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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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 Kiefer, Wher Candidate, Sr. Apprentice Farmer
 Posted: Nov 7 2017, 11:23 PM


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19 turns (WI:198)
Dalibor Weyr
Wher candidate

More than anything else, Kiefer is passionate. When devoted to someone or something, there is nothing he won’t do for them, and he feels strongly about many things. Quite possibly this could be described as ‘opinionated’ – and he is. If he thinks something in particular, Kiefer will hang onto that idea with the tenacity of a bulldog. He will defend his beliefs ruthlessly, although he’s never violent despite his capacity for raising his voice when he gets really worked up – a trait he inherited from his father. Perhaps the single best phrase to describe him is ‘stubborn.’ Granted, he’ll listen to someone’s opinion before rejecting it, but if Kiefer really believes something it’s virtually impossible to make him change his mind.

Passionate as he is, he can flip to anger at the drop of a hat. Of course, his rages tend to be more entertaining than intimidating, since he isn’t physically violent, and usually when he loses his temper he drops into a flurry of incomprehensible, heavily accented cursing. Following his typical expostulations, Kiefer generally stalks off to sulk somewhere and calm himself down. Even when nobody is setting him off, he’s quite irritable, and is prone to being a touch snappy when he doesn’t want to be bothered.

Rational and logical though he might like to believe he is, the truth is that Kiefer is driven by his heart. Possibly this is because that’s all he knows how to do, and that just barely. While he knows the way that he is, he can’t control it: the young man can’t moderate his emotions at all, and frequently plummets into fits of rage or depression. Occasionally his mood skyrockets the other way, and it can make it very hard not only for him, but for other people, who may not know where they stand with him. Partly because of this and partly because he is quiet and standoffish by nature (when not getting riled up), Kiefer doesn’t interact much with people, or at least he doesn’t often bond closely with them. Despite his irritable nature, he’s friendly enough: he just avoids getting close to people.

Despite all of his grumpy ways and general moodiness, Kiefer is the guy you want around when things need to get done. Responsible and driven, he is the sort that will continue working long past when he’s supposed to, just to make sure his job gets finished – properly. He also looks out for those he cares about, and feels a great sense of responsibility when things don’t go well for his loved ones. Of course, for all that he tends to remain quite aloof and is very secretive – Kiefer does not often voice his feelings, and those who don’t ask him may never know what he’s thinking – and those that do may not get an answer. Caring from a distance is more his style, and it’s not uncommon for him to quietly watch his loved ones from time to time without coming near, just to be sure that they’re okay.

Although he stands at the fairly unimpressive height of 5’8”, Kiefer is solid. Though not tall, he is stocky and broad-shouldered, with obvious muscle along his torso and arms in particular. He’s not the kind of guy that looks bulky and overdone in a T-shirt, but it’s pretty clear that he’s no stripling either. His legs are a little on the short side – a grievance that he doesn’t often mention, but that pains him all the same. Kiefer’s not fast, but he’s very strong, if a little annoyed by his lack of height.

Kiefer’s face, if one had a photograph, strongly resembles his mother’s: his brows are dark, straight and sombre, and his cheekbones high and strong. A lean, square jaw and straight nose pretty well complete the image, as well as his deep-set blue eyes. Usually his brows are crinkled in seriousness, and his entire face tends to hold a severe, foreboding expression. Even with his dark brown hair slicked back in a fashion that is oddly stylish for the rest of his unkempt appearance, Kiefer doesn’t look like he’s trying to look good or make himself approachable. Usually, he just looks grim – really grim. Actually, his seriousness might strike some as a little amusing at times, mainly because he doesn’t pay a whole lot of attention to fashion (he hates shopping). Therefore, though he is always clean, something about his outfit is usually a little off. Generally he’ll have put a shirt on backwards, mismatched his socks, or buttoned something crookedly. Kiefer never notices these things and doesn’t much care if people point it out to him. Most of his clothes seem pretty old, indicating clearly his lack of interest in shopping.

Father: Kerrick, 40, master farmer
Mother: Aeifra, 40, cook

user posted image

White canine Kuno, born SU:12. Huge, furry and intimidating, Kuno is a monster of a dog, equalling his owner in weight and far surpassing him in ferocity. Resembling nothing so much as a Terran Great Pyrenees, he is pure white with brown eyes. Not an extra pound resides on his lean, powerful frame: Kuno is a creature accustomed to work, and like his human, he spends very little time being sedentary. Because he is a working animal, not a pet, the canine is wary and generally unfriendly; he will bite if unfamiliar people try to touch him. Kiefer can get away with whatever he wants (which isn’t much; he’s not excessive in his affections), but strangers will find themselves missing a large chunk of flesh if they decide to pet the pretty doggie. For all that he’s not a people animal, Kuno loves to work, and he will happily round up herdbeasts and ovines, pull a cart, or travel a patrol route (often of his own volition).

Born to a pair of small-time farmers, Kiefer’s life was a very peaceful one for many Turns. His parents’ farm was situated on a patch of land between two of the rivers north of Big Bay, a quiet field where they raised their crops and their son in contentment. His father, Kerrick, was a fiery, burly master farmer with an overwhelming zest for life and a love for all things large and small. Aeifra, Kiefer’s mother, was blunt and straightforward (a trait her son inherited), but generous and warm-hearted all the same. Despite their great kindness, neither of Kiefer’s parents were lazy or the sort to tolerate idleness when there was work to be done. From boyhood their son was raised to value and even enjoy working the land and caring for the animals that worked just as hard as their human masters. Indeed, caring for the animals was always his favourite part of farm life; from the time he was very small, the boy found a simple sort of peace in feeding the runners and herdbeasts employed by his family.

His life was a contented one, if not very exciting by some definitions. Each day was filled with much the same thing: tending crops and animals, maintaining farm equipment, and then retiring to bed to get up and start the process over. One farm over, his best friend lived in a similar routine. Also the son of farmers, Alfaran was a bright and enthusiastic youth, the perfect foil to Kiefer’s quiet stoicism. While also hardworking, he had something more of a rebellious streak and occasionally tried to get away with laziness or idling – shenanigans in which Kiefer did not indulge, but that he patiently tolerated. Only when the work was finished would the boy join Alfaran in his schemes – a work ethic that his best friend constantly tried to poke out of him, unsuccessfully.

At fourteen Turns of age, Kiefer discovered what appeared to be an abandoned puppy at a far corner of the farm. Where it had come from he had no idea, and asking around the neighbouring farms drew no result except for some puzzled shrugs. Since he could hardly leave a homeless puppy to fend for itself, the young man adopted it into his family. Naming the fuzzy white creature Kuno, Kiefer raised his new canine to be just as serious and hardworking as he was. Soon the formerly neglected pup gained both weight and size, and developed a very strong bond with his new master. While not great with other people – he tended to glare and growl until Kiefer reassured him – Kuno proved to be a wonderful partner for his human. His tasks began with simple obedience and eventually, after a great deal of training, progressed until he could help herd the animals back to the barn, patrol the farm, and if his master asked it of him, find people to whom he had been introduced by name. Between Kiefer and Alfaran, there was a joke that if the former had to pick one of his best friends, he would have to choose the useful one – the dog.

Growing older, the boy began to play around just a little bit with life, as teenagers tend to do. While he always worked until his tasks for the day were done – even being a teenager couldn’t shake that habit – Kiefer started hanging out more often with his friends, especially Alfaran, and joining in a little bit when they decided to cause some trouble. None of their schemes were nasty or dangerous, for the most part – they just stirred up a little nonsense sometimes, and their families quietly tolerated their tomfoolery, knowing it to just be the silliness of the young.

Eventually their fun began to involve drinking, as teenaged shenanigans tend to do, and Kiefer’s friends invited him and Alfaran to a riverside get-together they were holding. There was to be wine and a little music provided by the apprentice harper in their group, and was intended to be a great deal of fun. Choosing to attend, the pair ended up drinking a great deal more than they probably should have – which was not an uncommon result of these gatherings. In this instance the games were not like they usually were: Alfaran attempted to go swimming and quickly sank, too drunk to coordinate himself. Despite Kiefer’s efforts to save him, Alfaran drowned.

Devastated by the loss of his friend, the young man immediately pulled away from his family and other friends, and it was then that his parents really began to notice his wild mood swings. Throughout his youth Kiefer experienced mild spells of low mood and unresponsiveness, but Kerrick and Aeifra chalked it up to being just his personality. Following Alfaran’s death it became clear that something was very wrong indeed, but his parents never got a chance to find out what. A couple of weeks after his best friend drowned, Kiefer announced that he was leaving, that he couldn’t stand the guilt anymore and he wanted to go somewhere new. Reluctantly his parents gave him their blessing, and he departed. First he attempted to leave Kuno behind to help his parents, but the dog simply refused to leave him, and Kerrick and Aeifra insisted that Kiefer bringing his guardian would help set their minds at ease.

So he did. Kuno came with him, joining his master when Kiefer decided to join a trade caravan. Offering his services as farmcrafter and makeshift bodyguard, he was accepted as a tagalong and worked hard to earn the traders’ acceptance. At least he had a sort of job, and his canine enjoyed the travel and the work. Kiefer liked the hardworking lifestyle, even if he always had a nagging sense that he didn’t belong. Traders, he discovered, tended to be friendly enough, but they were reserved and secretive, rarely inclined to accept a stranger into their midst. Eventually the farmcrafter was politely put aside at a port Hold, perhaps a Turn after joining the group. The leader of the caravan, kindly enough, let him know that his services were no longer required. Efforts had been made to teach the young man the art of trading, but Kiefer just didn’t have the flair or the personality for it. He was too grim and dour, much too serious to entice Holdfolk into buying their goods. And they had acquired a pair of guard whers for the caravan, so Kiefer and Kuno were essentially obsolete.

Stranded and lacking marks or the motivation to go anywhere, Kiefer found work at a nearby farm, but the family was poor, and could not afford to help him much. All he could do was work for his keep, so he did, staying for a few weeks. When he felt that he was becoming too much of a burden on the family, he said his goodbyes and he and Kuno hit the road once again. Odd jobs paid their way, until he scraped together enough marks to buy passage on a ship. Previously, one of the traders had suggested that he might take on work as a wherhandler at a Weyr, since he and his hound took naturally to guard work. Deciding that they might have a point, Kiefer chose to book passage on a ship headed to Dalibor Weyr. Once he arrived, he negotiated his way into becoming a wher candidate. Why not try, he figured? If he never Impressed, there was always plenty of other work to be done.

Adoption Preference: Transfer pls.

Wher Name: Kiesk

SubQueen Impressible: Yes

Impression Preference:
This section is completely optional

Desired Colors:

Banned Colors:

Preferred Personalities:
Something difficult to work with would be cool! Kiefer needs challenge in his life. 8D

Undesirable Personalities:
Nothing sickeningly sweet or brainless, please. Otherwise I’m not picky!

In-Character Considerations:

Mauling Preferences:
MAUL HIM. PLEASE. Let him keep most of his face and don’t off him, but otherwise pretty much anything goes. In fact I really want to see him get chewed up by something, so just fire away. 8’D

"Branches may stop the ordinary man, but B'tor "slapper of jungle cats" is no ordinary man."
- Zane
 Posted: Nov 10 2017, 06:04 PM

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