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 Orissa, wherling of Viridian Orisk, Fuschia Class
 Posted: Sep 25 2017, 11:51 PM


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Name: Orissa
Gender: Female
Age: 15 [SU:3]
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Location: Fort Hold > Dalibor Weyr
Rank: Fuschia Class Wherling

Extrovert | Industrious | Stubborn | Caring | Mature

If something needs to get done Orissa has no problem doing it, working to earn her keep instilled her with a great sense of pride in a job well done. Sitting on her laurels while others put in a hard day’s work around her just simply isn’t something she’s willing to allow; even if she hates the work being done she’ll do it with minimal complaint. Capable of getting along with most individuals she likes to think herself great at both leading and following - speaking her mind in a tactful way when there is a need but keeping quiet when there is nothing to be gained by her speaking.

Zealous about a number of things she can sometimes let her passion get the best of her, speaking out when it is not proper to do so. If she offends someone she is typically quick to make amends not wanting anyone to bear her any ill will. Grudges are not something she spends a lot of energy on unless someone has wronged her in an unforgivable way.

Set in her ways she has been called ‘stubborn’ a time or two. This doesn’t mean she isn’t willing to listen to the opinions and ideals of others, she understands the value in making sure everyone’s voice is heard. It is just unlikely she will change her mind once she has it set on something in particular - but stranger things have happened.

Eager to make friends the word ‘shy’ is unlikely to come to mind when thinking of Orissa. An outspoken individual she sees no reason not to try and touch as many lives as she can. Acquaintances and friends are all the same to her - while she will certainly become closer to some than others she treats everyone she meets with respect; as long as they are respectful to her. Helpful in more ways than just working she can be a great shoulder to lean on, a patient ear to listen, or even just someone to get into fun adventures with!

Blonde Hair | Dark Hazel Eyes | 5’6” | Awkward

Still at that point in her life where she is taller than a number of boys her age she has thankfully stopped growing upwards - though she still hasn’t grown much outwards in the places she wishes she would. A modest bust gives her a hint of curves but lacking hips she can look rather boyish if dressed in baggy clothing. Long limbs make her appear lanky and awkward and it isn’t surprising to see her stumble over her own feet on occasion.

Natural brown lowlights streak through Orissa’s otherwise light blonde hair, her locks taking on a lighter hue in the summers when she spends a lot of time under Rukbat’s rays. On a normal day she has it tied back in a runner tail or braided, but she’s been known to wear it down as well - it really just depends on how active she is that day. When down a distinctive wave is noticed in her locks, during the winter it sometimes appears rather frizzy. Her skin tans well rather than burning and she has a number of small freckles in a line across her cheeks and over her nose. On either side of her slightly upturned nose she sports a pair of deep hazel eyes which have been described on more than one occasion as being very expressive. Pouty lips are more frequently found turned upwards in a smile or settled into a neutral expression than not, only those who are truly trying to upset her earn a scowl or stern look.

Simple clothing is the norm for Orissa as she grew up without any real parents to help provide for her. Settling for hand me downs without complaint many of the clothes she brought with her to the Weyr are a tad too big, some pants being a smidge too short and looking more like capris on her long legs than actual pants. Modesty is a theme she strives for with every article of clothing she wears, having turned down perfectly lovely tops simply because the neckline was too risque for her tastes. When she gets to pick from clothing that is meant for a girl of her size she is still likely to pick comfortable functional clothing over tighter more revealing attire - she’d hate to get the wrong kind of attention from others.

At all times she wears the only thing her mother gave to her - a simple heart shaped locket. Keeping it clean and safe is of the utmost importance to Orissa as it is the only thing that is truly ‘hers’ in the entire world. Inside of the locket is a small glass bead from her grandmother's espousal dress and a snip of her mother's hair. When she gets older should she find herself having a daughter of her own she plans to pass it down after adding something important of her own just as her mother did with her and her grandmother did before that.

S’vor (Seirovor) of Green Absinth, Father; Dalibor Weyr
Parissa, Kitchen Worker, Mother; SP:186; Fort Hold
╚ Orissa, Dual Candidate; SU:3; Dalibor Weyr

user posted image
Name: Envy
Species: Firelizard
Color: Green
Dam & Sire: Red Cereza & Bronze Ascent
Clutch: Breaking Free... Believe it!

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Personality: Envy seems to have a profound hatred for all humans save the one she has chosen for herself. She has a large and delicate ego, and will take insult very easily, disliking to make mistakes or be scolded. Envy takes delight in messing with humans, often in an unfriendly way. Orissa will have to keep tabs on her and exert control, as even causing harm to someone else or a creature that has angered her will not see the green being remorseful. In fact, Envy even seems to take pride in the misery she causes, as well as in succeeding in any manipulations or pranks.

Envy seems to prefer her own kind, and yet she is extremely prone to envy and jealousy. She is fiercely jealous of Hers, and does not like to share. She will gladly chase off anyone she can, if Orissa isn't on top of her, making sure she doesn't attack people who show interest in the girl. Should Orissa ever get another pet--especially firelizards--Envy will make sure she is top flit. She won't care if it's a queen or king, or another green like herself: she won't tolerate any other pet being number one, or the leader of the faire, should Orissa have one. It would take a firelizard capable of earning Envy's tolerance or affection for them to share equal rank with her. She is capable, strong, clever and takes no shaffit from anyone.

Despite her envy and jealousy, as well as her obvious distaste for human-kind save Hers, Envy has a silly, rambunctious and fun side to her that Hers will be privy to, and perhaps, given time, others. She will never really like other humans, but she could be tolerant and even begrudgingly accept someone if Orissa was careful to pay her her due attention and reassure her that she is still just as important--hopefully, in her mind, more--than that person, pet or thing. She can get downright sulky if she feels ignored or like she's made to play second fiddle. It will certainly be something Orissa has to balance when she Impresses or Bonds a dragon or wher! This isn't a firelizard who takes being second to anyone well. Her loyalty and devotion to Orissa will more than make up for all the trouble she seems to be.

Appearance: Envy is a very sinuous and on the leaner side. She has a long, whipcord tail and limbs, well muscled and yet graceful in appearance. Her hide is a dark emerald green, solidly so except for in some places, like the upper torso, where the hide seems to be comprised of lighter and darker shades of green in a way that makes it almost seem to shine. She is lightning quick both on land and in the air, able to twist and turn on a mark, moving in an often weaving, sinuous pattern. Large, strong wings are proportionate to the rest of her, and often kept tucked in tightly alongside her body when she's not in the air. There won't be much by way of maneuverability she is not capable of, seeming able to fit through the smallest of spaces and weave and dodge both on land and in the air. She always seems to have a considering, calculating expression on her face. It's true she is often scheming or thinking of ways to manipulate, so perhaps this is the reason for it!

Why Orissa? Orissa is mature and capable enough to handle this troublesome little beastie. I wanted her to go to someone with no other pets so that that person could focus on her and would be able to manage her even should they happen to Impress or Bond at the dual hatching coming up. With how stubborn Orissa is, I'm sure she will be able to succeed in training her new pet to be the best she can be. Orissa is also a caring person, so will be able to deal accordingly with this little green's feelings. She won't be the easiest, but with time and work and plenty of reassurances, she'll be a fantastic little friend--and an amusing one!--to Orissa.

Made By: Ruriko
Art By: Ruin
Inspiration: Envy - Fullmetal Alchemist

Parissa had been a simple kitchen worker at Fort Hold living with her parents when she met the man that would change her life - and not for the better. Seirovor was his name and at the time they met he was a healer apprentice at the Healer Hall. Thinking he was only sweet talking her at the time the suave young man easily seduced her; Orissa was the result. Things quickly became tense with her family when she began to show her pregnancy and so she was kicked out to live on her own, disowned by her far too traditional parents. A child would likely ruin Parissa’s nice figure and give them another mouth to feed - what young man of stature was going to want to marry her when she had already born a child for another man? In her elder sister, Kyssavi, Parissa hoped to find understanding and love but she was met with much the same - judgement and little kindness. So at a mere seventeen turns Parissa was on her own growing a child in her belly that she came to love deeply even before she gave birth.

Despite him having abandoned her with their child, Parissa harbored no ill will towards Seirovor. Obviously he had stopped coming around because he was busy with his work, no amount of sense could convince the lovestruck young woman otherwise. It was not until their daughter turned four that she heard anything more of him; a mutual friend of theirs finally told her that he’d gone to the Weyr and Impressed! Now he was known by S’vor, though the friend couldn’t recall which color he rode. So began the stories every night to Orissa about how her father wasn’t around because he was a great dragonrider, saving all of Pern from Thread and other threats. It was a lovely story but there was only a hint of truth to it at best - still the young mother did not want her daughter to grow old with hate in her heart for her absentee father.

Naturally eager to learn all she could Orissa settled into her lessons with the other hold children well, taking to her teachings like a fish to water. Doing well in her studies she was always happy to help the other children if they needed it as she grew older and more accomplished. Being able to read and write (though only at a basic level) filled Orissa with pride and made her feel like she was going somewhere in her life. Already at a young age she had begun considering what Hall she might travel to for her studies - unaware that her mother didn’t have the marks to actually send her.

Life went well for the young girl and her young mother, Orissa felt nothing could ever go wrong as long as they lived within the safe walls of her home. How very wrong she was.

Following her eighth name day - on which she was given her mother’s locket - winter came and brought with it devastation on all fronts. What started as a simple cough developed into something much more, despite treatment from the healers Parissa eventually succumbed to lung-sickness. Before she passed her mother had reached out to her elder sister to care for Orissa but when it came time for her aunt to come take her to her home Kyssavi refused. If it had not been for Orissa her sister’s life would have followed a much different path, in a way she blamed the young girl for all the strife and the early death that befell Parissa.

An orphan now she was still at least safe within the Hold, a fact that proved important as Threadfall rained down upon Pern in erratic waves. The sound of dragons and whers keening as their brethren fell to the Fall haunted her dreams for many nights - at times it still does. The fear that gripped her heart on that day is still easy to recall at a moment’s notice, though she had never met her father she knew he was a dragonrider. Was S’vor one of the many lost to the Fall? Would she ever even find out her father’s fate?

Uncertainty nagged in the back of her mind for turns but she felt she would never find out her father’s fate. Every day she worked hard in order to earn her keep at the Hold, grateful for what she had though it was not much. Questions began to pour from the young girl about her father to those she knew around the Hold, maybe they could be of help. It wasn’t until she was fourteen that she finally heard from someone that there happened to be a rider in the Hold named S’vor. He rode a green and while she dared not hope he was in fact her father she took off as fast as she could from the kitchens to the large courtyard in search of the man.

Eyes picked over every set of knots until she saw them - greenrider knots! He was strikingly handsome, her mother always told her he had been one of the most handsome young men she’d ever met. Already she could see some resemblance between herself and the man and so she approached him giddily expecting to be welcomed with open arms. Imagine her disappointment when instead of being happy to meet his daughter the rider scoffed and turned her away. Just as her grandparents had before she was even born. Just as her aunt had. The only family she had in all of Pern did not want her.

Two sevendays passed with Orissa teetering on the edge of losing the spark that so many commented she had - the happy and eager young lady becoming a shell of her former self with every passing day. Had she done something wrong to earn his ire? Did he not believe her when she said that she was his daughter? When S’vor finally returned to Fort Hold in order to reconcile (as much as he was willing to do at least) and collect her she was in utter disbelief. Though she was sad to say goodbye to her many friends at Fort she had dreamed of the day she met her father, how could she say no? Packing a bag of the hand me down clothes she’d been given over the turns she joined S’vor on his green, Absinth, and joined him at Dalibor Weyr.

Arriving at the Weyr she found herself presented with the opportunity to become a Candidate, something she never thought a girl like her would get. If it was just a ploy by her father to help keep her out of his hair (already in her short time she’d learned a lot of distasteful things about S’vor and wanted to help him change his ways) or because he was genuinely interested in seeing her as a rider or a handler Orissa could not say. No matter the why she was elated and not only accepted her rightful role as a dragon candidate but also applied to join the wher program as well! An interesting interview with the Alphahandler, Norla, saw her permitted into the program just in time for a clutch. While she did not Impress she was not discouraged; she was a candidate in a great Weyr and she had family again.

Nothing could bring her down.

user posted image
Name: Orisk
Color: Viridian
Age: <1 turn
Adult Length: 7'2 x 5'
Clutch: Tempest in a Teapot
Dam & Sire: Copper Zelsk & Bronze Osk

Personality: "You're in my way!"

Orisk is an ever restless thunderstorm. Always in motions. Pacing, prowling, running--it matters not. He hates sitting still. And by the way, he is never in your way, you are in HIS. Don't expect him to cede ground or step aside when paths converge. This viridian likes and expects to get his way. He is abrupt, loud, bossy and critical. Tact? Ha. Who needs it when you've got intimidation on your side? Without tempering from his handler, Orisk could easily become a brute and a bully, using his size and temper to push around anything smaller or less aggressive than him. That said, he is more bark than bite.

Or more accurately, more thunder than lighting.

He talks a big game, tolerating little criticism or jibing before making a bluster. Orisk isn't an especially violent wher. He will push and shove and growl, but he isn't one to get into pointless scraps. His handler will notice that he while he sasses or bickers with authority, larger whers and even dragons if for some reason he encounters them...he won't do more than puff his chest and snarl. Usually. He does have a hairline temper and is perpetually in a poor humor, prone to complaining and snide remarks. It isn't a good idea to push this wher, but when is it ever a good idea to test the limits of any wher's patience?

Due to his temperament, this wher is always seeking action and control. He strives for positions of power. Orisk leans heavily on using intimidation and fear to get what he wants, meaning his handler will need to be especially grounded when he is out full force. A lightning rod in the wake of a hazardous storm. Speaking of storms, Orisk loves them. Rarely is he more at ease than when rain is pouring buckets on the world below, whipped into a fury by a feverish gale. He is like a small child with a shiny toy if allowed to go out on rainy days, running about in circles and splashing through puddles until his hide needs a thorough scrubbing.

A jealous wher, Orisk is especially grumpy when males are around His. He should be the only male in their life as far as he is concerned.

Appearance: Orisk is built for a healthy balance of strength and agility. Broad across the shoulders with jutting spires of cartilage protruding from his chest and neck like a thorny collar, and lean about the back haunches, he is made to for momentum. Though his prickly spines may hinder him should he go rummaging about in confined spaces or through underbrush and his handler should be mindful of them during oiling unless they wish to cut their fingers.

His hide is a mostly even shade of bright green from snout tip to tail, save for his collar of spines. These are lighter in shade, like spring leaves as opposed to the eerie vibrance of the rest of him. Orisk's tailforks barely brush the ground when he stands and surrounding base of his tail is a cluster of spines similar to those around his throat. And while he rarely unfolds them, he possesses one of the widest wingspans of in his clutch, and is capable of short glides should he choose to do so.

Curiously, despite his muscular frame, his limbs taper to delicate anklebones and claws. Almost graceful. Perhaps one may find it fitting. Despite his aggressive nature and loud habits, he can move swift and quiet, like a true hunter of the night.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Fandom Information:
Inspired by Jolteon from Pokemon.

DEX ENTRY: "A sensitive Pokémon that easily becomes sad or angry. Every time its mood changes, it charges power."

Impression Post:
Spoiler (Show/Hide)
With the burgundy suitably intimidated by his greatness (because the dragonet was the first to leave their exchange, making the viridian the obvious victory in their confrontation!), he strolled over towards the dual candidates. The viridian was just in time to see two of his sisters choose their bonds, which was fine by him. There was an even better one standing right back there. One who seemed to have it in her pretty little head that green dragons were what she wanted. Well, he was BETTER than any dragon. His hue far more dazzling! He'd just have to show her. With a strut to his step he walked up to Orissa and propped his foreclaws on her knee. The thorny wheret snapped his jaws, rainbows dancing in his eyes.

'Orisk better than bighead flapwings. Never let forget Orisk is best! Now move. Want food now before shardface clutchmates and baby flapwings eat it all.'

Adoption Preference: Consult with Ruriko if she is still active; adoption or transfer preferred if she is not.

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