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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Summer Swim, SU: 14 {WinterWakers 3-6 Months}
 Posted: May 9 2016, 06:57 PM

Time Lady

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Come younglings! Meet by the lake for next lesson! Ziprith called happily. Prepare to be wet! Her tone cackled with amused laughter, but she didn't elaborateShe circled the sky above the barracks. Dh'mel stood outside, waiting for his charges to line up so he could lead them down to the lake. The young dragons were growing larger now, though they were still far from full size.

When the reached the lake, Dh'mel turned to address his charges. "Today we are going to work on building strength and trust," he explained with a wry smile. "Your dragons are too young yet to fly, but they will need to build the endurance and muscle needed for flight now." He waved at the large lake. The end they were on had a nice slopping shore that should keep it from getting too deep too quickly for the smaller dragons. "So today we're doing to go swimming. If you don't know how to swim, please speak up now," he looked pointedly at all of them. He didn't not want to have to go rescue someone just because they were too embarrassed to say something. "Keep a close eye on your dragons and be sure they are working their wings as much as their legs. Take it slow and stay in the shallows for now. Ziprith will be on hand to be sure there are no accidents."

To demostrate, Ziprith proceeded to land with a large, loud splash that covered the group in a shower of water. Everbody in! The water is lovely!
 Posted: May 29 2016, 12:20 AM


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"Wet?" Carefully she rolled the word through her mind as they made their way towards the lake - which undoubtedly had something to do with why they would be wet.

Wet, wet, wet. Perhaps it will be raining and Zipirith already knows? Poshyooth offered to the girl in the sing-song tone she was wont to use. A soft hum followed the thought before she continued, Or it is already, um, raining there and she is warning us! Oh I do hope there is a rainbow! Do you think there will be a rainbow?

"I... Yoo-yoo, we can see the entire sky right now. It is not raining at the lake." Pointing ahead of them to the lake she sighed, they were less than a dragon's length away from the shoreline and it was a clear day out. The lanky pink paused her stride for a moment as she seemed to consider the blatantly obvious facts Hers had presented. Continuing forward she picked up on something else to talk about as there would apparently be no rainbows, Why don't you tell him?

"Tell who what?" Immediately on defense she poured through her most recent thoughts, though with her dragon sometimes she picked up on something from turns before.

D'yn. Poshyooth managed to practically sing his name as she pranced alongside Hers. That you find him, um, oh attractive. It is embarrassing somehow, you really must explain to me why that is. But I can tell him if you are too shy to tell him, I do not mind.

All the color left her face in an instant as she realized she had not been actively thinking about anyone but her eyes were following the green weyrling's every move. Purely because he was ahead of them, not because she fancied him or anything of the like. Not that he wasn't attractive... As quick as it had drained away it suddenly returned in a flood of red coloring her cheeks and she glared sideways at Poshyooth, "Hush!" The typically friendly girl almost hissed at her pink before adding with some effort, No one will tell him anything!

Not one to be dissuaded as Hers was simply being shy for no reason Poshyooth called out, Ohh D'yn! Teeth flashed at the weyrling in what she meant to be a friendly smile, she'd seen Hers do it often enough, but instead may have come across as somewhat menacing in appearance. Dragon teeth were so much larger than human teeth were. Eyes went wide as Linavi scrambled to try and make up some excuse for her dragon calling to the other weyrling - he might think that she had told Yoo-yoo to call to him and she really didn't want him to think she was trying to flirt. That was not allowed and the last thing she had on her mind.

A sigh of relief escaped her lips as their Weyrlingmaster began explaining their lesson. It bought her time, hopefully enough that he would forget about the pink calling to him in the first place. As Dh'mel finished up Linavi practically raced for the water - getting her clothes wet had not been among her plans for the day but considering the alternative (talking to a cute boy) she was on board with the day's lesson. Wading out until she was able to spread her wings in the water Poshyooth hummed happily, He smiled when he looked at us. Should I ask if he thinks you are um, attractive, too?

"No! Just do what the Weyrlingmaster said, Yoo-yoo. Kick your legs and move your wings." Linavi waded further out until her feet no longer touched the sandy bottom and began to tread water as near to her dragon as she could be with the pink's wings outstretched. "There, just like that."

 Posted: Jun 5 2016, 02:09 AM


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For once, it was not W’ryn who lead the pack. She took a more prudent approach—first looking Earth over, making sure he was as presentable as could be, not that he cared. Her own appearance got only a cursory glance and a few half-hearted swipes to brush canine fur out of her leathers. Although dragon rearing was still the chore of choice, she now also spent considerable time in the Weyr kennels. She thought proudly of the progress she had made with the feisty terriers there. They were nearly as biddable as her Blue—which was to say, hardly at all—but where he was stoic as a rock, they were full of fire and vinegar. It was not teaching them to attack tunnelsnakes that was the trouble, it was teaching them not to attack everything else as well.

“Well then, my Earth. Ready to get wet?” The boyish girl surveyed her handiwork. It had only been a few months, but Earth had grown. They all had, but there was a certain pride she held in his touch more of meatiness than his siblings. He would still be a veritable ribbon of a Blue, and there was nothing soft about the chiseled colt’s face, but he felt more solid to her every day. It had been painful at first to focus solely on him, now bereft of any other family. She had not spoken a word to her father since their explosive fight, nor hardly seen him, and even that only at carefully meditated distances. But it felt increasingly natural to focus most of herself on her needy dragonet’s care and she could almost believe that extra diligence now would mean more freedom sooner.

“Do you think he’ll let us fly today?” she asked Earth as they walked. Unlike some of the more excitable dragonets, he was in no hurry to get to the destination—the Lake, clearly—and they lagged behind the others as Dh’mel lead them from barracks to shore. The Blue rolled the thought in his head for a few minutes and eventually answered with a familiar grunt. No. W’ryn sighed, the puff of air blowing her flop of hair aside where the nonexistent breeze would not. She wondered momentarily at Poshyooth’s tinkling voice, but gave it no real mind. All of the others were no doubt quite familiar with hearing Earth’s indiscriminate broadcasts, it didn’t strike her as odd that the other dragons did it too from time to time.

Still hanging towards the rear of the class, W’ryn tilted her head and quirked an eyebrow at the thought of a human who did not know how to swim. She scanned the weyrlings quickly to see if any of them were so afflicted. She didn’t have long to think on it with Ziprith’s dramatic entrance. She laughed aloud, wringing the water out of her eyes before starting to shed outer garments. She noted that not all of them were so flippant about this aspect of swimming—Linavi had gone right in, clothes and all, apparently valuing prudishness over practicality. W’ryn slipped a wordless questioning thought to Earth, wondering if perhaps he felt some embarrassment that she did not? This too he thought on while she went on removing her leathers and laying them out to dry in the sun. She clicked her tongue at that—it wasn’t particularly kind to treat the leathers so, but an oiling later would restore them. In only thin cotton breeches and a makeshift strip of linen wrapped around her chest, W’ryn waded in. Heaving a sigh, Earth followed. He had decided that clothing, or lack of it, was not a concept he gave much if any importance to. After all, dragons did not require it, and a good thing that, for they would need much more of it than the little humans did. He did not voice this aloud, however.

We should challenge someone to a race, she thought privately to him, eying the possible competition. He blinked and continued paddling at his usual sedate pace, his back undulating through the water like a river snake.

But then we might lose the race, he thundered back, announcing his rider’s intentions to all around. W’ryn sighed. There was no such thing as subtlety when it came to dragons, was there?

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