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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Off-Key {Songspinners 9-12}, SP:14 {Songspinners}
 Posted: Apr 12 2016, 10:33 AM

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There was no other word, really, to describe Mifth’s gleeful expression, as he loomed atop his boulder, gleeful expression recognizable even under the copious folds of fabric, clearly stolen from…what appeared to be a bubbly-pie maker’s tent, as the banner draped around his broad blue chest proclaimed the price in marks. HELLO MY DARLING, WONDERFUL SONGSPINNERS He greeted them. I, He preened happily, and somewhere, the notably absent F’dren cursed Mysqith to a thousand turns between, Am LADY HOLDER MIFTH. As an aside, he noted quietly, F’dren asked me why I am not a Lord Holder and that is because Lord Holder’s do not wear as pretty of dresses and this is very pretty dress don’t you think? I made it myself, yes, it is BLUE like me! Mostly. I had to borrow some sheets and they are not blue because it was not big enough and the ladies in the cavern did not look happy but I am sure that if I had told them what I was borrowing for, they would have been very happy to see them go to something so beautiful. You think so too, right? This was offered, earnestly and worriedly, to the nearest dragon.

Harpsiklahd, the little brown fire lizard on his shoulder, hissed. Focus.

OH YES. I. He paused, preening, for emphasis. HAVE IMPRISONED YOUR WEYRLINGMASTER. Because he committed a horrible crime.

Mifth paussed, looking confused. What did you do, My F’dren?

Does it matter?

Mifth snorted stubbornly. OF COURSE IT MATTERS I cannot just imprison you without reason that would be very bad. You must have done something.

I did.

Of course you did, that is what I—NO I MEAN WHAT. What did you dooo.

F’dren sighed. I don’t know. A memory, an almost old one now, and wryly he offered, I stole something.

What did you steal?

Does it matter? He regretted the question immediately and quickly corrected, The thing most precious to you.


Mifth turned back to the weyrlings. He stole the thing MOST PRECIOUS TO ME. He paused again, Oh no wait My F’dren that does not make sense you are most precious to me how could you steal yourself.

F’dren took a very long sip of klah.

Silence stretched on.

Mifth got the feeling he was supposed to be doing something.

OH RIGHT. So yes, you must, in the name of DIPLOMACY extend DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS TO ME. He wiggled happily. If you are successful I will give you something to do to earn back my trust and give you My F’dren back. Worried, suddenly, that maybe they didn’t WANT him back—which he could understand, he was a TERRIBLE THIEF for all that Mifth could not remember what had been stolen—he added, You cannot graduate without a weyrlingmaster. He paused, suddenly, and turned to the dragonet whose rider had been cajoled into the weyrlingmaster’s hiding space. OH yes Yours committed a TERRIBLE CRIME too they are safe so not worry but I have imprisoned them too.

F'dren, without comment, offered said "imprisoned" weyrling, with a somber expression of utmost solemnity, a mug of klah.

TASKS YOUR WEYRLING CAN UNDERTAKE to earn Lady Holder Mifth of Mifth Hold’s trust:
These are a first come-first-serve basis.
--Go on a (supervised with a rider) flight to map a portion of the land Dalibor protects
--Complete an air agility course in a certain amount of time (there are four flags set up around the obstacles to bring back)
--Bring back a SHINY ROCK from Western Hold (involves going between – this is their first season doing that, F’dren won’t let anyone do it who isn’t ready though and I rely on you for that so PM me if we need to chat!)
--Show mastery of their chosen self-defense weapon against a Hold Guard (aka NPC, aka whoever you want who could be bribed/threatened/tricked into participating)
--Beat Mifth in a game of Memory (….not hard)
--FETCH HIM A HERDBEAST (Dragons hunting independently)
--Anything from previous seasons you would like to rp out.
--(imprisoned weyrling) – communicate with your dragon over a distance to identify where your weyrling is, and LEAD THEM TO SAFETY/prisonbreak if you want (this will not earn Lady Mifth’s trust, but perhaps you can convince Mifth-the-dragon he is so happy to see f’dren he will forgive you)

ALSO Please PM me with your character’s IC vote for TWO Weyrlings for wingsecond positions. Yes, they can vote for themselves XD
B'oh, weyrling of Iron Khadroth.
W'rone, weyrling of Yellow Sanarth.
W'o, weyrling of Blue Lemasyth.
Fisher, weyrling of Cyan Ijreth.
Venriali, weyrling of Cyan Kalessith.
C'lainn, weyrling of Burgundy Tryonilth.
Se'ng, weyrling of Burgundy Freyotth.
M'shai, weyrling of Green Rennieth.
V'ael, weyrling of Black Baelyrth.
 Posted: Apr 12 2016, 09:26 PM
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V'ael and Black Baelyrth:
--Show mastery of their chosen self-defense weapon against a Hold Guard (aka NPC, aka whoever you want who could be bribed/threatened/tricked into participating)

V'ael's fingers tightened around his longblades; they were recurved weapons, edged and sharp, balanced and well-crafted; it made one wonder where he got them. The bone hilts were spun with a grace that spoke of how much he'd worked with them over the turns, and Baelyrth lingered to one side as Vu prepared for his spar with the taller Weaponsmith that had volunteered to assist with any Weyrlings who wished to practice with him.

The pair sized one another up, and as he had with Fyska, Zavaraeon simply allowed the former Holdless to circle around him. Zavaraeon's own stance was open, wielding his bo stave with the practiced experience of a man older than V'ael, and quite a bit more work involved.

V'ael spun, bringing the swords in and around in a whirlwind attack for Zav's legs; he countered with a parry with the forward length of the bo staff, before bringing the back end around to strike at Vu's lower back. Vu's right blade came back to deflect, and was promptly swept with the spun forward end of the staff. Landing hard on his back, be brought both blades up in a cross above him, catching the staff's end as it came down at him. A contest of strength, Vu proved to have the upper hand with his contortion. Twisting his shoulders, he brought his legs up and kicked Zav's thighs. He bent to avoid it, giving Vu the leverage to throw the staff back at the Weaponsmith.

He vaulted up from where he laid, bringing both blades around to stab for the Smith's gut; it became clear that V'ael didn't go for spars, he went for blood. Baelyrth watched in silence, the Black's facial expression somewhat neutral. His eyes whirled yellow-green, as V'ael's left blade caught Zav's right arm and left a lengthy slice down the full length, from wrist to elbow. Zav came around with the bo staff, swept the Holdless off his feet again, and pinned Vu with the end at his throat.


V'ael grinned, before Zavaraeon retracted, reached down, and helped his opponent to his feet. The pair bowed to one another, and the Smith ventured towards the Infirmary to see to his heavily bleeding arm; though the cut wasn't deep, the length of it and the veins it had nicked would bleed him out quickly if he wasn't careful.

C'lainn and Burgundy Tryonilth:

--Bring back a SHINY ROCK from Western Hold (involves going between – this is their first season doing that, F’dren won’t let anyone do it who isn’t ready though and I rely on you for that so PM me if we need to chat!)

We can do this.
I'm not so fond of the dark and all that, Yon.
You're a quiet guy, Mine, I'd suspect you were used to it by now. Come on, some of the best things happen in the dark.

Lainn deadpanned at his Burgundy, who chortled at him with a paw coming across his chest.

Why MineOwn, why must you look at me so!?
This is serious, Yon, come on. We could die.
My dearest darling love-most, we could die any day, why is today different from those others?
Between is cold.
So? You have clothes, if your leathers aren't warm enough, we'll get you new ones.
That's not my point.

Look, Mine. We can't be afraid. This is important. I've got you, but I need you to show me where we're going.

Lainn sighed heavily, before he steadied himself.

Just where we're going. We can do this. Right?

Closing his eyes, Lainn felt Yon gather his muscles beneath him. Up, up into the air, the breeze becoming wind as wings beat against the sky.


Lainn showed Tryonilth an image of Western Hold, and by the time he let out the breath he'd been holding, they were there. Spiraling down along the fields, he found a section transplanted from the sea, and it wasn't Lainn who picked it, but Yon. A rock the size of Lainn's head, dirty and ugly brown.

That one?
Trust me, Mine. Like you, the important stuff is inside.

They returned between a few moments later, landing before Mifth. Yon presented the rock, before dropping it hard against another stone on the ground; the one they'd brought cracked open, revealing the agate and crystals within. Yon shined his claws on his keel with a sly grin. Lainn patted his Burgundy's neck.

Lady Mifth....a stone to match your gorgeous skin and beautiful gown. Now please, release your hostage, he's far too handsome to be kept in such...deplorable conditions!

 Posted: Apr 14 2016, 01:32 AM

N/A Posts

(W'o and Lemmy)

--Beat Mifth in a game of Memory

F'dren sometimes had a rather eccentric way of teaching, not exactly the sort of thing that W'o preferred in his lessons, but he didn't find anything wrong with it. So, as the he had arrived with Lemasyth, the only thought he had seeing the a familiar blue 'dressed' and offering inadvertent advertisement of bubbly pies, he settled a hand against his own blue, and waited, watching, and listening. He didn't need to reach out to imagine that Lemmy was just as curious but more thrilled than he was.

The young blue certainly was curious, looking over Mifth's clothes. Eyes half lidded, he tried to wait patiently, but his mind was abuzz with possibilities of the story behind it all. Oh, so it seemed that Mifth was a Lady Holder? That seemed like a good person for Mifth to be, he was always good to them, and Lady Holders were nice. Tipping his head he considered his W'o, from where this information came, though of course, W'o offered his practical answer of not knowing any Lady Holders perosnally, but from him and stories that Tanner had told, he was sure it was true. W'o knew it too, even if he didn't say so.

His blue eyes started to yellow, as he shifted his front paws. Mifth sounded upset, this wouldn't do, no, Mifth was always so good to them, he couldn't just let poor Mifth be sad. His mind crept outward to offer soft assurances.

~It is very beautiful Mifth; I'm sure the nice ladies would agree ~. Maybe Mifth was just playing, but Lemmy wasn't sure he liked playing so that someone sounded so fretful. Lowering his head, he was about to nudge his W'o, but found a hand stroking his nose before he could do it. Well, this suited Lemasyth just fine, a gurgled purr and a careful flop of the round blue dragon to the ground, so he could relax and enjoy the story game that Mifth was making.

As he stroked his dragon's nose, W'o paid more mind to the objectives strewn about in the telling. It wasn't difficult, Mifth was being straight forward enough in his wants, and by the end when the exercise was concretely revealed, there was little need to think greatly on the matter, but the question remained, what to do. W'o considered their options, but decided that this was an opportunity to let Lemasyth work on being a little more independent. It wouldn't hurt to let him have a go at making the decision.

When his turned the decision over to him, Lemasyth was thrilled and uncertain, his claws shifting against the ground. It might have been good to fight valiantly for a Lady's favor. W'o didn't really care much for fighting though, even if he wasn't too bad at it by Lemmy's way of thinking. Besides Baelyrth's decided to fight for Mifth, something that his W'o seemed to feel was expected, as the apprentice Harper watched the former holdless' form. So they wouldn't be fighting for a lady's favor. Seeking a treasure might be good, perhaps finding the lovely rock for Mifth was the ticket!

Lifting his head skyward, Lemasyth watched as Tryonilth winked between. They hadn't gone to get map making things, so that meant his burgundy brother had gone to fetch the treasure. Tryonilth would probably find something very lovely. Rustling his wings Lemasyth tried to figure out what he could do. Tanner and Fisher would be upset if they hunted a herdbeast when they were hungry, and Ijreth would be much better for agility. With a sigh the blue paused a moment, and and tried to piece though what he would most like to do. Really, he would very much just like to snuggle with Mifth now, the rest didn't sound as pleasant as just being together, and being happy. Oh, but maybe he could just keep Mifth happy while the others impressed him.

~Lady Mifth~, he offered up softly, picking himself up off the ground to edge more closely. ~ After Baelyrth's has finished, I could keep you company, and we could play the game, while we wait for Tryonilth to come back? ~[/b If Mifth enjoyed the game, maybe they could continue even if the Burgundy came back sooner than expected. [b]~]W'o and I are both good at games ~ Tanner helped to make sure of that, she would have loved to play this game, and see how lovely Lady Mifth looked in his dress.

~You could show it to her after the lesson~

~Oh, that's true. It's too bad our Tanner couldn't come and play. I bet Mifth would like her.~, he offered softly to just his rider, as the pair of them waited to hear the rules of the game, before matching wits, or rather memories with their guardian blue.
 Posted: Apr 21 2016, 02:27 AM


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-- (Imprisoned Weyrling) – Communicate with your dragon over a distance to identify where your weyrling is, and LEAD THEM TO SAFETY/prisonbreak if you want (this will not earn Lady Mifth’s trust, but perhaps you can convince Mifth-the-dragon he is so happy to see F’dren he will forgive you).

Se'ng went along with the Weyrlingmaster without a second thought about leaving Freyotth behind - not that his burgundy had wanted to come. Doing so might mean extra work and he simply was not in the mood for such things. There were other dragons to do that, have one of them - perhaps Tryonilth would be a good choice. Certainly his clutch brother had to be useful for something. With Se'ng busy with F'dren his burgundy was left to do as he wished, which was not much. Sunning he lifted his head when a shadow was cast over him by the blue dragon. Clearly un-impressed by Mifth's get-up Freyotth hardly paid attention until it actually mattered to him - because Se'ng had been taken.

Are you truly a prisoner?, he asked His dryly as he stretched and stood. Staring at Mifth as if he were the most ridiculous creature on all of Pern.

Ah sure am. The response from Se'ng was a tad slow as he concentrated on communicating with his dragon. There was a decent amount of distance between them, having only spoken to Freyotth while near him he found it challenging.

Hints of yellow flecked through the burgundy's eyes as he glanced around them. But you are mine. They cannot just take you.

Another short pause from the weyrling, Calm yourself. Ah'm fine. Just waiting for you to figure out how to spring me.

Rather than moving a muscle to try and find His, Freyotth's head snapped as he fixated his gaze onto Mifth. You. You have taken mine. Give him back. The demand was followed with a huff before Se'ng could get a word in edgewise to his dragon. He could feel the fury threatening to boil over from Freyotth, a temper tantrum was forthcoming and he was not there to help smooth things over. Concentrating more - it was getting slightly easier with time - he offered reassurances to his burgundy, Ah'm fine. Don't be a git to Mifth. You have to play along.

No. He will return you unharmed. Now.

Ah am unharmed. Freyotth. Listen to me. Se'ng insisted with an exhausted sigh. Looking around he offered images to Freyotth. See? It is easy. Come on.

Not willing to budge Freyotth sat there staring up at Mifth waiting for his response.


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