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Autumn, 18th Turn, 11th Pass

Upcoming Flights/Runs:
Copper Laanasuth
Copper Zelsk

Upcoming Hatchings:
Red Cereza
Green Quince

Wedding bells ring out to celebrate the joining of Lord Callum to Lady Shuli. A grand gather has been put together with people from all over Pern coming to celebrate! Crescent is full to the brim with those who wish to show their support and those just looking to make (or spend) a few marks!

Copper Zelsk shook things up at the Copper Class graduation feast by beginning her run shortly after the knots were delivered to her handler. Bronze Osk won Zelsk's maiden run and now a sizable clutch lays on the sands hardening. Not to be outdone by the ground-bound copper, Copper Laanasuth took to the skies the very next day - though her flight was not as cut and dry as the wher's run had been. Offended by the force catch attempt of a presumptuous burgundy Laanasuth betweened to High Reaches Weyr where one of their dragons won her flight. Though she has returned to Dalibor and laid a large clutch for Dalibor's candidates the Weyr awaits the transfer of the dragon sire and his rider, Dalibor's newest Junior Weyrleader.
Rayna of Gold Couineth - Boo

Z'dyn of Iron Baihujinth - Rhia

Jr. Weyrwoman
Jali of Copper Laanasuth - Rii

Jr. Weyrleader

Norla of Bronze Norsk - Ives

Oreanda of Bronze Osk - Ruin
Der of Grey Desk - Rii

K'ton of Blue Ironth- Jenn
S'vor of Green Absinth - Ruriko
Nia of Pink Koeneth - Catsitta

Ijo of Brown Isk - Rhia
Pavir of Blue Pavisk - Captain
Swithin of Blue Swisk - Ives

Ulian of White Rivath - Ruin
Zanii of Black Zansk - Leo





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 Miridan: Dragon Candidate, Beastcraft: Apprentice: Western Hold
 Posted: Nov 6 2017, 11:29 PM


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Name: Miridan (M'dan)
Gender: Male
Age: 19 (summer, turn 198 of interval)
Sexuality: Hetero
Location: Western Hold > Dalibor Weyr
Rank: Candidate
Age-Out Date: Summer, 20

Miridan is the strong quiet type, he’s almost too quiet. He prefers to stand back and observe but when he does speak he does so with the intent to be heard. He can be quite domineering when there is a need and he brooks no argument when he has his back up about something. He is a strong man who deals well in a crisis and shows remarkable leadership skills.

He can be a very caring man and he takes after his father in this regard; he has endless compassion for those who deserve it and endless anger as well. He rarely raises his voice and instead speaks with a steady calm that can make it seem that he isn’t as angry as he truly is. Miridan rarely lifts a hand in anger to any person, woman or man, and never to a child, instead uses that considerable calm of his to get his point across in the least violent manner he can. He has never had very many lovers and – to be honest – he’s pretty sure he wouldn’t know what to do with a committed relationship.

Miridan is a tall man standing in at 6’1” and weighing in around 190lbs. He prefers his dirty blonde hair to be short and cut close to his head. Bright blue eyes are settled nicely under thick straight brows. Miridan sports a scar along his lower jaw, a strong jaw housing full lips that rarely smiles. When Miridan was young, a rather bad tumble split his face open along the right side of his face. It was the deft fingers and talent of his father that kept him from being permanently disfigured and the scar has faded with time.

He prefers to wear hide jackets, leggings, and sturdy boots. His sense of style is nonexistent and he can almost never be found in gather cloths. He has a strong sturdy build that is kept in shape with his morning routine of exercise. He is rather broad through the shoulders which taper to a broad chest and neat waist. He is long legged and long armed. His arms are well muscled and toned.

If you can get Miridan to smile it is rather bright. It lights this stern man’s face from within and always adds a crinkle or two at the corner of his eyes. His eyes are a brilliant blue that often reflect his mood as they deepen or lighten depending on what he happens to be feeling at the time. They can be rather hard as he worries or thoughts flit past behind them and rarely do they soften unless in the company of those he enjoys and loves.

Midrin - Father (42 turns, winter)
Danika - Mother (40 turns, winter)
Kamika - Sister (20 turns, autumn)
Dimian - Brother (17 turns, spring)
Darin - Brother (14 turns, spring)


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Cyan Pepper (#008080), fierce, protective, smart

Miridan was born between the last interval and present pass to a pair of beastcrafters beholden to Western Hold. He joined an older sister and a pair of brothers would follow after him. He spent much of his young life learning the trade of his parents and thrived for the most part. He was studious in his learning and tried his best to emulate the good hearted nature exhibited by his parents. He succeeded and was always well liked by his peers, though even in childhood he was quiet and chose his words carefully.

When Miridan was 13 turns he decided that he would be a dragonrider. He wouldn’t get the opportunity for a few more turns. He watched from a hidden place while the whers and riders fought and won against the palefolk that attacked the hold. It was incredible for the young boy to watch what would amount to his heroes stave off an attack by an enemy, especially one bent on the destruction of the hold.

To add insult to injury, a massive storm system pounded the western continent and several of his parents’ beloved herdbeasts perished in the storm. Miridan had never seen his father so torn up about something and it gave the young boy pause when he considered that maybe his strong father was a little more weak than he thought. It was Midrin’s courage in volunteering during the expedition to the palefolk tunnels that raised the man in his son’s estimation and Miridan thought perhaps his father wasn’t as weak as he thought.

Life was relatively normal for the next turn or so until the summer of the 13th turn. A massive and erratic thread storm ravaged Pern, so many deaths everywhere and Miridan can remember the fear from where he remained where it was safe. It was his job to make sure his younger brothers were safe and Miridan took that job seriously, not allowing the boys out his sight for more than a few moments. He and his family were thrilled that Dalibor hadn’t suffered as many losses as the rest of the world.

A few more turns would see Miridan approach a visiting rider for a search. Told there was a possibility, Miridan bid his family goodbye and made his way to Dalibor where he’s spent the last turn standing at various hatchings. He’s biding his time and knows there’s that perfect dragon out there for him. In the meantime, Miridan will soak it all in and learn as much as he can about weyrlife, while trying to avoid contracting that pesky plague that has suddenly cropped up. Miridan has no desire to spend his days in the infirmary and will do what needs to be done to ensure that does not happen.

Adoption Preference: Transfer

Cross-Impressionable No

SubQueen Impressible: No

Impression Preference:
Desired Colors:
Bronze > Iron > Brown > Viridian > Burgundy > Black.

Banned Colors:
Female fighters, yellow, white, and blue.

Preferred Personalities:
Strong willed, stern, soft spoken, honest. Something that compliments his own instead of fights against it on a constant basis.

Undesirable Personalities:
Flighty, annoying, people pleasing. A dragon that doesn't at least almost match his intelligence level is not going to sit well with Miridan. He's also not the type to coddle his dragon so something that inane and frightened of everything would not work well with him.

In-Character Considerations:
I’d also appreciate a short and sweet dragon name if at all possible. Something simple and I'd love you forever.

Mauling Preferences:
Light only. I'd prefer nothing too severe. I want him to be able to function properly.

 Posted: Nov 8 2017, 04:26 PM
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