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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Strong Hearts, SU:15 {TreasureTrackers Lesson 6-9M}
 Posted: Sep 1 2016, 07:47 PM

N/A Posts

Pipperith squatted in the unimpeded sunlight outside the Barracks, blinking at the directing wave of her rider. She leaned down and picked up a length of thin brown cloth in her paw, clutching it to her chest before a wave from Dan coaxed her into tossing it over an arched frame of thick, bent plant stalks. The wealth of cloth came down on the waiting Weyrlingmaster, promptly flattening him to the ground.

I already called the Weyrlings out, the dragon hummed at her collapsed rider. Better get up quick, they may misinterpret your position as a form of fallibility.

They already know we are all fallible, Dan replied, and took quite the length of time extracting one arm, then another, then his bare torso and finally legs wrapped in light, loose white leggings. He glanced over the hooped structure formed from his and Pip's cooperation, then grabbed one corner of the cloth that had buried him and motioned for her to take the other. Don't you, Pip?

Oh! Well. Of course! Technically mistakes are always possible. From anyone... she hummed, words not especially guarded, and the tail-end of her sentiment rising into squishy, warm adoration of the man she walked parallel to.

"There," he chortled as they fanned the rest of the cloth over the frame. It formed a covered corridor not unlike a stationary wagon-top, but the cloth was thin enough to allow the breezes through, and though it cast the ground below in shadow, the sky was not opaque. "Okay, TreasureTrackers! Dragons follow Pipperith, riders bring your mats in here with me. Dragons please take note that you can spy your human through the fabric here. You will not be far."

He waited for all the human halves of the Weyrling pairs to lay out their mats, the only things keeping them from doing their exercises on the hard Bowl stone. At least the area surrounding the Barracks was no longer flooded and swampy! "How do you feel about push-ups and bell squats?" he inquired, resting a hand fondly on the pile of weighted metal bells just outside the cage of cloth. "Because that's what we're starting with!"

As the Weyrlingmaster laid out along his own mat, demonstrating the push-up technique for a hundredth day, he did not anticipate groaning. Not like the exercise would be a surprise, anyway. He had already shown them the weight of a full firestone sack, they knew the physical requirements of a grown rider. "You may try any of the variations I taught you, except the one where you clap in-between. That one's just for fun!" he advised his students. "Once you have done at least fifteen, grab a bell and start squats. Isn't that a wonderful word? It sounds as silly as that very important and vital exercise looks! But we are all in this together, my Weyrlings, no one will question you here~"

Dan'lusian and I have decided you are strong enough to fly today, Pipperith shared with the babies training after her. Do you sense your rider's muscles working together? That is what it is like to fly. You are nothing but muscle, and your flight is your strength versus the sky. I am sure you can all do it. I want you to line up in pairs behind me, and stretch out your wings all the way! Measure the distance between you and your neighbor, and make sure it is at least half again your own length. I will take off, after five seconds the first pair will follow me, then after another five the second pair will follow them, and so on.

She tossed her head, a slender swan imitating a runnerbeast, and stuck out the blue forks of her tongue in anticipation. Your rider will be busy lifting heavy objects, so I want you to focus on each other. Fly for yourselves. If you falter, tell me immediately and I will catch you. We are going to turn over the lake, and land in the water. Watch the movement of my wings now...

Pipperith remained facing them, lifted her forepaws from the ground, and spread out her wingspars. She rotated her wingarms in circles out from her spine, spindles of muscle gleaming under the Summer sun. Their conformations were much closer to hers than when they had freshly hatched, wings with fleshy bases rather than simply webbed sticks. Her wingsails passed dim shadows across their faces- one, two, three, four -then to human eyes it seemed she simply caught on the wind like a leaf and hefted off the Bowl floor, floating languidly westward. She rolled belly-down, tucking her extra limbs in to either side of her chest and tail, and held her neck very straight as she arrowed out toward the lake, not more than three dragonlengths off the ground.

Form demonstrated, she tilted her head toward the dragonets. Five...four...three...two...one! she counted down for the first pair.

@Rowana @Rii @RhiaBlack @Phryne @Kestrel @Minute

[ What Dan calls a "bell squat" is a "goblet squat" in modern parlance, the Weyrlings will also have some other weights available nearby because you best believe not a single limb-day is skipped at Dali fitness camp. Post your dragonet's flight, your rider's massive bulging muscles or lack thereof, possibly a reaction to said flight, and so on. xD

It's late morning! >.> ]

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