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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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 Korrzalia, Dragon Candidate *TRAN*
 Posted: Oct 8 2017, 09:32 PM


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15 turns (SU:02)
Dalibor Weyr
Dragon candidate
Age-Out Date:

Above all else, Korra is weak. She is not the sort of person that will stand up for what she believes in against all opposition, and that may be partly because she isn’t very good at thinking for herself, either. After spending her life under the dictation of her mother, she finds it difficult to make independent decisions, and frequently resorts to doing whatever her mother would expect her to do – no matter that she no longer lives with her parent. Because she has such a difficult time being her own person, Korrzalia puts out a thorny exterior to hide it; she has a petty, cruel mask that she uses to keep people from wanting to come near her. Most of her comments to others are cold, judgmental remarks; she more often than not acts like she is better than everyone else. It’s important to her that her ego seem bigger than it is; she hides behind the illusion of being proud and strong and independent, when she is none of these things.

Sensitive and distrustful, Korrzalia at once craves affection and rejects it. Her feelings are easily bruised, no matter that she pretends to have a heart of stone, and words affect her deeply. Everything others say is logged in her memory – particularly negative comments, so that she can stew over revenge that she threatens, but never takes. When she receives a compliment, she wonders what criticism will follow, and she can’t help but feel that people only talk to her because they want something.

Seeking to prevent others using her, Korra tries to use other people when she can. Somewhere deep inside, she knows that her will is much too weak to let her stand against the influence of others, so she tries to make it so no one has any influence on her at all. Though she knows no other way to live, she is too expectant that people will try to control her; she sees every stray comment and action as a bid for power over her. She fears being controlled again, so even if a gesture is meant in kindness, Korrzalia will often bite the hand that feeds, and she would rather pretend she’s no heart at all than reveal how soft hers is.

Much of Korra’s time is wasted worrying about the opinions of others. Too scared to show who she really is, she puts far too much energy into acting untouchable. In reality, she is shy and insecure, afraid she just isn’t good enough to make anything of herself. Dragons might have chosen her to be a candidate, but that doesn’t mean they chose right. She knows that she isn’t much more than her mother made her; she can act the imperious lady with the best of them, but under the front she has no dreams or ambitions of her own, and she isn’t quite sure how to form any.

Of medium height for a girl, Korrzalia stands at 5’5” and has a slight, willowy build. Her curves are nonexistent; she frequently wishes that she could gain some sort of womanly shape somewhere. As it is, she is stick-straight and more on the skinny side than ‘strong and toned.’ She’s a little stronger than she looks, but not by much; it galls her to admit that she’s neither particularly agile nor particularly strong. Her fighting skills amount to zero, which somewhat concerns her on the candidate front.

Fortunately or not, Korra is marked by strikingly red hair. There is no pretending that she has auburn or russet tresses: she straight-up looks like somebody set her head on fire. Generally she wears her straight hair loose, but she’ll tie it up for chores and curl it for special occasions. Besides this most distinguishing feature, the candidate has a pair of wide-set, large blue eyes, set beneath slim brows that are generally worked into an expression of either neutrality or cool judgment. Her mouth looks like it should be soft, but she rarely smiles with any authenticity, and that gives her entire face a slightly unpleasant cast.

While she puts a great deal of effort into her physical appearance and presentation, the redhead doesn’t actually have any affinity for either makeup or clothing. She just pretties herself up out of habit more than anything else, so she’s usually found wearing simple, neat dresses that she hopes will make her look more like a lady and less like a twig.

Razanomalia, mother, minor holder’s daughter
Ecorrose, father, master healer
Eccokorazia, sister, journeyman healer (22)


Korrzalia’s entire upbringing revolved around one thing: her mother’s standards of perfection. From birth, Razanomalia drilled her daughter in everything she had been taught herself as a child: etiquette, proper manners, refined speech and developing the bearing of a true Lady Holder. Knowing nothing else, Korra tried to listen to her mother, and devoted herself to being just as good as her parent wanted her to be. Her father was present, but insignificant: he was too devoted to his craft to pay much attention to his children, and so Korra grew up with the peculiar sensation that she had a father, and yet none at all.

On the other hand, she was all too aware of Eccokorazia’s presence. Her sister was strong and rebellious, refusing to give in to their mother’s demands, while Korra bowed too easily and did everything she could to make their mother love her. If that meant allowing Razanomalia to put down Ecco while speaking ungodly praise of her youngest daughter, then so be it. Even though she let it happen, watching time and again as her mother spoke awful words to her older sister, Korrzalia was not brave enough to do anything about it.

Although her mother frequently sang her praises, and more often than not asked Ecco why she couldn’t be more like her sister, Korrzalia was not immune to Razanomalia’s sharp words and vicious temper. Behind closed doors, her mother was forever berating her, reminding her that she was far from perfect and that she had to work ever harder to be a true lady. Razanomalia held her love ransom for unreasonable prices, but Korra paid up time and again, struggling to meet her outrageous standards. All the while, she knew very well that her mother would only praise her at all if she did everything she was told, at exactly the moment the orders were given.

Secretly, she admired Ecco’s backbone, and wished fervently that she was strong enough to be like her. Eccokorazia bowed to no one, their mother included, and that infuriated Razanomalia, but it won her little sister’s admiration. Korra never told anyone her secret. Once, when her mother was dressing her for an event and ranting about Ecco as usual, her youngest daughter slipped up, saying that she thought her sister was very brave, after doing something that went against some authority’s wishes. Korra doesn’t remember that part anymore, but she does remember the way her mother slapped her across the mouth and told her what a two-faced, shameful little wretch she was.

She was nine.

After that, she pretended to blame Ecco, because it was after all what her mother was already doing. Seeing that every day, it was easy to copy Razanomalia’s behaviour, mimicking her words and her vicious tongue. The longer she did it and the crueler she acted, the more real the act became – or so she thought, because there was always some small part of her that knew what she did was horribly wrong. She mocked Ecco when she was turned down by the Searchdragons, adopted their mother’s way of snubbing her whenever she had the chance, and all the while she desperately tried to win the affections of the mother that she knew, deep down, did not really love either one of them.

One day, not long after she turned fifteen, the dragons descended upon the hold once again and this time, as no other time before, they brought hope with them. Korrzalia was picked out of the crowd of hopefuls and told that she had the potential to be one of Dalibor’s dragonriders.

Enraging her mother, she leaped at the chance to leave her family, cutting all ties with them to run off and make a new life for herself. All of her mother’s careful manipulation went out the window; after all this time, and all the effort wasted trying to please her mother, Korra still knew that carrying on at the hold would bring no good.

So instead, she threw her fate to the wind, and for the first time in her life tried to be brave like Ecco.

Adoption Preference: Transfer plz.

Dragon Preference:
I have zero preferences for what Korra should Impress! I am wholly on board with her being mauled though, with the exception of limb removal and death, so… there we go! 8’D

Cross-Impressionable Yes

SubQueen Impressible: Yes

"Branches may stop the ordinary man, but B'tor "slapper of jungle cats" is no ordinary man."
- Zane
 Posted: Oct 13 2017, 11:57 AM

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 Posted: Mar 21 2018, 01:17 PM

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