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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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 Osario, Weyrling of Green Asiroth, Trader, Rider of Green Asiroth
 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 09:28 PM


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17; Born Summer, 1st Turn, 11th Pass
Where on Pern.
Dragon Candidate
Age Out Date:
Summer, 23rd Turn, 11th Pass

"Really? That is what you're wearing? Oh honey we have a lot of work to do."

That's probably the first thing you will hear from Osario. She is, without a doubt, a fashionista. Fashion is her life, though Pern doesn't seem to care much for it. She likes the idea of people wearing more colors, more clothes not just for work, but for leisure. She thinks people need to dress to match their personality, and there's far too many drab outfits in the world. She knows colors and body types, she knows how to pin things just right to maximize a person's physical traits. She's good at picking out accessories as well as jewelry and she has a shrewd eye for both. Osario likes to make people look good, after all, when you look good, you feel good! And feeling good is tantamount to existence in Osario’s world. Everyone would shine if they were confident in themselves, and the first step to confidence is looking nice.

To make it even better? Osorio offers all this advice, totally free! Well, ‘offer’ might not be the right word. She almost forces her help and advice, rarely taking no as an answer. She's very pushy, and quite sharp when she wants to be. She's got quite the silver tongue, and will often talk fast to confuse people, hopping topics to muddy the waters and leave them open to answering questions without thinking. She’s a trader through and through, though instead of selling items, a lot of the time she’s selling her ideas. Ideas that might upset people with how blunt she can be at times. Yes, Osario will bluntly tell people how much she hates their outfit in order to open them up and leave them shocked. Usually this then allows her to barrage them with words and get her way.

This does not always work.

If someone successfully refuses to the point where she gives up, her whole demeanor changes. Osario flat out pouts like a child. Her attitude towards the refuses becomes icy and caustic. It's not rare for her to make small jabs and spit a bit of verbal abuse when she doesn't get her way. Often times, this leaves others with no reason to stay by her. Friendships end fast. Which is why she’s glad she has such a large family.

With a family as large as hers, Osario was always on call. She’s been babysitting since her sister had her first child. And make no mistake, Osario loves it! The woman is as warm and as motherly as it gets. She loves babies, and she loves children. One might find her quick to sneak away and spend time with the Weyrbrats, usually ‘Adopting’ unsuspecting ‘Brats into her family once at Dalibor. She’s the first to volunteer to help them explore, and is quick to teach them what she knows. And boy does she had a lot to teach them. Osario plans on having a bunch of fat, healthy children in the future. Even if being searched ruined that somewhat. The young woman sees the chance at riding a dragon to be a good one. But well. She is a trader first. So she wouldn’t be too upset at being left standing, just because to her, she can always go back to her family.

Osario, of course, underestimates how wonderful life as a dragonrider can be though. All she sees is oiling and threadscore and ash. But having a dragon, having someone that understands her and accepts her ideas? Well that would do a lot for her. Osario, despite her family’s size, never had anyone that ever truly understood her. Most of her family thought she was a bit of an odd wherry. This left her feeling a bit, well, lonely! Not even her family truly believed in her fashion revolution, especially because she couldn’t make any of it work herself.

Despite having ALL the colors and ALL the ideas, she's abyssal at sewing. It's an incredibly sore spot for her. Osario will never be able to create what she sees in her head. To make it worse, her art skills are just as bad. What ever space she occupied often has smudged, childish scribbles covering every inch of usable space. Anyone commenting on her lack of skills will get a similar treatment like those who deny her 'help'. So all she has to rely on are her ideas. Ideas, though, that are as vivid as can be. That’s one good thing about her. Her imagination and ability to visualize is nearly endless.

She is acutely aware of the people around her, more so than people would think. She's a watcher, sitting back, observing people and keeping mental notes on them until she has read the room well enough. Then Osario is bold and confident in her actions. She just needs an idea for what to expect from people. After all, Osario is a bit much to take at first. In fact, Osario can be somewhat meddlesome. She's always poking her nose where it doesn't belong. She means to help, but a lot of the time she just makes things worse.

Her mother would have it no other way, while not always fond of her daughter's decisions, Asuria stands behind her daughter 100%. Osario and her siblings were brought up to believe that women were just as good, if not better, than men. That most people in Pern were wrong. It didn't win them many friends, and even the others in their Caravan thought they were odd. Osario never has, and probably never will be, afraid to do anything due to being a girl. She's very self confidant, and will stand up for her fellow women. She's got no issues punching any man or woman in the nose for asserting that girls are lesser compared to men.


Black hair falls to her mid-back in loose waves, though it's not odd to see it in a bun or runner tail. Often brushed to a glossy sheen, it's obvious she takes good care of it. In fact, she takes good care of herself in general. Her skin is tanned, with a natural warm, golden brown sheen to it. Her lips are often stained just a bit with berries to deepen the color.

Build-wise, she's like a dancer. Reaching around 5'7” in height, she's not towering over other women, but she's at least above average. Her form is rather muscular, especially around the legs. She's joked before one kick from her could take out a small wher. Her figure, overall, is pretty womanly. The boob-faery did not pass her up, and gave her a fair handful.

Osario will demand you focus on her eyes though, especially when she's speaking with you. They're brown, by the way. A warm, cinnamon color with hints of red lurking in them. She has carefully sculpted brows, as she plucks them every week. No beauty without pain, Osario thinks. One thing is her nose. It's not too big, but not too small, and is somewhat prominent on her face, with a curve. It's sort of crooked, as it was broke when she was a child. But it healed fairly well. Other than that, she doesn't have much in the way of scars. She down have a fairly large birthmark though. Curling over the left side of her body, from her final rib to her hip is a darker brown splash of color. Almost reddish-brown in color. It splatters slightly over her stomach, and covers about half of her back, a few tendrils reaching past her spine to invade the other side. It doesn't really bother her much, and drawing attention to it will just get a small shrug from her.

Asuria – Mother, Trader, Age 56, Matriarch of her family,
Otasso – Father, Trader, Deceased, Died of Wher attack when he was 47 [Would be 59]
Renjar – Step-Father, Master Weaver, Age 43, Has 1 child from former marriage

Asura- Eldest Sister, Trader, Age 35
Usomo - Brother in Law, Trader, Age 36
Usora - Niece, age 12
Uma - Nephew, age 8
Sumosa - Niece, age 6

Otari – Elder Sister, Trader, Age 32,
Tessok - Brother in Law, Trader, Age 34
Tessar - Nephew, Age 10
Okki - Nephew, Age 5

Otori – Elder Brother, Trader, Age 32
Imma - Sister In Law, Trader, Age 32
Imori - Niece, Age 2

Atisso – Elder Brother, Trader, Age 27
Kuoa - Sister in Law, Trader, Age 28
Kissa - Niece, age 1

Sissa – Elder Sister, Trader, Age 23
Boswin - Brother in Law, Journeyman Harper, Age 21

Sassi – Elder sister, Trader, Age 23

Jenqui – Elder Half-Sister, Weaver, Daughter of Renjar and Quien {Deceased}, 22, Lives at Weaver Crafthall

user posted image
Icehowler; Female
Black and Grey
Age: 0 Turns, Born winter, 17th turn, 11th pass

user posted image
Brown Pillie - #ae3902
Born: Sp. 18th turn, 11th pass - Amber Era's Clutch
Sound: Sss!

Personality: (Fiery, Insatiable, Seductive)
This pillie is a spitfire. He has taken all of the cleverness and slyness of his colour and mutated it into something...bizarre. He's smart, needy, and never wants to stop, and he's rolled this all up into an unending urge to seduce people to his side. Whether it's in friendship, or maybe something a little more lusty, this Brown will never cease and desist, no matter how much you beg him. There's just something in his blood that makes him want to keep acquiring all of the attention, love, and belongings of everyone around him.

Appearance: As fiery in appearance as he is in personality, this Brown's carapace is a bright reddish-brown cut down the shell by dark brown and even lighter brown to make it look like a fire-baked brick of geometry.

Adult Length: 1'9" x 1'3"

user posted image
Cyan Firelizard {#e2fcff}
Born: Su. 18th turn,11th pass - Red Cyanide's Clutch

There is an uncanny resemblance between Felidae and Pern's common felines. The cyan's movements are very calculated, and precise. She has a grace about her that is, truthfully, rather stunning. There is a conniving mind underneath the calm, cool, and collected facade that the cyan outwardly portrays. She is far craftier than the rest of her clutchsiblings, as well as patient. Felidae knows when its time to wait, and when its time to act. A fascination with treasure, and all things shiny, will turn her into a hoarder. She lays claim to just about everything that she deems eye-candy, and will jealously guard her stash 'til the ends of time. Osario wanted to make something out of her cloth? Oops, it's Felidae's now. Osario actually planned to pay for those materials? Well, no need, Felidae has already taken them while everyone else was distracted. Worry not Osario, you have a practiced thief on your hands. Considering herself to be Alpha of Osario's pack, it is likely that there will be many cat-fights between Zeniba and Felidae. Unafraid to swat individuals upside the head, Osario will quickly learn that there is little that Felidae fears. Felidae will challenge Osario, each and every day, but there is zero question that she respects Hers. Felidae is the sort whose bond grows stronger over time, and so Osario will never find herself wanting for a friend. Just let her keep all of her stuff, okay?

Inspiration: Gatomon - Digimon

Osario was the final child of Otasso and Asuria. Born a few scant years before her Father's death, she was the one that sealed the deal. After her, Asuria was unable to bear any more children. Not that they wanted to, both parents were getting up in the years, and she had a multitude of siblings. In fact, her family was blessed. Two sets of living twins was a miracle. On her birthday, Otasso invited the rest of the Caravan to join in the festivities, and broke open casks of wine. This was tradition with the family. With each successful birth the family celebrated the children that were, in their mind, the most important thing.

She was a quiet baby, with big, dark eyes that seemed to take in everything. People, things and settings were of no interest to her though. It wasn't a person or object itself that she loved. It was colors. She always wanted to be near the most colorful thing or person in the room. This soon became obvious to Otasso, and he spoiled her rotten with bright flowers, fabrics, and toys. He spoiled all his children of course, but he seemed to have an extra soft spot for Osario. Osario soon build herself a little hoard of color. A hoard that she guarded as fiercely as any wher or dragon might. Her siblings learned that Osario was quick to bite when they tried to play with her things. Osario grew up being loved and adored by everyone she met. Even those she bit.

Outside of those little dramas, life was pretty good for their family. Their small Caravan traveled to smaller, more secluded Holds and Cotholds to buy and sell. Otasso had an eye for what would sell well at future stops. Asuria had an ear for gossip and was loud and friendly earning them the trust they needed to make this life work. They rarely had any trouble, always keeping to carefully pre decided destinations with careful planning. Thread didn’t bother them, they knew well enough how to hide and when to do it, they trusted the dragons in the skies. Though the plague ravaged most, the caravan was somehow spared. Perhaps it was because they travelled warmer areas, or perhaps it was just luck.

This sense of calm would soon change, though. It was when Osario was 4 turns old that things started to take a turn for the worst. At first, it was just a few pets that were disappearing during one visit. No one thought much of it. Most of the canines and felines that travelled with the caravan were feral and apt to come and go as they pleased. Then something happened to one of the draybeasts, it’s carcass found with large chunks torn out. Wher tracks were found around the camp, giving them a clear idea of just what had been attacking their animals.

A party of the best warriors the caravan had to offer. Weapons were handed out and they went to work, tracking the rogue wher that plagued them. They shouldn’t have. Night fell as they neared fresher tracks, and they weren’t prepared to handle what they found. See, the Wher was hunting them as they were hunting it. The black had circled back around them, and waited until the most opportune moment to attack. It was chaos. Most of the men were hurt, and though the beast was finally felled, Otasso was hurt. Hurt bad. He had taken a hit to the stomach, and though he was carted back and taken care of, he passed later that night.

Things did not crumble for the family though. Sure, there was grieving and mourning, but Asuria held the reins tight and kept them on the path. Osario watched as he mother and elder sisters took charge. Not only of caring for the family, but for caring for the caravan, acquiring goods and making sales. It was the first time that Osario noticed her mother ran things. Her mother ran all of the things. Otasso had not been the family's pillar of strength. Asuria was.

From then on, Osario was her mother's apprentice. Her siblings did a majority of the rearing, truthfully. They soon taught her the ways of the Trader. Soon she was allotted a few items to try and sell or trade for things she wanted. Though her mother wasn't always hands on in her education, Asuria made sure to tell her daughter stories she had heard from the Harpers every night. Though she was the Matriarch, she was also a mother and made time for each of her children everyday. Osario learned this trait and adopted it. She wanted nothing more than to be just like her mother. Well, there was soon one thing she wanted more. But she hadn’t discovered it just yet.

Osario soon learned that she and the other children her age didn't get along. It had all started in their makeshift classes as the Caravan had managed to get a Journeyman Harper to join them on their travels. She wanted to know why everyone dressed so badly. She didn't quite understand fashion, but she understood that everyone around her was boring. They didn't wear enough colors. Soon, she tried to get them to wear better colors, colors that she had picked out. She was rather good at picking out colors to compliment a person, even at her young age. The major problem came when she tried to get Usumi to wear deep purple. Usumi was the younger sister of elder sister, Asura's, betrothed. Osario just wanted to help her look better for their wedding! It ended badly, and the girls got in a fistfight when Osario wouldn't back down. Usumi came out with two black eyes, and Osario's nose was broken. Both girls were chastised by their families and send to the Caravan's healer. Osario didn’t quite learn from this, instead she just learned to push her failings out of her mind.

Asuria was doing fine without a husband, and had earned more than enough respect from her fellow traders to not need to immediately find another. She really wasn't looking for a husband, but when they went to the Weaving Crafthall and she met Renjar. She fell in love hard and fast. Renjar, a widower, lost his late wife to illness. 10-turn Osario took an instant shine to the man, and he soon became her favorite person to bother. The caravan took a break at the hall, and Osario’s sisters set to work negotiating prices and acquiring new products and supplies. Renjar took time and travelled with the caravan, wanting to be close to Asuria. It wasn't long before Renjar and Asuria were married.

During their travels, they tended to pick up people needing to get from one place to another. They so happened to pick up a young boy by the name of Jaquin heading to Fort. He was close to Osario's age, and she took pride in boasting about all the places she had been. This seemed to impress him some, which was wonderful. Osario got to learn how to interact with someone not from the Caravan, which was an interesting opportunity all in itself.

The Traders and their travellers holed up in a cothold, thanks to the help of others. But they hated it. There was nothing more terrible to the roving band than staying put. The storm took the lives of several of their draybeasts, and it made the caravan lose quite a few profits. If not for Renjar and the fine cotholders they stayed with, it could have been far, far worse. When the storm had passed, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. They were free. Or well, free-ish. They still had to tally up what was lost to the storm. For some reason, unknown to Osario, Jaquin apologized. She saw no reason to need his apology. But accepted it on behalf of the Caravan nonetheless.

While travelling, it was Renjar who started teaching Osario about clothing. She had shown interest in it early on as a child, and her mother expressed that to him. He decided to teach her a bit of his trade, though it was quickly obvious that she had no talent. As frustrating as it was that she could never make the things in her head, she still tried. He was very kind and gentle with his critiques. Though she didn't have the deft hand for it, she made up for it in eagerness. Soon she started drafting up plans for new outfits, and she would babble on constantly about it. She wanted to change all of Pern with her ideas. She wanted to make people's attire better and more fanciful. She wanted to make a difference.

Soon Osario became her mother's right hand man, as her siblings had grown and got married. Sassi and Sissa were left, sure, but they were more interested in trying to woo young men than helping their mother. Osario became her mother's messenger to her siblings, and the one who helped heavily with sales. Especially with sales towards children her own age. She had the magic touch when it came to selling cloth especially, and she was tasked with pushing Renjar's tapestries and creations. Life was not easy though.

The caravan managed to just barely get out of the way of the massive Doomfall, and it saw a pair of their traders die. Thankfully, none of Osario’s family. But they were still ‘Family’ in a sense. This was the first time Osario really considered the mortality of the people around her, and the threat of thread. It was the first time that she was actively thankful to dragons for all they did.

The caravan was heading to Southern Boll Hold when it happened. They had stopped off at a cothold, making small trades and picking up gossip, when Osario was spotted by a dragon. Well, perhaps 'Spotted' was a generous term. The dragonrider and his drake had stopped in for one reason or another, when the dragon turned his attentions to Osario. He said nothing, but quickly informed his rider he had found someone. That was how Osario met N'tharon and black Sintharith. N'tharon explained to her that his dragon saw potential in her, and that he was headed to Dalibor where candidates were greatly needed.

Osario mulled over this information, at first reluctant to leave her family. She had her life planned out. Find a husband, have fat, healthy babies, bring about a fashion revolution on Pern. It was a simple plan, in her mind. How would a dragon fit in with that? Her family, though, was eager to see her accept, and after some discussions with them returned to N'tharon to accept his search. Her things were packed and loaded and they set off towards Dalibor, to see what fate would hand her.

user posted image

Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
0 Turns; Born Laanasuth's second clutch Autumn, 18th tun, 11th pass
Dragon Color:
Green - #78a613
Dragon Length:
27 feet

Dragon Personality:
Asiroth is two things at the core of her being: she is a hoarder, and she is an artist. She loves to collect things, and does not often give them away. They’re not often useful things or valuable things, although some valuable things may still creep in; no, her collections are usually based on shape, or most often, color. She’ll eagerly pick up things that are of a certain shade or close to a certain shade of blue, or green, or red or so on, and keep it in its corresponding pile in her weyr until it’s time to use it.

Because just getting the pretty things isn’t the end of it, oh no. Asiroth loves to take the bits and pieces she picks up and arrange them in new and attractive ways. Presentations all about a certain color - sometimes, a daring combination of two colors! - are set up with care, and those around her are invited to admire them. If someone disarranges one of her displays (or worse, says something unfairly negative about it), she gets quite upset and offended. That was art, can’t they just appreciate it?

Asiroth is also an enthusiastic flier and will happily show off her skill in the air as much as her art on the ground. With her rider or without them, she will practice the best and most beautiful ways to execute any aerial maneuver. She’d rather fail at something gracefully than succeed while looking like a total bovine in the air. And since failure isn’t really an option when it comes to fighting Thread… well, that means there’s only one thing to do. Practice, practice, practice.

Dragon Appearance:
Asiroth has a lean, strong body, the kind made for moving and moving quickly. This is framed by large, sweeping wings that can keep her aloft for ages. Her muzzle has a little bit of a jowly appearance. Asiroth’s lower limbs are a forest green. The underside of her neck and body leading down through the upper parts of her limbs are heavily speckled with a minty green, spots standing out cleanly against her base hide color. The rest of her body and her wings are a more leaf green with a hint of yellow.

Adoption Preference: Transfer or Kill.

-user posted image-
 Posted: Oct 7 2017, 08:03 PM


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