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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Red Ingoth

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Winter is in full swing as the Northwest reaches the middle stages of the cold month, and Dalibor, taking full advantage of a crackdust filled break in Threadfall, is back at it again. Delving into the Southern ice and snow, they have paired with Grove Weyr to fully explore the lands they only slightly uncovered the previous turn during the Jungle Expedition. This, however, will not be a warm and relaxing waltz through the woods; although was it ever that to begin with?
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 Lavana, Dragon Candidate *TRAN*, Journeyman Harper
 Posted: Dec 10 2017, 03:48 AM

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Dalibor Weyr
Dragon Candidate
Age-Out Date:
Spring 20

Lavana is very much a rock. She's patient and calm, seldom panicking in the face of danger. There's simply far too much to do to panic, and she's too busy collecting information. She has a nearly eidetic memory and an almost obsessive need to collect information, both to maybe someday add to the histories and to send back to the Masterharper. Most of what little money she makes goes to hides to bind into books for her private recordkeeping. Few people can read it, anyway; by necessity she writes in a shorthand only she knows, because writing supplies are so very limited.

The rest of her money goes to the maintenance and acquisition of her instruments. She possesses several and plays them all expertly, and is always looking for more. Music is her life, and though she's also excellent at the other aspects of her Craft, it's in music where her heart lays. And she tends towards the obsessive when there's something which holds her interest.

She's very caring, but often from a distance; a childhood helping her Healer mother with patients has taught her that getting close to people just means you'll be all the more hurt when they die. So she's very pleasant to be around, but ultimately guards her heart and lets few people in, hiding behind dignity and quiet reserve. The main exception to that rule has always been children. Lavana adores children. It's a large reason why she ultimately decided to be a Harper. The most open one will ever see her is when she's teaching, and playing with kids is the only time she's like to get messy, though she cleans up as soon as possible after. She's a woman who values cleanliness and manners highly.

Either teaching or performing. There is a sense of satisfaction that cannot be matched when you have an audience watching as you pour your heart out in song, and that is one of her greatest pleasures.

Sex and love are unknown to her. She's never had much interest in them, or in either gender. Part of it is tied up with her ambitions; she has plans to achieve Master rank before she gets her first gray hair, and children would get in the way of that. But it's also that no one has turned her head, though plenty have tried.

Lavana is a young woman of just under average height, standing at about 5'3". Most people would agree that she's a pretty young woman, with the bright blue eyes of the father she's never met and her mother's dark hair, which falls in a sheet to past her butt and is often pulled back in a neatly braided bun. She's pale and slender, though not lacking in curves, and seems taller than she is because of her long graceful limbs and long-fingered, elegant hands, heavily calloused from playing a multitude of instuments. She dresses very conservatively, usually in long skirts and tunics, and seldom wears any makeup or jewelry. The main exception is a large performance or a Gather. She has a reserved smile for most people, with her more genuine ones saved for children and her few close friends, or for a performance.

L'ru - Father
Silana - Mother (NPC)
Lavana was born in Igen Weyr, to a Healer mother who was assigned to the weyr. The product of a one-night stand with a rider, her mother saw little need to inform the father, especially when, a season after her daughter's birth, she was transferred to Fort Hold. Lavana grew quickly, with a quick mind and warm bedside manner, and her mother had hopes of her only child following her into the Healer's arts. Those were dashed when her mother had Lavana attending during a healing and the young girl fainted at the sight of the blood. With that immutable proof that Lavana would never be a Healer, her mother allowed the girl to explore her own interests.

And that interest turned out to be music. Lavana proved to be quite gifted with most instruments to which she turned her attention, and had an excellent memory for the training songs her harper teachers taught the class. It was her teacher who suggested to Lavana's mother that she take up Harpercraft, and who recommended her for an apprenticeship. The young girl proved to be a quick learner, drinking up the knowledge that was given to her. Though she had always been reserved, she made friends quickly among the other apprentices, and was always willing to help others out when they struggled with the lessons.

During the Doomfall was the first time Lavana doubted her decision to be a Harper. Who could fail to be moved at the sights of the dragons flying and fighting the Thread? She'd always been fascinated by the massive beasts, and composed several of her own songs about them, though seldom actually interacted with the majestic lizards. So she stayed the course. She loved being an apprentice harper, anyway.

When she was twenty, Lavana walked the tables and graduated to Journeyman. But there was no resting on her laurels, because shortly after she was assigned to a post in Western Hold. It was a surprise, to say the least. Lavana hadn't expected to be sent west. But it wasn't an unwelcome one. It seemed that the most exciting things happened in the unusual western weyr, and she would like to be nearby to help document it for history, and work on her master's knots. And the conservative nature of Fort Hold had come to... grate on her. More and more often she felt her future to be in danger because she was a woman, one who felt no need to settle down anytime soon.

So she said her farewells to her mother and packed her few belongings (mostly instruments)and went west to take up her post. She wasn't there for more than a few days, however, when a visiting blue dragon informed her that she was going to be a dragonrider and only the timely intervention of his rider kept the eager blue from flat-out kidnapping her. But the revelation gave her some food for thought. Not only could she write songs about the dragons and riders and battles against the Thread, she could take part in them, which appealed to her poet's soul. And she still remembered the sight of the dragons fighting the Thread that terrifying night five turns ago. So she went with Wa'ut, then sent word and had herself re-assigned to Dalibor Weyr to take up a post as a teacher and begin her candidacy.

To her surprise, her father was there! Not that the man knew who she was, but she knew who he was, having been told stories about him by her mother. She's yet to work up the nerve to approach him, and has been far too busy, between the demands on a Candidate's time and those of a Journeyman Harper with a weyr of children to teach the histories to.

Adoption Preference: Transfer

Cross-Impressionable Yes

SubQueen Impressible: Yes

Impression Preference:

Desired Colors:

Banned Colors:

Preferred Personalities:
I think that something more cheerful and playful would suit. She tends to get in her head and lose herself a lot, and something that can take her out of her own head would only be to the good. Preferably something ambitious, because she is, too, and intelligent.

Undesirable Personalities:
I think Lavana wouldn't get along with any personality that's ridiculously violent, or incredibly lazy or flat-out stupid.

In-Character Considerations:
I imagine that she'll be very uncomfortable with flightsex the first few times, but once she understands that's how things are done in weyr life, I'm sure she'd be fine.

Mauling Preferences:
Um, a scar or two is okay but she's a Harper and needs all of her hands and fingers! I'd rather she wasn't horribly disfigured or anything.
 Posted: Dec 10 2017, 11:58 PM


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