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 Start With The Basics., AU: 14; Red Class 0-3 Month Lesson
 Posted: Jun 20 2016, 05:45 PM
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((Sidenote: There are three parts to this lesson: starting share tidbit, washing, and oiling. Don't feel compelled to answer every part if you don't want to! There is no posting order, and feel free to chatter amongst yourselves as well! smile.gif The pairs have already been somewhat coached post-Impression on feeding; they are permitted / encouraged to feed their wherets while doing the circle-chatter/introductions pre-washing. ))

Isk had gone door to door, room to room, and summoned them; the Brown wasn't as vocal as many, even as most. His looming form and contrasting tan-and-black-striped colors were attention-grabbing enough. He circled around the wherling barracks, letting each of the thirteen wherets and their chosen know via presence and direction of the jerk of his head, that it was time for their first lesson.

Ijo was surprisingly strict, but undertook a sense of trust instilled in his charges, that gave them a mild measure of "freedom" - as free as they could be, given their position - in exchange for the understanding that they adhered to the rules as strictly as they were expected to. He'd gone over those their first night in. No alcohol, no sex, no relationships that even hinted at love beyond their wheret. When he could more adeptly observe how they interacted both with their wherets and with one another, how they conveyed frustration, anger, sadness, irritation...all the emotions that hinged somewhat dangerous for their bond but were ultimately unavoidable in everyday life, most times, then he would go one by one and see how they involved themselves with immediate family.

Unfortunately for some of them, significant others would not see them for the next eighteen months. It would be difficult, but worth it in the end.

"Good morning, class," Ijo greeted them warmly. Several buckets of herdbeast scraps were on his left, on his right was a small table with sweet and meatrolls, with klah, for the wherlings. Buckets of oil and brushes also lingered nearby. He had both hands cupped against his mug of tea, which betrayed that he'd been there a bit longer than some might expect; the mug had long since stopped steaming, but he didn't appear concerned.

"I do hope you slept well. I know it takes a little bit of getting used to, the bond and all, for some of you just switching over to evening candlemarks is probably a bit of a struggle, but I assure you, it gets easier." Isk moved over beside His, and slid down to his elbows and haunches against Ijo's calves.

"You will have a great many lessons between now and graduation, but I promise that all of them will make you better Handlers, and that they will get easier the more you do them. By the time you come across the Hall to get your knots from me, you'll have more than earned them." He sipped his tea. "Tonight, we start with the basics. The very important basics, but nevertheless by the time you've become full Handlers, you'll be doing it as second nature. Keep in mind that much of what I teach you, what Isk teaches you, will be tested to make sure you're following and understanding. That being said, I think we should probably get to know one another a little bit. While I'm passing out breakfast for your wherets, go around the circle and tell me a little bit about yourself, and one new thing you've learned about your wheret since your Impression. You can share more, if you want to, it's entirely up to you! I'll start, to make it a little easier, perhaps."

Isk remained where he lay, as Ijo sat his tea aside and began to - with the help of a Drudge who entered from the corridors above - pass out proper rations of herdbeast meat for each wheret.

"I came from Keroon Hold, which was where I Impressed Isk. I was a Healer at one point, but I'm now a Miner. I actually followed a long-time friend of mine here, a blind former Hold Drudge named Bozidar, who recently Impressed Viridian Bosk. Isk saved his life, he showed me just how strong a wher's sense of smell and night-vision really are; he saw Bozidar before I did. Were it not for him, I never would have known Bo was there. Your wherets also have this strong sense of scent and capacity for scent-hunting, something you'll be given lessons on as your wherets get older. You already know, I'm sure, about their extraordinary night vision."

After each introduced themselves, Ijo moved to the center of the group; Isk, without being called verbally or even in body language, rose and joined His, standing statue still as Ijo gestured to all his various parts, a bucket of oil and a brush beside him.

"Most of you I believe have been around whers long enough to have the idea of all the various parts of them. They have eight ends, and 5 of them are pointy. Their teeth and claws are primary means of defense, and what will be helping to save you if your own skills with weaponry are either unavailable or not up to snuff; the latter - their claws - will naturally wear down because, as you know, whers cannot fly and they spend much of their time ground-bound, patrolling, or in the case of a severe Fall in which we have to assist the Holds, digging. Whers are self-aware, most of them, to the point where they can tell you if there's something wrong; however, observation is the best defense against something reaching a point where they notice. While your wherets are young, they will need you to keep an eye out on them. They will get dirty, in fact I can see some of them already need baths. You can do this in the lake or the water here, or if your quarters post-graduation is one of those with private bathing basins or pools, and they can fit, you can use that."

Isk walked towards the water, and Ijo followed.

"Now, you don't want to scrub them too hard, they're not laundry. Their hides are harder than our skin, but that doesn't mean we can get heavy-handed with them. Some of them have places where they're ticklish, or sensitive, just like we do. Press only a hair harder than you would for yourself, and make sure you get every part of them. They have nictitating membranes that close over their eyes when in the water, so don't worry too terribly about it getting in there. Don't, under any means, scrub across their eyes. Always stay above the eye ridges, and then use a softer cloth to clean around their eyes themselves." He rolled up his sleeves, shedding his boots and removing his socks before rolling up his pantlegs. "You can use this washing, as well, to check their hide for any cracks or rough patches; this is a sign that they aren't being oiled often or well enough, and if you discover any of those, please come to me immediately, so that we can figure out which one it is. As your wherets get older, they'll need oiling much less, and it will be more a matter of desire than necessity. They will still need washing, and I would recommend oiling after every wash, just to make sure their hides and paws don't dry out."

He lifted one of Isk's massive paws, of course with the Brown's help.

"Their claws don't retract, so they're constantly growing and constantly wearing down. Always make sure they're not cracked, chipped, or otherwise injured in any measure; it's easy, especially at this age, for your wheret to crack or injure a claw just by getting used to their own body. The hubris is on you to make sure that doesn't happen." He washed Isk, making sure that he was both leading by example, and that his students were following suit.

"At the current age, you'll need to keep oiling your wherets multiple times a day. They grow very, very quickly, and if you're slow on coating them, their hides will crack and it will be very, very uncomfortable for both of you. I don't advise letting it get to that point. It's a rather frustrating thing to have to go through, to repair it. For the first few sevendays, Isk will be letting you know the scheduled times to oil; some of you may need it more than that, we'll evaluate it on a case by case basis." He moved from the lake, and picked up a bucket.

"You'll want to make sure that every part of your wher outside their eye facets and mouth are oiled, headknobs to tailforks and claws. Every part of your wheret is growing, every part of them is stretching their skin. Now, naturally, no two wherets or whers are the same. Some of you will need more oil than I've given you, but don't fret. We've got barrels here as a supply, there's just only so much that will fill in the buckets. As your bond develops, you'll learn via feel when and where your wheret needs oiling; you'll feel uncomfortable and itchy - some of you may even feel so now, what with the washing just having gone on. Your wheret will need to tell you where they feel like they could use some more oil, and it's up to you to make sure you put enough on there. We don't want to give them a bath in it, but we do want to make sure they're coated well enough so that their hides aren't dry when it absorbs. You can use the brush, but you can also use your hands, if you like. I use that method, because it allows me not only to rub the oil in at the same time, but it's a bit of bonding and physical contact that some whers enjoy. Yours may not, they may, it all depends on personality. Isk is a bit of a suck when it comes to that, he likes his oiling."

He set about oiling Isk, the Brown flopping down on his belly and laying his head on his paws, but nevertheless keeping an eye on his charges.

"Anyone have any questions? Also, keep in mind that if you ever need me for any reason, my door is always open. Either have Yours ask Isk for help, or come and find me."
Isk check on babies always, too. Not worry. Here when need.

 Posted: Jun 20 2016, 06:46 PM
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Even though he was now a wherling, impressed to another being, there was no changing who Riyd was. He was smart, he listened and retained the information but he was a particular kind of person so when Ijo finished speaking, he raised his hand. Riysk's gaze turned on her handler, an expression of neutrality.
"I have a question, can I go to the bathroom? OW."

Immensely long tail was brought around to slap her handler across the face as Riysk turned to Isk.
Apo-Lo-gise for Riysk's. He still learn how be more serious.
The cyan then turned her attention back to Riyd who was slowly rubbing his cheek. The wher remained completely silent for a moment longer until Riyd looked at her with frustration.

You know that could have hurt you too.
Riysk have thick skin. Not hurt.
Well, it could have hurt.
Did not. Not care, know can use now. Come, come, need tell your stories.
Riyd frowned at her and then looked around the small group.

"I'm Riyd, this is Riysk and I am also training to be a dolphineer at the moment. I have a twin sister who is a wingrider and is annoying as a twin sister can be. My life's pretty boring really," he shrugged and then held up a hand as Riysk brought her tail around a second time, "HAHA!"
Interesting for Riysk, the cyan told the others, Riyd teach Riysk how swim soon. Will be best.

Riyd rolled his eyes and set to washing the cyan. Of course, she had been complaining before about being allowed into the lake as soon as possible. Given how small she was, Riyd was a little reluctant to just toss her into the lake. There were Phillies and he knew first hand just how large they could get. They could probably stop a wher whole if they really wanted to! Nah better to just suck it up for the moment and keep washing her outside the lake.

 Posted: Jun 21 2016, 01:27 PM

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It was apparently "bad for the wheret" to be directing petulant anger her way. So he, constructively (and for the sake of the tiny babies etc etc), directed all of it to the height challenged wherlingmaster... who forced them to attend these "lessons". There was a reason why he tried so sharding hard to advance in his apprenticeship, to avoid being lectured day in and out.

At least not have to use head much. See Vinlos not good at it.
Are ya done?
Nope. That why Vin have Visk, better at. Hmm amend... Vinlos not liiike to use brain, when put effort forth Mine can get things done.
Fine. That's the only silver-shardin'-linin'
Feel better?
As a matter of fact, I don't. Nice try, girly.
Hm. Visk not either. Can we go by harbor after?
Can't, outta bounds.
Lesson over yet?
Just started.
Both Handler and wheret huffed a sigh. He could feel her impatience with all the talking about what to do and what not to do and when to do it.

Vinlos leaned against the stone wall, with his cyan sitting on his feet with her back against his shins. At least he wasn't entirely alone. Even though she was the sole reason why he was here instead of... someplace snug and warm, he appreciated her presence and she was actually funny. Like now, how her 'trying to make him feel better' unraveled when she just wanted to be somewhere else. They thought alike sometimes, and that was a little unnerving at times because right now he couldn't tell the difference between her feelings and his own.

When eyes turned to him to introduce, he gritted his teeth and scowled... the answer very clear on his face. Visk seemed to not mind as she almost mirror his look, with orange eyes. Thankfully one of the chatty ones spoke up, and Vin settled down to feed his cyan when he was passed some meat, this changed Visk's eyes to something more pleasing as he cut up the pieces so she'd at least be able to chew it.

He believed caring for her would be tedious and extremely irksome, while she needed to be fed often... he didn't mind so much. Maybe because she enjoyed that time with him? He didn't know. All he did know was any exasperation he felt for the chore was nearly gone by the time he was done. Was he always this sharding soft? The answer was probably yes.

The cyanhandler did listen more when Ijo spoke about the more delicate care. At this point Visk had turned to face Hers as he made an effort to look over her hide. Find itch? she asked as he used a couple of fingers to feel along, until he felt it between his own shoulderblades. His hand recoiled from her, "Oh shards no, that's bloody weird," he hissed in attempt to keep his voice down. Visk chortled at him and placed a paw on his knee, Once oil, "weird" will go away.

The pre-washing helped, but when it came to the oiling Visk was practically melting against him as he worked the oil into her hide. Visk was aware of everyone else in this space, but right now she focused solely on Hers as she leaned against his touch for a moment. Vin even managed to smile a bit softly at her, well aren't you a suck Not! uh huh.

 Posted: Jun 21 2016, 02:27 PM

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Galya yawned. Yes this getting up at night and sleeping all day was going to take getting used to. Not that she'd ever been much of a morning person, day or night. Come Galya! Adventure awaits! Gask tugged at her nightgown eagerly. No time to be lazy now. So much to see and so much to do!

Velvet opened one eye from her spot curled on Galya's pillow, long enough to fix the wher with a venemous glare, then promptly turned around to go back to sleep. Lucky creature, Galya thought with another yawn. She starting pulling on her clothes. She couldn't fall asleep now if she wanted to. Not with Gask's nagging hunger in her belly. She breifly spared a moment to wonder if Lyorion was making sure to get to bed on time. She really had no reason to worry though. G'len had been seeing the boy was well taken care of and Lyo was almost old enough to start an apprenticeship of his own if he wanted. She did miss his bright eager face in the morning though.

Gask jumped on her knees then, to remind her that she had more than enough eagerness right now anyway. Galya beamed and rubbed the little wher's head fondly. "I'm up, I'm up," she confessed. She glanced up to see Ijo was doing the rounds to summon them for lessons. "And it looks like we're getting our first lesson. I hope breakfast is included!" Gask grinned and bounced to the door with Galya behind. No adventure on empty stomach! she advised. "That's right! Nurish the body and the mind, I say!" Both their stomachs growled in agreement, causing Galya to giggle. It was like being a child again.

Introductions came first, which Galya appreciated. She still didn't know most of her classmate's names. Shards, they were all so young. Some were adults of course, but it definately looked like she was the oldest except for their teacher. Well, never too old to try something new, right? She stood proudly when it came to her turn and gave the room a cheerful smile. "I'm Galya, from Telgar originally, then Southern Boll, then Southern, and now here. I'm a Weaver by trade, so if anyone's interested in some new wher themed outfits, you can let me know. My little brother is G'len, who you've probably heard of and I mostly came here to spend some time with him and see what living in a weyr was like. I also have a young son named Lyorion who is somewhat obssessed with dragons at the moment."

She paused to kneel down next to Gask and give her a little hug. "I have to say that Gask was a bit of a surprise and I think I've lost count of the number of things I've learned already since just about all I knew before was that whers hatched from eggs and live at night." Gask gave a toothy grin and danced around Galya playfully. Gask is adventure! she declared happily. You sure are, deary, Galya agreed warmly.

As they settled back to listened to everyone else's introductions, Gask started sniffing and tugging at Galya's skirt curiously. Outfit for Gask? she asked curiously. Hers had mentioned making clothing for people who asked and she loved to try new things. Galya had to think about that for a moment. Whers wearing clothes. She wasn't sure she'd seen it. but it could be doable. At least for one as small as Gask was likely to be. 'I'll don't see why not,' she answered, already working out the details in her head. 'When we get back to our room, I'll measure you. But you grow so fast, you won't fit anything for long. Yay! Adventure outfit! Galya beamed and made a mental note to make said outfit out of some highly durable clothe if they wanted it to last more than one night.
 Posted: Jun 21 2016, 05:47 PM

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Irrin’s days had begun and ended late for turns, ever since she’d decided she was going to join the wher program as soon as she was old enough, so sleeping through the daylight hours and waking in the evening hadn’t been a major adjustment. The major adjustment for her was Irrisk, the wher was so much… more than she’d thought. Big footed and great hearted, tempestuous and pointy, and into everything.

The cyan wher bounded along ahead of Irrin, eager to see what Isk summoned them for. It smelled good. Irrisk hoped it was breakfast. To the wher’s delight it was, and she was happy to be fed while Irrin listened to Isk’s handler.

Irrin would have made a face if she wasn’t desperate to be thought of as an adult rather than a child. This sort of group introduction was always so awkward. ”There’s not much to know about me. I’m Irrin, I was born here. I used to work in the kitchens. This is Irrisk, she likes to climb but she’s not great at getting down yet.” Irrin felt the wher stiffen up next to her and knew that Irrisk hadn’t liked that she’d shared that. Well too bad, Irrin didn’t much enjoy climbing up things to get an adventurous wheret.

Irrin participated without speaking for the rest of the lesson, until Ijo asked for questions. ”Sir, I believe I have a relevant question.” The girl’s hands paused in the work of rubbing Irrisk with oil. ”I wasn’t a candidate for long, so I never did find the answer to this one: why can’t we see our family and friends? I understand lovers, because these are new hatched babies, but…” Irrin paused to gather her thoughts. ”Irrisk is part of me, as I am part of her, she knows I have parents, her clutchmates must know their handlers have other connections. Not seeing people doesn’t mean we stop caring for them, and caring for other people doesn’t mean I care any less for Irrisk.” Irrin looked back on her little speech and lowered her eyes to gaze at Irrisk’s mottled back. She’d probably made a fool of herself, but she just had to ask. Irrisk rubbed her head comfortingly against Irrin’s leg. She understood what the girl meant, she’d explain it if she had to.
 Posted: Jun 22 2016, 01:28 PM


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A portion of those first few days were spent laying awake and staring through bleary eyes at the ceiling. Oh she would doze from time to time, lulled to sleep by her own weariness as well as Dabysk's but it was a tough process to switch her schedule from being up during the daytime to being awake solely at night. She understood why she had to make the adjustment and Dabysk was certainly worth it, however she found she missed her daughter a lot - though she tried not to; the Wherlingmaster's warning the first night was more than somber enough to have her doing her best to keep her emotions in check. Dabysk never seemed to mind when she thought of her daughter and curiously enough he refered to meeting his 'other' each time she thought of her girl. Perhaps wherets were more resilient than they were led to believe? Not that she planned on testing such theories.

Isk's presence at her doorway let her know it was time for a lesson and she dressed herself before gently waking the blue. Long nights were nothing new for her, though it had been a good few turns since she'd had a newborn to coddle. Now she had another newborn to care for - long nights were going to be the rest of her life. A yawn stole over her face despite her having gotten a decent sleep during the day. Eventually the dark semi-circles forming her eyes would lessen and go away, or so she hoped. Feeling both refreshed - thanks to Dabysk - and tired was confusing, but at least they were both hungry and she didn't have to worry about sorting out which was which. Following behind the others to where their lesson was she settled in to listen, glancing around at the rest of her class as the Wherlingmaster spoke. A few she had met during the feeding on the Sands, a few faces were familiar from their days in the creche or helping out there, while some she didn't know at all. Taking the bucket of meat she slowly went about feeding Dabysk, not pausing in this task even when it was her turn to speak.

"Hello everyone, I am Dabryie. I'm originally from Crescent though I have been here at Dalibor for a handful of turns now. I work in the creche and have a daughter." Pausing as she fetched another piece of meat for Dabysk she continued, "This is Dabysk and I've discovered a great deal about him since he chose me as his bonded. He has a gentle heart to him."

No be gentle if hurt myDabryie or myOther. Be hurt! No tell what do. Dabysk stood up straighter and puffed out his chest some, he couldn't have all these others thinking he was some big softy push over. He definitely didn't want them getting the idea he wasn't capable of putting them in their place if they threatened His or other His - even if he had yet to meet other His. Following his mini-outburst Dabyrie leaned towards Gayla and spoke softly, "Does your wher do that too? I mean, surely she is aware of your son like mine is aware of my daughter. Does she refer to him as being hers?"


 Posted: Jun 23 2016, 01:22 AM


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Yoris couldn't have cared less for the restrictions that wherlinghood brought. So some of the others were upset that they couldn’t make kissy-face with other people? Boo sharding hoo. At least they weren’t bonded for life to a bloodthirsty monster. Someday maybe they would go back to their normal lives with their ugly but kind new puppies, but no, not him. The thought might have rolled his stomach, but did it matter so much to him anyway? He might almost be glad for Yorisk’s teeth keeping the outside world at bay, if only she would leave him be too. The former Harper slouched along after Isk down to their lesson, not entirely aware of how his legs were functioning and not assured that they would continue to do so. It had nothing to do with his waking and sleeping hours being flipped, life as a candidate had prepared him well for that. It was the constant harnessing of Yorisk to his mental willpower; every moment that she was awake, it was a fight to keep her from fighting. It did not feel like an even match of power, but his lack of energy prevented him from caring much. Would it really be so bad if he let go long enough for her to bite another? They might learn not to stand so close.

Yorisk looked none the worse for wear. She bulled along beside her bonded, tail whipping with excitement. She had been forced to sleep in that boring little room for too long! Now, now the fun would begin. The Red peered smugly down her snout at her siblings as they approached the site for that day’s lesson. Useless! Puny wherry-heads! Good thing she and her sister were here to make certain the lesson ran properly. Obviously the Wherlingmaster and his incompetent Brown could not be expected to get the job done. With a frown and a hard-thought, Stay, she planted herself in the innermost circle of wherlings while Yoris took a sweetroll and a mug of klah. He was so tired that he didn’t seem entirely sure what to do with either, and just stared numbly into the rippling circles in his mug. His hand was shaking.

Yorisk bunched in on herself like a coiled tunnelsnake, every nerve compressing so that she might strike, quick as lightning, should anyone displease her. The drudge that came by to dole out meat seemed a likely target, but Yoris preemptively sat and hugged her wedged head tightly beneath his arm, pressing her snout against his ribcage. By the time she had struggled free, hissing in frustration, the moment had passed. He made only a meager attempt at tearing the chunks further, oblivious to the fact that he was still holding a sweetroll and crushing it into the bloody mess of herdbeast.

Yoris not be useful, be scare, no hold Yorisk back, Yorisk great, she barked into his mind. He only grunted and shoved a chunk of flesh into her mouth, as if that might shut her up. He hadn’t thought through the fact that she did not even use a mouth to speak, if one ignored the assortment of cruel noises she made.

Yorisk deal punishment where see fit. Only fair, all useless. Yoris was still trying to think of a proper retort when he realized it was his turn to speak. A difficult enough task to do when it was just himself occupying a brain, moreso now that so much of his mental preparation went into his wher.

“’M Yoris. This Yorisk.” He shook his head, lip curling at how easy it was to slip into a wher’s absurd speaking style.
“This is Yorisk. I used to be a Harper, a scribe. I am still a scribe? Anyway. She’s, uh,” he hesitated, looking down at the striped Red. Her eyes whirled a crimson that nearly matched.
“Oh. She wants to eat firelizards. I have none for her to eat, but she nearly caught one the other night…” He trailed off, blinking blearily at the circle of humans. It had only just occurred to him that someone here might actually have one with them. Yorisk’s mouth gaped open hopefully. Yoris could not bring himself to harness her completely with his mind—if a firelizard were stupid enough to get caught by an infant wher, it deserved an ignoble end. The pale young man hunched a little further over his mug of klah, now dirty with dried blood from the meat scraps, while Yorisk swung her head to look for her twin sister among all the others. At least there was one wher here worth her time!

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 Posted: Jun 25 2016, 06:38 PM

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Carrolly yipped when she felt the teeth sink into her hand. She pulled away to see that the Wherling master's wher had made a round in the barracks.

Up, lesson, lern now. Carrosk said taking another snap at Carrolly's hand. She knew that it was time to get up and she quickly got to her feet so as not to get snapped at again. Quik now

"Alright I'm moving. You don't have to bite me." She said running through her list of things she may need. She pulled on her cloths, making sure her belt was tight, and started to pull on her hair thong when she thought about the other Wherlings she would have to be around. She dropped the string and turned around.

no here. on, now. She looked at the thong she had in her mouth, the piece of string, or lether, she had for her hair. it would help her hide not to wear it, but Carrosk had that growl in her throat and Carrolly took the leather and put up her hair. Sighing she grabbed her wher by the chin and gave her a quick scratch. "Lets go."

Sighing and yawing at the same time, she wasn't sure what was worse, the feeling like she had no air or the thought she couldn't get air. Then suddenly she was breathing again. Carrosk was pulling her along, trying to snap at her heals and they walked to get to the lesson. When they got their, she was happy to see the pile of food for them and the whers. She didn't however go up and grab anything, looking over the area she realized they were near the water and she saw the scrubs and buckets. Time for a bath and she looked down to see Carrosk hissing as if she saw a tunnel snake. This was going to be interesting.

She waited as the other seemed to take their time and leave the table with their bowls and klah before she stepped forward and grabbed he own sweet rolls and klah. Drinking the klah as she felt the warmth fill her and wake her up a little more. Her feet dragged as she ate the rolls and walked to where Carrosk sat on the ground eyeing the water as if she could flame it she would.

"Don't be such a angry thing Carr Carr, Its just water." Carrosk hissed at her and laid down on the ground.

She heard the Master speak and turned to look. Her eyes roaming the colors of the whers that had hatched before her. Trying to spot anyone that she remembered at the hatching. She listened to the wherling master as he explained what they were to do with their new charge and she finished her klah by the time he was finished. She walked forward to get the bowl of meat for Carrosk and gulped in some air. She had to speak.

"I'm Carrolly, I've had a life at another weyr before this one, now I have a home here, and a I've learned that Wher's, especially mine, does not like water." She blushed and waited for her bowl of meat. She quickly shuffled off as she was dismissed and gave her wher food. Carrosk puffed up and made herself look a little larger as her bond came closer. She did not like the thought that anyone think she was weak and pulled her lips back.

Water, useless, no need, only for look. She said where anyone paying attention could hear her. She shook herself as she was given food and quickly ate as they were instructed again, this time for cleaning purposes. She looked at her bond. Will not, no need, useless water is, why.

Carrolly had to think for a moment, she finally decided that she would just tell her the truth and let her handle it how she could. "Water is for fun, for cleaning, and exercise, it can be good for you, and bad for you, you will see."

yes, see, useless it is. She said as if her mind was made up. She would only go in because the older wher did, she would not be shown as weak, therefor she would have to go in, or the older wher may think her weak for not going in. Yes, that was a good idea, look strong in front of the others.

As the lesson started on the cleaning part, she pulled her own boots off, rolling her pant legs up to her knees and letting them hang there. She followed the wherling master into the water, like the other did, and took up a bucket and brush. Carrosk hissed at the water, growling and striking it, but she went in, the older wher had. Carrolly could see the dirt collecting on her wher, and didn't like it. She would clean her off, right now. She pulled the brush out and started to follow after him. She wanted to make sure her wher was going to look beautiful for them all.

When he asked if anyone had questions, as he was finished with his wher, she went quiet, not wanting to attract attention to herself and watched the others start with their questions.
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It was like breathing.

If she didn't think a thing about it, everything went on as normal--just so much better than it ever had been before. Like the air was fresher, made her feel better, stronger. If she did think about it, it was scary. Oh, not in a bad way, but that fear you get when things are going too fast. Like you're sitting on a dragon that isn't yours, with your eyes closed, going into and out of between. You know you're safe, and that everything is amazing, but it's still so fast and overstimulating. Thinking about her Impression made her realize that everything was now different. Forever. She would never be alone again, and oh, she hadn't been alone since she was seven anyway, but now she wasn't alone in her head.

Akke couldn't follow her onto the shore, and while she had spent many nights sleeping with him in the ocean, those nights she spent alone had always been restless. What if something happened and she was forgotten. What if no one remembered her. Being able to speak to the dragons had helped, but she'd always felt so separated from them, so removed. They weren't her partner, and some of them didn't enjoy the fact that she could pry into their personal conversations, or butt in when they didn't want her to. She was, to them, an annoyance. Even if they didn't all feel that way, even if they didn't mind when she spoke, she was at the end of every day a singerbug they couldn't silence. An eavesdropper they couldn't avoid.

Now she had a partner unlike Akke. The contract between a dolphin and their handler was one of respect and duty; the one she felt between herself and Osk was one of unconditional love and need. He wouldn't die without her, not like the dragons did, he would lose himself to rage and fear and run wild until culled. The choice to die wouldn't be his, but it would happen all the same. And she, if she lost him, would forever be missing part of herself that she'd never known she had. He had latched on to part of her life like a bloodfish, and if he died, the teeth would remain like open sores. Oreanda could feel that truth as much as she could feel his presence in her mind.

It had been terrifying at first. It had reduced her to the memory of her childhood, five turns old and drowning in the sea, when Akke had found and saved her. She hadn't even realized she'd been drowning all this time at the Weyr until Osk had found her and let her blood for drinking. She'd come up for air what seemed like candlemarks later, sitting with the other Wherlings under the careful watch of their 'Master. Osk's belly was full, and his hide had been oiled, though she had no memory of doing either. Her fingers had been bloody and slick, all the proof she'd needed. That time had been a quiet time of reflection.

She had caressed and loved him, spoken only to him within her head, and listened. He had spoken for her. The discomfort of another Wherling had broken her out, caused her to move and introduce herself. Perhaps they were all a little uncomfortable. Just trying to adapt. It was only a short time after that when she'd remembered Akke. The trauma of that memory still made her tremble. Had she forgotten him so quickly? Osk assured her that it was not so, and she did come to see the logic in his words later as they lay together trying to sleep through their first day. It had all been so overwhelming, and she had given him every ounce of her attention in those first long moments together. It had been her duty to him, but Akke would not go unrecognized--as he had promised her at Impression.

Ijo must have thought she was half crazed. At least, she shyly wondered if he did. She used to be a brat, who would scream and cry for attention. Anda had promised long ago that she wouldn't be viewed that way again, but in the moment, it had been hard. The Wherlingmaster had told the class they weren't permitted to see anyone important to them, but that was an impossibility she wasn't able to live with. Akke was not family, he was more. As close to Osk as a living thing could be without a bond. She'd been nearly overwhelmed by the attempt to tell Ijo just how badly she needed to see her dolphin. How she couldn't stop thinking about him out there in the sea, wondering if she had died.

What if he realizes I did Impress, but assumes I've simply finished needing him?

It had been a wailing cry more than a question, and if she could have seen Osk, she would have seen the growing confusion and terror in his eyes. He was wise for a babe, but a babe he still was. I am not afraid of Akke he had insisted to Ijo, I am afraid of this fear. It was a helpless anxiety, twisted and compounded by the overwhelming evening, exacerbated by her feeling of confinement. No one had ever told her that she would be forced to part with him. Our partnership is a contract, yes, but a Dolphineers work with their partner...it could kill him just as easily as such a thing could kill Osk. Their Wherlingmaster was not an unreasonable man, or maybe her reaction was just dangerous enough to warrant the time.

Dolphins were a special sort of sea creature. She assured Ijo that Isk wouldn't have to accompany them down to the ocean every day; Akke could spend a short amount of time in the fresh waters of the lake and river that ran through Dalibor. Once she told him what had happened, he would have no problem coming to see her every day when she was bathing Osk. There she would check him for bloodfish and fulfill her half of their partnership. Soon enough, the cold season would be upon them, and he would migrate back to the shallow tropics; it was a necessity for his species which thrived close to shore and did not abide the depths. A dragon called him that evening.

Oreanda still wasn't sure which one it had been. Dolphins could hear dragons just as easily as humans, she and Valha had discussed long ago. As Isk led her to the lake's edge, Osk held securely in her arms, she could hear his excited clicking long before she felt the hard stone give way to eroded volcanic sand. Akke knew his girl find mind mate here, told her, yes? She laughed, crying, and nodded, her skin rubbing against Osk's cheek. He's wonderful isn't he, she said to both of them breathlessly. Holding gently to Isk, she slid down onto her rump and scooted into the cool water until the Dolphin could swim between her calves and rest his head on her thighs, giving both the fish and the wher time to regard one another.

Akke, this is Osk. He will live as I live, and when I go he will be forced to follow. Osk, this is Akke. He lives as he wills, and when I go he will return to the Tillek. You are different, but also the same, and I have enough love for the both of you. Do you know that? Akke had squeaked, a near-laugh for his kind, When Oreanda go, Akke return to eating fish and ignoring Bell, simpler life. Osk, having spent some of this time nosing the smooth-skinned creature, gave a snort of his own. If Akke serve good purpose to you, then he serves good purpose to me. Like I tell to Ijo, Osk promise not to kill myself because Oreanda share life with dolphin. Osk is grateful to Akke for Oreanda

The dolphin had appeared positively tickled that Osk could speak, but as Oreanda was well acquainted, dolphins had very high opinions of themselves. Far less so for other creatures. Come and see me every day, okay? At night. We'll come down here tomorrow when the twins are above the anchor, and I'll let you know the schedule the Wherlingmaster has planned. I'll check you all over for bloodfish and hear your report until you migrate back to the Eastern Rings. He'll be so big by the time you get back, maybe even bigger than you! It occurred to her then that she didn't even know what colour he was, her Osk, and made an embarrassed note to ask him privately while they were supposed to be sleeping.

She had given him a scrub on his melon, and signaled him to go, before carefully clambering back to her feet with Isk's help. She didn't want to keep him too long from Ijo, not when they could simply see Akke around lessons without it having to be such a special arrangement. The stress and anxiety were gone. Relieved like air let out of a puffer. There was no longer a terrified burden weighing her down. Her partner was absolutely ecstatic that she had found Osk at last, and Osk...well Osk didn't seem to care one way or another, but maybe later in life they could all be partners. You know, I heard a story about a Red washing ashore and causing a lot of troubles here, you and Akke could prevent that from happening. The wheret seemed interested, but more than that, exhausted.

He slept on the way back to the Barracks, they weren't close like the Weyrling's were. Isk had to lead them across the bowl and into the gaping maw that would twist down to the well-guarded Wherling's Barracks. It was the only outside entrance. The other tunnels that snaked away in a fork and at the end of the winding tunnel of rooms led only to the Wherhandler's Quarters. No younglings could find trouble here. Their rooms had been chosen, and her items had been delivered. Even, she discovered, those items she had left behind at the cottage by the sea. She was well and truly a Wherhandler now; there would be no sneaking away to the ocean for some time--though it would be an easy walk eventually. Now, they had to grow together.

You can't always be my eyes, she had said to him, an easy conversation between their minds as effortless for her as it was for him. We'll learn how to do it, so it isn't disorientating, but other things are easier my way. Oiling you, butchering. I can fillet a perfect fish, I'll learn how to carve the muscle from beast bones. I'll be able to do it faster my way. By touch. Some things aren't better just because you can see them you know. He trusted her, and what was more, she trusted him. She'd asked Ijo for a pot of oil before they'd retired, and she lay sprawled out with him on the odd stone dais they called a couch.

He slept off and on, and so did she, but when they didn't sleep they spoke. Their mental words were accompanied by silence, only her honed ears picked up the quiet squelching that issued from her fingertips as they explored and memorized every growing aspect of his tiny body. It was the first time she truly appreciated her blindness. Every knobby feature yet to grow in from the curl of his soft newborn wings to the sharp curve of the fangs that stuck out on either side of his jaws. He was a wonder, and she could appreciate it all the better for her lack of sight. Even if there were some things that would be more difficult. I...I don't know what colour you are, Osk she had admitted shyly at some point during that long day.

His pride had washed over her before his words, a growing self-assurance that inspired confidence she wasn't aware was even required. Oreanda, they will call me king. Bronze. That not important or I would have said. We will do many things together. Serve. Be loyal. None of that because of my colour. Same as not matter your eyes do not see. You know, but it was not important to know. She couldn't help but laugh. It was obvious he had the pride of a Bronze, even if he insisted that colour didn't matter, and maybe it didn't. It didn't to her anyway, she couldn't see him unless he looked at himself. She was doing a whole lot of thinking about where she fit into the world, wasn't she?

Midday, or so she reasoned from her still not quite shifted schedule, he woke hungry. The sensation nagged at the both of them, nibbling at their mutual tummy until she crawled out of her hole with him on her heels and sought out food to feed him. It was expected, she supposed, for growing bodies to need nurturing, because she didn't have to go any further than the fat tunnel to find fresh buckets of meat. She stole one away back to their room and carefully cut the bits down to size with a knife, tapping him on his nose every time he tried to show her just how well he could see in the darkness. Remember, this way is better for me. The nagging feeling went away, and she returned the still mostly full bucket to the row and found someone had even left food for the human half of the partnership. She took just enough to feed herself--Ijo had warned them that sating the whers hunger might falsely sate their own--and then returned to find him curled up in her bed.

Human not whers, need comfort. Sleep here, all be fine then It wasn't untrue, but she wasn't sure they'd find a big enough bed in the future for the both of them. Still, they had almost two turns to figure all of that out, didn't they. To figure everything out. Where they both wanted to fit within the Weyr, the niche they would fill, the purpose they would have. They could do anything now, couldn't they, with each other. There would be nothing holding them back. Not even her eyes. Tonight would be their second night together, but their first set of lessons. Ijo had said they'd be easy at first, while everyone got used to one another. That was fine by her, but she could sense that Osk would start digging around for a challenge if he wasn't stimulated enough. She was sure she could come up with things for him to do in their free time.

By the time night fell they were both awake and itching for something new to do. Oreanda had always risen early to tend to Akke, but now she did so to take care of Osk. Another feeding, another oiling, an experience that went beyond the normal state of repetition. His skin was like her skin, his hunger was her hunger. She satisfied him to satisfy herself. With Akke, it was different. She scraped the bloodfish so he would be healthy, and he gave a report so they would be safe. It was a mutual need, an understanding. Osk relied on her entirely. He wouldn't admit it, at least not unless he was feeling very vulnerable, but he did. He couldn't yet hunt for himself, and they both knew that without her mental influence, he would be drawn to predation and the hunt.

This was the way.

By the time Isk paced past their doorway to alert them to the lesson, Osk was plump with meat and would shine in any light that touched his hide. For now, however, the only light emanating from their space came from the glow of his enormous eyes. Are you sure you don't mind the darkness, she asked him, laughing at herself when all she received from him was a wave of amusement. No, I suppose you don't. He probably preferred it. They never would have an issue at night, would they? Not unless big light come out for no reason he assured her. She gathered him up into her arms, nuzzling out his protests with her face. You won't be small enough to carry for long, possibly not even past the next two sevendays, so you're just going to let me enjoy it.

They were headed out to the lake, she realized. A good time to practice, don't you think? Osk did think, and agreed with her. She breathed in, a steadying breath, then situated him more square in her arms. He faced out with his head only just beneath her chin, it wouldn't be such a distorted view now. With his eyes so close to where hers were--rather than so far down near the ground. Alright, I'm going to go slow at first, but I'll get the hang of it. She went steady on, so slowly in fact that any of the Wherlings who had been roused by Isk were able to overtake her on their beeline for the lake. That didn't matter. She exited the Wherling tunnel into the Bowl and staggered slightly from the sight of it. It was enormous. I mean, I always knew it was, because I had to walk across it...but look at it!

He was looking at it, of course, but that wasn't what she meant. They'd said it needed to be large to hold all the Weyr's dragons...well...large it was. It seemed bigger than the whole ocean. She shook her head and closed her eyes, but her eyes were already closed and the image didn't fade. It did a second later, as Osk popped himself out of sync with her in that way, pressing his muzzle into her neck to help ground her. I'm alright, it was just a little overwhelming. Small steps, okay? He was okay with that, and he was proud of her, that was obvious in the overwhelming support he washed over her as she picked up her feet and continued on, clicking across her tongue. They made much better time this way, she was practically trotting as she reached the growing swell of Wherlings by the lake.

Ijo was waiting for them, with meat and oil. Osk would be hungry again shortly she was sure, but there was no harm in continuing their ritual of hand oiling. She hadn't quite gotten her fill of him. Before she dove into that, she did grab a few more meat rolls to gulp down; though she would have much preferred fresh fish which was her normal morning breakfast. Soon enough, she said conspiratorially to Osk. They would start every early morning with a work-out and fishing. There was nothing better than ocean-seasoned fish. She took her place with him, and their pot of oil, near the center of where the other Wherlings had fallen in. Osk gave her small visual ques as needed to orientate her, though he didn't let his eyes wander across the vast expanse of the Bowl again.

She had arrived just in time to hear the other Wherlings begin to tell about themselves, and while she was very polite, and didn't interrupt anyone, she did have to lean over to Riyd to whisper softly; "I'm a Dolphineer! Akke promises to come visit us in the lake during lessons, you'll probably have a chance to meet him when we aren't so busy." She was, actually, straining to hear if Akke was out there right now, but the noise of the gathered group was too much even for her. Pay attention, you must know I mean to be best in class, well of course I know that she replied back easily; though it took everything she had not to make a face at him. He'd only just been born, what was there to be best at?

Carrolly was speaking, Oreanda recognized her voice, but the girl didn't seem to invite conversation. She was probably busy, Anda reasoned, handling her own wher. Are you afraid of water too, Osk? The wher seemed appalled. Water is not danger, things in water maybe?. Oh, well yes. But it can be dangerous too, you must never turn your back on the ocean, Osk. I mean, I'm sure you'll be a great swimmer like fishface, but it can still suck you out in a current. It's mostly dangerous for people, less for whers. Still, having respect for the water is wise. Her wher seemed to consider this, mulling it over between their minds, picking through all of her memories and alighting on what was rooted in her past. Should tell, good lesson for little ones. Maybe it was.

Hefting him in her arms, fat and full of meat as he was, Oreanda went next, nodding her head in the direction of Carrosk and her Handler--thanks to Osk's help orienting. "Water can be dangerous, we're taught never to turn our back on it. Tides from the ocean can pull you out to sea and leave you stranded. My name is Oreanda. I was born blind in Cove Hold where they teach children to be Fishercrafters at a young age. I went overboard when I was five turns old, and would have died if it wasn't for the dolphin Akke. Emboldened by my brush with death, I was already sneaking out of the house to explore the ocean by the time I was seven."

"I can hear dragons, even when they don't want me to, and speak to them, even if they don't know I'm there. I heard them that morning when the ocean sucked me away from the beach. They were fighting First Fall. Akke was waiting for me. He saved me again, and he became my life. He trained me for six turns before introducing me to Dolphincrafthall. We have swam the subsidence, and his kind taught me how to echolocate on land with my tongue, giving me a better way to navigate around obstacles. Tanrider Valha brought me here, she and Akke wanted me to find a partner, and I wanted to serve a purpose. I heard the dragons dying during the great Fall and joined the Program immediately."

Oreanda turned her head slightly, pressing her cheek to Osk's neck. "This was my second hatching as a Candidate. I have learned a lot, about myself, and about Osk. The most important of which is..." she trailed off, thinking, then her mouth tugged in a smile. "Osk doesn't mind Akke. Akke doesn't mind Osk. Maybe they'll even like each other someday, but for now, that's enough for me." Good? Good. Oreanda thanked everyone for their attention, then sat back down to listen to the rest of them. She was always ready with a quick whisper when someone, or something, caught her interest. It wasn't that hard to do. She was slowly coming into herself again. Maybe she could be as confident here as she was in the ocean. Wasn't that what this had all been about?

The bathing was easy. She'd already been doing that over the past day they'd been together. It was just another opportunity to find uncharted parts of his body. He couldn't very well look at himself, so it was best that she learned to do it with only her hands. He was going to get so big, she realized while scrubbing circles around his bumps and knobs. Big enough to ride, bigger than Akke. She wasn't sure if he'd be a strong swimmer--not like Riysk would be--but that didn't really matter. Fishface did just fine out there, they could all work together in the sea and on land. Even if he didn't like to swim much, there would be gentle lagoons and shallows for them to play in. She felt something bump her soundly in the back, and turned with a smile as Akke slipped his snout under her arm. "Don't you get me into trouble," she chided him, but he was keeping clear of the other Wherlings.

"I would never--" he started squeaking, but she hushed him with her hands. "Dolphins do not whisper," she laughed. She finished with Osk, taking her time and checking every crevice; making sure he was honest if there was a missed spot. It took almost no time at all now, with how small he was. He paddled out into the gentle lake and then clambered into her lap so she could turn and allow Akke to swim sideways into her arms. What are we doing, Osk will be best at this too the wher announced, causing her to laugh. We are looking for bloodfish, they are like tubes that attach themselves to his skin and suck out his blood. They can get infected, and are annoying. This is less important for some of the larger Dolphins who stay out at sea, but it is very important for Akke. He is very small for a Dolphin, and stays in the shallows where these creatures are prone to live. They spawn in rivers, and he'll be visiting us daily as well, so we must be very thorough.

She felt Osk watching her, and the dolphin, and was somewhat awkward under his critical gaze, though she did manage to find one of the beasts low down on Akke's flanks. She slipped her thin knife between its mouth and his flesh and pried it loose with a gentle practiced hand. I will eat, his words surprised her. "What?" It was practically a squeak, but he was already reaching out and snapping at the bloodfish's snake-like body. It try to eat Akke well, I will eat it. Seem fair to Osk, is this fair to Akke? The dolphin bobbed his melon up and down energetically. This was a fine agreement. Oreanda wasn't taking any chances. Before Osk could slurp down the whole beast she neatly cut the razor-sharp sucker head off of the fish and tossed it out into the lake for some other creature to nibble on. "You can report after the lesson, go stay out of trouble for now, okay?"

As Akke swam off into the lake, probably to chase the sucker head all the way down, and she was pulling herself and Osk out of the water, she had only one thought: Her life was going to be very interesting indeed.


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N/A Posts

While the hatching had happened at night - the normal time for whers and their Handlers to be up - the newly-hatched whers and their Handlers had been given an early bedtime. Brandy certainly was game enough for falling asleep, but she'd woken up in the daylight hours, her normal amount of sleep over and done with. After that she'd simply lain there. Her mind had been filled with a lot of thoughts. Her new wher. The time she'd be away.

Her Craft and what she was leaving behind.

Shells, that was a hard blow to bear. It had brought around an actual, physical pain in her chest. It had disturbed her wheret's slumber, the blue whuffling in distress as his dreams went dark. Brandy had placed her hand on his hide to calm him. Brask calmed down well enough, but that still left her at a loss. She had gotten up and paced her room, exercised, used her newly-available hides to write to the Master Vintner and Raja about what to do about her ongoing projects and who was being left in care of them. Asked Raja to send along some of her things but, if he could be so kind, to please leave what she wouldn't need in her room and keep it for her. She was coming back, Between take it all.

Even then there was only so much that she could do. Brandy went back to her bed and stared up at the ceiling, counting off facts about her Craft and thinking about potential things she could try when she was freed to do so. It would have to wait for eighteen months, however, since that was how long she was 'stuck' here.

By the time Ijo came around Brandy was ready to fall asleep again. Her eyes had closed and she'd begun to doze. Brask, however, was hungry and no longer tired. The blue crawled atop her and stuck his snout in her face. Waking time. Brask know sleepy, thinking naps later? Brandy nap with Brask. But hungry now. Not that he was moving quickly. Brandy's eyes opened and she yawned deeply.

"Sure. Naps later." Or sooner, depending on how well she could keep her eyes open.

The wherling was sluggish getting herself together and down to where the others were meeting. Brask was scooped up in her arms and carried; she could feel his tail moving not unlike a pleased canine's. There were others there when they arrived, certainly, but they were pretty much the last to get there. Brandy beelined for the klah and snagged up a mug for herself. As the mug passed by his face Brask's blue tongue slipped out to catch a drop. The flavor didn't agree with him much. His snout crinkled and he practically hurtled out of her arms into the dispensed meat.

Brandy's spine stiffened. She was suddenly awake; the klah had begun drawing in an off flavor. It was thick and iron and... She spat the remaining klah into her mug and set it aside, feeling sick to her stomach. The meatrolls had looked appetizing just before but now Brandy was less than keen on having any of it. Instead her attention turned to the group of wherlings around them.

It wasn't surprising that the first thing they were doing was an introduction. As they went around the group, Brandy's eyes crept closed. She didn't mean to be rude, but she was tired. Brask was happy to get up close and personal with his siblings while the humans chatted. More-knee! Good for seeing. First times since hatching going well? Are look very good. Happy see looking good. The blue settled by the closest of his clutchsiblings. Brask tilted his head, content enough to make small talk.

As for the wherling, Brandy's attention faded until she slumped, breath starting to even out until her body's alert system made her jerk awake. It was just about her turn and it had been a good thing that the teacher hadn't caught her. Aware that eyes were on her, she sighed. "I'm Brandy, this is Brask. I'm a Journeyman Vintner, Impressed by accident since I happened to be in the Stands. Visiting from Western. Brask is very friendly, and he also likes to taste. He's been trying most everything that I grab or make for myself. Dunno if any of it's good for whers, but he slept well enough." A shrug of her shoulders. She'd find out as they went.

Then it was on to the next part of the lessons. Washing. Oiling. With a distinct lack of klah in her veins, Brandy almost slumped into sleep again. The wherling almost fell over. This was going to be a long night. At least she'd likely be able to sleep soundly the next day, Brandy figured.

Washing, then oiling. Brask took well to the washing. He stood there a bit like a lump while Brandy took to seeing that his hide was free from the dirt that had begun to accumulate. This part was a little tricky, she'd scrubbed a touch too hard on his front paw and the blue had shied away from it. The rest went far better; she judged her accuracy based on the way his tail seemed to indicate his pleasure. The oiling was easier. Brandy rubbed it on like she would a good lotion.

[b]Doing good-good first time. Brask think Brandy great 'ling, but no shut eyes? Isk's no liking, is be trouble.

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