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Winter, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

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While not unnatural in its violence, the dual hatching of Copper Queens Laanasuth, and Zelsk, has brought many changes Pernwide to the Dragon Candidate program. Raising the Age of Candidacy, and laying more rigorous emotional requirements on those admitted into the program and permitted to stay after. Dalibor has settled into an easy peace with the hatching fading into memory and young dragonets and wherets visible as they come into their own.

Included in their ranks are two colours new to Pern. Indigo dragons, and Pink whers, as well as Dalibor's first instance of a dual-bonded Wherhandler. As always, the West seems eager to produce weirdness for the rest of Pern.

Curiously, a steady flow of messengers seem to be traveling between Grove and Dalibor Weyr during the early sevendays of the new season; which is already proving to be milder than some in Dalibor's recent history.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader
Os'nin of Blue Alwanath - Aerona

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk & Blue Oresk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Rilorden, rider of blue Gabranth *TRAN*, Weyrlingmaster
 Posted: Apr 28 2017, 10:05 PM

Hero of Time

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Ren (Rilorden).
Demi-boy (strong male affiliation).
31 Turns. AU:184
Female preference.
Dalibor Weyr.
Weyrlingmaster, bluerider.

Tough: Ren's siblings have often described her as a solid rock. She rarely cracks under pressure, and is more likely to come bouncing back from a negative situation rather than be upset by it. She is of the mind that everything builds character, and so she looks forward to daily challenges. Ren is optimistic, and exceeds expectations when thrown a difficult task. She is a problem-solver, and often strives to overcome any and all hardships. Physically tough, to go with her mental toughness, the young bluerider excels in hand-to-hand combat. She will often spar to clear her mind, or get out any building frustrations. It is not often that she doesn't feel better after a friendly match. She spends a good chunk of time trying to convince people to be her sparring partner. Naturally her ego is fed when people lose. It's all in good fun you see. Bottom line, her siblings can rely on her, and so can her fellow riders. She is the sort to happily shoulder some of the burden, and help an individual wade through the bad stuff to get to the good.

Confident: Ren's ego is enormous, which is to say so is her blues. She is in the habit of thinking there is nothing the pair of them can't do, and so she tackles her responsibilities head on. When the pair of them fail she simply laughs it off and tries again. This is not an individual that is easily riled. It takes a lot to shake Ren to her core. Strong of mind, and heart, Ren has every reason to be confident. She has worked hard to get to where she is and she sees nothing wrong with flaunting her success. She could probably take a lesson or two in how to be humble, yet seems capable of recognizing overconfidence in others. Largely, Ren and Gabranth jest. The blues rider knows that no one is perfect, and honestly feels that mistakes build character.

Sympathetic: Ren has oodles of sympathy for peoples situations. She does not, however, have sympathy for people that refuse to help themselves. Incredibly independent, Ren expects others to be willing to run a mile before gaining an inch. She and her blue fought to get to where they are today and therefore the pair of them do not comprehend laziness. When it comes to emotional pain, loss, and grief, Ren will be the first person to show up at your door every morning to wake you up and reassure you that the world is kind, and good. She cares, very deeply, for people-as does her blue. She may not always be the best at showing it, given that she is rather flighty at times, but she does, truly, care. The bluerider and her dragon have a soft spot for younger charges, always looking out for them. Really they act as glorified babysitters.

Fun-loving: Ren loves to have fun. She lives for fun, and so does Gabranth. If they are not having fun, than they are not doing shit right. Everything is made to be fun-everything. They enjoy life, they really, really, do, and it shows. Ren is usually bearing a goofy grin, or a mischievous smirk of sorts. She loves to play pranks still, despite being a dragonrider of thirty Turns. She acts like a big kid, and so does her dragon. Despite all of this, they are both ridiculously reliable and never take things too far.

Sarcastic: When R'en is upset, everyone will know it. She becomes this sarcastic, overly chatty, creature. Her words are often seen as jest, but in the moment she means them. The things she says, when truly provoked, are often... funny? She doesn't at all sound like she could possibly, in any way, shape, or form, be serious. Somehow, she is serious. It's downright adorable, and confusing, all at the same time. She just doesn't do anger, or aggressive behaviour. It's just not her thing, or a part of her general make-up. She will snark you to death, but not in a way that is bound to hurt your feelings. In fact, she is incapable of saying anything truly mean. Her sarcasm is annoying, at best. Her insults are downright unbearable, because they suck. She doesn't have much of a talent for words lets just say.

Hands-on: Ren is super touchy-feely so get used to it. She will physically drag you off places, or place her hands on your shoulders to steer you in the right direction. She will ruffle your hair and help you do up your jacket. She is downright mothering, and doesn't know how to shut it off. She's persistent about it too, not seeming to take a hint. She'll pull up your pants, or fix your hair. Yep, no boundaries whatsoever. Get used to it. She will likely be the bane of your existence and yet both she and her big blue are unshakeable.

Opinionated: Everything is meant to be commented on-everything. Ren feels as if it is her personal business to comment on world affairs. Pern politics is a subject she can likely prattle on about for days if there is something in particular she is frustrated with. If she has an opinion about something niceties be damned-you will hear about it. To say she feels strongly about her home, especially, is an understatement. She wants things to be fair, and for things to run smoothly. This is not to say that Ren has a problem with authority, since she follows the hierarchy just fine. It's more that she has opinions about said authority, and is not afraid to share them in polite company. As a dragonrider it is her right to look after the Weyr and be involved. Not every command passed is going to be agreed upon by the whole crew, doesn't mean the crew won't follow. Ren understands the need for a chain of command, even if it largely unsettles her independent spirit.

Lazy: Lazy in mind-not in action. Whining. Ren whines. "Do we have to? No, not yet. Do we really?" These are often conversations she has back and forth with Gabranth in the wee morning hours. Once they have finally gotten to their given task, it is Gabranth's turn to complain. The pair are identical in most things. As accomplished as they strive to be, Ren doesn't like to be work, work, work, all of the time. She wants to have fun, and on the days she wants to have fun she will whine until she can. A lot of the time she will hum, haw, and sigh, over the work she has to do. In her mind she has to do nothing, and can just shut off and ignore the world. Such is not truly the case, and so she ends up doing all the things anyways. She never shirks her duties, not ever, if anything she is a stickler. Come on though, sometimes it's fun to pretend like you don't have to do the thing you really don't want to do. In this, Ren promotes laziness of the mind.

Rough around the edges, that may be how some would willingly describe her. Dark hair kept short, though her bangs are often flopping about in her face, Ren is about as far from the stereotype 'girly' as any one individual can get. She would die before ever being placed in a dress, and much prefers mens clothing as opposed to the tighter-fitting wear that women are often found in. She likes everything to be loose and comfortable, though that doesn't make her a slob-not by a long shot. A high-quality leather jacket she is rarely found without, which is often coupled with wher-hide pants and boots. She is a rider through and through, and can always be found in the appropriate gear for take-off. She loves nothing more than visiting various parts of Pern and trudging through the dirt. She is hardly a stranger to getting down and dirty.

Fairly androgynous, some might say she's delicate while others might say she is, oddly, handsome. Ren has never been one to put much weight on others opinions, and so the young bluerider is more than content to just be herself. Her personal belief is that she's a stunner, what with her baby blue eyes and kissable lips. Tall for a biologically-built woman, she stands at 5'9". Her face is rounded, and youthful, making it hard to believe that she's thirty. Rarely found without a mischievous smirk lighting her face, the dragonrider's comical expressions add to her overall charm. While lean, she is well-muscled, and prides herself on being fit. Quick on her feet, she's good in a brawl. She's got a mean left-hook and an alarming strength. She takes care of her body, a bit of a fanatic when it comes to exercise. She doesn't expect others to rise to the standards she pins upon herself however.

Masterharper Dendair - Father (52)
JM. Harper Oetro - Step-Father (42)
JM. Harper Rilone - Mother (50)
JM. Harper Azael - Step-Mother (47)

JM. Harper Rilazel - Brother (20) - PC
App. Harper Denairo - Brother (19 - twin) - PC
App. Harper Zeniro - Brother (19 - twin) - PC
App. Harper Oeden - Brother (17) - PC
App. Harper Denzel - Brother (16 - twin) - PC
App. Harper Azaril - Sister (16 - twin) - PC

N/A but expect an incoming OVERLOAD OF FLITS. :'D

Dendair and Rilone were childhood friends, friends that grew to love each other like family. The pair were near inseparable, sharing each and every life experience with each other. They gossiped together, they practiced their craft together, and they dreamt of the future together. As platonic as their relationship was, they each knew they wanted to start a family. When Oetro and Azael came into the picture, and Dendair and Rilone could, finally, openly admit their homosexuality, the dream of having a family of their own slowly slipped away.

It wasn't until Dendair and Oetro, and Rilone and Azael, had a double-wedding that the foursome began to discuss their plans to bear children. The idea they formulated was eccentric, and yet the closeness they shared made their plan plausible. The four spent the night together with the understanding that Rilone would bear the first child. Their intent was to see how the first boy or girl turned out, and go from there.

Rilorden was born to four parents, despite the knowledge that Dendair was her biological father, and Rilone her biological mother. She was luckier than most, having four sets of eyes looking out for her. She was never in want of love, for she was spoiled rotten by her two moms and dads. The families dream was to raise harpers; a big, expansive, family of them. Expecting a well-behaved, eager to please, musically-oriented child, no one knew what to do once Rilorden's motor skills began to develop. The girl had not a lick of musical talent, nor any interest in her parents' music. She wanted to race about the Harper Hall causing trouble, and getting into everything within reach of her grubby little hands.

Even with four parents watching Rilorden was a full-time job. Dendair, Oetro, Rilone, and Azael feared what the future may hold with a second child. And so the family waited, deciding it was best to focus on their eccentric daughter instead. If and when she was apprenticed age she surprised them with her choice, then, and only then, would they discuss having more children. They were all young, besides, and therefore had plenty of time to start a family. For now Rilorden was their family... their little slice of heaven and hell.

At the age of twelve Rilorden was Searched, and with how much the girl spoke of dragons and flying his parents couldn't have been happier to relinquish her to the candidate barracks. They loved her, dearly, but they could hardly handle her rambunctious nature and impulsive attitude.

Rilorden's sexuality was no mystery. She had a sexual maturity that troubled her parents, and made them fear that she would garner a reputation. She wanted a dragon far more than she cared about developing a real relationship. It wasn't until she had impressed that her parents, and she, realized her affiliation.

It became known to Rilorden that Rilone and Dendair were pregnant again only by the time their son was born. Her family was overjoyed at the prospect of another baby, and a fresh start. Rilorden, not at all the jealous sort, was happy for all four of her parents and the new infant. His name was Rilazel, named after both of his mothers. He was a precious baby, and an even more precious toddler, that grew to be just as precious a boy, and then young man. Despite their differences, Rilorden and Rilazel were close. Determining that they wanted a big family, both Rilone and Azael began to produce many children. Five came after Rilazel, and all took to the harpercraft at the Hall where they were raised. Rilorden's parents couldn't have been happier.

Rilorden's future, on the other hand, began the moment she Stood for her first hatching. It was there that she impressed Gabranth, a fine blue that, like her, was a bit of an impulsive, flirtatious, and adventurous sort. Ren, as she came to be called, and her new bonded, were well-matched. All of the fun that she was having as a dragonrider made her forget completely that she had failed to live up to her parents' expectations.

Weyrling training went exceedingly well for the competitive pair, and Gabranth, boastful as he was, worked hard to exceed the bronzes. Ren, ever amused by her blues antics, rarely bothered to reign in her dragonets more juvenile behaviour. The pair of them were equally immature, and so their little pranks and misdemeanours held equal blame. They never sought to harm others and so were careful to respect both their own lives, and the lives of their fellow riders. If anything Ren and Gabranth grew to be a bit of a big brother pair for all of those that came after. They got into the habit of actively aiding those whom needed them, and, in this, they found a bit of a purpose.

Come graduation, both Ren and Gabranth knew exactly what they wanted to do. Their desire to see more of Pern-more of the world that they lived in-had them apply to be Searchriders. The fact that they would be introducing other people to such a glorious way of life-to dragonriding-was simply a fringe benefit. Rarely did anyone put up a fuss when offered the choice to come to the Weyr and bond to a dragon of their own. The young bluerider was fairly convincing, what with her and Gabranth's dramatics and aerial shows. There was one young man, however, that proved a tough nut to crack.

Pestering Rilazel to come back to Fort with her proved to be quite a feat, but her persistence eventually paid off. There was nothing that the bluerider loved more than a challenge, and that's precisely what his younger brother proved to be.

R'en has worked hard to help her family with her younger siblings. She realizes that she has become somewhat of a role-model to many of them, despite her dragonriding lifestyle. Gabranth is enamoured with all of the harper-children, and often lets them play upon him while he naps. Ren's infamous advice has been given to each of her brothers, and sister, on more than one occasion. She wants them to be happy, and, too, to know that there is more than just the harpercraft. As enthusiastic as her parents are about their life choices, Ren serves to help her siblings see that there is more.

The bluerider has a close-bond with her oldest sibling, Rilazel. It is unlikely that the pair will ever see eye to eye, but they don't need to. Rilazel is a different person, a much different person, and yet he respects her. Concerned about Oeden, what with how quiet and reserved the young man is, Ren has always kept a close eye on the boy. She fears that he may, someday, do something he lives to regret. Azaril, as her youngest sibling and only sister, is spoiled by the bluerider. There is not a thing she doesn't give the little girl, catering to her every whim. Ren secretly hopes that Azaril will choose to Stand, and become a dragonrider like her eldest sibling. The young girl has a gorgeous voice, and so Ren is careful about voicing her opinion on Azaril's future. The girl has a talent for harpering, and yet has a place waiting for her on the Weyr-side.

As far as relationships go, Ren struggles to form any real attachments. A fan of flights so that she has no one to answer to in the event of one-night Stands, it is lucky for Ren that Gabranth chases any and every female dragon that rises. Unsure of what she wants out of life now that she "has it all," Ren is bopping along, each and everyday, remaining fairly neutral when it comes to her parents. She's good at her job, and so is Gabranth. However, a new offer came along, one that interested the pair even more than their present station.

The call for transfer riders at Dalibor set the pair on a flight of fancy, dreaming of adventures and new sights. Ren jumped the gun, and Gabranth was right there with her. Neither expected that their role as Weyrlingmaster would be looked upon so favourably, and yet they had the experience necessary to prove a good fit. Proud of themselves, and excited to meet all of the new dragonriders settled at the smaller Weyr, Ren pissed and moaned until Rilazel finally agreed to go with her. It is now Ren and Gabranth's life mission to get the rest of their siblings to come to Dalibor as well!

user posted image

Dragon Name:
Dragon Age:
18 Turns.
Dragon Color:
Blue. [000324]
Dragon Length:
34 ft.

Dragon Personality:
Selfless: There's not a single soul that Gabranth would leave to fend for themselves. The large blue is protective of what is his, and that includes the Weyr and his fellow kin. Especially fond of the candidates they've brought in over the Turns, the blue is quite excitable during hatchings. He rarely considers his own needs over that of others. Helpful where council is needed, Gabranth is a worthy ally to have on any team.

Easygoing: It takes quite a fair bit to rile the blue. Gabranth is incredibly laid back and chill, much like his rider. He is much more likely to retaliate with logic and reason, preferring to outwit his opponents. Adept at banter, Gabranth is rarely, if ever, intentionally offensive. He's unlikely to be voted most mature, but that's fine by him. He's a playful, warm-hearted, good-natured, sort.

Lazy: The blue fits in rather perfectly to the Dalibor lifestyle. He'd much rather lay out in the sun, or spend his time chatting with others, than doing hard-work. R'en teasingly calls him a "starter dragon." While he enjoys flying around and visiting places with his rider, he resents the idea of wing drills. A free-spirit, much like R'en, the blue wants to live out his days in the lap of luxury. This is not to say that he would refuse to do his duty to Pern, and protect his home, it's more that he'd rather he doesn't agree his kind was made for the task.

Opinionated: Unlikely to keep his thoughts to himself, the blue is rather vocal about his opinions. He has many, many, opinions, and he's more than happy to share them. Smarter than he looks, he is, at the very least, tactful. He knows better than to go running his mouth off in front of the wrong sort. He has been known to go back and forth with Ren, in privacy. When he feels as if his opinions may be well-received, or are warranted, he'll gladly voice them.

Dragon Appearance:
Gabranth is a varied mix of blues. His markings are so intricate that it's difficult to know where exactly one should be looking. His form is representative of a well-painted canvas. There is a water-ripple effect that runs down his sides, as well as the insides of his wings. Dark blue lines run from his face, down his sides, and legs. There is a patch effect all over his body, starting with light blues and fading to dark, midnight, blues. His eyes are almost always whirring a steady-mix of light to dark blue hues. Large for a blue, Gabranth is roughly 34 feet. His movements, and behaviours, are rather cat-like. His fore-feet are fairly oversized. His claws are more like curved talons. His wings are fairly large as well. He's been known to wrap his wings about himself when he's especially tired, or desiring solitude. Well-muscled, for all of the flying about that he and Ren have done on Search, the blue, despite his laziness, is fairly fit. His form would better be described as lean, thank bulky. Like most blues, he's a fast-flier, though deficient in the stamina a brown or bronze could bring to the table.

Dragon History:
Gabranth's retelling of events is pretty much the same as his riders. The pair of them have worked hard to prove their dedication to Ista Weyr, all throughout weyrlinghood. They excelled as one of the top of their class, and despite their love of pranks and mischief the pair have kept each other in check. Serving as Searchrider's for a good portion of their lives, it was clear that Gabranth and Ren both had a soft spot for the younger riders and their weyrling-dragons. The opportunity to work with them was therefore seized, and so Gabranth got somewhat of a big-head once they were accepted as Weyrlingmasters. (Well, the big lunk has always had a big head actually).

The blue has always had a soft-spot for Ren's many siblings, and so he has taken to looking after each of them since weyrling-graduation. He knows how important they are to Ren, and so the blue has kept close contact with his siblings. Willing to speak to them, the blue has often sent them warm thoughts and words of encouragement. No doubt, he has sassed each of them throughout their youth, a big, playful, kid at heart. He views himself as a big brother, despite the fact that he's a, well, dragon.

The move to Dalibor was welcomed. Gabranth was growing bored of Ista, for his attempts to fly some of the Weyr's females had failed countless times. He is hoping to have better luck with a fresh batch at Dalibor. He knows that he and his rider could use a change of scenery, and some new friends. Wherever he and Ren go, they have always made friends. Friends and loved ones are important to the pair, and so they have both strived to keep contact with any and all of those whom are dear to their heart. Gabranth and Ren have concocted a plan since their transfer to the smaller Weyr. They wish to bring their siblings on over so that they may finally have them near. Secretly the blue and his rider wish them to be dragonriders as well, though the pair would settle for whatever made them happy.

Adoption Preference: Transfer only ~
 Posted: Apr 30 2017, 10:03 AM
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