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 Kirryl of pink Ajaleath, Weyrling
 Posted: Jan 13 2016, 04:22 AM
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Dalibor Weyr
Candidate - Dragons

Personality: (by Boo)

Kirryl is a baby and a badass one at that. Basically she has inherited her mother’s sweet, meek nature and her father’s (Thank Faranth) Intelligence. Even at this early age she has shown an interest in firelizards and whers, giggling when she sees them doing anything. Literally anything. A wher walks by and she giggles, a firelizard sits above her crib and she giggles.


As a toddler, Kirryl picked up wher speech. Being around whers so often, she was quite unable to completely stop herself. It took her parents a while to work her way out of it but even then, she sometimes refers to herself in the third person such as; 'Kirryl am'.

She loves her three pink firelizards and looks after them with almost obsessive care. These little creatures depend on her and she will do whatever she can to help them. Even at this early age, she had expressed an interest and love for all things great and small. She enjoys learning and spends a lot of time making craft in the creche.

Kirryl likes adventures and will often wander off on her own to the detriment of her safety. In some ways, she has no fear but this is a problem considering her age. She will grow to have some difficulty relating to people compared with animals and dragonkin.


Kirryl is now a 'young lady' not really but she is a child. Her speech patterns have become human but she still has trouble relating to people. She adores animals and whers, watches the dragons up above but considers it strange to be bonded to one. Why be bonded to just one when you can hang around with three?! Or more?! Plus there are just so many other animals out there to play with. Whers and dragons are not the only creatures.

One of her favourite things to do is see the baby foals when they are born, all the infants. Human babies are a little odd looking in her opinion but when they get to the age of about 2, they start looking ok. Plus, that's when they're able to play with her anyway!

She loves learning new things and wants to learn how to read better as soon as possible.

Although she can sometimes be shy around those people older than her, particularly those people who have been searched as candidates, she has decided that it is time to take her birthright. To this extent she can be proud of her parentage. She can often be quiet and just watch people older than her but there is a lot of potential for her to become less of a wall flower and more confident in herself.

Endearingly cheerful, though, she will not let the tough things in life dictate what she does. It is important, instead, to build from tragedy and become stronger. She has seen a lot of tragedy in the Weyr but has her mother as a role model. Not to mention Kisk. Kisk is the one thing that can always cheer her up without fair. She turns to him as much as she turns to her mother and Father for help.

Ultimately she is easily intimidated though and doesn't find it easy to stand up for herself at times. She won't do what people tell her to do if it is wrong but she will also simply allow herself to be pushed around. She is smarter than Kire, though, in that she is not naive and easy to trick into doing something wrong.

Following the death of a candidate in a hatching, Kirryl became fearful of hatchings and particularly red dragons of any type. Burgundies and reds. As a result of this fear, she chose not to stand for both Rivath and Sanarth and has begun to doubt her place in the Weyr. She has lost a fair amount of her confidence.

Appearance: (by Boo)
Baby with very little hair and stuff. She will grow to have blonde hair like both her parents which will likely turn out wavy like her mother’s. She also has big blue eyes at this point in time.

Kirryl has grown to look like a miniature version of her mother only by virtue of also being female. There are similarities to her father, the blonde hair and height. Kirryl is fairly tall for her age, at the moment, and has big blue eyes like her father's that are full of wonder. She loves learning new things and will often be seen staring at new people in an attempt to learn even more.


Kirryl is beginning to grow taller for her age. She is rather lean and lanky at the moment. Her blonde hair is rather curly and often unkempt due to her seven firelizards climbing all over her body. Most of the time she has her pinks with her and is therefore rather noticeable through the Weyr.

Her hair is kept quite long and she is often a little grubby but her golden hair makes her VERY noticeable. She bounces around the Weyr with a happy attitude often spaced out and in her own world. There is no shame she has in talking to her firelizards as she walks even if she gets a weird look from people.

Although she had a growth spurt for a while, it seems as though she has stopped growing. Not that she has, but other children her age seem to have caught up to her and overtaken her. Therefore she is now quite small. Kire assures Kirryl that she will have another growth spurt soon but this doesn't do much to ease Kirryl's worries.

Father: Darryl of green Dask
Mother: Kire of black Kisk
Half-Brother: Ditre

Ishfyyz the pink firelizard
user posted image

The Acoustic Guitar
This pink flitter is mostly laid back, and capable of extreme emotions when provoked. She works well regardless of if she's alone or with others. She’s remarkably deep for a pink, able to plan just a little bit for the future. Being a flit, though, these plans would simply mean she’s able to keep her bonded out of trouble.
e7cbff (markings in f7edff and ff00a0)

Hatchy the pink firelizard

user posted image
( 36011B | 96024B | 1B000E )

Success Kid; There’s a ying to every yang, and it seems that, unfortunately for this flit’s poor little brother, she seems to have gotten all the luck. She can get out of the toughest spots with barely a scratch and fortune seems to favor her at every turn. Whatever venture this little flit embarks on seems to succeed, no matter how far fetched or crazy it might seem. She doesn’t even seem to realize that no matter what she does in life goes extremely well, and she’s always delighted and surprised when it does. This flit is humble about her good luck, and she’s very sorry that her brother seems to have bad luck wherever he goes. So much so that she’ll go as far as to spend as much time around his brother as possible, hoping her good luck rubs off on him. (Zeppy)

Gotcha the pink firelizard
user posted image
( DA599F | 580030 )

Bonded to; Kirryl

College Liberal; This flit is a bit ditzy. It has very, very strong opinions on issues. So strong that it will actively be trying to change someone's opinion on something every chance it gets, but then it is selective about its beliefs, to the point where it can come off hypocritical. It doesn't mean anything bad by it's comments or beliefs, or even realize that it is shoving them in other people's faces or offending other people or being hypocritical. This causes the flit to be shocked when people react negatively to it, and apologize profusely, even if that won't stop it from expressing its beliefs next time.

Spot the pink firelizard

user posted image
Personality: Needy, Clingy, Good at finding/hiding things

Rukbat the Pink firelizard

Color: Pink (#730522) Rukbat
Impressed to: Kirryl
Description: She is a deep, velvety shade of carmine, mostly one solid color aside from the occasional bright mottling of another hue. While from a distance or when cloaked in shadow she might appear to be black or red, but up close she is undeniably pink. A gentle soul, she is very compassionate and loving with anyone she knows she can trust, but is especially close with her bonded. She loves to perch on shoulders and feels very motherly towards those she lives with. It's rare, but in instances of extreme danger she has an intense temper and will do her best to protect others. Despite her kind nature, she's not overly social, preferring to keep to the company of her family than inspecting new people.</div></div>

Rosie the pink firelizard

Pink (#DB6B61) - The Lizard / Hound. Bonded to Kirryl.

Prophecy, Faraway Thinking, Capacity for Connection-making. This flit is almost strange in the manner she seems to sense things before they happen (normally JUST before they happen). She doesn't always have the capability to warn Hers before it happens, but all the same, before something either wonderful or terrible occurs, she either gets overexcited, or frightened. She constantly lingers around Hers, as a result, as they are the one she shares her emotions with; not having a vent for those tends to make her over-anxious, and when that happens, she tends to instinctively cling to anyone in range of her at the time. Which, you know, might freak some people out. Sometimes. Occasionally. Usually. She has a gift for putting 2 and 2 together, and will often times make games out of bringing Hers two (or more) different things, and having some sort of 'discussion' about the chain of images or items that link them together.</div></div>

Drop Bear the Pink firelizard

A very lovable--and loving--pink. She'll always be excited to see you, and the best way to greet someone is obvious: Divebomb them from above with hugs! Just...watch the claws, she tends to forget how squishy humans can be.</div>

Born of run lust to wherhandler Darryl of green Dask and Kire of black Kisk. The Run was an odd one in that Kisk didn’t actually participate in the run. Kire, concerned for her friend, visited the room and was taken in by Darryl and his deep worry. Not knowing what had been happening up until that point, she was worried about him at first. Then, upon realising she made the decision to be there for him in the first Run he had encountered and shared his bed. They were friends, a point Darryl reiterated with Kire the morning after the Run considering that he was just not attracted to females. They chose to remain friends as they had always been. It was soon after that Kire realised she was pregnant but didn’t tell Darryl at first, unsure of how to break the news. Eventually, though, she did inform him and Darryl, being unattracted to members of the opposite sex, had never thought he would have kids. Thus he broke down with elation at the thought that he might have a child. Kire was just ecstatic that he wasn’t upset with her for not going Between with the child, something she chose not to do.

A few seasons later, Kirryl was born to the world. She had an odd family sitting around waiting for her. There were her parents, people who loved one another as close friends but never anything more and two whers who were as opposite as whers can be. In addition, there were Kire’s pets and from this early age Kirryl has shown an interest in the other creatures of the Weyr, giggling almost whenever she sees them.

As a toddler, she grew into life at the Weyr, finding times to herself. In these times, she managed to impress three firelizards. The first, when she was only a baby, the second and third when she was a little older and had managed to escape the creche. She has spent a lot of time with her wher parents Dask and Kisk and has even picked up some of their speech patterns. These whers are as much her parents as her human ones and she has come to consider all whers her friends.

To this extent she never got too many friends but has the biggest crush on Runner, one of the Weyrfolk. Nothing more than a school girl crush but she will turn bright red every time she speaks with him. Often she is outside running through the mud with her firelizards on her shoulder, hair and all above her in a big cloud of pink. Many around the Weyr simply know her as 'pink girl.'

Things have been rough at Dalibor but Kirryl pays only a small amount of heed to the politics of the Weyr. She mourned when the dragons passed away, but she moved on. Now, she has heard of the eggs being killed, when she was just working up the courage to stand. Well, someone had to be there to protect those baby dragons! Laanasuth did a great job but sometimes they needed a little more help and Kirryl was excited to finally see the babies hatch close up. So she worked up the courage to do what is her right. To approach the Candidatemaster and exert her birthright to stand for the hatching.

Kirryl stood for a few hatchings but it was at Couineth's fifth hatching when she witnessed the death of Siinari. She became frightened of the hatchlings. When Sanarth and Rivath's clutch hatched, she had a panic attack and chose to watch from the stands. She then went to Al'dr her candidate master to tell him that she no longer wanted to stand for dragons. Ditre began to tease her over this and told her that he would be standing, something Kirryl was convinced he had done to upset her.

Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
Dragon Color:
Pink #a3325d

Dragon Length:
Will be 17 feet - unusual bonding size token applied

Dragon Personality:
Good-natured and accepting, Ajaleath is the first to acknowledge that one of the great secrets in life is that you don’t have to be serious 100% of the time, and that it’s okay to indulge in fun and frivolity - in the right place, at the right time. When it’s time to play, she plays joyfully and without the slightest bit of concern for what other people think. She thinks mud is great fun, for example, and will spatter it about, slide in it, and shape it to her heart’s content. Consequently, she’s probably not the easiest dragon to keep perfectly clean.

But it’s not all about being silly. She has the confidence to be silly, when it’s playtime - but what it’s rooted in is a surprisingly mature outlook on life. She understands that there are times of trouble and hard work, and likes to keep whatever is going on in perspective. She’ll consider new ideas carefully, and has a habit of moving her head about while thinking or looking at someone, as if the close-up peering or side-to-side sweep of her head will help her get a different mental point of view, as much as a physical one.

Ajaleath is cheerful even in the face of adversity, though, and seeks hard for the silver lining even in the darkest cloud. She does her best to share this optimism with others and works (and plays) best in groups - the bigger the group the better, because there’s no better way to gain perspective than to talk to others. When she’s alone, she has a much harder time staying completely upbeat, a weakness she recognizes - so it’s generally something she avoids.

Dragon Appearance:

user posted image
Ajaleath has a wide, flat muzzle, like it was squashed out at birth and never fixed. Her body is slender, and she has long, narrow wings which are great for maneuverability. She has a dark pink ‘mask’ over her eyes, with more of the same shade on her shoulders and the backs of her wings, as well as her hind legs. Her body and the undersides of her wings and tail are rose pink, while she is a much paler pink on part of her wings, head, neck, and forelegs.

Dragon History:
Ajaleath hatched amongst the first of Laanasuth and Alwanath's clutch. She quickly found Kirryl and they started their life together. She determined that it would not be prudent to stick around on the sands too long. Kirryl didn't know that she had actually impressed at the beginning of a hatching just as her mother had done many turns prior.

Important Note:
Kirryl is currently played in conjunction by Lan and Boo.
Kirryl is now played fully by Boo

Adoption Preference:

Token applied - Unusual bonded size 20% less

 Posted: Jan 21 2016, 11:54 PM

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