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Dalibor is a semi-canon Dragonriders of Pern site. No knowledge of the series or site is required to join; players of all experience levels are welcome here. Founded in 2008 on Proboards and moved to Jcink in 2013, Dalibor has been running for nine years.

Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

Upcoming Flights/Runs:
Red Ingoth

Upcoming Hatchings:

Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Dhiren, Wher Candidate
 Posted: Mar 20 2017, 08:03 PM


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21 turns.
Dalibor Weyr
Wher Candidate

Ren has a sarcastic, often biting, sense of humor. He likes his friends, and the people he cares about, but doesn't feel the need to do more than keep civil with anyone else. A close-knit group is always preferred, if anyone at all, and he isn't a huge fan of large gatherings. He'll often avoid Gathers or social events where there will be many people unless he's going into it with a purpose: buying something, namely. With a cool head and no need to prove anything to anyone, he is quite laid back and easy going. He doesn't feel he should really have to answer to anyone, and does his own thing for the most part. He isn't rude, but he isn't the sort of person who gives the impression he can be bullied or pushed around. He seems very sure of himself, but doesn't brag nor try to impress anyone. The only person he holds himself accountable to at the end of the day is himself.

Ren can seem rough around the edges. He doesn't exactly do team work well. He likes things done right, and to him, doing it himself is often the best way to ensure it. He has trust issues, safe to say. He doesn't trust anyone to handle his business but himself. To get things done as well as he could--unless he sensibly deems that they have a proficiency in something he doesn't. He's someone who does for himself, and expects others to do the same. He doesn't like feeling responsible for other people. Getting close to others isn't easy for him, since once you care about someone, it immediately means that you care about what happens to them, and he tends to feel responsible for them to a degree. He's pretty solid and loyal, when it comes down to it. He's got walls that he doesn't care to see broken down. He has clearly been hurt before, and is wary. Most people would describe him as 'distant'. He's the kind of guy whose respect is given until a reason is given not to, but only to a small degree. The same can't be said of trust: he doesn't really trust people, even if it appears otherwise. Trust takes a long time to build.

He is of average intellect, but good life smarts. He can take care of himself in every respect. He is more than adequate at fighting, but won't do it unless he has to because it usually means someone gets hurt--more often than not, it isn't him. He knows his way around knives, and hand to hand combat. He will restrain rather than injure, unless given no other option. Fortunately, Pern doesn't generally tend to be a place where violence is well-tolerated, so he doesn't often have to utilize this outside of regular upkeep and training of his particular set of skills. Very protective, he is easily jealous--something he doesn't like in himself. If he ever decides to care about someone romantically, it is the kind of jealousy that can cause problems, for some. Possessive and dominant, he isn't the kind of person who likes to see anyone making passes at or showing interest in someone he fancies. This goes both ways: he would be quite bothered by the person he likes showing interest in or flirting with someone else. It would throw his walls right back up, very quickly, and he can be stubborn and hot-headed when it comes to this area. It is yet another reason he dislikes getting close to anyone.


Play-by: Sebastian Stan

Standing at a respectable height of 6', Ren keeps himself in good physical shape. Quite well-muscled without being 'huge', he holds his own when needed. With a defined, square jaw and a small dimple on his chin and the corners of his mouth, he may be considered handsome by some. His hair is kept with long bangs framing his face, a dark brunette in color. Blue-grey eyes can either twinkle with amusement or become hard as jagged stone, depending on his moods. His mouth is a distinctive feature, seeming to be turned down and stern, save for the corners, which tend to make it hard for him to hide his amusement as they upturn quite easily. Many would describe him as having a 'puppy' expression--or a hard one, depending. He usually only lets a day or two go in between shaving. Dark, semi-thick eyebrows are extremely expressive. Overall, he has a face prone to being very expressive, even when he doesn't wish it to be.

His dress is rather rugged, yet still manages to look neat enough. Darker colors are preferred, and always wher-hide boots and black wher-hide jacket. He does, however, seem to have a thing for white shirts. There is nothing particularly notable in his dress style save that it gives the impression of being more masculine.

Dhisiree (Mother, 36)
Soaren (Father, Trader, 45)


user posted image

Name: Shell
Species: Firelizard
Color: Burgundy
Age: 0 turns (SU:17)
Clutch: Gold Aura
Sound: N/A

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
While he comes off as haughty and irritable, this Burgundy simply feels that he's more than a little bit the Keeper of his Charges, so to speak. It's his job to make sure they don't get into trouble (not necessarily his siblings, but mainly His, people close to His, and any pets His might end up with or already has), and he's the first one into the proverbial fray when and if it does happen. Despite his somewhat dour disposition (on the outside), he's really a softie on the inside, and His can always open up that part of him with a little bit of attention and loving on - just not in front of other people. No, in public he's as stubborn and stoic as an Iron, but one might catch him playing with a ball of fluff or a piece of cloth, or chasing minnows in the shallows when people aren't SUPPOSED to be looking. He likes to snuggle, and tends to stick close to His most of the time - especially in the colder Winter months. Dhiren won't lack for a makeshift scarf, for sure. He's generally very quiet-natured; this flit isn't prone to a lot of cheeping, or trilling, or keening. He gets his point across, mainly, by body language and eye-colors alone (it isn't to say he won't make noise; he just tends to do it only when it's really important).


CW: vague mentions of physical abuse, alcoholism, and mention of accidental murder

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Dhiren never knew his parents. His mother was quite young when she had him, on a cold winter's day, an unwanted child from a man she herself didn't know. She left him in front of a random doorstep when he was only three turns old, and never looked back. To her, he was a 'reminder' of something she wanted to forget. Every time she looked at the child, she saw the father. After abandoning him, she went on to Benden Hold. Little could she have known she was setting her son up for a life that played out more like a nightmare.

Bitra Hold was where the boy was left, with a note with a different name written on it. There was only a man living there, in that house--a man who was not quite right in the mind. The things he did to the boy, beating him and verbally abusing him, were terrible. The child soon spoke hardly at all, and not at all by the time he was six. He could speak, but simply chose not to. People thought it strange, as his behavior was. Bruises were hidden. Still, they couldn't have imagined the things he endured behind closed doors.

Because of his circumstances, he hardly made friends. There was one boy, but he was too afraid to speak about what went on. The other boy simply accepted that Ren was quiet, and to a child who knows not what to look for, it wasn't particularly abnormal that Ren never talked about his life with his so-called father. He was intelligent enough but didn't really seem to care much about anything. He never really made efforts to do well at anything, or spoke of having any dreams or ambitions. He ended up working in the stables, cleaning up shaffit and caring for runners. He didn't care one way or the other for the beasts, either. Still, it was his only way to be away from that house, a task he started when he was ten turns of age. There were no marks to dream bigger than this, even though he did wish for an escape.

When he was fifteen, and things continued to go on the way they were, he was so numb to it that it was 'normal'. People had come to think of him as shy and reclusive. If anyone wondered if something was amiss, no one asked. Then one day, Ren had had enough. He wanted to die. He wanted to leave. He felt trapped, with no one and no where to go. Nothing to his name, but his name. When his 'father' attempted to have a got at him, in a drunken state, Ren pushed him, hard. He'd had enough, and was not a small boy at his age. The man fell and hit his head on the corner of their stone table. Ren was so shocked when he saw the blood, that in his stupor he went to get help. It occurred to him to lie, then. After all, he was too terrified to admit he'd pushed him. With the smell of wine heavy on his breath, it was ruled an accident. That Toraak had tripped and fallen, and hit his head.

Ren had no idea what to do with himself. He was finally 'free' and inherited the house that had been his adopted 'father's'. Still, all he had that he knew was working in the stables. It was paid work, and enough for the basest of necessities. He had a roof over his head, and clothing, and food. For a few rather numbing turns, that was more than enough. Still, it began to eat away at him, the monotony that was his life. He remained far more quiet and reclusive than anyone in the Hold. He never formed close relationships. He was simply no one. Nothing. He was content now that life was better, in that regard. He learned to defend himself, finally, though the man who taught him did wonder at the bursts of rage that seemed to overtake the young man during their mock-battles. Life just wasn't enough for Ren. It was suggested by the Stablemaster he consider what would bring him some measure of happiness. The only thing Dhiren could think of was a change of pace. Getting out of the house where so much bad had happened, and going somewhere that might be more exciting.

Shortly after, a wherhandler told him that her wher thought he'd be a good candidate to bond. Only Dhiren had not wanted to stay, and asked if he could get letters of recommendation to go to another Weyr of his choosing to try and bond. The Weyr he chose was Dalibor. With little to his name, he hopes that he can find what he's been missing there--perhaps in the form of a wher bond?

Adoption Preference:
Transfer please~

Preferred Wher Name:

Impression Preference:


Desired Colors:

S-Queen only.

Banned Colors:

All but queen or s-queen!

Preferred Personalities:

- open to anything, so long as not undesirable as stated below.

Undesirable Personalities:

- No disabled whers, please.
- cowardly
- weak
- unintelligent

In-Character Considerations:

DNI. Saving for s-queen token for Dhiren.

Mauling Preferences:
Only very minor, nothing lasting mauling allowed. Nothing above the neck, nothing beyond minor scarring.

Preferences will be subject to change as I Impress with others. Things will likely alter and open up, as necessary, but I do want to give a chance to get different dragons and not all the same or fighters.
 Posted: Apr 11 2017, 04:55 PM

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*click for plot page*
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