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Spring, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Western Hold welcomes new blood in the form of a young couple, Lord Holder Basasius and Lady Holder Baria. A grand Gather is being hosted by Western Hold to welcome their new Lord and Lady.

While the new Lords settle into Western there has been talk and speculation about the western continent's other Hold. It has been two turns since his wife's passing in the south, when will Lord Callum decide to take up a new wife?

Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Kyzekeidon, Dragon Candidate, Apprentice Harper
 Posted: Apr 11 2016, 02:04 PM
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Kyzekeidon [Kai-zz-key-don]
Nickname: Ky
14 turns - [Summer, 3rd Turn, 11th Pass]
Demi/Bisexual [Strong male pref]
Dalibor Weyr > Fort Weyr
Dragon Candidate
Age-Out Date:
Summer 24

Kyzekeidon was born to a Redrider and an Ironrider; never in any span of existence, it seems, has there been a more conflicted child in the history of Pern. On one side, Ky has his mother's explosive aggression, desire to divide and conquer, and need to surmount anyone and anything that is unfortunate enough to stand in his way.

On the other side, is his father's quiet strength, reclusive nature, and generally overpowering presence. Ky hasn't mastered the latter yet (in both personality and physicality), but it's clear by the boy's active lifestyle and driven sense of purpose, that when he hits puberty, it's going to slam into him like a runaway draybeast. While he lacks the capacity in genetics to be built as wide as his father, there's no doubt in anyone's mind that he's going to be just as cut, toned, and strong as his younger brother. Where Keivhyn is happy-go-lucky and curious, Ky is calculated, somewhat cold, and far too intelligent for his own good.

Incredibly jealous, Ky takes after his mother in the measure that if he likes something or someone, it belongs to him - whether he's told them that, or not. Possessive and territorial, he shares his father's food-aggression; if you try to snatch something off his plate, you're likely to literally lose a finger. He's got a reputation for stabbing would-be meatroll thieves with his fork, often to Infirmary-requiring effect; that being said, he only ever goes for the offending fingers, never other body parts.

Ky's reputation for his work ethic is also rather established; he's judgmental and dismissive of people he deems lazy, and while his father's more likely to try and help people motivate, Kyzekeidon bluntly calls them useless, lazy, or unworthy of his time, and walks away. This is something that may change, the more he's subjected to his father, but for now he's a bit of an asshole. People rooming with him as a Candidate are expected not to touch his things, and it drives him into a fury if he catches them doing so.

Like his father, Ky's already mastered the defensive pose; when caught doing something he either knows he didn't do, or is trying to play off that he didn't, offending and accusatory parties find him cross-armed and usually with at least one brow lifted. He rarely smiles, though grins are more common. Like Z'dyn, he carries the paternal "crooked grin/smile", where the left side pulls up a fair share more than the right.

He likes anything that makes noise, especially stringed instruments, and has been caught a time or two messing with some hide-drums one of the Journeymen Harpers carry. Up until his transfer to Dalibor, he has officially Apprenticed with Journeyman (female) Kelvard of Fort Weyr, Rider of Orange Sodath.

He's ultimately a good kid, just a little bit fragmented given the recent loss of his mom, the fact the rest of his extended family are essentially strangers, and trying to fit into somewhere new.

((When he's old enough to fit, about 15-18, because lordy they grow up fast -.-))
user posted image

Ky is reasonably average for a Pernese boy, and will finish off at 5'10" in height, once he's finished growing. Bloodlines being what they are, he inherited his father's dark black hair and lean genes, and carries Z'dyn's penchant for wearing his hair semi-long, though it's usually pulled back behind his head or neck in one of three ways - a runnertail, a bun, or in a half-stanchion 'wyrmtail' (half up, the rest left long around his shoulders). He does not wear it braided or in dreadlocks, but to his credit when damp or wet, it has his father's loose curl. It's currently just shy of mid-back, but he wears it anywhere between just past his shoulders, to belt-length (and gets aggressive if you come near him with any intention to cut it). His skin varies in shade depending on how long he's outside, from a light tan, to dark like his father's usual state.

His brows are thick (also like his father's), and are set over dark black eyes, inherited from his mother. Like Kyona, he has slightly finer features (both in body and face) than his father - however, his prominent brow, cheekbones, wider nose, and prominent bridge are distinctly Z'dyn's, and will make him recognizable as of the Ironrider's stock almost on sight. This will only become more apparent, when once Ky hits puberty and grows facial hair, he will wear his almost exclusively like his father's, with the soul-strip under his lower lip.

Ky chose to Apprentice to Harpercraft, like Kyona, and has several turns of experience playing a gitar under his belt (he began playing @ age 8). He's danced a great deal on his own, and has involved himself with a manner of parkour-style exercises at Fort, which have only helped to tone up what lanky, boyish build he has. He tends towards clothing that's non-restrictive, better to hide his frame from being harped upon by the Crechewomen and his mother (prior to her death), as well as to keep him from choking himself out when climbing rocks and such.

All Assumed to be located @ Dalibor unless otherwise specified.

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth, Midnight Wingleader [+24 Turns]
Kyona of Red Uphrixinoth - Fort Weyr, Deceased [+28 Turns]

--Io'tez of Brown Keukorimath, Ex-Stepfather, Mayday Wingsecond [Igen Weyr]
--Kira of Blue Tauth, Ex-Stepmother, Midnight Wingsecond [Igen Weyr]
---Keivhyn, Half-Brother [-6 Turns]
---Eziryn, Half-Sister [-10 Turns] [Igen Weyr]
--Iveryn, Weyrbrat, Dalibor Weyr - Half-Brother (Identical twin to Vir) [Winter, 14th Turn, 11th Pass] [Igen Weyr]
--Virayn, Weyrbrat, Dalibor Weyr - Half-Brother (Identical twin to Ive) [Winter, 14th Turn, 11th Pass] [Igen Weyr]

-----Jyderin, Master Tanner, Grandfather
-----Kelsira of Blue Divith, Ex-Step-Grandmother [Location Unknown]
----Sirin, Aunt [Location Unknown]
----Kelliran, Adopted Uncle [Location Unknown]

--Naturo, Grand-Uncle [Igen Hold]
--K'jus, Rider of Purple Hijistath, Grand-Uncle [Telgar Weyr [Deceased]]
--Mutorin, Handler of Cyan Musk, Grand-Uncle
--Jakobian - Great-Grandfather - Deceased
--Dyne - Great-Grandmother - Deceased
---Keidia - Grandmother - Deceased
----Zadarin - Uncle - Deceased

Brown and White Stoat, Jubilee - [Spring, 07th Turn, 11th Pass]
Copper,Black and White Male Icehowler, Rust - [Winter, 17th Turn, 11th Pass]
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Ky's conception and birth were steeped in controversy. Product of Flightlust when his mother took his father by force and in an act of extreme aggression, Z'dyn had no idea that the night his Iron sired his first Fort-laid clutch on Red Uphrixinoth, the consummation and subsequent abuse had led to a pregnancy.

It was relatively easy for Kyona to hide. A slight woman to begin with, she barely showed until her third trimester, and with Z'dyn actively trying to avoid her, it was simple to keep the news from him. Kyona, being a particularly malicious woman, was overjoyed in some respects that her desires for the stoutly-built transfer had played out so well; the sort that enjoyed blackmail, she kept her son close to her breast and raised him herself until Z'dyn transferred back out to Dalibor. After all, he'd only been there to assist them with the Fall, given the reduced numbers, and the substantial losses Fort had faced (as all Weyrs usually did at the start of a Pass, after 200 turns of peace and prosperity).

Once his father, still ignorant of his existence, was back home at his home Weyr, Ky was shipped off to the Creche. Kyona, fiercely possessive of the only progeny she would ever have and of Z'dyn, groomed her son to be a smaller version of herself. Whatever Ky wanted, if Kyona could afford it, he got it. Whatever he wanted to do, if it was within the Weyr's rules, he did it. Kyona obtained a gitar for her son when he expressed an interest in music at age 7, and he spent so much time with Journeyman Kelvard around that time, Kyona insisted that the Orangerider Apprentice her son as soon as he was of the appropriate age.

Kyona never hid his paternity from the boy; from the time he could understand, she made it bluntly apparent to the boy that he had been the product of a careful selection by both Uphrixinoth and herself, and that she had taken great pleasure in the blessings of his arrival at the hands of his father's time. While Z'dyn had been abused by the Redrider, slighted for everything from his prowess to the size of every part of him, Kyona spoke highly of him to his firstborn. Z'dyn was strong, she claimed, and his Iron was unmatched. Why, Dalibor clearly had some of the greatest Kings on Pern, and even their SubKings were magnificent, just look at the Lord Holder of Western, who had become a Lord Weyrleader! Surely that meant that any child of a man or woman from that Weyr, or her tithed Holds, were not so useless as so many thought?

Ky grew up hearing only stories of his sire, which were even more prolific when word reached Fort of Nimara's murder of Benal of Pink Soicaith. His father had sponsored a Redrider, clearly that meant he had some sort of penchant for loving them? The news, while something that backed up every story she had ever told the boy of his paternal side of the family, was a bitter pill to swallow. Kyona loathed Nimara, hated Waroth, and promised with an oath that if she ever came face to face with the other Redrider, she'd rip her eyes out and cut her throat. Likewise, when she found out that he'd espoused not only one, but two people.

Ky grew to be increasingly curious about his distant relatives; his grandfather was a Master Tanner, he was told. A kind, gentle, wise man who knew a great deal, but who held dark secrets. Ky, like his mother, was capable of spinning fantastic tales; it was an attribute that came less-heralded from his father's side, as well. He spent a great deal of time with both his mother and Orangerider Kelvard; that was, until a stray clump claimed his mother's life in Summer 13, during the great Doomfall that overwhelmed Pern. While Ky did his best to keep a strong chin and put on a tough face, inside he was devastated.

Fort and Dalibor had a long, sordid history of disdain for one another; for the most part, Kyona had protected her son from the more malicious rumors and comments on his patronage, but without her there, he was at the mercy of those around him. While he also became a Dragon Candidate upon reaching 10 turns of age, many began to insist that he belonged at Dalibor. After all, he was "one of them", and thus, needed to be among his own kind; that was no more apparent since fate had seen fit to kill his mother, after all. Clearly, the powers that were thought he belonged with his father.

Being only 11 turns, and while he carries his mother's intelligence, Ky was still impressionable and young. Words hurt, and when they started calling him a bastard and insulting his father's (until now) good name, it was the last straw. Ky finally put in for a transfer, hoping that his arrival wouldn't be too awful a surprise to his father.

Adoption Preference: Transfer him out with his father.

Cross-Impressionable Yes.

Impression Preference:

Desired Colors:
Viridian > Brown > Blue > Burgundy > Red > Tan > Orange > Yellow (M)

Banned Colors:
Black, Pink, smaller Sport colors.

Preferred Personalities:
Level-headed, competent. Can be a little hard to get along with/snappish, he's used to his mother's Red so he's good with practically pretty much anything.

Undesirable Personalities:
I'd prefer no hyperactive chatterboxes, but it's okay if that's the only thing left to give him (please be warned, he will work with it over time to lessen it to a reasonable-for-me-to-play level).

In-Character Considerations:
This character will eventually be taking Z'dyn's place (with his brother Keivhyn) as either a Wingleader or Second; naturally, if he miraculously ends up with a SubQueen this isn't much of the case, but those are the only female dragons I would like him considered for. In truth, I'd prefer him on a Male if at all possible, but he grew up around a Red and could feasibly handle one. That being said, I am not interested in running any further Hatchings unless it's by Staff-request, so there will be off-cam flights only for him if he ends up with a Squeen, in any case but the aforementioned staff-requested Flights.

You can maul him, but nothing that will remove limbs/fingers and otherwise keep him from both playing his guitar or flying Thread.

PLEASE DO NOT BURN MY EYES WITH HEXES. If it's impossible to read or too bright, I will request it to be changed. I use the Pillies of Dalibor skin.

Please elude to Kyze'n, Kyze'on, K'on, Ky'don or K'idon (in order of pref).

 Posted: Apr 12 2016, 12:56 PM
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