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Copper Zelsk shook things up at the Copper Class graduation feast by beginning her run shortly after the knots were delivered to her handler. Bronze Osk won Zelsk's maiden run and now a sizable clutch lays on the sands hardening. Not to be outdone by the ground-bound copper, Copper Laanasuth took to the skies the very next day - though her flight was not as cut and dry as the wher's run had been. Offended by the force catch attempt of a presumptuous burgundy Laanasuth betweened to High Reaches Weyr where one of their dragons won her flight. Though she has returned to Dalibor and laid a large clutch for Dalibor's candidates the Weyr awaits the transfer of the dragon sire and his rider, Dalibor's newest Junior Weyrleader.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

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Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin
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K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
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Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Candi; Wher Candidate
 Posted: Apr 2 2017, 11:15 PM


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19 turns; Winter
Pansexual; Polyamorous
Dalibor Weyr; Born at Fort hold, Previously of Harper Hall
Wher Candidate; Apprentice Harper


Candi is that little light at the end of the tunnel. She's warm summer days with nothing to do. She's that cup of hot klah on a cold morning, when you're snuggled close to who you love most.

She is pure, unadulterated joy.

The girl's a force of nature, really. A natural born disaster wrapped in saccharine sweetness and sugared venom. She has no mode but happy and sweet. She doesn't know anything but good times and love. She's basically a ticking timebomb in the sense that no one's life goes that well for that long. There's some horrible, all destroying event in her future. And quite frankly? She doesn't care. She's very content to live in the moment.

Candi is insufferably upbeat. She's disgustingly nice, and all around a good person. If angels were a thing on Pern, she might be compared to one. Albeit an annoyingly bouncy one. She's compassionate, empathetic, and down right innocent. Naiveté is cute, but it's not really a trait for a long life. How she as managed thus far is a bit confusing. She's got all the survival instinct of a rock, which is to say, none at all. But she's energetic and quick to run, so that's might hint to how.

Rarely found standing still, Candi always has things to play with. A pair of sticks she carved to drum on things is the most common, but it's not rare for her to have a staff or some form of ribbon to play with. See, she's always in motion. She does nothing statically. Even in her sleep, she's rolling and moving, curling and uncurling. She just can't. Hold. Still. It's not in her nature.

Her imagination is a wild one. Despite being an adult, or at least pretty close to one, she's got all the wild musings and questions of a five turn old. Well, if that five turn old had a horrifyingly morbid curiosity. She's got a love for telling horror stories, or asking odd questions. She's amazed by basically everything. Clouds. Bones. Seashells. Between fascinates her on a whole 'nother level. What is it? Why is it a thing? If you could wrap yourself in lots and lots of clothes, could you live there? What happens to the dragons that go there to die? Her Imagination has got her weird looks before, and she's started to only tell her stories and questions to close friends.

She’s also a harper ramped up to eleven. She's more theatrical and dramatic than any one really has the right to be. Life is a play, and Pern is her stage. She does everything with a certain degree of zealotry, it has to be a better than others, bigger than others. Candi really doesn't understand when she needs to tone it down. She doesn't understand 'stepping out of the spotlight'. To her, if you aren't watching her then she must make it bigger! This can annoy and even anger others, as Candi comes off as not really 'caring' too much about the world around her. It's partially true. Her imagination runs wild sometimes to the point where she's more wrapped up in fantasy than she is in the real world. Sometimes she needs someone to remind her and anchor her to the real world.

She's also not as sweet as she might appear. She's kind and adoring, but underneath there's a certain modicum of sass and venom. She just covers it up with that sweetness, so half the time people don't know they've been insulted until hours later. She likes to play the fool, to pretend she has no clue what she's saying, as to not get in trouble.

Truthfully, she's a manipulative little brat. Things don't just naturally go her way, sure she has a decent helping of luck, and her life has been too good so far, but she does orchestrate some of her destiny by herself. She knows how people react around her, and she's acutely aware of what they think of her. She knows they think she's nothing but vapid smiles and dumb little stories. Her reasoning is, if they are going to think of her in bad ways, than it's their own fault when she manipulates them. If they took her seriously, no one would ever get caught in her webs.

She’s a liar too. Not just emotionally, but she will speak bold faced lies. It’s habitual, even if she doesn’t need to lie? She’s going to. For Candi is a pathological liar. Really, it’s questionable how much of her personality or her history as told by others is true.

One thing she hates is being alone. In fact, following her would be a lone line of broken hearts. Because as much as she hates being alone? She hates being tied down more. Likely, she’ll need at least two partners, and if someone can’t handle that? Well, she’s got no issue going behind their back. Then to make matters worse? Convince the hurt party that it was all their fault! She’s a manipulative, conniving little thing that can not be trusted even at the best of times.

One thing is Candi is Astraphobic. She’s afraid of thunder. Terribly so. Ever since she was a child, she would hide under her bed and sit there shivering until the storm passed. With a Wher help with that? Who knows.


Candi, first of all, would like you to know that she’s beautiful. At least, she is to herself. And she assumes she is to others. After all, how could they not see that? Her ego, though over inflated, was at least earned through many compliments growing up. Often due to her hair. Falling to her hips, it’s the color of dragonfire, the color of a copper’s glowing hide as the sun sets. A thick mass of silky strands that is, more often than not, braided and looked around her head in a crown. She takes utmost care of it, brushing it out several times throughout the day, preening like the vain creature she is. Short bangs frame her angular face, falling to her jawline at the longest. With high cheekbones and a delicately pointed chin, she thinks she’s resplendent. Long lashes frame dark green eyes, glittering contrasts to her pale, freckled flesh. Though who knows how long that complexion will last against the mighty rays of rukbat?

Physically, Candi is built like a dancer. Tall, lean, and long of limb she stands a 5’9” from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. Everything about her is long and willowy. Even her fingers are long and delicate. She’s angular, when it comes to her curves, with a small bust and sharp hips. Perhaps that will change in the future, perhaps not. She’s built her strength in personality and conniving, much less in physical ways. When it comes to dressing herself, she tends to favor dark colors for accents, but otherwise simply picks cuts and colors that accent her just well enough to seem pretty. After all, Candi is trying to exude an aura of cute, bubbly, and airheaded.

Carrabis - Father; 45; Journeyman Weaver
Illlyndi - Mother; 40; Master Baker
Illbis - Older brother; +4 turns; Journeyman Baker
Carryl - Younger brother; -2 turns; Apprentice Miner
user posted image

Grey Canine
1 season old
A gift for her turnday, Puff is a small, rambunctious little creature. Where his owner acts sweet, he is not. He's ultimately spoiled, and will bite the hand that feeds. Except, that hand belongs to Candi, and Puff loves Candi above all else. He is highly protective of her, and goes with her everywhere. He has no issues biting or attacking others if he thinks Candi wants him to. This means Candi has gotten good at subtly sicking her pup on people who bother her. He's a real ankle-biter.

user posted image
Blue,Teal, and Orange

Though born at first breath of winter, when the frosts started to creep, Candi could not have been warmer. Swaddled in blankets made by her father, Candi was all dark eyes and pale hair. That changed though. Her hair moving from the pale red it was into the darker, stronger color it is today. Her eyes changed far more. They, like her, are capricious, changing slightly depending on what she wears shifting from something warmer like a green’s glowing hide, to the deep depths of the forests woodcarvers kept. It's not a true change, no the colors she wear just then to make one color stand out more. She liked to pretend though that it was due to some special power. She was an imaginative child, always talking to imaginary friends and delighting in heroic tales where she was the star. One day she would be Moreta, though she quickly tired of the idea of being a dragonrider. Everyone dreamed of that. She dreamed of something more. Attention. She wanted everyone's attention. She wanted to be adored! Her elder brother, sadly did not feel the same way, and often picked on her for this. Every now and then, though, he would pity her and join in her games.

It wasn't like her parent's didn't love her. They loved her quite a bit, and showered their children with affection, but they had to do other things. They had more than just Candi, after all! But it wasn't enough. It was never enough. They didn't understand the way she practiced poems and songs. Her parents didn't understand her dreams of grandeur. Her brother thought she was a bit moontouched. She preferred to play pretend than to focus on chores, much to Illyndi’s chagrin. She liked it in her world, where everyone knew her by name, where holds practically begged for her to perform there. She wanted to be the best, the most amazing harper there ever was!

It was when she was around four turns old that her astrophobia was discovered. A large storm had blown in, and the thunder cracked loud enough to shake the hold, the lightning bright enough to light up the sky as if it were day. Candi panicked. Crawling under her bed, she wrapped herself in her blankets and sobbed. Carrabis and Illyndi didn't know what to do. They had tried to comfort her, but it didn't help. Neither had a phobia, and they could not understand the almost mindless terror that the four turn old girl felt. Her father tried making earmuffs, to soften the sound, but they did not soften it enough. So after awhile, they just let the girl do what she would do, for they neither understood the fear, nor knew how to stop it. They just tried to comfort her when it was all over, when she had done what she had to. Illybis, in a strange act of sibling kindness, would often set beside her bed and talk to her, making her recite her stories. And she would, she would tell them all to him in a trembling voice. Did it help? Well… Not really. But she never told him that.

When it wasn't thundering though, Candi was as wild and happy as a child could be. In her classes, she was too loud and too eager, often calling out answers before the question was asked. Still, she drank in history and songs like a lush downed wine. She would hang on the Harper's every word. Her parents had tried several times to get her interested in their craft. She enjoyed helping her mother cook and bake for a short time, before getting distracted. And weaving? Well, it was no good. She only managed to get things tangled, or to make a mess of the beads her father used to decorate dresses. In the end, it was a neighbor who noticed that Candi would be a good Harper. Truthfully, her parents had tried to steer her away from that path, the girl being too centered on fame and attention, they didn't want to encourage those traits in her. They were simple folk, where she was complicated and demanding. But they just couldn't stop her, eventually they knew it would make her far too happy. They were glad that they lived in Fort so her schooling would not take her too far from them. They knew she would have good teachers. Candi was ecstatic when she was accepted by the Hall. Illybis of course, teased her for it. Saying she was worse than a wherry. He had found his own craft, following in their mother’s footsteps. He teased Candi about being spoiled. She wasn’t even the baby anymore, seeing as how a new brother had been born only two turns after Candi’s own birth.

Harper Hall was a huge change for the girl. They were strict, and Candi proved difficult to teach. She wanted to be the best, but she would often overestimate her ability, or work too fast, causing her work's quality to suffer. She found it easier to pretend to be dumb, to not put standards too high on her at first. Eventually though, she got it through her head that being fast did not mean she was good. She learned patience and focus for her studies, but kept up her false persona for the masses. Once she understood that, Candi flourished. She made many friends, and expanded her social skills. She was always in the middle of gossip or rumors, keeping up with the latest news. After all, if she acted sweet and stupid, people were more willing to let things slip to her. As time went on, Candi showed proficiency in the violin as well as composing pieces for her fellow harpers to play. For her 14th turnday, her parents had saved up enough marks to purchase her a violin, as Candi was not quite good enough to make her own. It was beautiful, made of a light colored wood with delicate flourishes. She named it Melete.

With Melete, Candi focused even harder on her lessons. While composition and stringed instruments soon started to shine as her true talents, she had to learn to expand. She was far too young to focus on just a few talent just yet. Candi wasn't exactly thrilled, but she understood to a degree that she could not be a one-trick runner. Apprentices needed to be well rounded, eventually she would be able to focus on a set of skills, but not now. There was just so much to learn! Over time Candi learned each skill had it's uses and place in her lineup. Poems were good for her vocabulary and they sharpened her mind, making her lies easier and more belivable. Dance helped her keep her fit and balanced, and was useful for when she was too upset to play. History was important and taught her many lessons and mistakes made through the turns. Of course, there was so much more. Instrument creation, diplomacy, and record keeping to name a few. As she grew as a Harper, Candi solidified her skills and found new ones she would have never thought she would enjoy. Each season that passed she had tests and quizzes where her teachers would test her growth. From there they would refine her skills even more, focusing on what she had gotten low marks in. Eventually, they started to ask what she wanted to do once she was a Journeyman.

What Candi wanted was to go to a Weyr. She had many dreams about putting Weyr life to a score. Drafting up pieces that conveyed the excitement of a hatching, the feeling of impression, and terror of fighting thread. She wanted to make it so Holders and children alike could understand how these major events felt. He took this into consideration when he presented her to the others. There was much talk about her. Some did not think she was ready, as she had not learned to rein herself in, but her favorite mentor, Kallux fought for her, for her knew Candi would never really be subdued.

Eventually, they would relent to an extene, and there was talk of sending her to a weyr. She made it obvious she would not be ready to walk the tables until she produced at least one piece of music. And well? It was a good test for Candi. The question though, was where to send her? Fort Weyr was the first suggested but it was shot down quick. Candi was too odd for Fort’s traditions. Perhaps Southern? No, Candi didn’t like that at all.... Though not the favorite weyr, Dalibor was finally settled on. Hopefully, their progressive and free nature would be easier for Candi to adjust to. So packing her belongings, she readied herself to go to Dalibor, where her future awaited.

Adoption Preference:
Transfer or Kill.

Wher Name: Cansk, Candisk, uh, feel free to surprise me!

SubQueen Impressible: Yes

Impression Preference:
This section is completely optional

Desired Colors:
While I would love for Candi to have a pink or tan wher, I am aware they are not optional colors. So feel free to pair her with anything you see fit.

Banned Colors:
Iron, of course

Preferred Personalities:
I'm conflicted on this. While a cute, bubbly little Wher would be interesting. So would a highly pessimistic wher. I'd like something that draws on her manipulative nature, if at all possible. A Wher that knows she's not the sweet, sugary little mask she wears, that can see right through her.

Undesirable Personalities:

In-Character Considerations:

Mauling Preferences:
Feel free to maul her! I just request no major Finger/Hand loss!

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 Posted: Apr 22 2017, 09:11 PM
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