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 Hearts and Handstands, WI:14 {TreasureTrackers Lesson 0-3M}
 Posted: Jul 27 2016, 11:20 AM

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Wake up, wake up little babies, Pipperith cooed, waddling around the boys' hallway and sticking her head into various cavern mouths. Her tail wound out of the corridor, towards the commons, where her twin tail-ends pointed at the girls' hall like a periscope. The pink was not actually big enough to see into the other passageway, should she have eyes on her tail (she did not). But no fear: Dan'lusian stood in that second great hallway, eyes on the decline of the metal ceiling a dragonlength beyond his head. A few glows covered with orange filter cloth for winter stood up in the mineral rafters, exchanged deftly from the outside of the Barracks by Weyrfolk in the mornings.

It was not morning now, but nearly lunch. Pipperith was stirring the hatchlings from the morning's second nap. Their nascent riders had to be with them throughout the activity, though what they did with their time was up to them. Dan had previously provided a few heavy binders full of hides ballads about dragons and dragonriders to read. Many of them doubled as hangings, with inked full-color images of dragons testing their flame on the deadly Thread. Most of the dragons featured were blue or green, with the occasional panel of a snarling gold wound around her clutch.

Such delightful reading, and the empathic strain of having a fat little dragon going to sleep at your side, often prompted the response of napping as well.

Pipperith examined the frontmost rooms, then crawled to the back where both viridian and cyan were housed. Time for today's learning, she said, and after determining the hatchlings were in good care oozed around on her belly to turn back to the entry hall. She pranced out into the commons, joined shortly by her rider.

"We are now one month out from your Hatching," Dan'lusian announced once all his more dragonish students were in place. "A 'month' is part of a human system of partitioning time, so the concept does not overwhelm us. My first question for you dragonets is: do you know what time it is right now?" The Barracks' front gates had been shut for the nap hour, though all the rooms were bright with ample glows.

Pipperith reached out and nuzzled one of the dragonets' heads with the blunt of her talon.

I am polishing your noggin, so that you have a better chance of understanding the question! she cheeped, to all of them. Though I feel compelled to indicate that this is only a rhetorical technique. Rubbing your head on things does not actually manifest any physiological differences in your thinking quality. Please keep that in mind going forward.

"My firelizard's image tells me that it is currently a half-hour to noon, per our dial on the Rim," Dan answered long after the dragonets' responses had been collected. "Now. Today we are playing Wherry or Wher. If you say Wherry, you must answer truthfully any question asked of you. If you say Wher, you must do one thing someone else tells you. Humans may only say Wher, dragons may only say Wherry. Example! 'Wher.'"

Please do a handstand with only one hand! Pipperith squealed. Dan'lusian rose from his chair, flipped his forebody down- his leather riding gear wrinkled and rustled, but seemed to match his flexibility -and put two hands to the ground, then lifted his long legs well over his head. With barely a second's pause, he picked up his right hand from the floor and folded that arm behind his back. His hair hung in a mussed brown curtain around his face as he smiled at the TreasureTrackers, upside-down.

"Quite simple!" He continued speaking while so suspended. "Pip?"

W-Wherry, she offered shyly.

"What do you think of the glowbaskets all wrapped up to better resemble firelight?"

Ooh. Ohh. Uhmm. I...I do not like them! I think the green color is nicer, but you told me humans new to the Weyr, including Weyrlings, often feel more comfortable when they are fire-colored. Not because they see a lot of fire in their Holds or Halls, but because fires are used outdoors, so it is not so cramped in here if we use an outdoor color. Ohh! But the reason I do not like them is because they look like something dangerous! I know there is no logical reason to think this, it is my impression, much like a human's impression of fire as good. Neither viewpoint is more valid! I love you!

"Thank you Pip. So! I would like us to go around the circle and the riders ask wherry of their dragons, and the dragons ask wher of their riders." The lone pillar of Dan'lusian's arm had not so much as quivered, but he flexed his toes down and rotated back upright, resting his hands on his hipbones. "Alternately, you may ask me wher and Pip wherry, but you must go all in- no asking each other one thing then asking Pip or I the other. I must also insist that you announce your wherries and whers publicly so that I can explain why you cannot do any of the horrendously dangerous whers or overtly personal wherries. There are some mats in the corner if a dragonet asks you to backflip or anything like that."


[ So! The objective here is to have your dragonet ask their rider a "wher" (a dare), and the rider in turn asks the dragonet a "wherry" (a truth). Alternately, your rider and dragon can come up with a wher and wherry to ask Dan and Pipperith respectively. All questions and responses must be shared to the group, so riders must speak out loud and dragonets must include other dragonets in their conversation. We will take turns, you do not have to wait for Dan to respond to another pair to post yours, and there is no post order. Once you have completed the wher or wherry exercise, you are free to react to other pairs' responses.

Use common sense to determine if Dan might tell you your wherry or wher is unacceptable, and if so simply propose it and wait. If neither character in your pair is asking anything crazy, you may post the responses as well without waiting for Dan to okay it.

You can also have your dragonet answer Dan's time question and/or react to the fact of the matter. xD ]

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 Posted: Jul 27 2016, 08:23 PM

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Ly'on found it hard to believe they actually had to have naps as weyrlings. Like they were little kids! Well, technically he was a little kid, but that was beside the point. It seemed a weird thing for people learning to be riders to have. He would never admit he was grateful for it though and was out like a light almost everytime. The riders didn't have to sleep, of course, but being a rider was exhausting! Gruyeth was only a month old and he was already getting so much bigger. It felt like it took more work to care for him everyday. Not that his dragon complained beyond snide comments about the quality of his work. Ly'on didn't really mind that. He knew Gruyeth didn't mean it, no matter how gruff he seemed.

Ly'on rolled out of bed when Pippereth called. Gruyeth grumbled and rolled back over. Tell the fairy dragon to buzz off, he complained with a lazy yawn. Today can learn itself. Ly'on giggled at his dragon's name for their teacher, though he hoped Pippereth hadn't heard. 'You know we gotta,' he coaxed, giving the viridian lump a gentle shove. 'Besides, you don't want the others to think your lazy, do you?' Gruyeth grouched some more, but followed his little rider down the hall to their lesson.

Lyo watched him with a little frown of concern. Gruyeth was still favoring the leg he'd injured at the Hatching. They'd been to see the Healers almost every day since then and his dragon swore the 'little scratch' didn't bother him one bit. It bothered Ly'on just the same. What if it never healed and he always limped? Dragons spent most of their time in the air, but they still needed their legs. Well, some dragons did alright without legs, so he supposed he shouldn't worry too much. Gruyeth certainly ate enough to be perfectly healthy.

They settled into their lesson. The first question seemed a bit odd to Ly'on and he glanced at Gruyeth. The dragon seemed bored. Sometime between dawn and dusk, he answered with a wicked smirk. Ly'on shrugged, looking at Dan'lusian apoletically. The answer was probably true, but not very helpful.

Ly'on perked up a little as the lesson continued. They were playing a game? He liked games! That was alright, he hoped, glancing at his classmates. Maybe they thought games were just for kids. But their teacher liked games, so it had to be alright.

He clapped when Dan'lusian did his hand stand. Would be funnier if he fell on his head, Gruyeth confided with a wicked gleam. 'No it wouldn't,' Ly'on retorted. 'It would hurt!' Gruyeth seemed unconcerned by that idea. Man like him probably has a thick skull.

When their turn came, Ly'on glanced at Gruyeth apprehensively. He honestly had no idea what his dragon might ask. The viridian had proved to have a dark sense of humor and could be pretty unpredictable at times. Not that Ly'on would change that, but it certainly made life interesting. He considered if they should just ask their teachers a Wher and a Wherry, but that seemed like the easy way out.

Ly'on stood up, looking determined. "Wher?' he asked. Gruyeth regarded him with a wicked grin. Oh no, Ly'on thought. Now I've done it. Any number of terrible things his dragon might ask of him came to mind, none of them pleasant.

Take off your shirt, Gruyeth demanded.

"What?" Ly'on stammered, mouth opened. That was just, so simple.

Off with the shirt! Gruyeth repeated with an evil cackle. You're a man now, Ly'on-boy. Real men don't need shirts!

Ly'on didn't think that was necessarily true. Last he checked, flying was cold and between was even colder. But he was inwardly grateful for such an easy request. He wasn't that modest. Mostly. He took off the shirt and tossed playfull at Gruyeth's head. "You're turn!

Wherry, Gruyeth answered in a bored tone while he shook off the shirt.

Ly'on took a moment to think about it. Then he got his own devious smile. "Does your leg still hurt?"

Gruyeth blinked at him.

"You have to tell the truth!" Ly'on reminded him, face victorious. His dragon had been brushing off this question for days.

Gruyeth scowled. Yes, he answered shortly. But not that much, so don't go all nanny on me. I don't need coddling. Besides, now I'll have early warning if a storm comes!

Ly'on nodded and sat back down to give his dragon a one armed hug. 'Was that so hard?' Gruyeth sulked, but didn't push the boy away. You worry too much, he accused, but there was a fondness in his voice he saved just for his boy.
 Posted: Aug 1 2016, 09:21 PM
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Ovoloth was a miracle.

He wasn't sure he'd ever get over it; that somehow, he'd been granted his own personal miracle, when he never thought to go looking for one. Yes, there had been other dragonless riders that had been chosen a second time, in the histories of Pern's other Weyrs - but V'di was not yet over hating himself for his past actions. It was possible that he always would, just a little bit.

Ovoloth thought differently.

It wasn't perfect. It was a bit of a struggle on both sides, but one both were bound and determined to make work somehow, because Ovoloth loved V'di, and V'di loved Ovoloth so much that it hurt. To be told that they needed to stay near their month-old dragonets was almost unnecessary; he wanted to stay near his blue every second of the day.

Consequently, when they assembled for that day's lesson, V'di's fingers and Ovoloth's tail were wound loosely around each other, maintaining the comforting contact they so often did. The young man's shoulders were hunched and he kept his head down, feigning fascination with the floor so he could avoid meeting the eyes of his classmates. Yet another common thread over the past month, something Ovoloth was still slowly coaxing him out of.

It is midday, or almost, Ovoloth answered the Weyrlingmaster. We have slept twice already, as we do every morning, and I would not hesitate to guess that more human stomachs than the one I can sense are starting to feel empty.

V'di blinked, looking at Ovoloth. You noticed all of that?

Naturally. It's merely a matter of recognizing a pattern.

There wasn't anything he could say to that, so he didn't, instead listening to the day's lesson. It was one he felt some trepidation on, since one meant eyes on him and the other meant potentially sensitive information being shared in public, which still meant eyes on him. What should we do?

They shared a look, Ovoloth's eyes whirling a calm, thoughtful green. He sent an image to V'di. The young man paled slightly and gave his head a tiny shake. The blue didn't seem disturbed. Then we'll ask them. He turned his head to look up at Dan'lusian. Hop across the room and back without putting your foot down.

V'di cleared his throat, lifting his head to look up at Pipperith. "Do you prefer herdbeast, wherry, or fish to eat?" There. Lesson accomplished, right?

 Posted: Aug 1 2016, 10:31 PM
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It just...amazed him. How off-the-wall that Iricheth seemed. The fact she was essentially two voices in his head; the unchained monstrosity strung with profanity, and the sweet, child-like innocence that she seemed only to have around him. It was confusing, it was concerning, and in every respect Vun'o felt himself both drawn and repulsed by what had bonded to him. Was he so...what...why had she chosen him? Of all the people on the Sands, he had been the only Candidate to Impress.

Even in a crowded room, it seemed he was an island. It turned him completely off of everything. He was apathetic to things that had once brought him joy, comfort, and otherwise. Nothing seemed to please him lately, and he blamed it in no small part to this...two-tone thing that had decided he was her anchor to this world. It had taken him almost all of the month they'd been bonded together, to make her stop using a swear every third word. She'd actually gotten a little bit better about it, but she was still an embarrassment.

Leave it to him to get the weird one. All her siblings seemed completely sane. No, he had to get the voice-with-a-voice that came across so cracked that he felt almost insulted by her choice. Why had he Stood at all? Why hadn't he just stepped out, when he felt he should have?

Because you knew I waited for you, hare-brain.

The snap accompanied a sharp, hard bite to his forearm, and Vune bared his teeth, which began a stomping and cussing fit between them that finally petered out on the way to the room they were supposed to meet in. He snatched the bandage Ako brought him with a blink between, wrapping it around the bleeding - substantial, at that, sharding, shelling little vicious, wherry-brained--

I can HEAR you, you know. Iricheth snapped irritably. I would have found you in the Stands anyway, but SOMEONE had to Impress on the Sands or you know all those irresponsible dingVTOLs would have complained about that, too, wouldn't they? I hear them all the time, you know. Talking about Ovoloth's, but dragons know. We know, he knew he belonged to V'di, I think it's shardin' dumb that they think--
Will you PLEASE shut up. For two minutes. My head is pounding and you're not helping. And I didn't know anything. As far as what I knew, I hadn't Impressed before then and I was two seasons away from being a Crafter and nothing else. Stop.

Vune hissed, yanking the bandage around his arm. She wasn't the only one irritated this morning. Nap time had gone poorly; she'd slept, he hadn't, and the restlessness in Vun'o's thoughts at this still frustrating period of being bonded to something he couldn't one-hundred-percent control and bring to heel, nor really grasp as far as why she did what she did, said what she said, and embarrassed the sharding shells out of him was driving him mad. His generally patient mannerisms had found the blade on the string, and she was twisting steadily. It was taking all his resolve to just force the ends together and knot it for another day.

Another day, and then another, every time until she found something else to irritate him with. Someone else to snark at, another perceived source of incompetence or laziness to push and snap and goad. If it would have saved him any grief, he'd have put her in a muzzle. Unfortunately for him, Iricheth didn't seem to have an off button, either in physical or mental reach.

He'd either survive Weyrlinghood, or he'd shove her between and end up dragonless. Unlike Vadi, however, he didn't suspect he'd be so lucky. The experience would probably kill him.

Unfortunately for him, he wasn't about to put his brother through the grief of loss of another close family member. So for now, he was stuck with this...thing...and her irrepressible urge to go, do, be, work, snark. There was no peace anymore. There probably never would be again, and the prospect of a life of torment at the hands of a dragon who was so seemingly fragmented - and yet not - made him groan.

The lesson details didn't salvage him any. Ako curled around His' neck, as Iricheth started trying to wander around to check things out. Vun'o grabbed her by the foreleg, yanked her over, and pulled her down beside him.

I don't want to--

The look she got both set her eyes to crimson, but also found her haunches on the floor beside him.

Try and go one lesson without embarrassing me, pissing someone off, or causing trouble. Please.

Vun'o continued to wrap the bandage around his arm, finally tying it off. When their turn came, he pointedly shook his head, putting it between his hands.

Our turn! Oh, uh, uh....uh....I pick wher, and I want Vun'oMine toooo--

He groaned, hands sliding up further into the unruly snarls of brown-rooted blonde curls.

---To show me your sea-wher bite scar!

Vune sighed, grabbing the hem of his sleeping pants and yanking it up to reveal the sizable-but-still-clearly-juvenile seawher bite scar that encompassed his lower left calf. It was dropped down without a second thought.

"Are you ever going to let me sleep?"
Never, my love! Iricheth grinned, throwing her upper body weight in against Vun'o's torso, the Fisher's eyes rolling before he grabbed her snout in one hand - the one without the bandaged arm - and shook it none-too-gently-but-still-playfully, before she pulled it out of his grip and bumped his shoulder.

"I suppose death by sleep deprivation or ill-aimed betweening, or walking some stupid plank, or quicksand while looking for some non-existent buried riches, all the same, right?"
Iricheth yawned.

 Posted: Aug 2 2016, 12:21 AM

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Even after a month, Calina was still amazed that Gouth was hers. Oh, he was a handful, all right, and certainly none too concerned with cleanliness in his surroundings; their quarters were always right on the verge of absolute chaos, since Callie was fairly scatterbrained about her own belongings. Oh, my love, who cares? There's so much to see and explore and learn, there's no point in worrying about inconsequential things!

A wave of mingled love and irritation swept over her. It's obviously important or the weyrlingmaster wouldn't insist on it, she replied. Besides, it's starting to smell bad in there. And what happens if we bring someone to our own weyr? They'll run as soon as possible once they see the mess! She sighed and shook her head. Time for lessons; she'd been getting a bit better about time-related things since she Impressed, and she suspected that at least part of that was Gouth himself. He hated to be late, as he saw it as embarrassing, which was, to him, equivalent to death. With a chuckle, she thought, Oh, we are a pair, aren't we? Such opposites.

Perfectly matched, he retorted with a snort. But we should get going. And then you can oil me and we can search for our adversity! He set off down the corridor, Callie running behind him to catch up.

Adversary, dear, and no, we can't, she answered with a snort of her own. That will have to wait for a turn or two; we have a lot to learn and you have a lot of growing to do.

She sensed his irritation at the wait, but he kept his grumbling to himself; her correction was ignored. Which was fortunate, as they had arrived and Callie was trying to pay attention to Dan'lusian's instructions. Oh dear, this was going to get... interesting. She thought for a while about her question, and felt Gouth's flare of steel-edged amusement. Oh, this Burgundy was going to be the death of her, she just knew it...

Wher. Gouth's tone of voice was firm. And loud. Callie eyed him suspiciously as she waited for her instructions. Calina-mine, stand on your head.

She choked a bit, glancing at the weyrlingmaster for approval... or disapproval, as she hoped. As she waited, she blurted out, "Wherry. Gouth, why are you so insistent that we find a nemesis?"

Ever dignified, the Burgundy folded his forelegs under him and raised his chin. Because, my dearest, without a foe-all, we will never know what we are truly capable of. Competition drives us to be our best and gives us a way to measure ourselves. Surely you apprehend that we cannot attain the highest heights and be known throughout Pern without one.

Calina stifled a giggle at his expense long enough to answer, "Of course, dear. But that's a very demanding role to fill. They'll have to be as amazing as you are."

[color-#b22222]Then we will have to search carefully and expensively.[/color] With this proclamation, Gouth lowered his head and closed his eyes, signalling that he was done with the conversation.

Callie could only shake her head and sigh.
 Posted: Aug 2 2016, 07:54 PM

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"Clever," Dan'lusian observed, bowing his head in praise of the new viridianrider. "Make sure to use this information on your next visit with the healers eh? I am sure Gruyeth can be convinced to elucidate more specific details now that a problem is known. A little more targeted use of herbs is certainly not 'going nanny'." He propped the tip of his finger against his lower lip, tapping a couple times. "In addition to your leg, Gruyeth, you appear to suffer from pride. Some people never lie, but they omit, for pride or other reasons. Ensure that your loved ones never suffer for your pride," the 'Master advised his class. He fanned out his arms to either side of his seat, stretching hard enough to pop his spine. "Pip and I have no pride at all, and as you can see we are regularly ecstatic!"


"Certainly," he continued to his next contender, the reImpressed V'di. Hauling to his feet, he kept his arms out to his sides like wings posed like a glider. "We shall perform both requests at the same time!" the prideless pinkrider declared, and after an agile bunching of his thighs and bend of his knees, he leapt skyward, arms fanning back.

Pipperith caught him mid-hop, between her delicate paws. With Dan'lusian still posed like a figurehead on a grand ark, she hunched up and spun him around the commons, floating just over the heads of his students.

I state with all honesty I have not considered this before! Sometimes I fly down and land on a herdbeast, sometimes on a wherry. Rarely on a fish, as the Weyr does not keep them at hand. Let us start by crossing out fish, there has not been enough sampling! Wherries are stringy and oily, they crunch wonderfully! Herdbeasts are full of deep red blood, so different from our own. They are good for if you want to play around with other dragons for longer in a Flight... Pipperith was giggling. But even so a small dragon like me has little to gain from sipping them. A flash is still a flash. I choose wherries!

She leaned towards the side of the room opposite where she had coiled up and Dan had taken a seat, then drew her arms back to her chest and squeezed her rider, who retracted his posed arms and endured a mussing of his hair but otherwise seemed alive. With great care Pip maneuvered him into just one paw, set the other on the floor, then planted his feet atop her spread of rosy knuckles.

"Across the room and back, without putting my foot down." Dan'lusian bowed.


"Iricheth." Dan had to say her name to have any hope of waking her out of her yawn. He strolled over to where she had tackled her bondmate into submission. Pipperith's head tipped after him, and her glassy blue eyes became larger, lids rising like veils. "Vun'o is correct. If you don't let him sleep, he will die. I can refer you to four historical cases from the Bay region, where I studied. If you bite Vun'o, and it becomes infected, he may die that way too- please," the last word was for Vun'o, as he framed his hands around the Weyrling's bandages.

"If you do not listen to him now, in these early stages, both of you may die. Do you grasp that you are a baby-" A pink-colored ripple of love passed through these words, though it was not from the Weyrlingmaster. "-and Vun'o a grown man? You must think it through, with that bright beacon of your brain, and consider that your rider is worth learning from as well as loving. Pipperith tells me one of her favorite activities is to fish through the matter of my mind for memories, even from times before she Hatched. She is a smarter dragon for it. You can be smart too. You can be wise. All of you can. The pull right now is to run rampant, to eat and sleep, but I assure you that your learning can begin right now and here." Big grin. "You just have to listen to me!" He flapped his hands out to either side of his smiling face, every inch of him sparkling below the ethereal fiery glowlight.

He patted Vun'o's shoulder gently. "As your Healer, I will return to look at that...in a moment!" The Weyrlingmaster floated off to attend the next crisis.

@Phryne @-RhiaBlack

"Pip!" he requested as he strutted Calina's way. His dragon, who had still been ogling Vun'o, hooted in surprise, then grabbed one of the mats at the back of the room and placed it in front of Calina. "Competition is fine," was the extent of his sage declaration for Gouth, probably because he was busy turning himself upside-down again. Facing Calina, he bent down at the waist, folded his right leg across the left, then dropped his hands down, torso following, before touching the top of his head to the mat. From there he lifted the straight leg, then the bent one, to a relaxed semi-bent structure in the air.

Next he repeated the pose, this time with his arms clasped hand-in-hand in front of him on the mat, and his legs walked up into a triangle before he lifted them. The upside-down man informed Calina, "The trick of it is to stand on your hands at the same time." His face now conveniently faced the rest of the Weyrlings. It was looking a little like his dragon's hide. "A dragonrider can suspend his or her entire weight on the forearms," he announced. "Once we are done with your lessons, you will all be able to do this!" He wiggled his toe tips in their riding boots, then dropped himself back upright.

"Gouth, once Calina has arms that can feed you firestone, she will be ready to undertake your wher. But doing so beforehand may break her neck, so I hope you are satisfied with me as a substitute. We will begin exercise routines in the coming sevenday, and we will do them every single day, so you shall all be standing on your head in no time!"

He pointed at the mat. "Pip!" His dragon whisked it away again. "Now if Vun'o and Iricheth will lend me a hand-" The 'Master appeared to vibrate with the effort of restricting his mirth to a dashing smile. "I am going to teach you all how to disinfect a wound!"
 Posted: Aug 4 2016, 09:41 PM
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Vune sighed, as Iricheth protested the sudden grab of her snout. She'd been prepared to lob a volley of profanity-laced complaint back at her Weyrlingmaster simply on the premise that how DARE he EVER assume she'd hurt Hers on purpose! Why...that was--

That's enough. Not a word.

Iricheth huffed, but as if she took Dan's words to heart, fell silent and observed. After all, if one hoped to be any pirate worth their salt someday, she'd have to know how to treat wounds, wouldn't she?

You must be horribly weak, MineOwn. It seems that EVERYTHING can shardin' kill you. Are all of your kind this way?

Vune gave her a look, and she chortled to herself. He reached up and tugged her nostril, and she snorted at him, keening a complaint before snapping her teeth at his hand. He flicked her nose.

"What did Dan just get finished telling you? No biting. Come on."

He didn't seem overly encouraged to stick his arms out; frankly, Dan'lusian sort of unnerved him. The man was entirely too happy, all the time. It was like he'd had concentrated Klah or something. Vun'o wasn't entirely sure what their Weyrlingmaster's deal was, but regardless, Iricheth shoved her head under his arm and - via leverage against Hers' elbow - shoved the arm outwards. An attempt to retract it saw the Cyan's neck reinforce the gesture.

I am not a BABY, I'm a Hatchling. Soon, I won't be a shardin' Hatchling anymore, and Mine and I will sail the seas around Dalibor, pilfering and pillaging all the prettiest things from unsuspecting--
"Iricheth. We're not pilfering or pillaging anything but the sheets on my cot until we've graduated, and then after that, we are staying securely on LAND, thank you."

Iricheth sighed, and propped her head on Vune's shoulder. He scratched her face with his free hand, observing in silence as their Weyrlingmaster treated the substantial bitewound his Cyan had given him.


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2. No in-depth discussion of highly personal issues, incl. medical issues affecting you, your family or friends, or your pets. Do not ask for medical advice in the cbox.

3. Please refrain from explicit description of illegal, violent or gross subjects. Be mindful of your fellow members and guests to the site.

4. Important communications for staff should be sent via PM - just because someone is on the site does not mean they are looking at the cbox! :)

Cbox Mods: Ruin, Rii, Ivy
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