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 The Most Important Question of All!, SP: 14 {WinterWakers 0-3 Months}
 Posted: Apr 5 2016, 02:58 PM

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Younglings! Assemble for lesson! Ziprith's sweet voice rang out over the cool of the morning. She sat just outside the barracks, her head snaking in so that it almost blocked the door. Come outside! Fair skies and fun await!

It was the morning after the feast. Dh'mel had let the weyrlings sleep in a little, before giving a quick lecture on morning feeding and cleaning of their new dragons. Now it was after breakfast and time for lessons to begin in earnest. The weather was fairly nice for early spring, so he'd decided to meet outside so that Ziprith could join them. Though truthfully she was almost small enough to fit in the barrack common room, it would be a bit of a squeeze. Once everyone had assembled in a nice circle on the grass, Dh'mel nodded his approval.

"Now then," he began sternly, standing with his hands behind his back. "A lot has happened to all of you over the past day. You have suddenly gone from being one person, to being part of a lifelong partnership. Even closer than marriage, since when you die, your dragon will die with you." His eyes narrowed pointedly at that point. He wanted no foolish risk taking in his class. "We'll be spending the next months teaching you how to avoid that if at all possible. But one of the first things you must learn is that what you do, affects your dragon, and vice versa. Your thoughts and your emotions will be sensed by them. This is why we forbid romantic involvement while your dragons are maturing. The consequences of breaking this rule are worse than any punishment I could think up."

You're scaring them, Ziprith scolded privately. She was curled partway around the circle of baby dragons, watching patiently. Good. Maybe it'll stick in their heads then, Dh'mel grumped back. Ziprith twitched her tail thoughtfully. Maybe so, but this is only their first day. Being bonded isn't all gloom and doom, is it? she asked sweetly.

Dh'mel sighed, but he looked around his students with a more welcoming smile. Ziprith was probably right, she usually was. "Now that that's clear, let's move on to something more pleasant," he declared. He removed his hands from behind his back and pulled out a small, cloth bag. "In here are several slips of paper with questions on them. I'm going to pass it around the circle and you each take a slip. When it's your turn, I want you to introduce yourself and you dragon and give us both your answers to the question. It may surprise you how different you are from your dragon in many ways." He passed took a slip out of the bag and started it passing around the circle.

"I'll start." He squinted at the paper. Why had he let Ziprith help him come up with these again? Raising an eyebrow at her amused expression, he began to read. "My question is 'Would you rather be a tunnel snake or a ferret?'" Dh'mel's face screwed up a little as he thought. "I think I would rather be a ferret because they have fur and stay warm in winter." He glanced at Ziprith, who had no quams answering for herself. And I would like to be a tunnel snake! she declared, giggling. Because they are cute and wiggly!

Dh'mel nodded and turned to the weyrling next to him. "Now you," he instructed, taking a seat in the circle.

I've listed each of your questions below! Note that they are completely random in the order they came out of my head. If you're having trouble and would like a new question, let me know!

Glyss and Zheggatineth
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Would you rather be able breath underwater or be able to see in the dark?

N'oir and Uqetcanqeth
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Would you rather constantly smell manure or constantly taste spoiled eggs?

S'dre and Filesth
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Would you rather be a the Lord or Lady of a poor Hold or a laborer of a rich one?

D'yn and Sath
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Would you rather loose your sense of smell or your sense of touch?

W'run and Earth
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Would you rather have an extra set of hands or eyes in the back of your head?

Linavi and Poshyooth
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Would you rather be a pillie out in winter or a ice howler out in summer?
 Posted: Apr 6 2016, 12:16 AM


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Waeryn rose well before Dh'mel thought to collect the newly-minted weyrlings. Her body was still set to the schedule of a herder--"let's all sleep in," said no bovine ever. The first candlemark was spent in tense stillness, listening to the breathing of the other three occupants of her new quarters. She at least had plenty to think on while she waited for a more reasonable hour to come along. It was not every day that one met their lifemate, named them, and then faced the stony, furious silence of their only remaining parent. Her father had said... nothing. Waeryn had feared he would rage, but the reality was worse, and it had eaten at her all that day and now would do the same for this one it seemed.

And now it seemed that, despite every effort of her adolescent life to date, she was to be back in lessons. At least the Weyrlingmaster was not so prone to breaking out into song, though she was not so certain about his dragon. Still, it was hard to muster anything resembling the obedient attention Dh'amel likely expected, and once the cursory message had sunk in--this is how to oil a dragon, this is how to feed them, don't let them choke, don't kiss people, whatever--she instinctively tuned out any further rambling.

At Ziprith's call the weyrling pair came running. Rather, one of them did. Waeryn leapt into the spring sunlight with puppy-like joy and flopped onto the grass in front of their Weyrlingmaster. She let her limbs sprawl akimbo and stretched as long as possible, trying to soak up every bit of sunshine that she had missed during her, admittedly short, winter. Earth came trudging along several long moments later, tail dragging and wings drooped. He glared at all assembled before hunching down next to his rider, tucking his forepaws and wings tightly against his body.

Waeryn caught the gist of where this particular lesson was going, sighed internally at what was to be a continued lack of a love life, and let her attention wander over the other weyrlings, the pink giant surrounding them, and anything else that offered even the slightest reprieve from codified education.

She was startled back into the present by a look from Dh'mel. She sat up a touch straighter and looked down at the question she had pulled from the bag. This was new.

"Uh, h'lo, I'm Waeryn. This is Earth." She squinted down at the paper a few seconds longer, her lips clearly moving as she sounded out the words. Not the best reader. "My question is, would you rather-"

W'ryn. The Blue thundered into the general vicinity, ever person and dragon in the circle subjected to his words. The girl stopped mid-sentence to stare at him. He snorted, shifted a little in his feline's pose, watched a trundlebug bump a few times into his hock, and then continued, at the same booming decibel. That is what it is supposed to be.

The girl hid a nervous cough with an extra big grin and threw an arm over her dragon's neck. He stared at her impassively. "Yeah, he's uh, he's been calling me that. W'ryn, I guess. Anyway-" she went on doggedly, "my question is, would you rather have extra hands or eyes in the back of your head. That's an easy one, I'd want extra hands. Extra hands could be useful." And despite Dh'mel's earlier warning, she winked and smirked, then turned to look at the Blue.

His eyes were starting to whirl an anxious yellow and showed no signs of slowing down. He hunched into himself further and curled his neck back in on itself, his glare becoming more intense as he tried to sense which dragonet was feeling the most judgmental. W'ryn--apparently she was going to have to get used to the name change, and she supposed it was only fair, she had gotten to name him too--tried to think of some way of covering for the poor beast, but nothing came to mind. She could not pretend that he had spoken it only to her, for it was becoming clear to everyone that he was no good at such whispering, so the lie would be obvious. She tried to soothe him with a touch, but he only grew tense as a wound spring under her hand.

With a final growl of effort, and a particularly hard look at Dh'mel, who he deemed most responsible, he rumbled, It is classified. Having said his piece, he tucked his head irritably beneath his wing.

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 Posted: Apr 6 2016, 04:16 PM

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Glyss was surprised they had roommates. It was unusual, but she didn't mind. It was interesting to be with a female who had her name changed. Well, at least according to her dragonet. They both had Impressed males, and Glyss enjoyed the company. Zhegga did as well, really, watching both with an intensity that belied his flickers of attention. Glyss herself was the subject of his staring as well. He examined her like a child watched their mother. Needed to keep her in easy sight at all times if he wanted, but willing to see the rest of the world and what it had to offer. There was something about him that put off the drudges, though the few willing to interact with him had earned his immediate pleasure when they scratched behind his earknobs - he had gone seeking their hands for touch, as he did with His.

They had both managed to sleep in past W'ryn and Earth's early candlemarks, though Zhegga had caught flickers of them in his dreams. No surprise since he slept with his eyes open. Not even the protective film of others had slipped over the gleaming facets of his eyeballs.

The movement of their roomies startled him into a tighter ball against His, and Glyss had wiped the sleep from her eyes with a few quick, hard rubs that left her own eyes - firmly shut while she slept - red. They followed along at Glyss' pace. Zhegga hardly seemed to move, really, it was as if the slight breeze was pushing him along instead.

The pair received their question, Zhegga watching the Weyrlingmaster hand them out before watching the others read theirs. He didn't have to watch His, he could peel it away from her mind before she said a word. "We have: Would you rather be able breath underwater or be able to see in the dark?" Glyss frowned. Zhegga answered first.

See in the dark. He twisted in on himself, somehow managing to not knot his body up. There are more secrets in the dark. There was something sticky about how he said the sentence. His gaze was thick upon each Weyrling and dragonet.

Glyss tapped a finger against her lips before answering. "I'm no swimmer, no fish, no nothing that drifts upon the sea. I would also see in the dark. I could collect my threads better in the dark where the spinners hide, I could seek out the hidden spaces the webs lie. I could be caught in them. There is no spinner-silk beneath the waters. It would be a skill better for someone else." A rather coherent reply from the burgundyweyrling.
 Posted: Apr 6 2016, 08:59 PM

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Sleep wasn't a word that was in Sath's vocabulary.

Oh D'yn, it is there. But how can I sleep?
Close your eyes... and drift into your odd dreams
They are not odd! Is it wrong to dream myself a Lady?
Please sleeeeep

Sath gazed towards Hers while he lay in bed. She stilled long enough to settle down, though a paw bounced and her tail flicked to and fro. Slowly she closed her eyes, and D'yn could feel her body relax... or he thought that was hers. He could feel some restless energy leave his body and he was so happy Dh'mel allowed them to sleep in...

Younglings! Assemble for lesson!

D'yn groaned and Sath bounced to her feet and practically pranced to Hers' side. you were right D'yn, I feel so refreshed! she sighed all contently as she bounced a top of the bed before she bounded towards the door. Come, D'yn we have a lesson to attend to. Why are you so sleepy? We had a lovely nap... do not make that face at me. Smile! I like it when you smile, it warms my heart so~

D'yn managed to lift the corners of his lips at her, causing her to squeal once and dart back to the bed, in her strange graceful way, to bump her nose against his forehead. "'m coming, sweetheart," he mumbled as he, for the brief moment she remained there, ran a hand over her head. She pranced once around the room, and her roommates while she waited for Hers to look presentable. The now Green Weyrling was exhausted, he was sure that Sath felt it, but she was as exuberant as ever. He was sure that she was going to fall flat on her face sometime today, for about a candlemark and then wake up like she had been sleeping for days. He didn't know that for sure, but by the way things were going... he'd bet marks on it.

Sath trilled in her fleeting, musical manner and danced around Ziprith, as Dh'mel spoke about life and death, and how everything he did would affect his lovely lady. Did the weyrlingmaster see the bags under his eyes? His thoughts were not the problem.

He listened to the weyrlings that spoke before him, curiosity piqued at portions of both weyrling's icebreakers. Then it was his turn. D'yn whistled, not a sharp sound, just one to grab her attention. Her blue tongue was poking out at Ziprith, but she craned her long neck backwards to peer at hers before trotting to his side. She even sat delicately beside him.

"I'm D'yn, and my green lady is Sath," The green "Lady" in question lifted her head and she hummed happily. He peered at the paper he was given and Sath peered too, "our question is... 'Would you rather lose your sense of smell, or sense of touch?'" Both dragon and weyrling peered at each other, "Neither," Neither They answered simultaneously, Sath's hide quivering, before she circled hers, lifting her legs, wings and tail as to not brush up against any of the others. She changed directions as Hers thought, because they both knew that wasn't a valid answer.

"I mean, I suppose I could live without a sense of smell?"

Sath hummed as she continued her delicate dance, now around the outside of the circle. I still choose neither. How can I explore the world without both smell and touch? Both are essential to what makes us... us. Human, and dragon. Hmm I suppose... I should choose touch. Smell the spring air! Isn't it lovely? Her voice was fleeting in their thoughts as she finally settled behind Hers, as he leaned his head back against her keel. Well. That was that.

 Posted: Apr 11 2016, 07:43 PM
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We have a lesson, do you suppose it will be interesting, will we get to go out, outside of the walls

N'oir rolled over, opening his eyes to squint at his sinuous pink while his roommate did his own rendition of not-ready-for-the-morning-yet. "I sincerely hope not, not yet," he responded aloud.

Ohhh, but I want to see, Uqetcanqeth reared up to put her forelegs on her mindmate's bed, looking up at him appealingly. Pleeeeease?

Shard it all, she was just too cute. He sat up and heaved himself out of bed to get ready for the day. "Lessons first," he replied as firmly as he could, then smiled at his roommate. D'yn looked even worse than he felt. As soon as he was presentable, he walked outside to listen to the weyrlingmaster's spiel. He was laying it on pretty heavy, but from what he'd heard of the Weyr's past, he did so with good reason.

"I'm N'oir, and this is Uqetcanqeth," the pinkweyrling offered when his turn came around, smiling in spite of his morning grogginess. He wasn't not a morning person, but this morning did seem to have come a little earlier than he was ready for. He didn't want to point fingers and didn't intend to, but it was probably a little bit the fault of the prancing green dragonet that had his roommate looking like he was run over by a flock of dust wherries.

Just a little bit.

He had fair practice in looking like he'd had a full night's sleep even after late night shenanigans, though. Faranth knew he and his friends had got into and out of some fun that the journeymen and masters wouldn't have approved of if they'd known, and looking like you'd all had a late night was a sure-fire giveaway. Rumpling his hair with a hand, he unfolded the hide scrap that was his. "Our question is, 'Would you rather constantly smell manure or constantly taste spoiled eggs?'" He wrinkled his nose. "Um, you're sure that 'neither' isn't an option?"

I've never tasted spoiled eggs, I'd like to try it first and then decide, don't you think? It could be interesting...

N'oir shook his head. "I think I'd rather smell manure. You can get used to a bad smell eventually, especially if it's constant, but bad tastes would wreck everything you eat or drink forever."

 Posted: Apr 15 2016, 10:46 PM

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Despite his excitement over Impressing, S'dre slept like a rock. He'd been so busy oiling, feeding, and otherwise caring for Filesth that even if he'd still been keyed up, sleep took him almost effortlessly. He'd made some effort to sleep alongside the purple hatchling, but Filesth had quickly and subtly chased him from the stone couch and into his own bed. it would not do to go sleeping on the floor, would it? And anyway, S'dre needed to sleep comfortably, the dragonet insisted.

Night had passed, and morning had come. The weyrling had been awake long enough, roused bright and early by Filesth's hunger--and his own. He'd seen to his dragon's needs at the Weyrlingmaster's instruction, still in awe over the fact that he even had a dragon to care for, and then went about prettying himself up. Once he was satisfied and the call went out for lessons he and Filesth had started their way there, Filesth turning his head and snaking it around to take in anything he could--as long as no one was looking. How undignified was gawking?

When they had left the barracks and joined the others on the grass, Filesth had pulled himself around to a little more attractive bearing, presenting himself properly. S'dre certainly approved, and he knew they must have made a striking pair! How could a dragon as attractive as Filesth not draw the eye, after all? With a smug inner smile, he touched his dragon's shoulder and they took their places in the circle. No, they certainly looked very well put together. Even the tie holding S'dre's hair back matched Filesth's hide almost perfectly.

They listened as Dh'mel spoke, S'dre's smile slipping at the mention of death. It was such a grim thought, even Filesth turned to look at his bonded, eyes shot through with yellow temporarily. Well, if protecting Filesth meant not partaking in anything fun, S'dre would have to restrain himself. No flirting, no charming. Oh, he would still make himself look good--how could he not?--but he would keep in mind that he had to just be friends with everyone they met, that he would follow every rule, complete their lessons the best he could.

Filesth jerked his chin up in the tiniest motion, as if lifting his nose into the air. He sniffed, tail twitching, and shuffled his wings. Mmh. As if we would do any less, he purred in S'dre's mind, drawing his human's gaze. As if we would be capable of failure to begin with. S'dre smiled, rubbing at Filesth's shoulder. The purple just blinked, then turned his attention back to the matter at hand.

Reassured by his dragon's confidence, S'dre waited his turn, and then took a slip of paper from the bag with curiosity. He read it over, then looked up, surprised. They both had to answer? Even if Filesth couldn't read (and S'dre promised he would teach him), the dragon looked over his shoulder at the scrap. When it came to Dh'mel's answer, he had to agree. Besides, ferrets were cuter. He glanced at Filesth, eyebrow raised, but the purple didn't bother answering, only giving off a vague sense of superiority to both creatures.

When blue Earth spoke up, both S'dre and Filesth looked at the dragon, though Filesth seemed like he might be rolling his eyes at the volume. They both continued to stare at the blue as W'ryn posed and answered her question. Eyes, S'dre commented to his dragon. Filesth considered, and then agreed. Additional eyes would help during Threadfall. ...And I would look silly, with extra limbs. S'dre struggled to hold back a laugh, mouth twitching at the mental image. The blue's further actions only fueled that flame, and he turned his head away to rub at his face. Filesth watched, radiating a certain smugness. Could not the blue even answer a question?

Glyss' question brought a more thoughtful, steady thread to S'dre's attitude, and he made an effort to give her the attention she deserved. He personally felt breathing under water was better, but Filesth thought he might like to see in the dark so he could better see everything that happened. There, he agreed with his burgundy brother, tucking his chin down slightly and watching him closely. As the line of questioning moved on, they gave each other their answers to better know each other: both agreed smell on both questions. S'dre reassured Filesth that spoiled eggs were the worst and that they, like N'oir said, could adjust to the smell of manure.

Filesth didn't like that thinking, but he had never tried spoiled eggs, so he trusted S'dre's judgement. Sort of.

Then it was their turn, and Filesth once again lifted his nose slightly, as if striking a pose. Oh, that sunlight, shining just right on his hide? Yeah, he'd planned that. S'dre seemed just as inclined to cheese it up, flashing a charming (he thought) smile for those gathered. "I am S'dre, and this gorgeous beast is Filesth," he practically purred, laying a hand on the purple's shoulder lightly. Filesth twitched a muscle, but otherwise watched the others with a rather haughty expression, if such could be managed on a draconic face.

S'dre dropped his hand and unfolded the paper, holding it up briefly. "Our question asks if we would rather be the Lord of a poor Hold or a laborer of a rich one. Well, I'll be honest, I've never been much for hard labor. I'd much rather be the Lord of a poor Hold--as long as the people liked me, of course. I'd do my best to do right by them. Even if we weren't rich, I like to think we would be happy."

Indeed, Filesth addressed the group in a purr, tilting his head slightly. There are those...better suited to labor than us. Would that we watch from above, ensuring those below are content with their lives, doing all that we could for them... He seemed inclined to say no more on the matter, the tip of his tail twitching briefly and his mouth pulling into an oddly draconic grin. S'dre simply smiled, glancing at the dragon fondly.
 Posted: Apr 21 2016, 02:04 AM


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I do not understaaaaaaand. There was a distinct whine to the pink's mindvoice as she walked ahead of the weyrling, practically prancing with each step.

"There is nothing to understand. It simply isn't done that way. Or any way. You can't just..." Falling silent as she caught sight of the other weyrlings she flashed a friendly if not slightly subdued smile to her new classmates. Things certainly had changed quite a bit in a short amount of time, the Weyrlingmaster was correct about that. As he spoke she swallowed hard and glanced around at the others. At least they had been expecting this. Hoping for this. She...

Had it thrust upon you! Poshyooth blurted out as the Weyrlingmaster finished their instructions. Closing her eyes Linavi's eyes fell to the ground as she did her best to just sink into the dirt. Despite her desire to be anywhere but right there she was listening as the others took their turns picking their questions and offering answers. What kind of questions were these anyway? They didn't really give all that might knowledge about the weyrling or the dragon - they were... silly.

Eventually it came to be her turn, with a yawn masked as a cough she looked at her dragon. Poshyooth had kept her up most of the evening asking her questions - though eventually having a full belly proved enough to lull her to sleep. The few hours of rest she had managed to squeeze in were hardly enough to leave her functioning but she was managing well enough, apart from the yawning. Plucking her question she read the strip while biting her bottom lip before reading it again out loud, "Would you rather be a pillie out in winter or a ice howler out in summer?"

Poshyooth was the first to answer, though she took a brief moment to pick over Linavi's memories to figure out exactly what a pillie and an ice howler were. Oh I do not think I like the legs pillies have. Why do they have so many of them? Oh oh but Linavi likes them. Still why are there so so many legs? Ice hoooooowlers seem fluffy. If they are fluffy I think I would like that better even in the summer. I could swim. I think, can I swim? Will I swim? Linavi will show me how to swim, I am sure, so I could swim and stay cool that way.

"I... I would prefer to be an ice howler as well. I'm not certain pillies can regulate their temperatures as well as people or even dragons. Too much time would be spent hiding and trying to find food, especially if the lake froze over. An ice howler in summer is a better choice." A smile of false confidence was offered as she finished talking, running a hand over Poshyooth's slim head as the pink leaned up against her.


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