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 Camille, weyrling of Indigo Neaunith, HeartHealer Class
 Posted: Sep 3 2017, 08:09 PM


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Name: Camille
Gender: Female
Age: 18 turns [SP:200]
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Western Hold > Dalibor Weyr
Rank: HeartHealer Weyrling

Self-Conscious | Flirtatious | Friendly | Capable

Camille is a box full of repressed feelings and self doubt. On the outside she is capable of portraying herself as being fairly level headed and confident - many others may consider her to be the 'leader' type even if she herself doesn't see why. Her closest friends are the only ones she lets in on the giant secret that she’s a fraud and even then she does her best to not seem like as much of a loser as she feels. Her self esteem is so-so; some days she thinks herself on top of the world, while others she feels desperately low about herself. Somewhat of a troublemaker she’s very good at covering her tracks and making up stories to make her seem innocent - not everyone buys into the act but it works most of the time.

Handling herself in a mature manner is always her goal and it would be a lie to say there aren’t times she falls short. Despite having a somewhat short fuse she’s remarkably calm more often than not - she may get angry but unless it affects someone close to her she is unlikely to lash out. Instead she tries a diplomatic approach, reminding herself near constantly that everyone is fighting a battle she knows nothing about; just as she cannot expect them to know her struggles. Often times her friends come to her to settle their differences, as she can usually see both sides to their arguments and voice a mostly unbiased opinion. Some take her calm and fair manner as meaning she is a doormat - in some regards it is easy to walk all over her but not because she doesn’t understand what is going on but rather she doesn’t see the point in ruffling feathers over minor things. This does not mean that if something is truly unjust she will not speak up - she’s more than capable of speaking up for the ‘underdog’ when it is warranted and will not let others take advantage of those she considers friends.

When it comes to men she tends to lose a little bit of her senses. For all intents and purposes she seems like someone who is comfortable flirting but who would never go beyond that. The truth is her low self esteem has led her into a few brief ‘relationships’ in which she was easily manipulated into rushing right into more physical things than she was comfortable with; yet she felt so sure if she denied them they'd turn away. Thus far none of these ‘relationships’ have lasted long or helped fulfill her need to feel desirable and loved, but in the short term it helps boost her self image just a tad and she seems fine with that. If she were to be true to her feelings she would pursue Havenrute, her best friend. Harboring a (mostly) secret crush on him for many turns now she’s thoroughly convinced he would never see her as anything more than a friend; so she settles for shallow men and equally shallow ‘ships.

5’2” | Dirty Blonde Hair | Blue Eyes | Feminine Figure

While other girls sprouted in their teenaged years Camille did not. Plateauing when she was twelve turns old she might have always resembled a young girl if not for other areas filling in. Standing a mere 5’2” she is relatively short though in a nice pair of thick shoes she can pass as ‘average’ height - while putting her weak ankles at high risk for rolling. Wide “birthing” hips and a more than ample bosom are her saving grace when it comes to making her appear less childish and more like a woman. Dirty blonde hair washes down her shoulders and tickles mid-back and she’s prone to wearing it down so it hides her face. Bangs sweep down and sometimes cover one of her eyes - she insists on bangs to cover her forehead which she feels is too large for her face. Bold, wide blue eyes framed by high cheekbones are the real focal point of her face, perched between them is a high nose that had a sort of upturned appearance to it.

Her looks don’t immediately place her in the spectrum of ‘sexy’, at least as far as Camille is concerned. It doesn’t help that she feels herself a tad overweight and thus goes out of her way to wear slightly baggier clothes. Some of her tops are low cut to show off what she feels are her sole redeeming qualities but overall she is more comfortable wearing clothes that look like hand me downs from her elder brother. In time her fashion sense may change and she may build up the confidence to wear better fitting clothes but for now until she’s undressed she typically comes off as a bit frumpy.

Carmella; Mother; WI:175; Holdfolk/Farmhand; Western Hold
Oillerian; Father; SU:165; Holdfolk/Farmer; Western Hold

╚ Oliar of blue Olisk; Brother; SP:191; Grove Weyr
.. Myalla; Sister-in-law; AU:189; Weyrfolk; Grove Weyr
......╚ Molya; Niece; SU:17; Grove Weyr

╚ Melia; Sister; SP:195; Holdfolk; Crescent Hold

╚ Camille; SP:200; Candidate; Dalibor Weyr

user posted image
Species: Firelizard
Color: Bronze
#897004 | #785E03
Age: < 1 turn [AU:17]
Clutch: Wild Clutch

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
I'm watching you.

Haughty and independent, this bronze believes that he knows best for him and His at all times. It will take patience and perhaps some compromise before he learns that not everything can go his way. People especially do not like being micromanaged by their firelizards. Generally. Who knows. Maybe His will appreciate a pushy bronze noising in their business, eyeing them disapprovingly like a stuffy Lord Holder might his klutz of a child. Just know that he will be watching. Always watching. Perched high in the rafters, on a shoulder, on a desk, nested between the headknobs of a friendly dragon or wher--he observes all that His does, keen to never let that which is his Kingdom from sight.

Not prone to lapses in idle curiosity or frivolity, this bronze won't thieve shiny objects or bring His gifts of pretty feathers. But if His is stubborn, they can train him to be a competent messenger or willing fetcher of objects. They just have to find the right incentive to coax this willful flit into straying from his sentry duty.

Like many of his color, he does have a flirty side. He is content to being the only flit bonded to His, or one of many. But if His wants any privacy, a female or two to distract him might be in order.

Art and personality provided by: Catsitta

Neither of Camille’s parents were born on the western continent, a fact that she couldn’t wrap her mind around as a young child. Both grew up in the north in different cotholds but came west when it was first colonized with their families. Oillerian gave up fishing with his father and brothers to try his hand at cultivating the land and as such helped play a vital role in establishing the now fertile fields that Western Hold depends on for their crops. Carmella’s mother was drawn by the harperhall, though she never actually stepped foot inside. Her dream was to see her daughter become a harper, though she didn’t live long enough to see it through. Both Oillerian and Carmella had decent childhoods and thus when they began to have children of their own they provided much the same.

There were bumps in the road of course - when the white wherry plague swept through the couple feared they would lose their eldest son. Only three at the time Camille has no real recollection of Oliar ever being deathly ill, what she knows is based on what her family told her as she got older. Rather than succumbing to the illness Oliar pulled through and the rest of their family was remarkably untouched. Camille’s life moved on as if nothing had happened at all.

At six turns old Camille remembers there being quite a commotion - and dragons at the Hold quite frequently. Though she’d seen Westesk she’d never really paid much mind to the dragons whose shadows fell over their home from time to time. Seeing them much closer piqued her interest and sent her imagination into overdrive. Would she be a dragonrider someday? It was during this time - which she would later be told was when their Lord Holder became Pern’s first Weyrlord - that she met the boy who would become her best friend, Havenrute. Bumping into him while staring at a dragon perched on the tall stone wall the young holdbrats chattered about dragons, whers, and all sorts of impossible things. From that day on they played together every day, even if it meant sneaking away from chores to do so.

Western’s harper did a fine job of ensuring basic lessons were tended to, and while at first Camille was a slow learner she worked hard to keep up with her peers. She didn’t want Havenrute to think she was a dimglow but she confided in him she was struggling and he helped her with her studies while she in turn helped him with chores when he fell behind. It was a fair trade in their eyes and only helped strengthen the bond between them.

Around the same time she noted her interest in boys (and Havenrute in particular) Lord Holder D’lios was murdered. People began only speaking of the man in hushed tones and she recalled there being a lot of new faces flooding into Western during that time; nothing her young mind put much stock into but a memory nonetheless. It was then that dragons came to stay at Western, renewing her interest in the large winged beasts when Lady Irohvyne returned with a few riders from Dalibor.

The following turn created a number of startling memories for the young girl as an attack was mounted against Western Hold by a group she later heard called ‘palefolk’. Thankfully her family came away unharmed thanks to Dalibor Weyr mounting a defense of the Hold but during the attack she vividly remembers being more frightened than she had ever been in her life. A few months later when winter fell upon the western continent it came with a vengeance, snow fell in massive amounts which made travelling outside of the Hold impossible. While it was quite unpleasant it was nothing compared to what the Weyr faced - thick stone walls and tightly closed shutters helped keep most of the ice and cold at bay; Dalibor did not have the same comforts. It was a miserable winter being cooped up inside but she was warm, had food, and with Havenrute spending more and more time with her family it ultimately wasn’t all that bad.

When the snow melted things went back to being normal. Lessons, chores, helping her family, and hanging out with her best friend. Life was fine. Summer came and that brought some excitement to the curious young preteen’s life when handlers and riders flocked to the Hold but then they were gone again; later she would hear all about how they went underground and flushed out the palefolk. Most exciting to her during that time was the Gather that followed during which she watched from the sidelines as Lady Irohvyne auctioned off marvelous gifts to those who had helped.

Her life was not impacted again by dragonriders or wherhandlers until the following turn, a season after her nameday when a change in Threadfall saw horrific consequences. Even hidden safely within stone walls she could hear the sharp keen of the dragons as one after another was lost. The rest of the season saw her busy with her family helping to tend the fields, trying to save what they could since so much of it had been ravaged by Thread.

It would be the last large event in her memory for a number of turns. Time slipped by peacefully - for the most part. Her mother began to hound her around her fifteenth nameday about rumors she’d heard from a few of the other mothers; rumors that made Camille out to be quite liberal with her body. Innocence was an easy thing to feign and she managed to do so time and time again, even if the rumors did have a hint of truth to them. Convinced Havenrute was never going to be more than a friend and lacking a feeling of true self worth she jumped at the chance to be in a relationship with any boy that showed interest. Had she been mature enough to reflect on the fact that they were attracted to her personality first and she didn’t have to rush into physical things with them she might have stood a chance at a real relationship; instead they fell apart time and time again. It was something she hid not only from her family but that she tried desperately to hide from Havenrute as well - just as she hid her feelings for him. He wasn’t wherry brained and deep down she was sure he knew some of what she was up to whenever she wasn’t hanging out with him getting into mischief other ways, but he didn’t confront her so she never brought it up. It would have killed her to have him disapprove of her - even if she didn’t really like that part of herself either.

The announcement that another Weyr and two Holds had been established in the south caused somewhat of a rift in her family. Oliar was a wandering spirit and insisted their entire family make the move south. Camille objected - quite vigorously - to such a move, how could her brother expect her to leave her life behind? Not to mention she would be forced to leave Havenrute behind, something she couldn’t fathom ever happening. In tears she threatened to run away from home until her brother gave up the silly notion he could convince everyone to go south. Instead Oliar packed his things and went south on his own, managing to meet a young woman just before he found himself bonded to a wher.

Secretly envious of her brother Camille took up the habit of sketching dragons and whers on spare bits of hide when she had free time, something her best friend had been doing for turns. She only showed Havenrute - her father was cross with Oliar for leaving and she felt he would hate her if he thought she too had dreams beyond the Hold’s walls. Content to live only in her daydreams she found herself shocked when a few seasons after her seventeenth nameday a visiting dragon from Dalibor - Reith - turned his attention to her and insisted she was suitable for ‘the Bond’. Excitement and joy were quickly replaced by sheer panic when she caught sight of Havenrute’s face and she outright refused, much to her friend’s objections. Dreams were something that might never come true - her friendship was real and she wasn’t going to leave him behind. In a happy twist of fate it ended up she didn’t need to leave him behind at all, Reith insisted that Havenrute too needed to find ‘the Bond’ and would make a fine Candidate.

Together the friends accepted being Searched and packed their things for Dalibor Weyr.

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Name: Neaunith
Color: Indigo
Age: <1 turn
Adult Length: 28 ft
Clutch: Tempest in a Teapot
Dam & Sire: Copper Laanasuth & Blue Alwanath

Personality:Neaunith was born with a love of the sky, a natural flier who is uncomfortable on the ground and really won’t come into her own until she’s allowed to fly freely. She will be adept at catching thermals and updrafts and have the stamina to hold an aerial position for hours, something that will bring her great pride and joy. In spite of this, she still keeps a relatively level head, and isn’t the type to brag at all, or chatter, or be very excitable. She’s the kind to state honest facts rather than give empty you-can-do-it pep talks, and just picks the most positive facts as the ones to provide encouragement.

She has a quiet sort of vibrance and positive energy that can impact the moods of those around her, and she’s aware of the kind of strength positivity and a good attitude can bring. Sharing this with others can be a massive output of energy when things are difficult, and very few will get to be aware of what she’s like when she’s not out and about and being a steady boost to everyone around her. When she’s up, she’s up; but when it’s time to rest, Neaunith rests hard.

That means that her rider and a few others will know that sometimes, it’s best to just not disturb her. She needs time, and peace and quiet, to recharge when the day is over. Anyone who demands more at that time, simply gets disregarded - not nastily, not with bad temper, but just a sense of ‘look, this needs to wait until morning’ that can only be pushed aside by an emergency that’s dire indeed.

Appearance: Neaunith is perfectly proportionate for an indigo - which means she's a bit stocky for a dragon of her length compared to some other colors, but not ungraceful. Nothing is too large or too small. She carries herself like she's lighter than she actually is. She is a dark bluish-purple, with faint lines on the undersides of her wings that pick up electric blue and almost a plum color in the light, shades that are reflected elsewhere on her body as well.

Impression Post:
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Now that the black was Impressed and her purple brother was on a bit more of an even keel, she could move. Rising, the indigo stepped forward across the sands, hunting through the girls first, before trailing over to the boys. And... to the one girl who'd got dragged most of the way there. Really, that had been a bit much, playful game or no.

Do you think you can stand, my dear Camille? If you can't, I will help you. Come on. Up you come. The indigo nuzzled her gently, rainbows whirling in her eyes. You can do it. You've gotten through everything up to now. And I imagine your friends are waiting for us, hmm?

Adoption Preference: Adopted or Transferred - if Captain is still around playing Havenrute feel free to poke at her for a preference!

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 Posted: Sep 10 2017, 05:28 PM

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