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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Winter is Coming!, WI: 14 {WinterWakers Feast!}
 Posted: Apr 3 2016, 11:35 AM

Time Lady

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Come one, come all! Join in feasting and dancing! Today Unath's babies have hatched! Welcome new younglings! Ziprith's high, delight voice rang out across the weyr.

Dh'mel coughed from his seat at the main table of the Dining Hall. 'I think they're already here,' he told her, noting the full rows of seats and the harpers ready to play. Outside, Ziprith giggle. Well, if they aren't, now they know what the they're missing! 'Oh yes,' Dh'mel thought, mostly to himself. 'I'm sure the wherhandlers appreciate that.' Well, the feline was loose, so best to get this show started.

Dh'mel stood, looking at the row of new weyrlings with a small smile. They looked like a nice group and the hatching had gone well. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to teach again. "As Ziprith said, welcome all of you to the rank of weyrling. Today you have accepted great responsibility, both to your dragon and to our Weyr. You have a great deal of work ahead, but tonight is for you to relax and enjoy yourselves." He paused, trying to think of what else to say. He'd never been good at speaches and most of what he could think of weren't very inspiring.

And don't forget to dance and eat lots of food, Ziprith piped up for him. But be back to tuck your little dragons in nice and early! Big day tomorrow! Dh'mel coughed again, more than a little embarrassed at how forward his dragon was, though he was used to her butting in by now. "Um, yes, thank you, Ziprith." He raised his glass in a toast to the whole room. "To our new class of weyrlings! The WinterWakers!"
 Posted: Apr 4 2016, 04:29 PM

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Q'sis ground his thumb into the bevel at the edge of the main table. The big one, where Weyrwomen and Weyrleaders and the occasional dragon-producing tanrider enjoyed a seat. He towered over the collection of heads and torsos on offer tonight above the tabletop, but his black-maned head was turned toward the beveling as Dh'mel started to speak. As the Weyrlingmaster hesitated on his crescendo, Q'sis finally blinked his way slowly, dark eyes drilling into the side of the man's face.

He sat closest to Jali out of the Weyrwomen, and never looked at his Wingleader and Senior, Rayna. Not even Jali got much acknowledgment for the month of shared Sands time, but he also did not go out of his way to steal the food off all the plates ahead of her. He had managed two glasses of Benden before Dh'mel started attempting to talk, but drops in the ocean of muscle seemed to lack in effect. His gaze had always been dull and weary, but tonight moved actively through the crowds of celebrating, half-asleep riders and their attendants.

Unath lay sleeping outside. She had not made it completely out of the Sands, and the Weyrfolk gathering eggshells had to tiptoe around her sandy corpse. Occasionally her eyes opened, as Q'sis checked progress.

He took a third cup of wine and immediately broke the fancy glass in his grip, then rolled his eyes and waited while the Weyrfolk toweled off his hand and fetched a new one. He drank all of it in a single sip, then began searching the length of the Dining Hall for something other than especially notable revelers, or his children.

But one of those offspring, a non-draconic type, interrupted him. Qaelis climbed behind the leaders' table and tapped his leg, then handed him a carving of awkward proportions and dull green painting. Q'sis looked over the figurine with a smirk, then placed it beside his empty cup and ran his hand over the boy's black hair.

"I know I could not sell it," Qaelis admitted.

"You do not need to sell anything, Weyrbrat."
 Posted: Apr 4 2016, 06:05 PM
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Yzataghan pointedly made his way through the crowd, uncomfortable with the sheer number of people about. Busy. So very busy, and he was doing his best to get it done and over with, before someone else needed something. There was no rest, not for men like him. He carried a replacement glass of wine - in a wooden cup, this time, so perhaps the heavy-handed former Trader wouldn't break this one, while at the same time the wood would harbor a far better taste in the wine than a metal or clay one would - along with a skin of whatever it was the Tanrider had been drinking. He didn't ask questions, when it was thrust at him and instructed with a point, he did as he was told. A whole roast wherry and tubers with gravy had been sent with him, and without meeting the Rider's eyes, he sat it before Q'sis.

It wasn't like he expected the Tanrider to even acknowledge his existence. Most Weyrfolk had informed him, by that point, that certain Riders and Handlers here deplored the dragon and wher-less as nothing more than servants for their amusement. Custom to what he always had, Yaz lingered just long enough to wait and see if Q'sis required anything else, careful to keep a distance that spoke of 'is there anything else' without crowding the man. Dark eyes sized up the rest of the table, hands laced behind his back. If Q'sis didn't bespeak him, he turned to leave and return to picking up empty plates and glasses, and basically your average janitorial measures during such an event.

He knew his place here, and he meant to maintain it. Don't draw attention, don't be anything more than another nameless face in the crowd.


V'ael floated through the faces and bodies with To'rua in tow. Food often brought out the perpetually-hungry former Holdless, Baelyrth perched outside in the grass while he watched everything through His' eyes. He and To'rua were dressed identically - though To was in white, and Vu in black. To'rua was looking for Sora, perhaps, but for the meantime both Rider and Weyrling were content to confiscate a pair of seats and simply watch the room, plates in hand.

 Posted: Apr 8 2016, 11:36 PM

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The feast wasn't really the top of Tikali's priorities list, but he had to admit, it was the best chance he had to see Glyss and Linavi and to extend his congratulations to them. He would certainly miss them, but it wasn't like they were moving across the planet. They still lived in the same Weyr! What was stopping him from visiting them in their new barracks?

Actually, he was pretty sure there was a rule against that.

Still, he could make an appearance at the feast and congratulate them there, he figured. Why wouldn't they be present? They would be hungry, he was sure of it! But would their new dragons be there with them? That, he couldn't be sure of. Maybe the dragons were tired, and wanted to stay behind in their new beds? Hatching sure seemed like a lot of work. They'd surely be exhausted. Right?

Well, he would know if he'd Impressed one.

Shoving the bitter thought from his mind--he'd shed his tears, it was time to move on--the candidate stepped away from his bed and stretched. He'd been lounging as much as possible since the hatching had finished, intent on wallowing. But now it was time to celebrate! With his typical pep in his step he started off, leaving the candidate barracks and heading for the feast itself.

Once there he sidled in, looking around eagerly. The weyrlings weren't hard to spot, but he knew he'd have to wait a moment or three to approach any of them. Impatiently, he slid into a seat near the back, tapping his fingers on the tabletop. The Weyrlingmaster spoke, introduced them as the WinterWakers, and Tikali felt that gut clench that usually preceeded tears in something of this import.

He rubbed at his eyes, feigning tiredness, and dropped his gaze to the table.


Hungry. That's what S'dre was. He was hungry. And this time, it was his own hunger, not his dear Filesth's. The purple was curled on his new bed, dozing off despite his efforts to keep his eyes open. The lids kept sliding shut, then snapping open, and S'dre watched him with fascination. The fact that this...this...meagnificent beast was Impressed to him! It still stunned him to breathlessness!

The weyrling was amazed by his new quarters, too. He never would have guessed that his new lodgings would be as spacious as they were, but when he looked at Filesth, it made sense. Surely his dragon would grow to be rather large, and the bigger the dragon, the more space he needed. How could he complain about the extra space? The two of them could spread out without stepping on each other, he was sure of it!

Filesth heaved a sigh, rolling his eyes open once more to blink at his newly bonded human. He felt quite a bit better after he'd eaten, the wooziness gone, but then had set in the exhaustion, and as much as he wanted to join S'dre at the feast, it was all he could do to keep his eyes open long enough to look at his human. Maybe if he just napped a little first...

"Join me when you're ready," S'dre laughed quietly, standing and scratching at Filesth's eye ridge. The purple made little sound to acknowledge the contact, eyes already closed again. A breath huffed out of his nostrils, and then he seemed to drift off, claws flexing slightly.

S'dre watched him a moment longer with fondness, then turned away and stepped from his room. He'd chosen a more open, flowy shirt, tighter trousers, and his hair was pulled back into a styled 'tail to keep it from his face. He felt like he looked his best, and of course, how else would he attend a feast? He made his way there with haste, though without running.

When he arrived he joined the new weyrlings at their table, flashing the others a grin. He turned his attention to the Weyrlingmaster when he spoke, toying with one of his sleeves idly. He might put on a confident front, but really, he didn't know any of the other weyrlings, and he was a little nervous about fitting in. He suddenly wished, very much so, that Filesth would wake up sooner rather than later!

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