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While the new Lords settle into Western there has been talk and speculation about the western continent's other Hold. It has been two turns since his wife's passing in the south, when will Lord Callum decide to take up a new wife?

Spring has woken an abundance of plant life across Pern with intermittent spring showers helping to sate the growth's never ending thirst. With the end of snow and cold comes Thread once more; Dalibor's wings have no doubt been reduced due to losses over the winter but none the less they persevere.
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 Edelan of cyan Edesk
 Posted: Nov 12 2017, 11:05 PM

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Name: Edelan
Gender: Female
Age: 30 (187 of the interval, autumn)
Sexuality: Hetero
Location: Fork Hold > Frontier Weyr > Dalibor Weyr
Rank: Wherhandler
Personality: Pensive, Humble, Decisive.
Where Edelan is tiny, she makes up for it with personality. She is a force to be reckoned with and has no fear of really anything. Growing up the littlest of the hold made her grow up a bit mean disguised as self defense. It gave her a spine of steel and a determination to come out on top as often as she possibly could. She’s not afraid to go toe to toe with any person if that is what it takes and she has quite an irreverent attitude about those higher in status than she is. She’s over protective of people she cares about, in particular those who are the most vulnerable, and woe be to those who try to harm what is hers.

She doesn't let her status as a wherhandler go to her head and she always remembers where she came from. There are times when Edelan loses herself in her thoughts and those thoughts tend to be reflective of the issues that she's had to deal with in her life, especially her life as a mother and a wherhandler.

Edelan is small and she is dainty. She stands barely 5’1” tall and is slender. Her shoulders are somewhat broad for such a tiny frame, her hips are narrow and her legs rather long for one so short. Her skin is a dusky tan, given to her by her mother and her hair is dark, long and wavy. Her nose is straight and ends in a slight hook, her jaw is strong and she has a stubborn chin. Dark brown eyes sit well under dark brows and her lips are somewhat full and she has a very wide welcoming smile.

Mandelan (+25)
Amerace (+24)
Racelan (Sister, +5)
Malean (Sister, +3)
Madlan (Brother, -2)
Amadelan (Brother, -10)
Landen - Son (-18)
Adela - Daughter (-20)


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Yellow Wicked (#FFFB00)
Sound: Grr!
Personality: (Hateful, Accusative, Spirited)
This Yellow lives up to the reputation her colour has for being the most aggressive of her kind. From the moment she hatched, and until the moment she dies, this pillie will always be looking to pick a fight, to bite, to maim, and to cause terror wherever she goes. Not even her bonded will be free of her hate, and oh boy is there a lot of it wrapped up in such a tiny shell. She has brief moments of tenderness...when she's sleeping. Other than that, all bets are off.

Appearance: In contrast to her personality, this pillie's base colour is a bright cheery layer with a beautiful design comprised of a brighter near-white and darker near-brown yellow. She is beautiful, but it's like a toxic flower--luring you in only to cause pain and confusion later.

Adult Length: 1'9" x 1'3"

user posted image
Black Darkness (#494949)
Sound: Bst!
Personality: (Insolent, Dependent, Cocky)
This bombastic Black has all the flowing emotion of a Bronze dragon, with very little of the clout to back it up except that he can at least knock you over at the knees. He has swagger to spare, but deflates quickly under scrutiny, running to his bonded for support when the going gets tough.

Appearance: A brighter sort of Black reminiscent of iron, this pillie's hard carapace is unblemished from the patterns that grace the majority of his clutchmate's shells save for a smattering of darker speckles. Just proud enough to know he looks good, he'll keep clean as an advantage.

Adult Length: 2'6" x 1'11"

Edelan was born thirty turns ago to a holdfolk residing at Fork Hold, she comes from a medium size family with two sisters and two brothers. She was always the smallest child in the hold and was often teased and picked on for her dainty appearance. She learned quickly how to fight back and her tormentors learn painfully to leave her be. Edelan had assumptions of working and living in a hold her entire life but a chance visit to Frontier Weyr when she was younger made her realize that there was much more to life than living in a hold. She stayed on as a creche worker, though not her favorite position, and enjoyed her life in the weyr.

It was the proximity to a gold flight that brought about the birth of her son. Edelan could never say that she regretted the decision she made not to go between with a rider, she loved her son with all of her being. Two years later a chance encounter with a wherhandler visiting from another weyr led to the birth of her daughter. Her children were the light of her life, far more than she would have thought, and there was a brightness there that hadn't been before.

It was her daughter's father that tagged her for a possible candidate when Adela was born. She turned him and the others down of course, but Edesk had other ideas when she hatched, the odd looking wher hunting her down on the side lines three years later. Landen and Adela would spend a large portion of the next year in the creche while Edelan learned the ins and outs of being a wherhandler. After graduation, Edelan decided that she needed a bit of a change from Frontier and packing the four of them up to transfer over to Dalibor. It had been easy to go, the leadership of Frontier were on their way anyway, meeting at Dailbor to discuss the happening in this wild weyr and she hitched a ride with a couple riders.

She didn't argue when the rest of the weyr attempted to broker some kind of deal with the wild wher population. What did she know? She wasn't entirely sure it was the best of ideas but she could see the need for more protection for the weyr. Edelan was highly amused when yellow Valeath had hidden the candidate from everyone, good thing the boy impressed or he might have gotten himself in a bit of a pickle. She didn't see much wrong with Jali coming from High Reaches, Edelan figured the rest of the weyrs wanted someone who would at least keep some order and maybe report back to them. Whether that was the case she had no idea, she was busy with far more worrisome problems.

Traditionalists and palefolk, the most worrisome of things. There wasn't much she knew about the traditionalists, only what she heard and none of it good. She was part of the force that went to help Western when the palefolk attacked and she almost felt sorry for the odd people. Not long after the palefolk, the snow began. The fall was huge, covering every thing in the white stuff and both Edelan and Edesk are not fans. And then it melted. That was awful and Edelan helped with the clean up. Neither Edelan nor Edesk appreciated the need to move but they did nonetheless. At least they were given a lower weyr by themselves.

An expedition to the palefolk tunnels left them nearly eradicated. She could have happily killed the two traditionalist who harmed the eggs of Laanasuth, Edesk with her but alas neither were allowed near them. And then there was Doomfall. So many lost and so much destroyed. They would rebuild and grow again, she had no doubt, but Doomfall had been devastating. A new color came to whers on the heels of Doomfall and Dalibor saw their first Viridian wher. Maybe the entire species would follow in the footsteps of the dragons.

Edesk ran for the first time shortly after Lady Samara retired. The run did not issue any viable eggs which Edelan didn't mind. She probably wouldn't mind much if Edesk never produced any viable eggs. If the cyan was as protective of her human children, Edelan could only imagine the wher's reaction if she had her own wher filled eggs to brood over. Edelan applauded when the traditionalists were executed for the murder of both a girl and eggs.

She fell sick with this last plague. It was horrible and frightening and Edelan thought she was going to die. She didn't, of course, and Edesk was awfully proud of that fact insisting that it was her that made Edelan better, even though it was luck and hardiness that kept the handler from never waking up again. Now she needed to recover and she had a feeling she was going to be weak for many weeks to come. Landen and Adela were content to stay in the creche for the time being, though the visited their mother and Edesk often.

Wher Name: Edesk
Wher Age: 7 turns
Wher Color: Cyan(#008B8B)
Wher Length: 6'
Wher Personality: Loyal, Secretive, Distant.
Edesk does not put her trust into people or whers easily. She would rather be around Edelan and her children and no one else. Edelan often has to remind her that not everyone is unworthy or her trust. If secrets are shared with her those that share them can be sure they will go with her to between. Edesk likes to have secrets, not because if gives her any sense of power but because it makes her feel special enough that people entrusted her with those secrets.

Some may see her as cold and distant, but beneath the icy exterior is a heart of gold. To those she allows to see her true colors she is fiercely loyal and even kind, in her own way. Edesk is fiercely loyal to Edelan and holds her handler in high regards. Edelan's son and daughter is her second favorite people on the planet and Edesk would do much for the young children much to their annoyance.

Wher Appearance:
Edesk is on the smaller fringe of the cyan color coming at a rough 6 feet in length. She has a rather long face with features that appear to be somewhat pinched in her face. Her coloring is somewhat dark for a cyan but it lightens quite a bit beneath her wings and underneath her tail. Her wings, though still the stunted wings of a wher, are somewhat larger than the average wher and her tail slightly shorter. It almost gives her a lopsided appearance but her handler loves her any way.

Wher History:
When Edesk hatched, the one she sought was no where near, she had to find her outside the sands! The nerve of her bonded! But she found her and Edesk was happy. She was only happy for Edelan and excited to meet the children her bonded brought with her. Edesk liked children, in particular Edelan's but the rest were alright she supposed. Even as she grew, Edesk couldn't help but be mistrustful of the rest of the population. What if they took Edelan from her? Or Edelan's children? What if she made friends? Unacceptable.

Edesk did everything Edelan wanted her too, from the strange pale people to digging out snow - yuck snow! - and they were happy. She ran once. That was a fun time and Edesk vowed she do it again and often, if only to make Edelan squirm. When Edelan caught sick, Edesk wouldn't leave her side and Edesk swears she's the reason Edelan didn't die like everyone else. She needed to run again soon, maybe it would put color back into her bonded.

Adoption Preference: Back up for adoption

 Posted: Dec 15 2017, 02:02 PM

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