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 A Shift in Schedule, SU 14 [Candidates!]
 Posted: May 27 2016, 09:55 AM

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A notice was posted on the bulletin a day or so prior, so all Candidates, even the night dwelling ones would have a chance to see it. It warned all of an informal lesson in the morning, just after breakfast and before chores (and before bedtime for the wher candidates). He could have been a little cruel to place it before food and klah was consumed, but he figured he'd be better received once energy had been devoured. Maybe a sympathetic move as Al'dr was never, ever a morning person either. Sleeping in was one of his favorite pastimes... and with extended rest days it had been reintroduced pending morning drills. He supposed with this new rank, that pastime was going to get removed from his life. Eh... probably for the best.

It was a beautiful morning with the air still crisp, not yet completely warmed to the summer's glare. But that would shift quickly over the next candlemark or so. Al'dr lingered with Fortath at his back just outside the Barracks, a bright blue flit on his shoulder. The blue's eyes were a bright and vibrant green as he waited not so patiently for his new charges.

How are you not vibrating right now? I mean this is exciting!... And that's your third klah.
What good will it do me if I'm as jittery as you right now? No i'm still baffled that i'll be looked at as an authority figure. Who allowed this to happen?

Fortath chortled, This will be good for us, I think. Its like starting fresh. Starting a new chapter of our lives! I am happy about this, Al'drLove.

Al'dr patted his light blue snout with a light laugh, oh I know you are.

They waited for the candidates to assemble before he started speaking, "As you all have probably figured it out, your last Candidatemaster Sebolaren has stepped down. I have been plucked from my regular routine to step up in his absence." He stated clearly, his tones holding a twinge of sympathy for those who may have been fond of the Greenhandler. "I'm Al'dr, and the Blue behind me is Fortath, and yes he's as delicate as he looks." Fortath snorted with an audible click of his teeth.

"I've been a fine upstanding citizen of this weyr for nearly a decade. Impressed him," he jutted a thumb in Fort's direction, "on what could have been the last hatching I could stand for. Then again I didn't get here until I was eighteen, aaaand i've been in Dawn wing ever since I graduated. So that is my weyrlife in a tiny nutshell, and as you can probably tell this isn't really a formal lesson. I just wanted to show you that you do have a line of support, and that I do exist. The good news is you won't be followed by a flit day in and day out, but the new rules that were put in place last turn still apply. You just won't be followed around as often anymore. I still have my own flits, who you may or may not see -- and if all goes well you won't be seeing a guard all too often, if at all." The bluerider lifted his shoulders in a light shrug before continuing.

"For you wher candidates and duals, you will be seeing this guy around" He ran his hand over Zo's head and neck, and the blue crooned happily. "Zo will be your direct line to me if you ever need anything. It doesn't matter what time of night it is, if you need someone for whichever reason just let him know and he will fetch me immediately. This will shift if there is ever a wher clutch on the Sands, i'd obviously be devoting time for your Lessons then. For the rest of you, i'll be in my office more often than not, and the door will always be open. Fortath will also be around the Barracks, close by if you want to engage him at all. I won't be opposed if you wish to 'practice' oiling and washing. Anyway! That's all I really need to say for now, i'm sure most of this dribble you've heard from past Candidatemaster's or other such figure heads. Noow, I want to know about you, names... and maybe a little about yourselves. If you want. I guess it all depends on how quickly you wish to get to any craft lessons and chores. Up to you. If you don't wish to speak up in front of the others, feel free to pull me aside later. Like I said, my door is always open."

Al'dr spread his hands, "did any of you have any questions? Concerns? Feel free to speak up now, if you want. This is your time."

(This is not a mandatory lesson by any means. This is more of a greet your new Candidatemaster, etc etc. PLUS posting your candidates everywhere is never a bad thing before a hatching, yes? wink.gif)
 Posted: May 27 2016, 12:20 PM
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Kennebam was sorry to see Sebolaren go. The big man had been a pretty solid Candidatemaster, someone to turn to when you weren't sure of what to do. It was true, Kennebam was rarely that person, but it was always good to know you were in good hands. And it had been kind of fun to see what he could get away with when Sebol wasn't looking - Kennebam's fair of seven were great distractions when they wanted to be, and he'd learned quick which firelizards out of the greenhandler's fair were more susceptible to getting distracted. But after the big Fall, it hadn't been as much fun. He'd felt bad for the man who'd lost the spouse and weyrmate that had meant so much to him.

That didn't mean he wasn't happy to see Al'dr. Al'dr was someone new to meet, new was almost always fun in some way, and he was ready to find out where he'd wring out enjoyment this time. It seemed the bluerider had a sense of humor, and that was a big plus right off the bat. Bouncing once on the balls of his feet, Kennebam gave their new candidatemaster a cheery grin. "Hi Al'dr, Fortath. I'm Kennebam, from Ista Weyr. I'm weyrbred, hoping to follow in my parents' footsteps and all that." He rumpled up his hair with one hand. "I guess my only question is, does Fortath mind if we talk to him beyond greeting him? One of my old candidatemasters' dragons got super grumpy whenever we did more than wish him good day, so ever since then I've figured it's worth checking first."

He was in no big hurry to get to chores and lessons - work was hardly his favorite thing - so he poked the tall, bony lad next to him in hopes that he'd speak up next and set off a chain reaction of introductions and questions. The thus-poked teen visibly jumped, his half-closed eyes going momentarily wide, displaying a ring of white around their pale blue irises. With Kennebam and three of his fair alert and enthusiastic right next to him, Tristallon had been trying to filter out the kaleidoscope effect of seeing quite clearly in four directions at once, plus fragments from every other one of the winged pests present. For a moment, he blinked owlishly at the gathering, recollecting himself and trying to ignore Kennebam's amused chuckle at his skittish reaction.

"Tristallon, of Western Harper Hall." His voice had a musical lilt, but it dragged slightly with fatigue. Tris looked down at the ground, reluctant to spend more time talking than he had to and adding to his reputation of not being able to get more than a sentence out plainly. He rubbed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose with a long-fingered hand, willing someone else to take up the task of introducing themselves.

 Posted: May 28 2016, 07:55 PM
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Ako cheeped at Zo in greeting, the smallish Blue's shark-marked body perking up on Vunelio's shoulder as they approached with the rest of the Candidates. New Candidatemaster, eh? Vune looked Al'dr over purely out of curiosity, then to the Blue he kept the company of, and was bonded to. Fortath, then. Hmmm.

He craned his head up, shielding his eyes.

"Vunelio, from Paradise Hold...well, Eastern Weyr, I was Searched to there first. My brother is C'lainn of Burgundy Tryonilth. I'm an Apprentice Fisher, but I'm looking to go to Journeyman after I age out." He didn't go into why he thought as much; in his mind, Al'dr had probably seen plenty of people get too old for Dragons. "I'm a dual right now, but that'll probably change. I think I want to focus more on Fishercraft once I'm too old to Stand. So I'll probably come by and change that with you in the records later."

He shrugged slightly. Clearly, not terribly worried; if it was supposed to happen, it would happen in the next turn. If not, he'd figure out how to cross that bridge when he came to it.

"So that whole rule's still in effect that we're stuck with newer Candidates, and if they screw up, we get in trouble, too? Still? Seems kind of unfair, I mean....it's different if you've got a dragonet or a wheret, those are bonded to us, and if they mess up we're certainly responsible, but....I didn't agree to be Searched to babysit someone else - no offense," he quipped, looking towards Tristallon. "Is that whole thing because of that egg-stabbing fiasco? If so, I think I liked the firelizard thing better....Just seems a little unbalanced, because if you don't like your roommate, you could do something and get them in trouble. Hardly fair..."

 Posted: May 29 2016, 07:42 AM
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One candidate was standing right at the front, a small blonde haired girl. She listened carefully to the words of the new Candidatemaster. Ultimately, Kirryl would miss Sebolaran and Sesk, she liked them a lot and he had stood up for her and let her stand even when things were going... Well not all that well. Sure, it had been her right but then again he could have still said no. He gave a short, sweet speech about where things would be from now on. Well, her pinks would miss their little friends! But at the same time it did make things a little easier. It was hard work carrying around seven pinks let alone adding another firelizard to the mix!

"Kirryl, I was born and raised here and... Um," she cast a wary look over at the older candidate who had spoken up about not wanting to 'babysit' the other new candidates, "Well... I like buddy systems."

She trailed off and looked away. That was what roommates were for, she supposed. For someone who had lived her whole life in the Weyr it meant a lot to her when she was able to work with the newer candidates and learn a lot about their lives as well as helping them out with anything they might have found tough. Then again, she was also very clearly missing a critical point. They had been told to watch people. Kirryl liked to think the best of people.

Toward the middle of the group stood a dual candidate who really didn't much worry about all these... Things. He just needed to get back to his crafting. Eti had said something about finding a hidden grove and he wanted to check it out. More than likely she just wanted fish and was doing what she could to get them. Then again, if she had found something that would be awesome. He would be able to report it back to Dolphin Hall. However, there was no guarantee that it would actually be any use.
"Riyd, and I'm outskies. Seeya."
Touching a hand to his forehead in something of a farewell, he turned to walk away from the group. He didn't even care if he had been heard. That didn't really bother him overly much.

As soon as he was a short distance from the group, he broke into a run pausing at the lake to collect Terror and Monster from the lake. The Second flying overhead.

With folded arms, Raela stood at the back of the group. She did her work, she completed her chores and anything else that was needed she did without complaint. What more was needed? The woman looked between the people who spoke. It was no real concern of hers whether or not people were watching her. Reporting on her. Anyone who looked more closely into it would be very bored indeed. The only possible tie to home was still her firelizard Cenai. Silently, she withdrew from the group and walked away toward the candidate barracks. Whatever changes were implemented she would adhered to them it was her duty.

 Posted: May 30 2016, 12:48 PM

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He was semi grateful that some decided to play along, it made it easier to put names to faces when they were speaking to him, especially if they had something memorable about them. Something that stuck out. Sure it wasn't perfect, it'll take time to remember everyone and any new candidates that come in. But this was a start to a hopefully long career...

Kennebam, with the clear rainbow of flitters, was first, all too eager to stay here it seemed. But Al'dr didn't blame those who wanted to skive their chores or craft lessons. Kennebam's question brought a grin to his lips, which was partially mirrored by Fortath behind him. "He won't mind one bit. Ehh it may take a bit of coaxing to get him to talk back, but he's done it before, so don't be fooled by his silent treatment." Fortath, who frowned a bit at His, mentally reached out to Kennebam, hesitantly as Al'dr expected, but the Blue was determined to prove Al'dr wrong. He exaggerates, see? he stated clearly (and bravely!) before pulling away looking smug. Al'dr fought the suddenly strong urge to shake his head, though his lips twitched some.

Next, whom of which was elbowed by the first who spoke, looked... Al'dr couldn't find the word for it. Tired didn't exactly cover it, nor did distracted, but he spoke up in a voice he pretty much expected from him looking like he did. Tristallon... The name was filed away, perhaps they will speak at length at another time.

The Candidate that spoke up next was the second to speak at length, but more than the first. Al'dr nodded some at Vune's request at possibly changing his duality status. That was fine, whers were not for everybody, definitely not for him. To think he actually played with the idea of wher candidacy himself, but that was before the Hatching where he impressed Fortath, and actually before the impression itself. That entire hatching was one big no to whers. Though, the next words to pour from Vune's mouth had Al'dr's eyebrows raise just slightly. He fought hard to keep his expression as neutral as possible, though he did wonder if there was going to be one of "those" to speak up. Al'dr released a slow breath as soon as the word "fiasco" was tagged on the end of the "egg-stabbing". The bluerider had a short temper, but since impressing his very calm blue, it was better controlled.

"Hardly fair?" he inquired with only a bit of heat in his voice. "You think that keeping an eye on new candidates isn't a fair trade-off for a mother losing five of her eggs? Even before this new rule, what you do affects the rest of the group, to an extent. Skive off enough chores and the rules will come down harder, that's just the way things go. That mentality should and will follow you through weyr or wherlinghood, straight into your respective prides and wings. If your roommate is an-- is going out of their way to make your life ridiculous, talk to someone." He indicated towards himself, "because i'm not just here to look pretty. And we -technically- don't exactly smile upon candidate's running amok. If your roommate doesn't attend chores with you, and you let me know... you won't be punished. Its as simple as that. Let. Someone. Know." During that small talk his gaze left Vune's to look at each of them, because it did apply to all of them.

He wanted to simply tell them to not be sharding asses to each other and do their sharding chores, but he didn't think it was all that appropriate of him to say.

Kirryl spoke up with her wary look towards Vune, "and that's okay," he told her with a smile before looking back to the one who protested to begin with. "We're not asking you to attach yourself to their hip, just make sure your assigned partner is actually going to the assigned chore. Eventually, if you or they don't impress right away, they won't be so "new" and they'll be just like one of you seasoned Candidates, and will be in your boots. Can you blame the system? Candidates came in looking and acting like each of you, and they ended up being false and indirectly hurt one of our Queens." He shrugged, "it sucks, I get it. One or two bad eggs ruined something good, and now you all have to deal with the backlash. All the weyr wants is to not have that happen again." He did get it. Al'dr and classmates weren't allowed any touchings, in fact he has never attended one. All because of one egg smashing person who set the Queens on edge, and that was before he even arrived.

Al'dr's gaze shifted to Riyd, who practically bowed out, and to the... well she looked to be around his age. He didn't say anything as they left, save for a return wave to Riyd because he wasn't holding them here.

ooc: You're allowed to post more in-between mine if you want, I wanted to get a reply out to the doots who asked questions. Anyone who hasn't had a chance to, who has wanted to can still post.
 Posted: May 30 2016, 04:19 PM

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Handler chewed on first her right thumbnail, then the left, as she solemnly measured up the new candidatemaster. Sebolaren hadn’t been too bad a fellow in himself, but Handler had been unable to think of him as anything other than a warden and gaoler, armed with a legion of winged spies, since the days following Laanasuth’s ill-fated touching. She realised that the petty details of her life were of little interest to anyone, but the feeling of being under constant observation and judgement was not appreciated.

Listening to the other candidates she was more inclined to agree with Vunelio than not. She was no talebearer to go running off to drop someone in it but there was bound to be someone who was. Every group seemed to have someone who delighted in seeing others in trouble, and each person should have to stand or fall from their own efforts, not those of a roommate. She could see it wasn’t going to be any good speaking out now though, not when the responding speech was basically a ‘shut up and put up’ message. Somewhere inside a part of her raged that she was never to be trusted, never even worthy to earn trust until granted an absolution that might never be given for sins that were not hers, but it was strangled and kicked down by her better judgement and good manners and manifested itself only as a brief shudder that ran over her body and a deep breath that could be mistaken to either a sigh or a yawn.

“Handler is my name. I come from Fort Hold. Sort of.” The girl’s brief introduction didn’t do justice to the whole story, but the whole story was long and complicated, and sometimes it seemed nearly everybody at Dalibor had heard of her family and their crazy names. Sometimes Handler wondered about a nickname, but nothing had ever stuck, or at least nothing that she wanted to be called.
 Posted: Jun 2 2016, 10:25 PM


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Yoris wanted sleep and it showed. It had been a long night of chores, and although he had been set to gentle tasks, being on his feet for so long had drained his energy down to its last reserves. His torso curled protectively around his mug of klah, both trying to absorb its warmth into his chest and, less rationally, to keep it away from anyone else who might try to take it. One could not be too careful with candidates. They were not all of them so civilized. He did not bother to spare a look for anyone else—all that mattered was his exhaustion.

He cared nothing for Al’dr’s prattle but listened anyway. His own sense of anxiety would let him do no less. What if the new ‘Master tested them on this later? He had had enough of being thought incompetent, and if he could not physically best most of them, he would at least prove himself their intellectual superior. As his fellows spoke up one by one, Yoris could see that this would not be a particularly difficult feat. Were he in a more energetic mood he would have scoffed outright at Vunelio. Instead he merely made a disapproving noise in the back of his throat and rolled his eyes. It did not matter that he agreed with the principle—did they belong in a creche, to babysit one another? But his room was his own, especially now that The Sharding Firelizards had abandoned their posts, and he did not see why they had to drag out an argument about it. It wasn’t as though Vunelio was going to [in]win[/i]. All he had done was start another lecture!

While Al’dr ground the point home, Yoris spared a glance in Tristallon’s direction while taking a surreptitious swig of klah. They had both come from the Western Harper Hall, and around the same time. He tried to recall the boy’s face or accomplishments to memory, but only dredged up a vague remembrance of… weirdness. A notion that the other harper was doing little to amend. But it panged him to think that even here, his reputation would precede him. There was no love lost between him and the Hall. And unlike Tristallon, who had been properly Searched, Yoris was practically a runaway, now pursuing an inferior career. Finding that there was a lull in the conversation, Yoris considered speaking up. On the one hand, he had very little desire to actually bond with any of those gathered, nor to invite their scrutiny. On the other, earning a favorable impression with the Candidate Master might have its perks. Did the ‘Master have any influence on the decision of the hatchlings? Probably not, but it couldn’t hurt to have that reputation behind oneself. He cleared his throat.

“My name is Yoris. I have recently arrived from the Western Harper Hall as well,” here he glanced over at Tristallon again, searching for a spark of recognition, “although I have had many adventures under my belt since then. I am here for a wher.” He felt this was a rather lame way of finishing, and curled himself defensively back around his mug.

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 Posted: Jun 26 2016, 08:29 PM

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((Super late but I really wanted to throw in a reaction to this. xD))

The notice that had appeared on the candidate barracks bulletin board held little mystery for Scaparra. He didn’t know, more than any of the candidates knew, but he’d been around a while. He knew how things were supposed to be, and how they had been, since Sebolaren’s wife had died in the catastrophic doomfall. He knew how things had changed, how different the greenhandler was now. He couldn’t blame him. He’d never been the former candidatemaster’s greatest fan, a fact he had no doubt Sebolaren had known as well. More accurately, he had loathed the constant spying, the unprecedented, long-running removal whatever privacy the candidates had had—something which, fairly or not, would define Sebolaren’s ‘masterhood in the minds of many. But not even Scaparra was glad to see him go like this.

He hadn’t made any particular effort to attend the informal lesson at the designated time, to see his suspicions confirmed. He’d gone for a long run that morning, hitting the dining hall for breakfast later than most, and returned to grab his protective goggles before rounding back off to smith chores. He had walked right through what appeared to be the meeting’s beginning on his way to his room, curving around behind the group of candidates who had turned up to goggle at the new candidemaster (Bluerider. Young. Chipper. Probably the type who wanted all his students to like him.) and into the hall without pause.

But after lifting a sleeping Gizmo onto an old stuffed sock, which hung like a lumpy hammock from a hook pressed into the ceiling, and swiping his goggles off his work desk, Scaparra lingered on his way back through. Leaned his shoulder into the wall at the end of the hallway, and the start of the common room. Took in the scene—the candidates, the new ‘master, his dragon, with a more critical glitter in his green eyes. One corner of his mouth pulled up in a smirk as Vunelio started off the relationship by complaining about one of the rules. Scaparra hadn’t much appreciated being ordered to spy on new candidates after Laanasuth’s hatching, either, and had, uh, made that feeling fairly clear to Sebolaren. Rules or no rules, he had no intention of sneaking around, spying and snitching on whatever hapless new kid might get shoved in a room with him, fussing over how he folded his laundry or why he was late to a chore or whether he took too long in the bathroom. Perhaps Sebolaren had known that. Scaparra had not been assigned a roommate since the rule had gone into effect.

He would, actually, have kept a certain, distant kind of tabs on any new roommate he got, and while minor shenanigans or mishaps weren’t something he would ever report, if he truly suspected that something was very wrong, he would say so. The horror of Laanasuth’s touching, of eggs bleeding a gushing death on Dalibor’s very sands, had not been lost on him. But if the candidatemasters thought otherwise, he didn’t care to correct them.

He didn’t think for a moment that someone complaining about the policy would suddenly see it changed. What was interesting to him was seeing Al’dr’s reaction to it—to a challenge right out of the gate. The bluerider handled it well enough—reasonable enough, as much as could be expected from a candidatemaster. But Scaparra didn’t miss the bit of heat in his reaction, and he doubted all of the others would either.

“Careful, teach, don’t let ‘em rile ya too much on the first day,” he said, casting a lazy smirk at the new candidatemaster. To someone who had once been a terror to many teachers, it was a classic rookie mistake. He gave up his spot, heading into the common room—and through it, once again. “Name’s Scaparra. Don’t get too attached to me; I’m gettin’ out soon. Third turn’s the charm, right?” He held up a hand in a wave as he passed through, heading out to his smith chores without a backward glance.
 Posted: Jun 29 2016, 10:31 PM


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Kiveena was surprised at Sebolaren’s decision to step down from the position of Candidatemaster, but then again she wasn’t really keeping up with things (even if it had to do with her Candidatemaster) to really complain about such things. Either way she found herself among the other Candidates remaining in Daliobr after the first Hatching of Gold Nevisk had seen several of the Candidates (though mostly wher Candidates) move on to Wherlinghood.

All three of Kiveena’s pets were around among the group with Higat and Tigah perched nearby, the lighter and less reserved of the pair giving a friendly chirp to the new Candidatemaster’s firelizard while the pillie patrolled around the edge trying to find something suspicious. Kiveena didn’t give Shiff much mind given how most of the time Shiff’s alerts are out of his own paranoia than an actual threat which was nothing different now amongst the Candidates. “I’m Kiveena born and raised in Crescent Hold until I was searched at my family’s Cot Hold,” said Kiveena.

Stip stip stip stip stip? the Blue asking something akin to ‘Are you sure there’s nothing suspicious’ giving a questioning look in the general direction of the human he was bonded to getting a ‘yes’ from Kiveena and Higat.


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