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Autumn, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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Wedding bells ring out to celebrate the joining of Lord Callum to Lady Shuli. A grand gather has been put together with people from all over Pern coming to celebrate! Crescent is full to the brim with those who wish to show their support and those just looking to make (or spend) a few marks!

Copper Zelsk shook things up at the Copper Class graduation feast by beginning her run shortly after the knots were delivered to her handler. Bronze Osk won Zelsk's maiden run and now a sizable clutch lays on the sands hardening. Not to be outdone by the ground-bound copper, Copper Laanasuth took to the skies the very next day - though her flight was not as cut and dry as the wher's run had been. Offended by the force catch attempt of a presumptuous burgundy Laanasuth betweened to High Reaches Weyr where one of their dragons won her flight. Though she has returned to Dalibor and laid a large clutch for Dalibor's candidates the Weyr awaits the transfer of the dragon sire and his rider, Dalibor's newest Junior Weyrleader.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Arlya of Burgundy Xerocleth - Rowana

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

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 Basasius, Lord Holder, Western Hold
 Posted: Nov 20 2017, 10:08 PM
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Basasius [Ba-say-zee-us]
26 - [Winter, 191st Turn, 10th Interval]
Bisexual (closeted)
Paradise Hold > Western Hold
Lord Holder

Bas, as his name is often shortened to, is the very example of chivalry, grace, and propriety. Hardly the sort to ever lose his temper or otherwise appear undignified, he maintains all public degrees of presentation with a stalwart sense of calm collection that's seldom seen as anything else.

Basasius's manners and etiquette are unparalleled. He is always clean and well-dressed where he can help it, not a hair out of place and not a word spared edgewise for those that might see themselves fit to slander him in any way. He holds himself rigorously to be the example to which leadership the world over is held to, and any personal opinions that are both undignified or unkind are usually held tightly behind his lips. After all, any current Lord Holders are an example and impression of those they command, and thus, he doesn't ever wish to paint any holdings of his - regardless of their 'importance' - in a poor light.

He has a sense of humor that tends to come out subtly; a fan of gambling, he plays this fact close to his chest, along with his bisexual state. Any hope he has of marrying into a wealthy family causes him to be expected to only be interested in women, for the purposes of continuing their line, but Bas has had several situations where he's shared a bed with a man just as readily as he has a woman. Thankfully, his prior partners were disinclined to spill those beans and have also been paid off by his family never to do so.

He adores animals of all kinds, from the biggest dragons to the smallest critters all across Pern; he keeps a Male Icehowler named Jakol, who has been his most recent addition to the family by way of orchestrations with Dalibor Weyr. At two turns of age, the beast is well on his way to being fully grown, and he's absolutely in love with him. He frequently spends his time not at lessons with the Harpers or Coursing/hunting with his runners and family's canines training Jak.

A ferocious man with an equally ferocious personality, Basasius's primary purpose in life is the furthering of his line and the honor of his family's name. He doesn't tolerate laziness, but he's also not so underhanded to slight someone for it. He's more inclined to work them until they understand his directives, and he's been responsible for several persons being exhausted to the point of collapse before.

A ruthless politician, he has been privy to his father's orchestrations and boardroom-style meetings with Crafters, minor Holders beneath himself, Lords and Ladies above him, and Riders alike. He always tries to organize and negotiate things so that his Hold comes out on top with the greatest benefits for those who live on his lands. He gets long well with other people in positions of leadership, and will have no issues whatsoever integrating himself with a Weyr's inner workings, insofar as they aren't trying to short-change his Hold or his family.

Quick-witted and good with currency, he favors well-made things and function over form; that isn't to say he doesn't like the lavish state of anything, but he willingly is more than happy to go without himself, in order to make his wife and children happy and otherwise see to the well-being of his Hold.

He enjoys wine on a level most people will never understand, and drinks it with everything; though never to such a scale as to be intoxicated. After all, that's hardly of any benefit nor does it look suitable for a Lord Holder of any kind to be a lush. There are rumors of such a thing among other Holds, of course, and he's seen firsthand at the results of that kind of political fallacy.

Bas has adequate lessons on dancing, fencing and singing, though he's hardly the sort that likes to do the latter. Given his family's wealth and prominence, it was no surprise that his parents looked to marry him off for more power as soon as possible, so he stuck close with his father to learn what he could, as well as how to be a gentleman and not an embarrassment. He does enjoy dancing at Feasts and Gathers with practically anyone who wants to entertain his company, though his intended wife will always take precedence.

Obsessive about things being in quantities of three, he never owns more or less than three of anything (the exception, of course, being his hounds - he keeps nine total; three females, six males, and the six males are often the ones he hunts with, though occasionally he'll take the females out for small-game coursing to keep them in shape and happy). Three pairs of boots for formal events, three pair for working or hunting. When he's espoused, he'll be aiming for three children, but the gender doesn't matter to him so long as there's at least one boy.


user posted image
[Refreshing the page brings up a new image each time.]

Standing 6'3" tall, the most prominant thing people denote upon meeting him beyond his height, are his eyes. A shocking pale blue, they contrast sharply to the black hue of his hair, which reaches past his shoulders and is considerably - but loosely - curled.

His skin varies between lightly tanned to moderately so, depending on how long he's out in the elements. He carries a man's general share of body hair, a light dusting of which canvases his chest, arms, legs, and everywhere else most men have it. He generally carries a light stubble of a beard, and is very rarely ever clean-shaven (though it happens).

Bas is built considerably, though it's whipcord muscle to a point that he appears considerably lean while clothed, unless aforementioned clothing is form-fitting (which it tends to be). He likes things non-constrictive, but understands that as a Lord Holder, he'll be expected to look presentable; no overly-loose clothing, but nothing skin-tight, either. He leans towards high-cuff boots, especially when riding; his shirts are generally open-collared and worn under well-tailored, leather-backed vests with embellished stitching and silver buttons. Silver is his favorite of all precious metals, and it's practically the only precious metal he'll wear.

He is as clean and well-kept as he can possibly manage; his hair tends to be either completely loose, or pulled back into a severe man-bun either at the crown of his head (tied with an ornate ribbon over a leather cinch) or at the nape of his neck. His favorite color is blue, with the second being oranges/yellows/reds (basically sunset colors), and he wears a copious amount of it at any given time.

Bas has a sizable scar along his right side, from a fencing spar gone wrong; it's hair-thin, but substantially long, going from mid-ribcage down to his upper thigh. It's a little bit tender, and he's not fond of it being touched. He's also shy about people standing to his right, because of it.

Basziun - Father, Holder of a Paradise Hold (+22 Turns)
Aisi - Mother, Lady of Paradise Hold(+19 Turns)
--Basilun, Brother (+2 Turns)
--Cassicus, Twin Brother (+0 Turns)
--Basilica, Sister (-2 Turns)
--Asziasi, Sister (-4 Turns)

----Zalun, Grandfather, Former Holder of Paradise Hold (Deceased in Spring 13)
----Baliva, Grandmother, Former Lady of Paradise Hold
---Sabivo, Uncle (+26 Turns)
---Sabizun, Uncle (Twin of Basziun) (+22 Turns)
---Bavi, Aunt (+18 Turns)

Jakol, Brindle and White Icehowler (Male) [Winter, 15th Turn, 11th Pass]
[#A28A53, #97948C, #2B2B2B, #F5F4EF]

Born a pair of twins to Basziun and Aisi of Paradise Hold during the Interval, he was the second-born to an older brother, Basiliun, who was the heir-apparent to their Holding of Paradise Hold upon the ascendance of his father to the Holdership. His grandfather passed during the great 'Doomfall' event in Spring/Summer of 13, while out attempting to assist in the defense of his Hold. A considerable clump was missed, resulting in a ground-burrow that his grandfather stepped in. His body was never found, but his death was witnessed by several Handlers, and he was killed before the fire could save him.

Despite that horrible moment of history, Bas's childhood was that of any child of a Holder. He was schooled by Harpers on all matters of etiquette, dance, song, literacy, and social graces. His father was already deeply involved in politics, and both he and his brother grew up in their father's office, under his desk playing with their blocks and toys while he organized deals with other Holds for their grandfather, working with the Steward to see that his boys would be well prepared for their future life if and when they were married off into other higher-ranking Hold families for political traction and wealth.

His lifestyle of hunting and coursing were passed down by his father, as well; surrounded by canines and runners for all of his life, he learned to sit ponies at 3 and 4 turns, and by 8 turns he was riding full-grown runners and going on hunts with his father and peers. Taught to fence at 10 turns, he began serious lessons both with that as well as a bow and arrow, and primarily uses the latter today, viewing crossbows as poor sport. He does a lot of spearfishing as well, another trait learned at a young age and honed across the turns. His family's wealth is primarily invested in their kennels, and they breed Southern Hounds meant to tree and track game much larger than themselves, as well as smaller game. Sleek, fast, and powerful, Basasius has considered establishing a breeding line of Icehowlers alongside - but never to be interbred with - his family's own claim to fame.

Too busy for a reasonable timescale to apply to any Craft, he's never learned one. Most people, he learned, do not entertain the craftspaths, as there are only so many Holds to entertain so many people.

A poor sparring match with an opponent who disliked him at age 14 resulted in his scar; he was badly wounded in the event, and the boy whose sword pierced Bas's side was disciplined, though it was ultimately decided to be an accident - regardless of true belief. For this reason, Basasius refuses to ever entertain liars or cheats.

He watched and learned along with the rest of his Hold when the Pass began; very quickly, the necessity of Dragonriders and Wherhandlers was known, and never more urgently did he see his father involved than when the death of his grandfather came to pass. The untimely demise was a point of contention among his family, though publicly the transition was smooth. The news of the loss of Western's Lord Holder to assassination by the former Weyrwoman was never more ill-received, and his father was one of the most vocal calling for a re-betrothal of Lady Irohvyne of Benden to another suitor - notably, his eldest son. However, Irohvyne stepped down, and took her sons with her to Grove Weyr's Tuana Hold; a move that Paradise has long disputed as legitimate, given there has been no word of her remarry. With the newer Hold left vacant, the clamor for Leadership and new Blood to overtake has been raucous, and with great pleasure did his father volunteer him. Bas willingly allowed his name to be placed in the running, with the understanding that he would be espoused before official overtaking of Western was established under his helm.
He had never met nor seen his Lord Holder-blooded wife; he looked forward not only to the conjoining of their partnership, but the children she was destined to give him, and the righting of what he quietly views as so many wrongs incurred under inadequate - if not downright rebellious - leadership and control. Lord Weyrleader. Pah. In his opinion, any Lord Holder who would willingly betroth himself to a Dragon, and leave his Holdings in favor of such otherwise corruptible power within the walls of a Weyr, is of no sound mind nor capacity to continue to hold his true rank.

In his opinion, Irohvyne's misbegotten children should be put to the sword, in the case that they, themselves befall the same fate as their father. He would never bind himself to a dragon, but a wher - in certain conditions - could prove useful to the Hold as a whole.

He was made aware of Nabol's predicament, when his own grandfather was killed. Progressively, works had been orchestrated behind the scenes, and his father approached him about potentially being married off to the current second-in-line of the hard-hit Hold. He of course was happy at the prospect; the furthering of his lineage and his family's legacy was predominant in his life and mindset, but he would be a fool not to worry about what he was walking into.

Baria was gorgeous. He was smitten immediately, but her hand came with a warning of her headstrong, workaholic nature. He wasn't entirely opposed; after all, he himself tended to work hard and play harder, especially where his family's wealth was concerned, but ultimately his entire prospective interest would be on furthering his own affairs when it came to the Hold they were taking over. His people, his wife, and the Hold he now helmed were paramount to everything outside that, and he didn't miss the rather apprehensive demeanor and tension between himself and his now-spouse.

They didn't consummate their union the first evening, and it was all for the better; Basasius was exhausted, he knew Baria was, as well, and their first night together ended with them sleeping on opposite sides of the very large bed. His family had hosted the event in Paradise, and thus, the next morning they were to depart for Western. Their things were sent along with them courtesy of dragonriders, and drudges at the hold were of great assistance in helping them sort out their possessions and arrange them proper.

Jakol stayed close to him, the 2-turn-old pup's worries evident in the way he was curious, but apprehensive. Bas was concerned about his pet, and didn't raise his voice or otherwise discipline his Icehowler for his concern. Jakol was obviously of the need to adjust to his surroundings, as were the other 6 hunting canines who had come with them, and the three runners from his father's prized stock who had come along with him. Stables already sorted, he saw to his pets' well-being, while Baria took care of arranging their things with the Drudges and spoke with the Steward, initially.

The man had been caretaking the Hold proper while in limbo between Holders, and Ujarak had proven more than capable. Baria had, he'd betrayed, asked him to stay on, but ultimately Ujarak had felt his loyalties to Lady Irohvyne had won him no small share of enemies, and thus, it was better for His and Her Lordship to find another Steward to call their own.

It was a struggle, for the first sevenday. Trying to adjust to life at the new Hold, trying to adjust to his new position of power. Jakol was his rock where the rest of his life was going to pieces, and despite his frustrations, he never once took it out on anyone around him. In public, he smiled, he respected his betrothed, he supported her in everything she did. Not once did Basasius go to pieces, but the frustrations came to a head when he locked himself in their quarters and wept against Jakol's neck. The stress was getting to him, and ultimately he struggled to find common ground with the woman he'd married; but he hadn't been taught to throw things away when they broke. No, if anything, their apprehensions to one another made him want to work them out all the stronger, and it was incidentally that the icebreaker came at the behest of his icehowler.

He'd gone out to let off a bit of steam, and was throwing a stiff hide disk for his beloved pet. Jakol barked and galloped around, and Bas had let out his hounds with him for the same amusements. The three females were not in heat, so he had no worries about them accidentally pairing up with his Icehowler; Basasius was responsible when it came to keeping those particular lineages pure, as it were. Already, he'd plotted on acquiring a female 'howler for his wife, in the prospects of mating his own with her at some future date and forming another lineage of Icehowlers alongside his hunting hounds.

His laughter at their antics carried across the Hold, and must have attracted her attention; he spotted her watching them, as he threw several of the disks and balls for them to retrieve and bring back, and he smiled at her before returning his attention to his beloved pets. They weren't obviously just means of income for his family, but they were regarded as close members of that very same affiliation, as well.

For several candlemarks, he gave them some exercise via the retrieving, before taking a bit of a run and roughhousing with some of them. At suppertime, they were put back in their kennels, and Jakol - as he was always permitted - continued to stay close to His' side. While he still has yet to truly forge that measure of a bond with his wife, they appear to be well on their way to doing so, and he's in no particular hurry. After all, both of them are still relatively young, and there's plenty of time to make a family for them at some later point in time.

Adoption Preference: ADO preference given to Captain and Rii; if neither of them want him, he is to be killed off or entirely rewritten. HE DOES NOT LEAVE DALIBOR WEYR as far as sites go - this character belongs primarily to ME, and then to the SITE. Any other use elsewhere is strictly forbidden.

He's all right with the potential of Impressing a Wher, but only if it's a male. He has no interest in female whers of any rank or kind, particularly because they have a chance of becoming gravid and having to keep a nest, and he refuses to be tied down to anything female in that state but his own wife. I will be purchasing a Token for him if those are implemented, for this, but would like for him not to be considered over other players unless the personality is thought to be perfect. He does not NEED a wher, and please shove him aside in favor of other Stands Impressions without a Token! He's simply an option if there are no other suitable people who you believe would fit. Do not choose him over other people, please and thank you.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)
Wher Name: Basask, Bask, Bassk (whichever Baria doesn't end up with, given they have the same first two letters XD)
SubQueen Impressible: [i]No

Impression Preference:
Desired Colors:
Iron, Bronze (Personality Restriction), Blue, White/Gray as a last resort

Banned Colors:
Any Female Colors (including Sports - Sports must be Male Only), Black (because I have plenty of those already, ty, and their personality isn't always suitable).

Preferred Personalities:
Stoic, Reserved, Stalwart, Respectful/Respectable
Happy-go-lucky, Cheerful

Undesirable Personalities:
Braggart, Brash, overly-Prideful (basically, nothing that's going to clash with his personality too much - proud is okay, but not to the point they don't listen to reason). Underhanded, scheming, dishonest, disrespectful.

In-Character Considerations:
- Must be okay with kids!
- Must be able to adjust to daytime lifestyle within reason (occasional hunts, though okay with being left at home when Bas goes hunting).

Mauling Preferences:
Nothing that would prevent him from being a Holder. Needs his hands/limbs, needs at least 1 eye, needs hearing/speech, etc. Scars are fine, rough him up, he's good, but don't do anything that leaves him unable to attend his wife or his children and his Hold.

 Posted: Dec 3 2017, 08:16 PM


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