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 A Storm of Four Colors, AU:14 {PLOT}{OPEN TO ALL}
 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 09:25 AM
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Word reached the pair as more information about the 'Storms' came to light. The one in the river had dissipated as soon as it had reached the water. So this thing was able to be destroyed... Maybe. It was hard to feel as though it was a good thing that they could no longer see it in the water. No, it was actually quite horrifying to think of the possibilities. What if, instead of dissipating entirely, it had instead only bonded with other things in the ocean.
Yes, have the Dolphins scout the area, let us know if they see anything further.

Then she heard from the Listener once again. A creature in the Wherling barracks. The gold turned, moving away from the Weyrling barracks. There was no danger there.
Mine, there is another in the barracks with the Wherlings.
However, Vresk was on the move, she ran towards the barracks, hastening towards the danger.

G'len approached then, asking whether they should try to keep the thing alive and study it. There were benefits and problems with either option. Should this thing be the last of its kind then surely it would be better to eliminate the threat now. However, Rayna was not so foolish as to assume that this was the last creature. They needed to plan, think ahead and adapt to the situation. That, unfortunately, required at least trying to keep it alive. How, though, were they to go about capturing it? Carefully, obviously. Perhaps with tongs from the smithy.
"Yes, I believe we should endeavour to study this thing. Whatever it is. We can try to collect it using tongs and a jar of some description. Considering what we think it has done to the Journeyman, we are better to be safe than sorry."

Couineth was of the opinion that anything that could cause Hers damage should be eliminated immediately but the dragon was also aware that without examining it further, there was a high possibility that they simply might find more of them and not know the first thing about really, truly stopping the things in their tracks.
Yes we believe we should gather it to study. she paused, But if it moves to harm anyone or anything in the barracks, move to flame it immediately. Mine suggests using tongs from the smiths and glass to gather it so no one has to touch it.

Endellisk, have the Dolphins search the area for any signs of the thing... Hopefully it is indeed gone for good.
@Tigersilk @Kestrel @Kiran

 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 10:06 AM
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Liamaedra had fidgeted through the whole confinement to the wherling barracks. There was stuff out there that needed to be done she could be helping but she had to stay in here. Two things stopped her. The first was Ijo and Isk’s orders to stay put. She understood how much trouble she’d be in to disobey. She couldn’t do that.

The second was Liask. Partly because she wanted to keep him safe, partly because he, too, wanted her to do the sensible thing. Most logical is to stay here. Many doing. Dragon, wher. We go, adds confusion. Wiser to stay.

Of course, that was up until the blob-thing showed up in the barracks.

The chatter seemed to be that these things ate people. Scooping up Liask in spite of his protests - soon she knew that she wouldn’t be able to do so, he was growing fast already - the petite woman lugged him back away so that Ijo and Isk had space to maneuver. Setting Liask down, she crouched a little to scratch his head, watching the blob warily. Be ready to run.

Am. Flamestone be better.

Someone will come soon and torch it. Her semi-confident hope was rewarded when a bluehandler arrived as backup for the wherlingmaster with firestone. Looked like they’d be okay.


Laanasuth’s long, lean mass shifted on her weyr ledge, multifaceted eyes whirling brilliant shades of yellow and orange as she peered down into the Bowl. With so many people and dragons active, Jali had wisely forbidden her from diving in herself. Rayna and G’len and Vrell had it well in hand, and adding any more directions or input would only muddy the waters. The weyrlingmasters and wherlingmasters had handled their charges smoothly. In short, it seemed like every part of their leadership had done exactly what they needed to do.

Jali laid her hand on her copper’s foreleg. Thank Vespasiath, she prompted silently. She was of the thought that now was not the time to be trying to scoop up a blob to study it, but it was Rayna’s decision, not hers. And suggest maybe not tongs, since it seemed to ooze around the fencing?

Vespasiath, thank you. It is good to know that more than fire works on these… things. She paused. My Jali suggests perhaps not tongs, Couineth. Perhaps a shovel? Sounding slightly bemused - it was a rather odd subject to be discussing - Laanasuth shook herself out, her wings splaying slightly before resettling. Something to scoop it, anyway, since it doesn’t seem to be entirely solid.

 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 02:52 PM

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(Rein'l and Soroth) @Tigersilk, @Kestrel

Following the lead of the two ranking dragon, Soroth had done her best to supplement Vespasiath's flame, but to no avail. The strange beast didn't seem to care all that much about what they were doing to it. The cyan danced her way around the Viridian, keeping free of his flame and wingspace to try different angles, but still, no go. Slipping back into formation with the subking, her eyes yellowed briefly. Perhaps this thing would not do well in the ocean, but they wouldn't know until it was set loose into it. Thank Faranth that as it was flushed into the salt water the answer was in their favor.

Had it been day, she might have circled to help keep an eye out for any signs of continued danger, but what she was able to see best was the glow laden dragon she flew with. Circling back, her mind brushed against both Zeuth and Vespasiath's mind to politely take her leave, assuming they had no further need of her. Neither she, nor her Rein'l had any business among their leaders, and the discussions they would hold because of this encounter, best to simply get out of the way.

If no one else had anything they needed from them, the pair headed back to their Weyr, but they didn't simply go in to sleep. Instead, Soroth would curl up at the mouth of her Weyr, and Rein'l settled himself against her to watch what could be seen of the bowl below. Not to mention, it would give them a chance to calm down from the earlier excitement.


(W'o and Lemasyth) @+Kestrel, @Azhdarchid

Oh my! Lemasyth was surpised by the older dragon's response, so much so he nearly took off at those first words, but apparently he had been so surprised that reaction went all the way around to end up back to a point of inaction. Her second words confused poor Lemasyth. Her son had taken their Tanner? Whether W'o had been included in this conversation, or if he had had to press Lemasyth as the both reactions to the tan dragon were sufficient enough for him to want to know what was going on, the reaction would be the same.

W'o had heard plenty about the Weyr, he was usually listening, filing things away, being a Harper as it were. The confusion didn't strike him for long, this tan must be the dragon belonging to the man... what the shards was his name? Q'sis. He knew little of the man that he would give full credit to, rumors tended to be slanted, other than that he was a trader, and quite wealthy. This, and he had a tan, which he spoke through (though until this moment, he had wondered how much of that was a rumor that had run amok).

W'o firmly assured his blue, eyes hard on that black mass of man that he couldn't make out with the light pouring behind him. They were not budging. Lemasyth's eyes remained yellow, and his wings twitched anxiously, but he was also glad his W'o said they were staying. He did so want to see their Tanner. Was she hurt? Was this why he couldn't see? They had learned sometimes people got hurt and no one could see them because it would make them sick.

~It is more likely that this man is dimglowed.~ he assured his blue, but he didn't trust that guy, nope, not one bit. What reason did he have for so immediately dismissing someone coming to claim a child he had no reason to harbor in his Weyr? No, W'o didn't like it, and though he knew it was because it was Tanner, and not necessarily because of the man himself, he didn't, in this moment care.

"We mean no disrespect Tanrider", he began flattly, these words offered only by virtue that this man was, in fact, a dragonrider, and he only a weyrling. W'o, after all, usually had the utmost respect for authority, but authority was to be earned, and this matter was beyond the scope of some Tan riding roufian. It also occurred to him, somewhere in the recesses of his mind, that maybe channeling a little more harper, and a little less, straight up W'o might help. However, he wasn't here as a Harper was he? No, he was here as a brother, and having a fidgety upset dragon wasn't helping the matter either.

"However, we will not be leaving, until we are satisfied my sister's safety is assured." W'o dismounted, facing the inky blot of man, clearly sizable, likely dangerous. W'o was no fighter, aside from his training as a dragonman.

Before anything more could be said, the very reason for their presence came darting out onto the ledge. Lemayth immediately gurgled a coo as Tanner announced her presence, blue snout lowering to snuffle all around her, while he offered careful nose bops. Their Tanner was here! She was well, and whole, and here!

W'o slipped down, feeling an irrational rise of anger, one he quickly shoved down as Tanner addressed him. Her words brought to the surface his real reasons for such an inappropriate emotional response. He had been worried, letting out a long breath, he reached over pull the girl closer, so he could try to get a good look at her, and further assure his less reasonable, but human instincts.

"I am not yet certain, but the situation in the bowl seems to be under control. I am certain we will find our family is intact... No, this is not like Western." The last part he added more softly, pulling the girl in closer for a hug, willing to hold her there as long as she needed to be there. Lemasyth, meanwhile, had better noticed the big shadow man.

~That... is not your friend is it?~, squeaked up a Lemmy, as he eyed the dark shadow. ~Please Miss Lady Unath, don't be upset... we didn't mean to upset you and... your big man. We just... we just wanted to be sure that Tanner did not get eaten like poor Journeyman Aikila. ~ Maybe he should have asked Glimmer but, he hadn't been thinking, things were so scary in the bowl and... he had rushed his W'o out of the bed and got him all worried before his bonded had had a chance to realize what a silly Lemasyth he was being.
 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 03:45 PM

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@Azhdarchid @Kestrel @Sari

Qaelis' dad was certainly... a little scary. But she liked how big he was, or maybe that was the scary part. The weyrbrat had smiled up in thanks to both though, but didn't mind at all that Unath hadn't looked at her. The child has been around dragons enough to know that not all of them talked to her. She had Eldath and Eldy... even though Serlie has been spending a lot of time in the creche as of late so she hasn't seen her dragon brother, in a while. But Eldy was here, she was always her constant companion.

For the most part Serlie stayed out of the way and lingered around Qaelis and Tanner. Perhaps to her two friends she was being unnaturally quiet. Unless they've figured out her shy streak, by now. The pink on her shoulder chittered quietly at her and Serlie patted the pink's head.

When the blue landed on the ledge Serlie peeked around but she didn't recognize him. She felt she should have because he was a very handsome shade of blue. When Qaelis spoke up, Serlie shook her head and opened her mouth to reply when Tanner spoke up, and mentioned it was her family. Serlie as small as she was, ducked around Q'sis' leg, maybe pulling Qaelis with her as she went to greet the bluerider.

She took a brave breath, "I am protecting her," she exclaimed with a wary firmness as she looked up at W'o. "With their help, but she's safe with us, Mr. Bluerider," she added before peeking up at Lemmy and wiggling her fingers. She wasn't shy around dragons, oddly enough so she felt well enough to wiggle her fingers up at him with a smile. Even with all that said, it was good to hear that Tanner's family was safe. Her smile fell a bit, she wondered about Eldath and her da- mum. Serlie looked back to Q'sis. "If people were hurt... we'd know... right?" she asked the adult who gave them refuge.

 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 09:15 PM

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Of course be capture. No complain to VRESK when cold klahdrink eat all weyrwoman toes, the orange grumbled to the handler on her back.

Charging through the entrance tunnels that led toward the wherling barracks, Vresk and Vrell noticed something odd. A shaggy-haired man in a shabby longcoat was sitting atop a large, overturned metal bucket in the hallway, holding its lid in one hand while a burgundy firelizard bounced vigilantly from shoulder to shoulder. He squinted through the glow-lit dark at the rapidly approaching figure, then smiled, waving to the two. Vresk skidded to a stop in front of him, though Vrell’s eyes were not on him, but the object below him.

“Alphahandler! It seems I made a few wrong turns, and got very lost on the way to the bathroom. Brio tells me there’s some manner of murder and mayhem afoot in the guest quarters, so I rather thought it best that I remain here. I did find this bucket—a lucky thing—and thought perhaps I might use the lid as a shield should the assailants turn up, but I would love to know if it would now be safe to—”

“I’m appropriating your bucket. Lid as well. Give them here.”

Ishmael’s brow furrowed in surprise, then rose again, and he graciously passed both bucket and lid to the handler, sweeping into a bow as the orange reared into a fresh lunge, and thundered off down the hall once more.

“Though her home be dark, her orange steed, she rides the sun,” Ishmael mused. He looked questioningly toward Brio, who piped back at him, raising and lowering his wings. “Should it be ‘night’, instead of dark?”


The river creeper had met its salty demise. Ori had been hoping for an announcement of the end to this debacle, and permission to return to the wherhandler quarters. They were ordered back to the quarters, but not quite in the circumstances the blackhandler had hoped for.

Black-storm, last-storm, sneak, drip, crawl. No know what follow you up the wall. Orisk’s eyes glowed maliciously green as he sunk his claws and winghooks into the tunnel surface, oozing up toward the ceiling as he sung. Did it think it was clever, rolling along upside down? Well, two could play at that game.

“If Orisk can get it to fall, we can try to catch it in this bucket, and get the lid on before it goes anywhere else. A jar would be better, but for now, a closed bucket is better than having it wandering the halls,” Vrell said to Ori. “We may be able to transfer it later, in a room it cannot escape from.”

Vrell had offered to hold the bucket below the thing herself, but much as it went against her general principles, Ori had insisted that she, as the only two-eyed person present, be the one to try. She followed along under her wher, bucket stretched out as far in front of her as her wherhide-covered arms would allow, head craning up toward the ceiling. When Orisk drew near, he pounded the ceiling behind the creature with a forepaw, trying to jar it loose with the vibration. Vresk looked on, her belly still full with phosphine potential. Should the storm prove too strong a threat to anyone, she wouldn’t hesitate to reduce it to the same black char as its two cousins.
 Posted: Jul 7 2016, 10:32 PM


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Yorisk was, to put it most gently, put out. This entire escapade had done nothing for her opinion of the Weyr’s defenders, and were it not for the literal wall of adult wher-bodies between herself and the rest of Pern, she would have taken matters into her own claws. It did not help in the slightest that at least one of her siblings had been close enough to the danger to make some use of himself. The Red glared balefully at Osk while hissing continuously, so that she sounded very much like a tiny, furious tea kettle. How dare his fancy Handler style herself so! Yoris, meanwhile, had done nothing but sheepishly follow orders, trying his best to look small and unappetizing. He did not seem at all inclined to go haring off into the wild unknown to hunt down the threats. This was untenable to his wher.

STUPID Isk, USELESS dragon, Yoris WORRY and not let Yorisk FIX! she raged into his mind, and most likely those of the nearest wherlings. She was pacing like an enraged feline, her tail lashing side to side so quickly that it occasionally gave an offending slap to those who stood too near. Yorisk know how fix blob good, make Weyr safe, all whers say, ‘Good job Yorisk, good wher, best wher, make Yorisk Queen of whole Weyr…’ This was not all she said, for the litany was nearly constant; every fault that she could think to find was pointed out, others blamed, from the incompetent Journeyman who had brought gooey death from the West to the dragons who wouldn’t leave her something to flame. Yoris tried to point out that she had not even learned how to chew firestone yet but this was clearly beside the point. If the dragons had simply waited for her to learn how to chew firestone she could clearly have come to their aid. And now they were trying to catch the sharding thing! In a bucket! Why want for CATCH, make PET of stupid blob?! Yorisk show what blob good for!

Finding herself too furious even for words, Yorisk simply projected her own images of how she thought the night should end, her telepathic images borrowing heavily from what Hers knew of drawing. Everyone nearby was treated to a mental image of Yorisk—cartoonishly large, with tiny stick figures to represent the useless humans and their equally puny whers—grabbing the blob right out of its stupid bucket, slapping it against the floor a few times for good measure, then swallowing it whole. The real-life, much smaller Yorisk made a few jumps for the ceiling, as if she meant to enact her plan right then and there, but of course she was nowhere close to reaching it and—more or less—being held in check by Yoris. He would not actually let her try to eat the creeping storm… would he?

W’ryn allowed herself a moment to fold into a weary ball on the edge of the Sands, now that she and the other weyrlings were safely accounted for. She hadn’t been scared, exactly, to sneak out from right under the monster’s nose—did it have a nose? she was still not certain what it had been, given the dark and the darting flames of older dragons—but the mental exhaustion, combined with her well-earned tiredness from the day’s training, was beginning to show signs. With the heat of the Sands it was difficult to not let weariness take over.

Earth flopped down beside her, stretching into a half-crescent of blue around his rider. She leaned back against his flank and took quick count of the others. She recognized some—her own class—although not so well the older pairs, those that had flown while below she crawled. She looked longest at Glyss and Zheggatineth, her bond with them the strongest, and guessing that Zhegga’s heart might be in danger of bursting from his chest with all the excitement. A familiar nee at her chest distracted her long enough to remember that she had made it out with her little rosey friend. She had nearly forgotten, in her desire to see all the weyrlings moved to safety, but their telepathic link had strengthened considerably over the seasons. The sticky-toed friend scrambled out from the collar of her shirt, tucked itself behind her ear—gumming it a little, it was beginning to be hungry, and sent her several loud images of fat beetles—and neeed into the glow-lit cavern. W’ryn didn’t know enough of the creeping storm to have guessed that it shared an ancestral home with her Mushroom, and so did not think to probe her pet for further information, if it had any to give. Roseys were not especially renowned for their intelligence it seemed.

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 Posted: Jul 8 2016, 12:00 PM

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@RhiaBlack @Tobes @Rii @Kestrel @capturecrew @wherlings

The klah storm swooped in a circle above the heads of the many handlers, as though deciding who to drop on. It began a charge for the wherlings, only to stop with a gelationous jiggle when Yorisk's flash of red tail slapped the nearest wall. Then Orisk's talon ascended from below, cracking into the ceiling next to the storm. It began to chug over backwards toward the offending paw, but mismanaged its meager weight and plopped off the ceiling instead.

Into a waiting bucket. Ori would need to slap the lid on quick or the storm's whizzing around the bottom would cycle it up to the top and out. But they had done it: Dalibor Weyr had captured its very own pet storm.


@Sari @Raining @Rowana @Lee @+Kestrel @qaeliscrew

Unath's paws wrapped over the hunky blue walls of Lemasyth's shoulders, talons tensing to get a good grip for the shove.

Tanner ran over and clung to Lemasyth's claws. The tan queen's head lowered over her foreleg, all tooth as she sniffed the interfering child, then dropped her paws back to the ground.

Weyrlingmasters, you have a stray. It is attacking my weyr, Unath reported to Pipperith, Ziprith, and Mifth. Remove it.

"Be quiet," Q'sis answered Serlie, still watching the offending blue on his weyr ledge. Qaelis rubbed his forehead, glancing between the dragons, and hanging his head, but staying within grab-reach of Serlie.


In the days that followed, Journeyman Aikila- now a long-term patient of Dalibor's infirmary -was joined by two Master Beastcrafters, though not a single new Apprentice. The Masters offered their services for further investigation of the storm. Its container was updated to a jar and later a large glass aquarium, with a double-layered top that permitted airflow, but not escape. The aquarium was set in the center of a storage cavern with its own spring, gallons of salt manually added to the surrounding waters. An effective temporary quarters, till the Beastcrafters could remove the organism to their own laboratories.

Keeping the storm alive was simple: a handful of fingerfish and a gallon of water every sevenday allowed it to maintain its tiny mass, while also ensuring it did not grow too big to crack the aquarium. It rolled around mindlessly, bonking into the walls, not harmed in the least by its imprisonment.

Stores of snakestones at Dalibor and the Beasthall were returned to the caves beneath Western, and access to said caverns became gated, permission-only. Aikila never did get to give his spyglass demonstration.

The Journeyman explained the events following the scope activity: he and the Apprentices were to nap after a full day of travel and education, but they had the idea to place the nascently fuzzy stones in bowls of water. If the entirety of each stone could stand up with snowy fungal vegetation, it would have made for a dramatic specimen to show that evening. Instead the full-bodied soaking gave rise to the mature creeping storms, which then preyed upon the Apprentices as they slept. Aikila woke to the cry of the last, and tried to pull her free, till the agony of his digested arm sent him into shock.

Ping, pling, plingk... rang out in that lonely cavern beneath the Weyr, the storm creeping nowhere.

The Beasthall swore to compensate Dalibor for its trouble.

[ You may continue replying to the night-of if you wish, I just thought an informative epilogue might be in order. :O ]
 Posted: Jul 8 2016, 12:30 PM
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Isk was trying to handle too much at the time; Ijo could feel the surge of anger rise in his Brown, and all at once - once the Creeping storm had been captured, at last - Isk circled back around and crimson eyes that matched Yorisk's hide found themselves narrowed inches from the Red wheret's face.

You too tiny, know much yet, he answered her insults and anger with an incredibly calm head and cool tone. Isk not stupid, not dimglow, not cracked, not nothing little Red think best lob at other people, not nice. Isk protect you, Yours, but you too angry see that. Creep look small now, was not small. Was big, bigger than Yorisk's. Bigger than Isk. Big like Czervosk's, and it EAT big like Czervosk's. Nothing left. All gone. Little Red Yorisk talk big, act big, not big. Touch Creep, get eaten by Creep. How that leave Yorisk's? Yorisk want talk big, be brash, be brave but not big enough be brave, and leave Yorisk's alone? Rest of days, no Yorisk, only dark? Only hole in brain, heart where Yorisk used live? No. Might be angry Isk, Isk's, but Yorisk not know better than. Spend more time outside shell, spend more time listen, watch, learn, then one day when big, know act big, know before act when be big, when be sit down and hush-hush. Now, time for sit down and shush, or Isk give more chores so too tired to yell. Get? He licked her nose with a large, wet blue-green tongue.

Is brave little Yorisk, but not need be brave yet. Need grow, need sleep, need learn. Then be brave.

He turned, herding all the wherlings to the Dining Hall for lunch, snacks, and games to keep them occupied with attempts to calm everyone down from the hubbub. There would be a walk later on, down to the harbor to practice fishing the salt water once everyone had settled down.

Isk have talk more, be Wherlingmaster. Not sure like much.
It's important, my dear. Besides, I think you're quite effective when you do.
We see.

@Tobes, @Wherlings

 Posted: Jul 9 2016, 02:26 PM

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The door had actually been of K'oa's own making, the materials taken from some scrap his parents had allowed him to use. It wasn't pretty, but it was the best he could do after the heavy Fall that had rained upon them in the past turn. He was also, sadly, out of practice in the craft he was once apprenticed to, which was probably why it was so stiff to open. Hopefully, with the change of seasons and some wear, it would become easier and easier to move.

Once Irohvyne had started opening the door, K'oa leaned on his lightly with one large, worn hand to assist her--careful, though, not to open it too quickly as to throw his Lady off balance. His own face skewed into confusion as she suddenly fled from him, but then reverted into a deep scowl as he realized what must be happening.


The brown dragon was already on it. He had retrieved his knobbly head from the swoop and was about to climb his way over to Valeath's ledge, when the yellow in question entered through the weyr mouth proper and all but crashed into him. Exhaling, he gave a draconic sigh of relief which devolved into a friendly grumbling as the yellow attempted to climb all over him, like she used to back when they were weyrlings. As she was not much smaller than him, he felt the full force of her weight and was very nicely pinned to the floor of his own weyr. I remember, he replied, although it was more K'oa's memory than his. I don't think they're friends, Valeath... But, I'm your friend. You should stay with me tonight, like we used to back at the Hold. He shared another memory with Valeath, pulled of K'oa's mind, of the times they had snuggled together on the rooftops.

"Didn't say anyone was trying to kill you," K'oa replied when the dragons had finally sorted things out. To anyone who was not familiar with the dealings of dragons, it would have appeared to be a strange gap in conversation between when Iroh had addressed him and when he had replied. In his mind, though, it was the same as if the world had taken a break for a second, and then started up once more. "Just that it isn't safe." He frowned stubbornly, sitting himself down in a chair where he could watch all entrances. "Geth got some image of a badly wounded man from a flit somewhere, and the chaos going on down there says something's not right."

There was another pause as he checked in with Geth. "Seems to be resolving itself, though..." He lingered, unsure of what to do with himself. It didn't feel right leaving Iroh, especially with the nature of the threat so unknown to him. Something about living water? Didn't seem right. Glancing at Iroh, he wondered if it would be rude to ask her to send her flit down to investigate. Or, perhaps he should invest in getting a flit of his own... They seemed useful enough, and Geth liked them okay.

 Posted: Jul 11 2016, 12:43 AM

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(W'o and Lemmy) @Azhdarchid, @Kestrel, @Raining, @qaeliscrew?

Lemasyth started at the realization that the other dragon was going to... do something to him. He hunkered down not sure what else to do, trying to make himself a smaller Lemmy, and maybe, maybe the other dragon wouldn't think him significant enough to bother with. W'o was considering, with great regret that dragons required stone to flame. Unfortunately he was the human in this equation, he couldn't very well take on a dragon for Lemasyth's sake. Fortunately Tanner's arrival seemed to, partly diffuse the situation. Partly, Lemasyth's eyes had shifted suddenly to red, as his maw parted in a warning hiss. He and his W'o did not care for those teeth by their Tanner. That was his friend, his Tanner, the mean tan could hurt him, but she was not allowed to hurt her.

With hugs given, Lemasyth wanted very much to go, and get their Tanner where it was truely safe. This was a bad, bad place to be, and the blue wanted to never be here again. He knew better than to get pushy though, it was rude, and their Tanner was so very small compared to him now. He might knock her over.

W'o, meanwhile, had kept his cool, well somewhat. While checking over his sister to be sure of her condition, he hadn't yet reacted to the man nor his dragon, but the time of his concern was waning. From within his jacket, Tanner probably heard the dooking noise of Noodle, still tucked away in a pocket, and having no doubt who that little bit of pressure was on the other side. His boy was quite adept at not squishing him from Tanner hugs, but the sounds stopped, trapped though he was, unable to see, he could feel his boy getting riled. up.

His jaw tightened as the shadow grew sharp with some unknown girl. Was she his kin? Still inappropriate, she'd done no wrong beyond deserving a reminder, 'shut up' was harsh. If not, well, he imagined whoever this unknown girl was, her parents would hardly approve his presence in her young life. Calmly, he turned his gaze to the girl.

"Your efforts are appreciated, but I prefer to see to her protection myself." He offered seriously, but without any pointed harshness. No, that harshness had a different target, as his gaze slipped up towards the Tan rider. His hand slipped to his sister's back, up at the shoulder, to gently steer her towards Lemasyth, where he could help her mount up. He had no intention of leaving her in the company of this beast, however well intentions his progeny might have been.

"It would behoove you to behave like an adult, and cease throwing your tantrum. We intend to leave, now that I am confident that my kin is safe. " His disapproval of the other man, and his ways were likely quite clear, and W'o suspected it would be. The man, after all, was rumored to be a trader, one did not manage that trade without a certain amount of perception. "My gratitude to your offspring." Insult was poised on the tip of his tongue, and W'o had little qualms against using it against such a man. He didn't take lightly to the bullying of his blue, and he suspected the purity of any man's intentions that he should respond so aggressively to the potential kin of a child he had no business keeping in his Weyr once said kin had arrived. However, W'o wasn't dimglow, and he was rarely rash. The boy had seen to his sister's well being, and insults to his father, however deserving, would only cause him further distress.

"Tanner, I'll return you to Harper's Weyr, or you may stay with me. " Well that or any one of their many other siblings, but going through the list seemed far too monotonous. Either way, his tone was firm, and unyielding, he had no intention of leaving her with this brute, and he might just have a mind of discussing with her about this whole situation.


(C'sen and Kozameth ) @+Kestrel, @+Raining

The half day vacation had been precisely what they had needed. After a day spent in the warm afternoon of a beach, coupled with some rather... enjoyable evening pastimes, the quartet had, no doubt, decided it was time to head home with their assorted pets, and gear. Erupting from between, Kozameth's eyes were calm and blue reflective of the general mood they'd all been in mere moments before.

If there was a delay in the arrival of Laeth and E'ra, it was likely so that the Iron could give the smaller grey the 'okay' to return. At least, at the moment, no harsh autumn gusts would try to blow his smaller friend away, or smash him into the rocks. Delay or not, it wouldn't take Kozameth long at all to realize something was wrong. There had been no bugle from the watchdragon. Eyes focusing down, he shared his vision with C'sen. There was activity, far too much activity for the time of night.

Even if he couldn't make everything out, movement was plain, as were the glowing eyes of dragons, as well as whers. What stood out most to the Iron though, was Vespasiath, the glows on his harness making him easily distinguishable from all the others tending too... whatever had occurred.

~Vespasiath, Roiath... what has happened? ~ Indeed, what did happen? More importantly, if it was dangerous, why hadn't they called for them. It didn't due for a wingsecond to leave his fellow wingsecond, and wingleader to contend with matters on their own!

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