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 Harness the Beast, Hunt for the Feast., (SP;15) [Red Class 9-12 Month Lesson]
 Posted: Sep 27 2016, 05:33 PM
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Ijo was so proud of all of them. They were growing like weeds, they were healthy - most of them, it seemed like, at least - they were turning from incomplete creatures into a remarkably stalwart set of Handlers. Isk sat beside him, licking the remnants of a snack-tunnelsnake from his maw. Breakfast had been purposefully light; fruit, some juice, a meatroll.

He wanted them hungry, for a reason.

Beside him, a stark contrast to the relatively short stature of the Brownhandler-Wherlingmaster, was the Master Tanner, Jyderin. On Jy's shoulder, Aura draped herself. She looked curiously at the whers that surrounded them, but ultimately was more interested in watching Feo, Jy's Burgundy, climbing through the tunnels in the walls. The smaller of the Tanner's flits was busy hunting bugs and tunnelsnakes.

"Good morning, Red Class," Ijo began, notably with his fingers wrapped in strings from a spool of twine, "You'll notice that I've had you all on a light breakfast, this morning. There's a reason for that, as unhappy as I know that's made some of you. To my right, is Master Tanner Jyderin. Many of you probably already know him, but as you can probably gather, we'll be working with hides and leather today. It's a rare treat to be taught a lesson by a Master, no less, so I trust the lot of you will be respectful and pay attention."
"I have faith they will, Wherlingmaster." Aura rested her head on Hers', and Jy answered with a small scratch to her haunches. "If I can be of service more than I already am, all the better. I don't mind in the slightest. On that note - if any of you require more lessons to the effects of what we're learning this even...I mean...this morning...please don't hesitate to come see me in the Crafter's quarters. I'm happy to help people better their skills."

Ijo nodded his head, a subtle 'listen to the man and don't be daft' expression on his face. Isk licked his nostril, snorting at His, before he stretched.

"We're going to elaborate on the training I believe many of you received as Candidates, and some of you probably learned from youth. If you haven't yet learned to work with leather for the purposes of making a harness and patching your leathers, then you'll learn that today. However; we're going to pick up on some of your memory capabilities, as well. In my hands, many of you have already seen the twine. There are spools of that at each of your places, as well as the hides by which you will be cutting the straps and set up for your wher's harnesses. Please be careful, those knives are ridiculously sharp, and I would rather not have to rush any of you to the Infirmary for removing a finger, or worse."

Ijo began to circle around the group, simply because he had a hard time just standing there nattering and not pacing in the process. Plus, it was a way to make sure all his Wherlings were paying attention.

"You will have half a candlemark to measure your whers, using the twine. You will need to cut it in sections, once you've wrapped it around your charges, so that you know how long to make the straps. You will need one strap around the lower portion of your wher's neck, where it meets your wher's shoulders," Isk stood up to become an example, as Ijo began to wrap the twine around his Brown, once he reached him, "One strand around your wher's midsection, here," around the girth, behind the forearms, "And then three strands between them. One between them here, at your wher's keel, and then two along their backs on either side. Please remember that you will need to account for the fact they will be continuing to grow between now and your eighteen-month mark, at which point your whers will be fully grown. We will have another lesson at some point, probably when I've seen that they're beginning to outgrow your harnesses, in which we will be judging your skills at adjusting the length."

"Please don't throw out or knot up your twines when you've finished measuring out your leather," Jyderin spoke up, once Ijo had finished, "I will be collecting them when we've finished the lesson. Once you no longer need the twine, please find your wher's name on this hide, tie all five pieces together through the hole beneath and up to the top, and return to your places. Do not cut your hides or tie off your twine, until I've come around and checked your measurements. Hides are expensive, now, and while I can make a great deal with scraps, when crafting anything, remember the old saying. 'Measure twice, cut once'. This will save you from mistakes with many things, not just cutting hides." Jyderin would be watching to see if they did it when measuring their whers, as well.

"Please be careful when cutting the twine. Do not cut it, obviously, while it's still close to your wher. You will need to hold the place with your fingers, remove it from your wher, and cut it against the cutting board at your places, so that we do not dull the Tanner's knives. Now...when you have finished measuring your whers, Isk and Bosk will be taking your whers out to teach them to hunt. Musk will be joining them, once you've reached the woods - he's out with His, Bosk's, and Czervosk's, making sure there are no wilds that could be causing an issue. Isk will be escorting all of you - bondeds, that is - out towards the harbor. When your whers return, if they have been successful, you'll fit them with their new harnesses, and we will see if you've managed to put something useful together. If they haven't, you'll feed them, and then you'll fit them with their harnesses. Drudges will be bringing meatrolls and klah down, once we've gotten underway. Any questions?"

Jyderin stepped forwards, sliding down with a knee to the bench on the table closest to Galya. Tables had been set up around a circle beside the lake in the middle of the Quarters, where there was enough light to see by, but not to hurt the Whers. Jyderin operated with a lantern on his table, which granted enough for all those at that particular table to see with. There was a lantern for each table, seven tables, wherlings distributed beyond where Jyderin was with Oreanda and Osk, and Galya with Gask (feel free to split yourselves off to each of the other tables, no more than two per - hides are huge, so each takes up half the table).

He waited patiently for them to do their measurements, before speaking up. Isk headed out, herding bondeds along with him. It was, potentially, the first time many of them were going to be away; Ijo kept a close eye on any of them who looked uncomfortable, and Isk did the same with the wherets; those who looked unsettled or concerned, would be reunited and taught the hunting skill at a later date.

"Now," he smiled in the dimly lit dark, Aura's whirling yellow-green eyes lit from his shoulder, "On your tables, you'll find strap-patterns. There are also chalk pencils. The hide will be big enough for you to be able to cut the entire harness' pieces, you will simply have to lay them all out so that they don't overlap, or go off the side of the hides. You will want to over-measure before cutting, to account for your wher's growth and the bit that wraps across the buckles; we have those, and a punch to make holes in the straps on their ends. Be mindful of where you'll be making holes. The last hole should be the one that sits your straps on your wher at their current size. We want it to be snug, but not tight. If you can't get your fingers under it, comfortably, it's too tight. Remember, your whers will be spending a considerable time in these harnesses, we want to make sure they're not bothered by them and able to pay attention to their surroundings."

Jyderin showed them how to lay the stencil - each one adjusted to their specific color of wher, so that they were uniform in size and strength - on the hide, lay the twine in the middle, and then slide the stencil so that the proper strap sizes could be marked. Ijo assisted, as well, so that everyone could learn how. He then showed them - carefully! - how to cut their straps out, work the hide against the side of the table to remove some of the stiffness, and then lay out their harnesses - once they'd tied their twines in the holes with their wher's name - for stitching. Each was given a metal needle and the thick-woven thread that would hold them in place.

Each had a thimble at their places, to keep them from stabbing themselves in the fingers.

"You will have to clean these like any other piece of your gear. When your wher is washed, so are your straps. They will need to be kept oiled, so that they don't crack. The worst thing to ever happen to any wher, is to be in the process of being carried by a dragon, and the straps of their harness break. Don't let that happen to you. Don't let that happen to your peers, either. Naturally, there are bags, I'm told, but emergencies."

[I am giving you guys the space to be creative as far as hunting goes, with your whers; keep in mind that we have a 2 rating for gore, don't be terribly disgusting. Whers will need to be quiet and stealthy; Isk will be teaching them how to track with scent, as well as sight. Once all whers have caught at least something, be it a bug or a beast, they will return to the Lower Caverns to be fitted with their harnesses. Have fun!]

 Posted: Nov 1 2016, 03:16 PM


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Stomach grumbled and was mimicked by that of her wher as the pair stood patiently waiting for their lesson to begin. Dabryie recognized the Master Tanner if only from her time spent working in the Weyr. Listening intently as Ijo explained their task for the day she felt Dabysk lean his head against her side gently, Think myDabryie do best! Others do good too, yes sure but not good as myDabryie. Fingers trailed along his streamlined head to toy around his headknobs, earning a croon from the wher as she kept her eyes focused first on Ijo then Jyderin as they spoke. Seems simple enough., she offered with some manner of trepidation. Many of the others had been taught similar skills during their candidacy or even in a craft hall. She had no real training in any area, MyDabryie is mama. Be fine.

Setting off when told to do so she found a table with twine, “Now stand like you saw Isk stand please. I need to measure you.” Dabysk stepped away from His and stood as he had seen the older wher do while Dabryie unraveled the twine to mimic Ijo’s movements. “So we measure here…”, the twin wrapped around the lower portion of her blue’s neck and she pinched it in an area that would allow the strap to fit without being too tight. Plenty of room for growth without being so loose it would fall off. Heading back to the table she paused before turning back around, “Here let’s make sure I picked the right spot before I cut it.” Slipping the loop she had made with the twine back around his neck she shifted it further down to ensure it fit the way it should. Satisfied she nodded before retreating to the table to cut the twine where her fingers were, being very careful not to cut herself in the process. MyDabryie do so good! Dabysk crooned and offered a gentle headbutt to her side as she approached with more twine, “Thank you love, now stay still so I can get around your middle here. Stand natural and don’t suck in or it will be too tight.” The first measurement of his midsection was taken but as before she measured again, only to find it would have been too tight had she cut it - despite her warning the blue had tightened his muscles and shifted his weight towards his chest rather than the area she was measuring. With a tsk she remeasured until she was certain it would fit and repeated the process of cutting the twine on the block without losing any fingers in the process. Three more measurements were taken of her weyr for more straps, each time she made sure to double check the measurements before she cut the twine. Once she was done she took up a mug of klah and waited for her work to be checked over by the Master Tanner. Snacking on a meatroll she soon found a very pouty blue at her feet, begging like a canine.

You’re going hunting, you’ll do fine dear. Taking a bite of her meatroll she avoided eye contact so as not to give into her wher. Her daughter was prone to doing the same thing to try and get her way - it was usually quite effective. If you fill up now you won’t be as quick on your feet and you need to be in order to hunt properly.

As her measurements were checked and found to be of the appropriate lengths she tied off the twine on the hide as she had been instructed, while Dabysk fell in line with his siblings after Isk. Looking back at His with tinges of yellows in his facets she offered a reassuring smile, “You’ll do great, Dabysk!” Cheeks flushed as she realized she’d called to him aloud versus in her mind as she had intended. Be worry, if no do good… Then I will make sure you have a full belly when you get back. Just do your best and you will be fine, I have faith in you my heart. Another reassuring smile to her wher before he followed after his mentor and his siblings and she turned back to the table to finish her klah. The whers had only been gone a short time before the next task was set before them by the Master Tanner. Watching carefully as he showed them how to lay out the patterns she did her best to follow his lead, only to find she had somehow mixed the patterns up in such a way she ran out of room on her hide. Huffing in frustration she felt her blue press into her thoughts earning a gentle reminder, Pay attention to Isk. Hunting is important.

Once Ijo came around to help fix the pattern she set to work with the chalk and twine, laying out the right piece then tracing the pattern onto the hide with the chalk. Being very careful to ensure she allowed for enough room for the straps to grow with her wher she wiped the back of her left hand across her furrowed brow to keep the sweat beading there from dropping to the hide. With a satisfied sigh she finally finished tracing each pattern and set her chalk aside and took up the tanner’s knife. As careful as she had been with tracing the patterns she put even more care into cutting the hide, she didn’t want to ruin it or cut herself with the dangerously sharp knife. Concentrating on each cut and the movement of her blade the cuts overall were straight and true to the chalk lines she had used to guide her.

Outside of the weyr Dabysk remained towards the back of the ‘pack’, watching the older whers and his siblings before attempting anything himself. Good job., he offered quietly to one of his siblings as he watched their haunches give a little wiggle before they jumped onto a passing trundlebug. The blue was the last of the lot to attempt anything, watching as plenty of bugs and even a stray tunnelsnake passed by well within his reach before he set his mind to follow through with what he was being shown. Nostrils flared and he dipped his head lower to the ground to pick up the scent - though he wasn’t sure what it was he was picking up on. Something gamey and familiar drew the blue away from the small group of whers and through the taller foliage, shifting quietly from foot to foot as he tried to be stealthy. Movement ahead caused him to stop dead in his tracks, muscles in his haunches coiling before being released in a surprisingly graceful leap forward. The landing was far less graceful, though he did manage to make contact with his quarry - a medium sized wherry that had been foraging. Feet hit the wherry and stunned it long enough for Dabysk to right himself after falling to his side. Teeth made quick work of the wherry’s struggle while the blue settled to enjoy the spoils of his hunt; rather pleased with himself for having caught something.

Fingers ached by now but there was still so much to do, at least the hunger her stomach felt on account of Dabysk seemed to be ebbing so she could focus more on getting done quickly. Working the hide against the table to work stiffness out of it was a lot more work than she had anticipated and she had to take a few breaks to gently work the soreness from her joints. Another meatroll and mug of klah were finished before she worked the last strap out so it was more supple, then she sat down to the next task. Sewing was not a new task to the woman but her experiences had all been with cloth. Mending a torn dress or pants was completely different than working a metal needle - all she had used previously had been lightweight bone - through thick hide. The thimble provided saved her a number of times from ending up spearing her sore fingers as she figured out how much pressure was actually needed to get through the hide. The stitching was far from pretty but it was done close enough and well enough that it would hold together. Mindful to check with those around her as she sewed least she sew it together the wrong way she was soon done with the stitching and worked to punch holes through the hide for the buckles. Once she was finished she offered it to one of the men mentoring them in the task - hopeful that she had not managed to mess the whole thing up.


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