake up to keep himself from having nightmares. Sand and Cee, understanding the importance of not letting Thiers lapse into one of his mind-shredding night terrors, woke him regularly as he'd asked. He oiled Bosk, he bathed Bosk, he fed Bosk. He played with Bosk when the Viridian would tolerate it, and he played easily-orchestrated gitar for his wheret, when he asked. Nothing original. Nothing outside normal Harper teaching-ballads, or songs he'd heard in the kitchens both at Keroon and at Dalibor.

No ship shanties, no original songs, nothing with heart.
Safe music, to lull the monster into a false sense of security. Most of his days not at lessons, chores, or tending to his wheret, consisted of sitting in a corner in his room, the walls against his off-kilter shoulders, hugging his knees and trying to remember that this was what he wanted.

Two turns. He just had to make it two turns, and not destroy his bond in the process.
Two turns.

He didn't care about them. Not any of them, nobody but Yenyne because she was the only one who understood. At least, the only one who understood that could even speak to him, as he was pretty sure they probably weren't going to let Da'on near him.

The thought alone made him furious. He'd just gotten his life together, Da'on had just gotten the night terrors to go away. Bo'd slept that first night better than he'd ever slept in his life, and now there was only a small, lime-green creature that he was terrified he'd roll over on. He intended to tie himself to his cot, in order to keep from doing just that. Bosk was carried everywhere. The Viridian was the only thing to bring him comfort, and he never let Bosk out of his touch. The wheret was tucked into his vest more often than not, where Bo believed he'd be better protected, and where Bosk believed he could better protect His. After all, it was easier to rip someone's face from their skulls for getting too close to His, if he was at a proper height and angle to do so.

He talked to no one. Lessons would find his classmates ignored, even when they asked questions. He wasn't there for them, he didn't care about them. The only souls who meant anything to him were either in contact with him - his eyes on a shoulder and the wheret pressed to his heart, couldn't see him - Da'on and O'men, or had been equally shunned by all of them, practically, until they'd found their bonded the same as he had - Yenyne. She was the only one among them he found any worth in; the rest of them meant nothing to him, and he had no interest in fraternizing with any of them. Sutekh was given a mild regard, if only because he knew Yenyne was a friend of his, and he'd met the man once before in the Dining Hall. Jafask and Jafari were given an uneasy regard; they were in positions of power, and directly responsible for them. Jafari had stopped by his room just after Ijo and O'men had left, to mention that he would be sending down another blind Handler to try and help Bo adjust to seeing the world through a wher's eyes, rather than a firelizard's. He had yet to meet this mysterious other, and suspected he wouldn't for a while, at least. His bond was still new. Still fresh, still raw.

He entered the room in silence, guided by the light green wheret whose front paws hooked into Bo's vest. It supported him rather nicely, and Bo had wrapped a sash around his chest in order to support his hatchling bonded's weight without needing to use his hands.

Bozidar couldn't possibly have looked more....neutral. Stone-faced, emotionless. Bosk rode with a mannequin; where most people had the eyes to express their feelings on one matter or another, the only thing to meet Jafari's gaze was a blindfold. Away from Da'on, he'd taken to wearing it again. Bosk had insisted that His not cover his scars, and in that regard, Bozidar had humored the Viridian within some measure. He didn't wear his bandages, but his shirt, vest, and pants of course covered most of them anyway.

The immense tangles of near-white against otherwise starkly dark-chocolate skin was visible across his neck, jaw, hands, and what parts of his chest weren't hidden either by shirt, vest or wheret. The gouge across the bridge of his nose and the way it made it crooked. The way one of his shoulders was lower and off-set from the other, a product from poorly-mended bones. Belt-length dreadlocks had been recently dyed; there was a hint of black at the roots, betraying the true color of Bo's hair. Rust orange-red encompassed the rest, which contrasted sharply enough with his skin and the green reptile in his vest that if someone missed him coming from anything less than two miles off, they were as blind as he was, or were purposefully ignoring him.

What is your greatest challenge as a new wherling? What is your wheret's?

Bosk looked up towards His, before looking back towards Jafask, then Jafari.

Bosk think biggest challenge, not tear face off all two-legs, try touch Bozidar. No touch. Bosk give new face. Make match Bozidar back.

Bo's brows knit slightly, a shift above the length of black cloth.

"Being a wherling."

Jafari wasn't stupid. He knew. By now, his conversation with Sebol had probably made it through the ranks of a few Candidate and Wherlingmasters; after all, Vrell had stopped him on the way out, and denoted that she wanted him not to show up at the first hatching after he'd dropped the program. Whether she'd notified others or not, Bo had made every effort to take that desire into consideration. It still hadn't stopped Bosk from Impressing.

So much for that.

He'd been shifting from one emotion to another ever since Bosk had licked the pinpricks on his calf and sealed the bond. Anger, to timid frustration, to anger again. He wasn't good enough to keep it from Bosk, but the Viridian clearly understood that His wasn't all right in the head. He weathered the storm much better than Bozidar suspected another wheret might have. Perhaps it was a trait for Viridians. He didn't know. He didn't care. Despite the color, not every Red was the same. Not every Green was the same. Every Viridian wouldn't be the same, either. Bo had no interest in being anyone's science experiment. If they wanted information, they could get it from Zesk.

What do you wish me to know of you?

Bosk turned his head, peering up at His again. Bozidar's fingers lifted, and without having to look, settled against the Viridian's head. Fingertips trailed over his wheret's eye ridges, and Bosk momentarily softened the whirling red-orange of his eyes to a softer green-yellow, not many shades off from his hide.

He didn't answer. When the response came, it was clear who was speaking.

Bozidar not for experiment. Not poke, not prod, not ask thousand question, not bother. Bosk is Bozidar's, Bozidar is Bosk's. Nobody else. Leave alone, not push in room with other Bosk's brother, sister. Not want. Bosk need be Bozidar's, not distract. Important. No touch, no talk, no stare, no stupid question. Bozidar know rule, Bosk know rule, not need stupid Big Wings or Not-Big-Wing come, tell what get drill into head when not-bond. Leave alone. Not need talk, need listen to Jafask, Jafari. Bosk get big, make sure nobody hurt Bozidar again. Go back, stupid Big Wing Blue, make Bozidar best happy, have Big Wing Person, other Big Wing Person, best of all Bosk. Bosk is best for Bozidar.

Bo actually grinned, and leaned down to nose the midline of his Viridian's face. Bosk licked his chin.

Sutekh came in shortly after one of the other wherlings had left; he leaned heavily on his cane, Ssk carried on his shoulder, carefully kept stable by being tucked under a scarf the Weaver wore. Ssk was yammering into His' head, judging by the way Sutekh looked towards his newly-bonded Blue on occasion. He slid down into the chair with an oof, cane to one side as he drew his weaker leg up underneath. Ssk climbed down into Sutekh's lap, and curled up to watch the Ironhandler and His.

What is your greatest challenge as a new wherling? What is your wheret's?

"Mine? Well....I'd say mine is getting used to even being a wherling, I wasn't expecting Ssk to find me like he did. I didn't think with my leg being so messed up, that they'd take me." He ran a comparatively massive hand across Ssk, who crooned but decided to scale His' shirt and settle back into the scarf. "Not having a schedule, and then having one...well...I never had a child, I assume this isn't unlike it."

Ssk searching for Quest. Will reach, someday, with Sutekh, just have look harder. Need look after get big, though, for now, smaller Quests. Come talk to Jafask, Jafari - Quest successful. Next Quest is nap.

What do you wish me to know of you?

Sutekh's eyes fell slightly, before Ssk nudged him.

Is time to tell. Quest important, not hold back, Sutekh. Jafask, Jafari, be important. Need know. Sutekh swallowed, looking guiltily towards his wheret. Ssk bumped his head against His' jaw and neck. Sutty answered with a small scratch of his wheret's eye ridges.

"I'm espoused." He nervously petted Ssk's head and neck. "It was arranged by my parents. They tried to force me into becoming a Herder like the rest of them, and when I refused, they arranged a marriage to try and keep me there. She's barren, but if I separated from her, she'd have nobody to protect her. No other man would take her. So I'm espoused to her, still, so that they can't harm her. She's at Cove, living rather comfortably on Marks I send her from the sale of my things. I'll need to continue to craft in order to support her. Even as a wherling. I don't intend to miss lessons or any of that, I want to be held to the same standards as everyone else. Ssk will always come first. I propose possibly that I pick up extra chores on chore days, and possibly have an extra rest day in name alone, so that I can prepare to send my pieces home for her to sell at the Gathers and to the traders that come through port." Ssk curled up in the scarf, and Sutekh gently cradled his Blue in his hands, within the scarf. "Please don't tell Yenyne. I've been trying to keep it quiet around here, also from her, until she was either out of the program or she'd graduated. I'm going to tell her, I just don't want it to upset her and risk her wheret. She's wanted nothing more than to be a Handler, and I don't intend on doing anything to ruin that for her. She deserves to be happy, and I don't want to say anything about it until after I know she's ready." He sighed softly. "My wife, she's...it's not a relationship. It's purely official, nothing more or less. We don't speak beyond letters from her to let me know she's all right and that nobody is bothering her. I might...move her to Western, or Crescent, or pay to send her to Southern Boll to bolster her craftwork so that she can get her Journeyman or Master knots someday. Then she won't have to rely on me."

 Posted: Mar 5 2016, 03:26 AM


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Though things in the Weyr were far different from when she'd lived on the isle she had the time she lived in the cothold under her belt; it was for this reason alone that she was not helplessly overwhelmed and entirely recluse. It was not to say that she actively went about seeking friendship or chatting up anyone in earshot, Norla was not the talkative sort. Still she did not outright avoid conversation if it was brought to her even if she didn't always know what to say. Far from being rude there was a hard shell that others would need to chip through but nothing so serious it would deter those who were genuinely interested in knowing her. It certainly had not been enough to deter Norsk from choosing her.

On her first day in the Weyr the feline was let out of the bag, so to speak, about her proper gender. Arriving under the pretense of being a boy and dressed in boy's clothes she'd come clean with Sebolaren and since then she had done little to continue up her previous charade. Yet when Norsk informed her that the Wherlingmaster was summoning her to his office it was not a skirt clad young lady that entered. Instead of skirts or anything feminine she wore her long pants and a long shirt - she lacked the upper body definition that would give her away to onlookers thanks to binding. Taking a seat she nodded when the klah and cream was offered and sipped quietly as he spoke.

No know why be hide. Jafask good wher. Jafask's good wher person. Be helper. Norsk's voice was tender and full of patience, he knew that this was not what His expected. Though he was just a day old he seemed to have knowledge far beyond his turns. His would come around, if he had doubted her in the slightest he would have chosen another - something he reminded the girl of in between feedings, baths, oilings, and naps of which there were plenty. A great leader inspired greatness in others without forcing them into it. She would find the greatness he saw in her in her own time.

Sips began to last longer as she stalled for time. It was admirable that he he wanted to know his new charges better, but she wasn't entirely certain how to answer his questions. Especially when her honest answers might make him think she was a foolish girl who wasn't cut out for this; having someone else doubt her as much as she doubted herself would be a crushing blow. Finally the mug was half empty, More full less empty, and she set it down with a sigh.

What is your greatest challenge as a new wherling? What is your wheret's?

How was she supposed to know what Norsk's greatest challenge was? The bond was still new and she was still in denial. While she could feel it she was doing her best to not connect with his thoughts, as near impossible as it was. Even as she questioned how she would know what would be the hardest for him she realized she already knew the answer, though he was more than happy to give it in her stead. Norsk be tell Nor-la good wher. Show Nor-la all good whers. Teach things. Be make sure brothers learn good. Be good. Be smarts. Be leader. Be show Nor-la good wher person like Jafask's.

"Everything," the voice she offered was grittier than her own and deeper. A sigh so deep her shoulders lifted and fell gently came from her at his next question. Norsk lifted his head from her lap to offer a gentle nudge to her chest with his muzzle. Reassuring. Calming.

Running a hand up through her short hair when she spoke again the voice was soft and the proper tone one might expect from a young woman. "I would prefer if you and the others called me Nora. Despite the appearance I am a girl. I lived with my family for many turns in an area it was safer to be seen as a boy than a girl." There was a pause as she regarded the Wherlingmaster with eyes deep with warmth despite the neutral expression she wore, "We were holdless."

Reaching out to pick the mug back up she stopped short, dropping her hand back into her lap. There was no point in trying to put off talking to the man who would be in charge of her and her wher for the next few turns. "I suppose I feel... safe. Like this. Even though I do like being myself too." It was hard to explain to someone else, especially someone who was a stranger. Did she really need to justify her choices to him? He likely didn't feel she did but there she was stumbling over the words trying to give him insight into herself. Perhaps this was just as much about making sure she understood it as it was helping him to understand. "They won't treat me different because I'm a girl, right? You won't either?" It was a valid question in her mind - as a young girl she figured her parents wanted her to play the 'game' and be a boy because girls were treated different. They were seen as weaker, like they couldn't do what the boys could do. As she got older it was more apparent what her parents were protecting her and her sisters from by disguising them as boys, but it was hard to shake the turns of wondering if everyone thought girls were weaker. Despite all the doubt clouding her mind she would be damned if she let someone else tell her she couldn't do something just because she was a girl. She would fail and succeed on her own merit and not in relation to her gender.

 Posted: Mar 5 2016, 01:16 PM

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Jafari had indeed heard about the viridianwherling's issues. He had glanced at the small (for now) creature a few times during the answers, especially when addressed by Bosk. The wheret wouldn't be small for long. Two seasons and Bosk would be able to throw Bozidar off like a large canine. He wasn't surprised at the answer of 'being a wherling'.

The viridian did manage to earn a smile when he proclaimed about ripping off faces, though. Jafari knew more than one wheret like that - one had been in his class. Even though the answer to his question about knowing faded the wherlingmaster's grin by half, it was still warming to see that the wherling and wheret were forming a Bond. He took a deep breath, then another, before posing his question.

"Do you want to be in the official Handler program?"

Direct. Blunt. Jafari's mug went down and his hands folded together. "Currently you're part and parcel of the Handler program here, but you don't have to be. You'd still be a wherling for eighteen months, but you won't be required to attend the lessons beyond basic care. You won't be the first Handler who chooses to opt out and I highly doubt you'll be the last." A pause to let it sink in. "I don't want an answer until next season, since most lessons will be building between you and Bosk alone at this point. Eventually official lessons will require interaction with others. Being a part of Dalibor's Prides requires it. Being unable or unwilling to communicate and work with others that will depend on you to help protect the weyr is not an option."

"So over the next season, or the next two, I ask you to consider what you want for yourself after graduation. You were - are - Da'on's weyrmate. Not his kept pet. Outside your time with him, when you and your wher are of age, how do you want to fit into this weyr? You're free to choose for yourself. You don't have to give a big explanation for whatever answer you give me. I just hope you are a certain that your answer is the right one for you as you did when you left Candidacy."

Jafari leaned back in his seat and regarded the blind wherling. Bozidar wasn't a bad man, but he was a man who had so many futures in front of him it was hard to see which path he would end up taking. "If you'd care to speak to one of the Handlers outside of the Prides, I can arrange it at any time. Just let me know when."

"In the meanwhile, you're not going to be poked and prodded, you're not going to be lectured on the rules, you're not going to be forced into interacting with the other wherlings unless you choose. As impossible as it might seem, my job as wherlingmaster is to protect you and your wheret, to make certain that you become a healthy, functioning pair. Anything that risks breaking your Bond before you're more established won't be tolerated, from anyone." Jafari's voice quieted, softened. "Vrell watched one young woman with mental strain make a wheret go wild because she was unable to handle the Bond. Any strain, no matter where it's from, is a worry. I don't want to see that happen to you."

The concerns the Alphahandler had weren't baseless. A wherling broken by the loss of a wheret was tragic, and if it could be prevented then all measures would be taken to do it.

"If there's anything you need, at any time, ask me. I'll see you both at the midnight feeding and baths."

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Jafari wasn't surprised by the first answer. Nor the second. Their bonds were still fresh, and being a Stands Candidate made everything harder. If the giant thought that he wouldn't be taken because of his leg, he should have spoken with Joshu and Jossk. Jafari's grin flashed for only a moment. "You'll fit right in with some of our Handlers, believe me. Part of why whers ought to be more popular than they are is because they'll take you, whatever physical issues you have. Dragons are the picky ones. They demand as close to perfection as they can get."

Whers knew and loved them for being the humans they were. His hand reached out to stroke Jafask's head. He earned a small nip to his fingers, a love nip from the iron.

The revelation of his wherling's marriage was something quite unexpected, however. His expression furrowed as he bend his mind around the issue. For a few moments after he didn't speak, simply leaned back in his chair and sipped at his klah. "That is a tricky situation." One that Jafari could respect.

"If it's merely an arrangement between you both, then why don't you just bring her here?"

It was a bold question, one that he quickly clarified. "If you both would prefer to dissolve it, but ensure she'd be able to take care of herself, then working as a drudge - or Apprentice - here would take care of that. You would tell her family she's coming to be with you at last and then keep up the pretense if they write, but the odds of them visiting are virtually nonexistent so you'd not have to worry about them finding out that way. Drudges work in exchange for room and board, and this being a Weyr, a few choose to never have children because they go Between. No one here would have to know that you were ever married; you can go on as friends. She would be able to take any lover she wanted and not face judgement for never bearing."

Jafari paused in his words. He was getting mixed up in a personal issue, the other being that he and the woman - Yenyne - Sutekh was interested in were in the same class. "I'll not tell Yenyne about your espousal. That's your business. And I've just given a lot of information on top of your new Bond. If, over the course of your wherlinghood, want to discuss how to navigate things further then I'm here. I'll do whatever I can to aid you."

"In the meanwhile, I'll be certain to note that your chores will mainly involve your Crafting, and you can spend your rest day however you wish. You're a good man to be doing what you are, and I can respect that." Jafari smiled, then grinned up at Ssk. "Good man, and a good wher. I'll see you for the midnight bath and oilings." He stood, reached over to shake Sutekh's hand, and let the wherling go.

Interesting one, indeed.

Norla Nora
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Jafari was absolutely fine waiting for his new charge's answers. When he finally had them, he smiled widely.

"Nora. That's not a problem; I have a good friend Nora. I'll make certain to change the records officially as well. I... can understand your concerns. The big secret here is that," he leaned in slightly, "I was Holdless as well until I came here." Were they going to rob out the ranks from the Holdless on the Ring Islands? Probably not, not with the events of Laanasuth's hatching. But it seemed a good many of the Riders and Handlers here had roots in the Holdless. "As a matter of fact, both my weyrmates were in the same Holdless camp. We were brought here together."

Funny how that worked out. Jafari moved to quickly reassure her of any points she needed reassurance on.

"You're not going to be treated a whit differently because of your sex. Both Alpha and Betahandlers are female, as are some of our Prideleaders and Prideseconds. If women weren't just as capable of handling the same load, they wouldn't be in those positions. Believe me, I have a deep respect for everything women can do." His eyes glimmered with deep humor. "Saowyn, my weyrmate, would tell you the same. She's been Pridesecond for quite a while. Hasn't been treated differently from a man yet."

And she was tough as nails for it, to boot, but she'd been like that well before being a Pridesecond. "You'll do just fine, I'm sure. And be able to hold toe-to-toe with any of the men in the Prides." Yes, she'd do just fine as well. Jafari grinned widely. Tough nut, he could see that already, just like his Saowyn.

"I'll see you at midnight feeding and bathing."
 Posted: Mar 11 2016, 12:58 AM

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Zeryne was still reeling over the fact that she'd impressed, let alone impressed to one of the first viridians. Her wher was a wonderful, glorious, perfect little being. He was also a wonderful, glorious, perfect little being who had landed her name in the records. It was a notion that made her head spin. People would still know her and Zesk's name long after they had passed. Zesk was happy about this. The landmark they served as made it that much easier for people to look back and use them as a guiding light.

Of course, being new and strange wasn't enough. They had to make their mark on the world via actions as well. They would serve Pern with honor and valor. But before they did that, they would have to graduate wherlinghood. That meant lessons. And lessons, apparently, meant lots of questions.

The wherling couldn't stop herself from fidgeting in front of her teacher. Brown eyes moved toward her wher in a silent request for guidance. She liked to take things as they came, but this was just so new! So... intimidating. Something about talking to the man who would guide her into the role of a wherhandler held much more weight than the beastcrafters or candidatemasters ever had. Her wheret, on the other hand, was entirely unconcerned. He had just sat down and started watching. Now he glanced boredly at his handler and snorted. What wait for, silly? Speak.

A warm blush spread across Zeryne's face. I just don't know what to say. There's so much! What if I get it wrong? She didn't want to make her wherlingmaster upset at her with the first thing she said.

Wher faces weren't particularly well equipped for generating expressions. Despite this, Zesk tried his best to give his handler a withering look. Here Zesk though impossible get opinion wrong. No! Zesk's magic-ly have wrong thoughts. He huffed and shook his head. Just speak. Not get wrong. There was a firm wall of reassurance to back up what he said. Jafari wouldn't dislike her - she was too bright and sugary sweet for that.

Zeryne sucked in a shallow breath. "Right, then." She raised her head to look Jafari in the eye. "I guess I'm most worried about the newness of it all. I mean, I'm not scared, but everything's really different than it used to be. I mean, different things aren't bad. Nothing new and wonderful would never be discovered if everyone shied away from what's different! But I guess it's a little... daunting? Like, will I be a good handler, will the prides like us, will be get along with our classmates, will they want us to do really violent things when we graduate." Her nose wrinkled a little bit at the mention of 'violent things'. She hadn't actually thought about that aspect of wherhandling when she became a dual candidate, just that whers were nice too and deserved love.

Zeryne have enough challenges for both, Zesk drawled. Questions too. Words. Pets. Zeryne glowered light-heartedly at her wher, her earlier nervousness apparently forgotten. Things need know? Silly girl beast person, painfully excited about beasts. Would hug angry tunnelsnake, light-heart. She ended up sticking a tongue out at her wher, a picture of maturity.
 Posted: Mar 14 2016, 10:52 PM

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Jafari was happy to wait for the new wherling to say something. He was deeply amused at the apparent personality discrepancies between wher and wherling, but they were Bonded and Bonded for a reason. He was intrigued to see how the pair would grow.

Her answer wasn't really much of a surprise; it seemed to be a common thing among new Impressees. He stirred a bit more cream into his klah, a smile on his face. "You're right, it is quite different, and I can't blame you for being intimidated. That's why I'm here. I want you to know it's my personal goal to make certain you all graduate and are able to be good Handlers. If you can't, odds are it will be because I've failed on some level. For what it's worth, I had a very rough wherlinghood. Jafask and I, we haven't always worked so well together. Sometimes we still don't. But we still managed to graduate, and I'm certain that if I can then you can as well."

He meant it.

"Zeryne, I know that you'll be facing some unique situations because you Impressed a Viridian - one of the first - but in the end a wher is a wher; the difference will be in the size and the likelihood that he might win a Queen run. You'll discover his personality, learn to work with him, as he will you. And you seem perfectly fond of each other already." A wink at the pair, his hand drifting down to scratch his own iron between the headknobs.

"As far as doing violent things..." This was harder. Jafari's expression sobered. "You won't be asked to, every day all the time. But there will be times when the occasion demands it. We can't have wild whers rampaging through the Weyr, for instance, killing the people within. You might have to fight and kill other threats. Most of the time you won't be alone in facing them; you'll have others to help. Your job mainly will be judgement calls on whether it's necessary while Zesk does the hard work. I can't guarantee that you won't ever have to draw dagger, however. But that's a concern for later. I promise, you're not going to deal with it so soon."

"Is there anything else I can help with?" He folded his hands together, hoping she'd be alright in the end.
 Posted: Mar 16 2016, 08:59 PM
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It was odd to think of herself as a wherling. And oddly, the only wherling of her class that had been solely a wher candidate. Wherling Yenyne, of blue Yenysk. She'd dreamed of it; she'd worked for it; it had happened. Yenysk was there, a part of herself, and oh, it was everything she'd hoped it would be. The pale little blue was her partner for life, and it made her so happy that she was a little afraid. She'd never had the chance to be happy and stay happy without something awful coming to take that happiness away from her.

No one take light from Yenysk's. Yenysk not let them.

She scooped the blue wheret up into her lap, hugging his sturdy little body. She knew from lessons that in a couple of months he would already be too big to do so. Of course you will. I know you will.

The blue stretched to bump his head against the underside of her chin, consenting to the undignified state of being cuddled for the strict reason of how much calmer it seemed to make his bonded. Her happiness was everything to him. So. King not hurt Yenysk's. Talk to king.

Still holding Yenysk close against her chest, Yenyne smiled shyly at the wherlingmaster before devoting her attention to his questions. "Oh... oh goodness. I'm not really sure, wherlingmaster. I... um... I mean..." she hesitated. "Maybe mine is... I'm not very good at standing up to people, sir. I... I was a drudge before I was a candidate, and I never really counted for much."

Yenysk bristled. Yenysk's count for EVERYTHING. Who dare not count Yenysk's? Yenysk find. Bring to justice. Yenysk vow this. The blue was loudly determined and didn't care who heard him. Jafask and Jafask's could be his witnesses.

"No! Um... Yenysk, it's okay. That's all behind us now, right?" Her eyes sought Jafari for backup, squinting a little even though he wasn't that far away from her. While she had a pair of tinted glasses perched on top of her head, it was comfortably dim in the room so they weren't needed. "Yenysk is awfully determined to right every perceived wrong against me. I'm glad, but, well, it... it worries me a little too, sort of?" She licked her lips nervously. "I'm afraid he'll hurt someone that he shouldn't, or get hurt himself."

 Posted: Apr 6 2016, 06:09 PM

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Jafari's hands were folded, as often they were when the wherlings entered. He had spoken with Sebol before this about the histories of the new wherlings, what the Candidatemaster had manged to glean from his time with them. Therefore, he was fully aware of Yenyne and a bit of the rumors that had swirled about the Weyr. Jafari was fairly certain that the Candidatemaster would have followed up on those rumors and - if true - released her from the program, but it was still his duty to speak to her about them.

He listened to her answer, seeing the way she was terribly fond of her wher. The blue seemed a good match, behaving as a companion as much as a friend. It didn't surprise him that a young lady with her temperament Impressed. Handlers came in as many varieties as their whers did.

Jafask gave a chuckling snort when the wheret vowed to defend against any that would harm His. Jafari was also amused. They'd make a good pair if the wher was determined to protect His; that meant he would be willing and able to fight well. All whers had the physical ability but there were a few that had a tricky temperament when it came to actually fighting. But it also spoke greatly about their relationship. They'd work well together.

At her last question the wherlingmaster smiled and chuckled slightly. "That's a good fear to have. He's small enough that he could get hurt, picking a fight, and when he's older he'll be far more likely to hurt someone else. You'll have to work with him on it. Help him sift through and sort what threats will actually be dangerous to you and what can be dismissed as someone talking out of the seat of their pants. You might not be a Lady Holder, but you're his Lady Holder. And, for the record, drudges carry the weight of the Weyr. There's nothing I'm more appreciative for than how they work hard so I can also do my job. So don't dismiss yourself or what you were; your role has just shifted, not gotten more important. More dangerous, that's for certain."

More dangerous was the job description.

"Learning how to take charge can be one of the most difficult things to learn; that will be the only way to really be certain you have Yenysk under control. You're his Handler, he's not yours. I'm going to put in a request with the Headwoman, I believe she's been looking for an assistant and perhaps she'll be willing to take you on as part of your chore rotation. She has to sleep sometime, after all, and the Weyr runs twenty-four candlemarks a day. I have faith you'll be up to the challenge."

He waited a beat to see how she was going to take it.

"If she's not, then you'll be up first in rotation as class leader during lessons." Sometimes it was even harder to be a leader among peers. Jafari peered at her, knowing he'd put her in charge anyway at a later date.

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